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We Design is a server where you can find designers and also advertise yourself. We also got a custom bot with a lot of features. Join now for more information!
DDR is a server for our design community hosted on jcink at stop by the server or the forum for help with all your roleplay forum woes.
-=Red=- Design ist eine Design Beratung und unterstützt kostenlos beim entwerfen eines Designs. Wir helfen beratend oder auch aktiv mit Hilfestellungen.
All-purpose server intended for artists and developers. We have everything from programming to our very own handcrafted bot! My bot is planned to help game creators and artists out by providing ideas, generating colour palettes, numbers, and more things to come.
Americans can join too, I guess
We are PN Designs! We are two graphic designers from the United States! WE both love what we do and stride to make it our goal that your design is made with perfection and care.

We double check our work and make sure that your experience working with us is the best you'll ever have!

We will do our best to always make what YOU want and make sure your needs are met! We hope to deliver designs that twitch overlays and panels or a youtube graphics or even twitter!
🍃 18+ only art community
🍃 Visual art (2D/3D)
🍃 Art discussion, critique, portfolio share
🍃 Welcoming professionals and aspiring pros
🍃 Role shop
🍃 Bot games, including Pokecord, Unbelievabot, and IdleRPG

La Mer is an 18+ only art server for visual artists. We are a hub for professionals or aspiring pros! Besides art discussion and sharing, you can post portfolios, jobs, critiques, and your work. We also have a role shop, bot games, and an artist registry. Our goal is to uphold a professional and mature atmosphere while giving thoughtful feedback to our peers on their work! While we are brand new, we are hoping to expand and partner with other servers!
Looking for high quality designs stuff?
This will be your right place !

● Graphics Reward & Giveaways;
● Support for beginners Designers
● Advertise channel for Streamers and Youtubers;
● Voice channels for Gamers.
● Designs service advertising Logos, Overlays, ads/Social Banners Art, Videos Animations, Intro YouTube
(& more)
Our goal is to give creative people the opportunity to start freelancing. To reach this goal we've developed a completely custom bot. This Discord server is filled with a bunch of enthusiasts willing to board with their next project.

```Welcome to CraftiFolk!```

`What happens at CraftiFolk ?`

CraftiFolk is a server dedicated to Artists of all experiences and subjects:

:paintbrush: Gaining confidence in their own abilities as Artists.

:paintbrush: Gain Constructive criticism and advice from their peers.

:paintbrush: Given a chance to learn new things/ improve their own skills further via sharing tutorials or videos.

`What kind of art does CraftiFolk support ?`

:art: Traditional and Digital (NSFW currently **MUST** be censored)

:art: Literature (non-erotic)

:art: Photography (Nudes not allowed as this is a 13+ server)

:art: Ceramic, Woodcraft, Metalwork, Glasswork

:art: Mosaic, Decoupage, Jewellery

:art: Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet

:art: Baking/Food Creations

(NSFW art must be properly censored)
This is an SFW 14+ server, where you can come and show off your skills as a crafter. Or you can come and hang out with us! We're mostly SFW, however, do have an NSFW section! Come hang out with us!
Vous voulez un serveur discord, mais vous n’avez pas envie de le créer et de faire tout les salons, c’est simple, venez sur ce serveur. Il vous permettra d’avoir un serveur discord comme vous le souhaitez, le plus c’est que les 10 premières demandes sont gratuites.
Hi there! We are an active graphic design server that provides an environment where users can join to interact with designers, purchase designs, or sell designs.

Our community suits the needs for designers, artists, and other creatives new and experienced with competitions, feedback, inspirations, techniques, other information and resources, and a location to showcase works and portfolios.
We are a loving, passionate, and warmhearted community focused around engineering with virtue, from designing picture and moving picture alike, to crafting unique software and backends.
GFXCORD is a cheap artwork shop where you can assamble your own logo in any shape. @AMATERASU#9620 is the owner of this server/company. I need staff members that have skill and experience in GFX. I also recruit a Graphics Designer team for those who are intrested. We could build a great community together and help people with their businesses. We have more jobs such as event team, partnership team, security team & an animation team!
When our discord hits 500-1000 members, we will convert into a company where our staff team gets paid monthly based on what we've earned!

[You can make own package for a cheap price! & also earn alot of free stuff with invites!]

We have more so check our server out if you are intrested!
First designs are for free! [Limited Time]

- @AMATERASU#9620 & the rest of the staff team!

I am look for serious staff with designing skills. If you are a beginner then thats fine.
You can always learn. I want people that are serious and can run a business without complaining or stressing out.

You need to be
- Active
- Skilled
- Serious
- Responsible
- Helpful
- Loyal

Also like everyone else you have to obey the rules.

I wish you all the best of luck. Send me a DM to apply else ∇
Discord Link:


Server invite:
Limited Design is a community with the goal of bringing together Designers, Developers, Content Creators, and their following. We are looking to gain members on a daily. (Staff Applications Open)
If you need graphics join and let me know. Invite your friends for special deals on GFX <3
AED stands for Art Edit Design.

As you've probably guessed by that name we do top quality logos and we do giveaways of them! We host giveaways almost everyday and therefore you should join our amazing community and of course, win some nice logos all for yourself!
Wir sind eine kleine Stätig wachsende Minecraft-Server Community welche sich über Unterstützung und neue Leute freuen würde! c: Wir haben viel mühe in das Design gesteckt und testen auch viele Bots aus. Wir hoffen ihr besucht unser Netzwerk auf der 1.8 ! ;D Euer Lyrik
A popular discord server for discussing frontend / backend / full stack development.
A place for creatives working in physical and digital media to get together and talk about their work.
You're a virtual rockstar! You design, you build - you are a creator! Join our Creative Studio server, a home for creative designers like digital artists, developers and musicians!

We're new - but we're growing fast!
Dedicated community for artists, designers, musicians and others
Hi! We are AndroidGFX like the name says it's a GFX discord! And every designer can join too! If u are not designer but wants a gfx then u can join too! SO have fun!