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DesignDrop is a discord server for graphic designers, illustrators, 3d artists, and more, to grow as designers. We offer a friendly community of people looking to improve and give feedback, as well as an exclusive marketplace for our members.
Boo-Beam is a Mario/Mega Man hangout server that doubles as a place to help on improving each others levels in editor games! We're friendly, active, and growing super quick. Come join!

NoFresh is a gaming community founded back in 2016. The group started as an inside joke between Koen 'Mellow' Dekker and some friends in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As time went on, more and more CS:GO players kept joining the group. Later NoFresh as a group decided to make it a real community of dedicated gamers and friends. No Fresh is always looking for new members to join.
Welcome to Graphic Community! This is a server based on graphic design and visual effects everyone is welcomed to join from beginners to to experienced ones, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Diverse is a Graphic Design server filled with various levels of designers.
This is a server for beginners and experienced people alike! A great place for people to learn and get tips

We have:
🏆 Points
🎨 Color roles for points
🧰 Technical support channel
💖 Helpful and friendly staff
📝 Buy & sell graphic services
🎖Nitro boosted perks

A list of common topics;
• Graphic design
• Illustration / art
• Typography
• General layout
• Technical help in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
• Print and colour help
❱ DYEDEYES | Introduction.

Hey Ho,
We from DYEDEYES put a lot of effort into all of our BOTS, Designs and public releases. We always watch for what our community wants and deliver that. We offer Designs (such as logos and custom bots)!
We are happy about every new user and about every new customer that will use any of our bots! If you like our work you can support us and get your own custom bot c:! Any Feedback? Join our Discord Server and deliver it to us, which will allow us to improve our services!

❱ 24/7 Uptime! + Active Development!
❱ 24/7 Support through our main Discord!
❱ Memes!! Yes right, enjoy our selection of awesome memes c:
❱ We offer cheap and high quality logos!
❱ Friendly Staff Team.
❱ Perfectly working ticket support system.
❱ Supporting in multiple different languages!

Support & Order Discord:

Join now and claim your free Logo!
We're a level creation server that's primarily focused on Mega Man Maker and Super Mario Maker 2, although we support pretty much any maker game you can think of. Not only that, we also have cool events from time to time, such as Bingo, Jackbox, Movie Night, Maker Game Contests, and more -- not to mention a reviews channel filled with community courses where you can also submit your own stage for anyone to review! If you want a chill place to talk about games, discuss level design, or simply hang out, we got you covered.
A server for game Development, a place for people who want to make games with others, here you can get critique and improve.
WE Design is one of the largest Discord server for creative work (Graphic Design, Programming, Art, etc.)! We offer a friendly community where people of all skill levels can come together. We also offer an marketplace for our members, as well as a place where you can advertise your own work and where you can give and receive feedback.
Welcome to Nitro Design, one of the largest design and editing servers on Discord! This is a design and editing server where all editors and designers of all skill levels can come together! You can advertise your own work, receive and give feedback, participate in contests, etc!
♜ ─────── GFX GENIX ─────── ♜

✧ __ABOUT US__ ✧

We Are Professional and Talented Artists Who Will Help You To Get All Kinds Of Arts In One Place.
We Help People And Clans And Teams In Making Their Arts And Logos So They Can Shine Above Others.

All Our Affiliated Designers Are Professional And Will Give Their Best In Helping Others.



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**Discord** -
Bransive is a Graphic Design/Developer server filled with various levels of designers. This is a server for beginners and experienced people alike! The aim of Bransive is to make a great place for people to learn and get tips about any field of design as well as a place to relax and have some fun with like-minded people.

We have:
🎨 Color roles
🎁 Giveaways
💖 Helpful and friendly staff
📝 Buy & sell graphic services

A list of common topics;
• Graphic design
• Illustration / art
• Typography
• General layout
• Technical help in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
Welcome to Design Lab!
We welcome designers of all shapes, sizes, and colors! Here you can find new people and have fun. We have many different creative minds in the discord! Whether you're a beginner or a professional who has been working for years in the industry. We promote people to share their work and give thoughtful feedback. And also we have a market place to find jobs or to sell your expertise!
The Art Club is a community of artists that are all in a similar field. We don't just focus on one area of art but look to include every practice. Whether you're painting a canvas, sitting in-front of technology or strutting your stuff across the dance floor, we want you!

The friendliest art community on Discord! :)

What we have to offer
- Resources Chat for all your art needs
- Artwork feedback from well known artists
- Games lobby - casino and games to play with your friends!
- Pokemon - Pokecord enabled on server but does not clutter!
- Very clean channels using reaction roles.
- Adobe Recognized
- Weekly Contests and Events
- Bot Command cleanup in every channel.
- Server Tier Ranks - Earned while chatting
- Weekly mic chats for server suggestions.

Come join our friendly community today. Trust me... We are different than the others!

- Ran by @ShaunRyken - Instagram
At new world designs we offer all sorts of graphic design and website deals! We offer GTA RP CAD/MDTs, logos, profile pictures, websites and more.
We are a Discord server that offers creatives a way to learn, teach, get instant feedback and create contacts and a network! Come chat with our community of professionals, hobbyist and beginner artists, graphic designers, programmers, writers and much more!

In this server you will be able to:
- Learn from other creatives,
- Share your work and get instant feedback,
- Participate in daily challenges and occasional contests,
- And much more!

Join now and help us build a great creative community!
Hey! we are "Design Hub"
Design hub is a place for all designers, customers and hobbyists to hang out and socialise.
With channels to show off your designs and to even buy or request designs for any customer.
We highly encourage and enforce positivity and networking to grow and get recognised for your designs.
Overall Design Hub is a great place to get work done for you, meet new people and socialise with designers and others!
Pretty straight forward discord here. You can OFFER or REQUEST services. We have an active community of artist on board ready to assist you. You can get all kinds of designs from
- Logos
- Icons
- Banners
- Twitch GFX
- Thumbnails
- 3D models & much more!
This is an art server, who started out as a small yet growing community. Artists are here to support others and help each other grow, with events such as and icon contests for anyone to enter.
Welcome to Jinx!

We are a family of dedicated people who promise to make an impact on Roblox and create the best experience for all users! We have the best clothing out there so be sure to give our shop a look!

Join our discord to be a part of our amazingly friendly community!
A small graphic design community, based around commissions and viewing artwork, if your looking for a place to earn a profit for logos, posters or anything to help you build a portfolio, this is the right place to start or continue your career!
This is a nice server of designers. We love to chat and help each other. If you want to buy, sell or just have a look, this is the server for you!
Welcome everyone to World of GFX!!

Once a google+ community, this server has been made for a revival! Show us what you’ve got, no matter what type of graphics or style you make. This server is a place where you can share your work and give each other feedback.

- Self assigning roles for colour and type of creator
- Open to bot suggestions
- Giveaways, contests and events. Moderator and member run
Hi! We are here building a social-media type of website, and we could use some external opinions and ideas on the design, the options, etc. If you are a coder experienced with symfony (the php framework), we could also use your help with the code. Hope you join!