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Hello! And welcome to our goofy little server, where all types of people are welcome to join, hangout, chat, and befriend a wide range of people while having an exciting and safe time with our bots and server events! We can't wait to have you with us!
Welcome to our little place. We have lots of nice things to wear and look at, the main focus being lolita fashion and other super cute styles, like fairy kei.
The ''Solitude'' Discord server is a place to have fun, to chill, socialize and share the same interests with other people. The theme is based off the middle age and the staff is doing its best to keep the server in a good mood and conflict free. This is our Dimension and You are welcome!

- c h i l l
- m u s i c
- a r t i s t s
- g a m i n g
- v e nt
- m e m e s
- c r e a t i v e
- i r l
- f a s h i o n
- c o m m u n i t y
- a n d m o r e
18+. Fashion & random focused server for Transsexuals. Comfy.

Fashion section is restricted for newcomers. Crossdressers & cis members are welcome too, but only if strongly interested in fashion or comfyness.
This is a server for anyone to socialize, chill, with other members or make new friends. Or just feel free from our own thoughts. This server is made for anyone who wants to hang out, Share, food, selfie, pets, we even manger events to watch movies together or play games. Or want to talk about one of our favorite thing, like anime, manga, fashion and much more. Everyone is welcome to our community ^*^ as long as you’re following the rules. Our staff will try their best to keep this community in control, to solve problems and make sure your comfortable and don’t get any kind of harassment. We hope you enjoy your time here at our community and be part of it ^^
A server discussing and building an archive of various art forms from fashion to architecture to music and everything else.
WELCOME to Croissant Con !
Croissant Con offers a whole lot for everyone who is intrested in or even talented in these areas!
Such as in Croissant Con we have
~ Fashion
~ Modeling
~ Weeb
~ Photography
~ Art
~ Music

Our owners and co-owners created this environment for you to chat or meet people with similar intrests!
We provide the following
~ Roles
~ Announcements
~ Memes
~ Social Media
~ Selfies
~ Music-sharing
~ Mixtapes
~ Soundcloud
~ Voice chats
So join us and check us out!
Come and explore something different!
cmon you lil rascals and join this forking new server. why? because, we are chill benches who like all things fashion! interested? feel free to join, we won't bite ya.

Ladies Lounge is a FEMALE ONLY community with the goal of giving girls a place to connect with those who face similar things in life. This safe and friendly server has channels for a wide variety of interests. Our helpful staff is around to keep the server safe and running smoothly and our members are very welcoming and enjoy meeting new people.
So if you're a girl and you'd like to be in a loving community of other women please come give us a visit!

This is an art server!

No no, it’s not the drawing type of art server. This is for ALL types of art! This server is made for people with different creative interests to come together and show off their talents! This is for everyone!

Even if you’re not creative and just want to hang out and look at other people’s work that’s fine!

This server includes
-Visual Arts
(Animation, drawing, photography, etc)
-Performing Arts
(Stories, Music, Singing, Drama, Poems, etc)
-Applied Arts
(Wood art, engineering, mechanics, weapon-making, crafts, etc)
-Chats to hang out in
-Super cool people

This server is friendly for everyone and anyone.

Feel free to join and show off your work or hang out with others!

!! When you join please read the rules to find out how to get verified to get into the main parts of the server. We do this to avoid raids. Thank you. !!
Upcoming cook group that provides features such as buy, sell, trade, drop lists, early links, promos, customs/restores, detailed legit checks, guides on "how to cop", raffle links, free giveaways, monitors for hyped releases and methods. We also provide services such as premium accounts / discounts for food services and much more
A small but growing community based around self-promoting original art/photography/music/socials and discussing fashion trends/aesthetics/outifts/vaporwave/streetwear/drug experiences/internet culture. 



01. You may only post 1 time every 24 hours per channel.
02. Make sure to delete your existing ad before you re-post! Any violations will be deleted without prior notice.
03. Make sure to post in correct categories.
04. Do not post out side the social promotion channels.
06. No bitch bois
07. 18+Only
Welcome to sneakers, a discord server dedicated to the sneakerheads of the world! 4k+ members discussing new drops, games, fashion and more! Come join us and see why people love to call it home!
**Welcome to The Wardrobe**

About us: We're a fashion related server, focused primary on helping and guiding users. We have many things to offer to people from across the multiverse. We're always looking for active users to join and give us company in our chats maybe even join us for some future giveaways.

**What we offer:**
➤ Giveaways
➤ Active Chat
➤ Help & Advice
➤ Memes
➤ High security, prevents raids and spam
➤ Apply for junior moderator
➤ Leveling up system
➤ And much much more!

Server Invitation:

>Friendly Staff Members

>All Genders are welcomed!

> Full of Fun

> LGBT+ Friendly!

> Fun Roles and Events

>Chill and Make New Friends

>Safe Place for Everyone!
A fun, friendly, and safe place to talk to makeup lovers. Show off your makeup skills, or just learn tricks and tips! Make up and beauty and Boxycharm!

just a place to discuss fashion, get fashion advice, and general shitposting

you won't have to walk on thin ice in this server, rules are super lenient
Hello! This server is for people looking to make new friends and find a great community! Currently looking for admin/staff; if you'd like the job, please PM me! If you're looking for fun; you're in the right place! (Very new server; small user base)
♡❤♡ FaShiOn ACaDeMy ♡❤♡
School of fashion, beauty and style! New server based on roleplay for everyone with a love for cute fashion and street wear!

『❀』Self-assigning roles
『❀』Fashion styles
『❀』LGBT-friendly and mature!
『❀』Everyone welcome!

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Used to be dead now I’m reviving
No rules and complete free speech