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Dedicated community for artists, designers, musicians and others
5 days ago
Wir helfen dir als Designer weiter und lösen deine Probleme.
Wir vermitteln dir einen Designer für dein Projekt.
Trete uns bei und unterhalte dich mit anderen Designern!
5 days ago
Default is a server fully devoted into your hands. Add new features, bots, channels, custom roles and more. It's your job to design and create the future :D
11 days ago
Graphic Inc
Info: This discord is to learn everything about GFX
To enter the discord as student is $5 Dollars.
You have to ping a Teacher so you can start a verification payment.
This is the paypal to pay the Discord so you can be a Student or to donate
To do self video chat is dealers choice.
To be a teacher you have to send some graphics you've made and once you are verified to be a teacher you can enter free.
21 days ago
Design Pop is a community of designers from around the world! Share your work, inspire yourself and others, collab with each other, and have fun!
This is a new community as of 2018, so it's pretty small for now, but we can grow!
27 days ago
EN: Game & Play, Chat & Funny, Software & Design server :) | TR: Oyunlar Oynamak, Sohbet ve Eğlence, Yazılım ve Tasarım sunucusu. Destek verin, şurada gücümüzü gösterelim. :D
37 days ago
Creavite is an amazing community if you're a developer or a designer. Here at Creavite is the perfect place to talk, and learn, about design and programming related topics.
38 days ago
Giveaways are on a lot of the time, stop by say hi and have fun. C:
52 days ago
Welcome to the Digital Arts discord server! This is a growing community of people interested in digital Arts (graphic design, Web development, writing, etc.). Here you can show off your work, sell your services, request for services, or just chat!
53 days ago
Our server has a team of designers to finish what you need done. You can even join our team! Some things will be free and other things might cost but it will be cheap! You won't regret joining our server!
55 days ago
The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.
66 days ago
A discord related to a subreddit but mainly a chill, laid-back place to hang with other designers.
76 days ago
Need a profesional LOGO?
We will create a clean flat logo design and a brand identity.
So join our discord today!
96 days ago
Share thought-provoking creations and ideas, from interesting design concepts to intriguing programming ideas. (and more)
113 days ago
Design server // Show your designs, or just buy our designs made on your demand! 24/7 music is available too! *We are a brand of NoloTech Incorporated.
116 days ago
Do you love designing? Then you're at the right place! We're a starting community on Discord for all types of designers; Illustrators, Editors, Motion designers & way more! It doesn't matter if you're just a starter or if you're already an professional, DESIGNr© is for everyone! Do not wait any longer and join DESIGNr© now!
140 days ago
Storicles is an art community for professional artists or aspiring pros dedicated to the art of storytelling and concept art! Besides art discussion and sharing, you can post portfolios, jobs, critiques, and your work. Unlike other hobbyist art servers, Storicles aims to collect artists dedicated to their craft and passion of storytelling.
142 days ago
This is a server 100% dedicated to art. Join today if you are interested in any kind of art. **Hope to see you join**

**--Server includes--**
• Channel to post art
• Full set of rules and consequences
• AutoModeration from bots to help prevent rule breaking.
• A dedicated owner who will stay active in chat.
• Mentions will be blocked.
• **Partnerships with servers that have 20+ human members**

`join to help grow this artistic community`

Server link -( )-
Banner -( )-
153 days ago
CODE SQUARE is a solid community for anything programming, design and business related with some 420 influence. Come in, talk and chill!
153 days ago
Uncreative is a "project" for everyone! We are some graphics designers that want to have a hub where "clients" can search designers and designers can search "clients". We are currently very small and are currently searching for members and designers ;). But we also have some other neat features...
177 days ago
Welcome to Discord Graphics; a server where you can share your art & creations & belong in a community with friendly members. You do not have to be an artist to join!
223 days ago
Uhh, so this discord is basically just a community of artists, designers, developers and gamers. We're trying to build up to eventually grow to a size where it's just a clusterfuck of awesome and talented people.
249 days ago