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Anime hub

- Friendly Community
- Plenty of Roles
- Many Bots
- Waifus and Husbandos
and many more

Join now!
☆ Welcome to LtGaming ☆
A friendly gaming community open to anyone who wishes to meet new people and find new friends to game with!

We Have
- an array of games to choose from and play
- friendly staff who are here to moderate and help
- giveaways
- active members and voice chats

So if you're looking for people to play your favorite games with or to make new groups of gaming pals, LtGaming is the place for you. Enjoy your stay gamers!

Linked University a School-themed Server that offers the perfect social environment for students (in high school, college, etc.) who need help with schoolwork, need support and advice or just want a great place to share music, memes, and stories with other students! By being here you have complete access to dedicated server tutors, dozens of classroom voice channels and some of the most patient, friendly staff on Discord!


Earn XP by engaging in conversations and joining our Voice Chats!)

Our server has its very own currency called: Linkins. You can earn money, buy items, gamble and more!)

━━━━━⇝🎉┊ GIVEAWAYS
You can win Linkin coins, mobile load, and many more!)

For members who loves to gamble)

We have our Color Roles with Special Names like Bully, LU Gambler, Clown, Drama Queen, Etc.)

You can share your selfies, artworks, memes, music playlist, etc.)

Karaoke, Singing Nights, Podcasts, Movie Nights, Bingo, and many more.)

Owo, Karuta, Dank-Memer, Pokemeow & many more)

Our sleeping area, where you could sleep on our VC while leveling and fishing)

Where you can create your own customized room which you can allow specific users to join your own room.

This is our game lounge, you can ask other gamers to play with you. Like Among us, LOL, ML, CODM, and many more.

━━━━━⇝🎶┊MUSIC ROOM
Where you can listen to your own music and chill

━━━━━⇝💬┊TUTOR HALL
Where you can ask our tutor and other members to help you with your modules and etc.

What are you waiting for? Come and be part of LINKED UNIVERSITY!


This is a friendly server for anyone to join and play with the MrSeanix community!


We play tons of Minecraft and a couple other games as a community, not to mention everyone here is very polite
👑 Txrtlez Empire 👑
A non-toxic community, a cool server to vibe in, and an amazing design! 💖
Here's what we offer:
『 💝 』 Giveaways! (including nitro)
『 💼 』 Friendly staff and helpers here to make your day!
『🎥 』 A chance to join Txrtlez YouTube videos!
『🤝 』 Easy and Flexible Partnerships!
『🧱 』 Tons of Fortnite customs and events to have fun in!
『🗣️ 』 Meet cool new members or soon to be friends!
『 📈 』 A growing community with almost 4000 members!
『🎉 』 Invites/Levels Perks to unlock and achieve!
⚠️ We are currently looking for: ⚠️
• Helpers 🛂
• Event Managers 🤹‍♂️
• Advertise Managers 📝
• Giveaway Managers 🎁
Please join if you would like to apply!
So why wait? Join Now!
🌟🌟🌟>>>Welcome to the |Given| Server<<<🌟🌟🌟

Everyone is welcomed, we are a fun and welcoming server! This server is mainly a Given community, but we are open to other fandoms, too!
🌠We have an amazing staff team.
🌠wholesome members and we would love to welcome you all

<<<<<<<LEVEL 3 BOOSTED SERVER!!>>>>>>>>

✨Safe space for all ya beautiful peeps
✨0%Toxicity (guaranteed).
💥Monthly and bimonthly events
💥 Epic Music Queues
💥 Streams (Of all sorts, not just anime)
💥 Contests (gaming,art, etc)
✨Nitro Perks
✨Amazing role customization
✨Channels to showcase your skills

Some bots we have:
🌕Dank Memer

🌠We hope you all have a great and fun time here! Feel free to join in on our conversations and make new friends!
Welcome to TFD. The warmest most welcoming server you’ll find. Afterall we're all a big happy family.

Main features:

-A kind and helpful community :)


-Nitro Booster perks and Nitro Giveaways

-Leveling System with role rewards-

-Staff/Mod Applications

-Dedicated Spam Channel (with 100m/s auto delete)




-Epic RPG bot with miniboss/arena rooms, horse rooms, duel rooms and self roles based on area/horse etc for finding dungeon/horse partners

-Self-made auto-reminder for Epic RPG :)

-PokeRealm and Myuu for Pokemon Fans

-Rumble Royale (a battle royale bot)

-Our very own Melon-Farmer bot

--Dank Memer (Dank Memer Robbing is disabled)
Algeria Pol server, this is the first time for me on forming a server. However it is also co ran by other admins due to previous servers that we were in before. We discuss about politics, share history, games, maybe shit talk etc.

Anyone is allowed on the server besides kuffar.
We’re a new community-based server designed on bringing all sorts of people together. No matter your interest or hobbies, we’ll do our best to welcome you into our community and allow you to meet a bunch of great friends! ^o^

We have:
• Music Bots
• Colour roles
• Channels for art, games, fashion, etc.
• Lots of bots with fun features
• Welcoming and supportive staff

If you’re looking for a welcoming and close-knit community, this is the server for you!
🎃Lazy Pumpkins🎃

Seeking a place to call home? Somewhere to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions, and overall interests from your day to day life? Lazy Pumpkins is a community based server with a wholesome theme to bring people together and make genuine, long-lasting friends. We offer a variety of channels including gaming, photos and selfies, anime, arts and crafts, entertainment, etc! Our server is new, yet growing and we welcome you to join us and grow along with us!

Things you can find here:

┃Friendly community!
┃Opportunity to grow with us!
┃Level up system!
┃Community events!
┃Voice chats!
┃Fun bots!
...and more!

We are a community steeped in kindness, support, inspiration, and ridiculous generosity. We would to have you join us!
Welcome to Danky Dankers

We are a Dank Memer Giveaway Server

Why should you join?

• Best Standards of giveaways/events
• Rob and Heist are permanently disabled to keep your money 100% safe!
• Premium Server( donor perks for all members)
• Multiple Dank Memer channels
• We do big events
• We got many fun bots
• Friendly and Helpful staff are always here to answer your questions and moderate the chat
• DAILY 10+ Nitro Giveaways NOW
• Amazing Booster Perks
• 50% of our server members has partnership ping role, feel free to partner with us
• Free access to 100+ rob servers
• Max Multiplier you can possibly get

We are a fast growing community😊
🌙 **__AMONG US GAMERS__™**

└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘
◈ New community; looking for AMONG US PLAYERS.
◈ Low moderation - free speech.
◈ AMONG US events
◈ Adding lots of new stuff soon
◈ Lots of different channels
◈ Server building etc
『✦』Stay Cozy
This is a community server where you can meet people make friends, we have gaming, art, pictures, and even studying channels, so feel free to join us, we'll make sure to welcome you in and make you feel cozy!

✦ | 16+
✦ | Art Events & Community Events
✦ | Active chat
✦ | Friendly staff
✦ | Nice & Welcoming community
✦ | Over 100 emotes
╔═.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.═╗
╚═.·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.═╝
Zamiast pisać o ogarniętej administracji, młodym i dynamicznym zespole oraz możliwościach awansu Proponuje Ci wejść, poznać skandynawską gościnność i zanurzyć róg w miodzie ucztując razem z nami w Asgardzie- pałacu chwały!
this server is dedicated to promoting and growing the audiences of small, independent artists. everyone is welcome, you dont even have to make music! just come and support the cause of ending record label abuse to their artists
Welcome to Ephemeral Dankers!!
What do we offer:
High Security with rob and heist disabled permanently

We specialize in giveaways , coindrops , heist and etc

Dedicated Music channels

Dedicated Memes Channels

Fun bots like Groovy, Rythm, etc

People to chill out and socialise with.

We accept partnerships.

Feel free to join and look around.
Invite your homies as well
An online community of internet denizens from around the world. If you want to talk about something with someone, hangout online, meet new people, or play games: help build this community.
🤡 Chill Social Server 18+ Only 🤡

↳ ➤ We Encourage Banter and Joking ◄
↳ ➤ Active Voice Channels 24/7 ◄
↳ ➤ No Creeps, No Minors, No Incels, No Snowflakes ◄
↳ ➤ Giveaways And Movie/Game Events ◄
↳ ➤ Wholesome, Chill, Community ◄
↳ ➤ Endless N ud es by 18+ ID Verified Users ◄
↳ ➤ Hottest P O R N Channels ◄
↳ ➤ Seller Section ◄
↳ ➤ No Bullshit, Good Vibes Only ◄
Fitness'n'Health made simple, we provide instructions to the point, and clearly.
Full of consistent lifters, mainly power lifters, and who've lost/gained weight.
Join us, and we hope to see you achieve your goals like the others here.
The official Flying Gorilla discord server. This server is deticated to Pinbit, an Android developer know for his popular app Flying Gorilla.
Wizard101 Mega (small server and growing fast) we offer

🎶Music Bots and Game Bots🎮
🎨Roles that you can pick from🎨
🆘Wizard101 help🆘
😎And more join today!!!😎