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Serveur discord fun rencontre ado ou on parle de tout manga animé jeux vidéos, salon pour la drague ou juste pour parler venez on vous attends
Hello! Come join our brand new server. We're just vibing here, and we just want new people to talk to. The server is 15+, and we can be slightly nsfw here. We have a brothel aesthetic, and are still working on making it better as more people join.

╭―――― We have ↴
︳❑︲︴Self assignable roles
︳❑︲︴Epic gamers
︳❑︲︴Active vc
︳❑︲︴LGBTQ+ friendly
︳❑︲︴Anime + Music nights

We hope you'll enjoy our server, and talk to us while you're here!
In a universe where powers exist, the world we know as earth has been divided by two races. The humans and the reanins(Magical people). To hide from the hatred and suffering brought upon from the humans, the reanins would find sanctuary in the Wilhelm Mansion, a utopia for the genius and for the extraordinary. Start your new life in the mansion and meet the unique.
Hey toi ! oui toi tu connait Charo Land ? 💋

💋- C’est un serveur communautaire mais aussi un serveur ou tu pourras rencontrer ton futur copain/copine

💋- Salons NSFW & CONCOUR régulier

💋- Actif en vocal et écrit

💋- Partenariat ouvert
Estes servidor es del streamer Manu1H6G en Twitch hice este server para estar chill jugando charlando etc que lo disfrutes :D
This Discord server is for cosplayers on Tiktok. The mission is to bring together cosplayers looking to collab, grow on TikTok, and make friends with each other. We will offer tips for growing very fast too!

Join here: https://discord.gg/PGNexxY
We are a server which allows you to promote your own discord servers, social media accounts, and your bots! We have partnerships, booster perks, and fun games.
¿¡Estás aburrido!? ¿¡Quieres conocer personas para hacer de tu vida sin propósito algo más divertido!? Entonces nuestro server es para ti.
Te doy la bienvenida a "Generación aburrida"
Este humilde server se creo para juntar a todos los que no tenemos con quien hablar o los que estemos solitos qwq.
En esta bella comunidad tenemos a admins piolas, canales para compartir tus creaciones y podras conseguir amigos.......yei :3
Asi que dale a ese botoncito de ahi abajo y entra, tkm.
Hey come stop by it's a new server growing and I promise it will be worth your time come hang out meet new people and enjoy!
« H A I K Y U U »

welcome to our server!! we're a chaotic haikyuu-based server with a plethora of channels and tons of cool people :) we're always looking for active members to hangout and discuss haikyuu with °ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°

what you can expect from our server:
↝ friendly staff
↝ plenty of chaotic activity
↝ server games (HG Simulator, Among Us, etc.)
↝ tatsu, mafia, tupperbox
↝ lots of creativity channels
↝ a school channel for help with homework
↝ level 1 boost w/ plenty of emojis

we hope to see you around!! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊˚
Long ago, before humans even existed, paranormals lived in peace among each other. The most prominent of the species being vampires, demons, angels, werewolves, and a variety of sea folk, although less prominent species existed they weren’t heard of much and tended to keep to themselves. Eventually, humans came into the picture. Paranormal offered peace but humans refused, killing and pushing the paranormals to one small island. Now, they are fighting for their right to exist.

Welcome to the Isle of the Cursed! Choose from one of our species to rp and a variety of positions to play at the castle, including resident, servant, or hunter. We hope to see you there!
Wir sind eine freundliche und vielfältige deutschsprachige Community, welche gerne Games spielt oder sich auch mal nur unterhält. Hier hast du einen Ort, an dem du die verschiedensten Altersklassen und Menschen treffen kannst, aus deinem Alltag entfliehen- und die Langeweile bekämpfen kannst.
Um das zu gewährleisten haben wir ein breites Angebot an Features.

🔹 Karmasystem
🔹 Aktive Community
🔹 Kompetentes und faires Serverteam
🔹 Ausgeprägtes Regelwerk
🔹 Events wie Werwolf, etc.
🔹 Private Zimmer
🔹 Gamelounge
🔹 Rollen für viele Spiele
🔹 Mitspielersuche
🔹 Raidprotection
🔹 Neuartige Rollenvergabe
🔹 Giveaways
🔹 Gameupdates
🔹 Eigene Website
🔹 Feedbackmöglichkeit zum verbessern des Servers

Wir hoffen dich bald begrüßen zu dürfen :)
The Galaxy Is a server belonging to Barlaxy#3504 to create a community who like his videos and support him! the easiest way to explain this brawlhalla based server is that it’s for one Youtube content creator called Barlaxy#3504 that he made a server where people can love and support him and help his channel grow in this Brawlhalla
══════════⋆⋅⋅⋆ ═══════════
⊱ ─────Succculents Haven───── ⊰
⊱ ──────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ───────── ⊰
✪ Active Members & staff team
✪ Frequent Nitro Giveaways!
✪ Movie nights
✪ Game nights (brawl, Skribble, ToS, and etc.)
✪ Self Roles, and Level System!
✪ Emotes!
⊱ ──────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ───────── ⊰
Welcome to "That server" I would love to meet you all, it would be fun for you here, we have these bots in here: OwO-bot, MEE6, and dyno, I will also add other bots later on, but my server is fresh right now!

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Traianik Traianik
Discordul perfect pentru moldoveni!!
Unul dintre cele mai bune servere de Among Us din Moldova , Va asteptam pe toti!
25 dagen
Dragonic Dragonic
Friendly environment for anyone regardless of level
This dungeon quest guild had a bit of a hiatus and was reformed back a few months ago. Its growth rate has been fairly consistent and the level system is easily explained in the server guide. Members can react roles and rank themselves along with choosing whether they want to be pinged for events. There also is a category dedicated to the many different dungeons and members are free to request carries and just generally chat.

If you're looking for a relaxed friendly environment there's no better place than the Moonlit Alliance!
41 dagen
(っ◔◡◔)っ PiesioGamingYT (っ◔◡◔)っ PiesioGamingYT
Serwer SCP
Serwer SCP jak się patrzy :) WCHODZIĆ KURWY JEBANE !!!

45 dagen
tryinit tryinit
I am enjoying so much my everyday talk with the people in this server especially since they are lebanese! I highly recommend joining
150 dagen
0B3N 0B3N
Nejlepší server :))
151 dagen
Brilliant Community
I have met so many people that I am happy to fight side by side with.
Our community is growing on a daily base
164 dagen
Hipsi Hipsi
167 dagen
Gestalt Gestalt
Mods are too quick to act. Don't recommend.
The staff shoot first and ask questions later. They either are too sensitive or are just wanting to do vent their frustrations into someone they dislike and use the rules as a cover.

Has a decent RP setup but the mods and the mob mentality within it make it pretty unwelcoming to stay in.
243 dagen
Ked_Ked Ked_Ked
Good but the server need something more. Like More program or more events/giveaways.
325 dagen
Sour Sour
Sour's Review
Honeydew's boarding school is a rp server based on, you guessed it, a boarding school for children with magical powers! But is it any good? In this review I'm going to look at the RP itself, the community, and the OOC channels.

The RP
The RP on Honeydew is quite fun, and the people you RP with are usually quite happy to RP with any character! speaking of characters, Honeydew's characters are varied and most are a joy to RP with, however, the limits for approval are hard to spot, and I've even managed to get a tree through, and while this could be problematic, OP characters are not common here, I believe that the tree was only accepted because it was an incredibly weak 'character'. The RP locations are in abundance, so if you like a channel for each hallway instead of '#hallways' then you're in luck here. Overall the RP on Honeydew receives a nice 7/10

The OOC Channels
Honeydew has a plethora of OOC channels for you chat in, ranging from art to face-reveals and even a vent-and-support channel, each channel has a purpose and I fail to spot one lacking activity. Staff are quick to remind users if something is in the wrong channel, so you'll never find venting in the bot-commands channel which, if you're like me and want everything to be in its place, is very nice of them to do. Overall I give the OOC a cool 8/10

The Community
Honeydew's community is huge, housing almost 300 members and counting, sadly, a large portion either have no character or are inactive. The group that keeps the server alive and that I have interacted with are pretty fun to talk to and share with, most know what's a joke and what's not, and vents are almost never responded to with jokes at your expense, and that's great to see. Sadly, the characterless members are in abundance, exactly 71 of the 285 members have no character, roughly 24%. This is not a major problem, though it is a shame that almost a quarter of the server cannot RP. Overall I give the community a nice 7/10

The Score
Honeydew's Boarding School is a friendly, large RP community with a variety of OCs, but even trees can get approved. Rpers have a tendency to one-line but if you do that to, it's not a problem. I, Sour, give Honeydew's Boarding School a nice and deserved 7/10, Sour recommends.
360 dagen
listicka2 listicka2
Super server.
Dobrá hra. Líbí se mi jak je propracovaná, takhle dobrou hru o alternativní budoucnosti jsem ještě neviděl a už vůbec ne Český nebo Slovenský. Určitě zkuste :)
495 dagen
Lu Lu
Great Place
The Haven is an amazing server, we got somewhat active users, a really cool community and they are a community for lots of games, not just nintendo, also nobody judges me when i get high on poison so they don´t judge then lmao! so go on and join, i love this place, and i figure you might too :D
599 dagen