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hey! welcome to the cafe, here you can meet new people and chill with friends in our text or voice channels
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Welcome to Paradise : )
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Welcome to Star Wars the Clone Wars: The Rise of the Republic! In this server you can Roleplay as Clones, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, and much more! Make an OC or choose a Canon character and get started!

What we have to offer:

• Active members and Active staff
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• Friendly Community server (PG-13)
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-And much more! Come be on this galactic journey with us! Will you side with the The Galactic Republic or The Separatists Alliance? Where does your loyalty lie with? That’s for you to choose.
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Everybody is a mod but you lose the mod role once you use it.

Extremely abrasive and toxic Atheist Community for Atheists, Agnostics, Doubting Theists and Skeptics to debate Christian theists about philosophy and politics. Whether you are looking to just chat, or discuss/debate more pressing and philosophical topics of today you will be vetted.
Welcome to the land of Velos a continent unexplored and unknown dangers await dangers and riches far and wide in this area and unexpected will occur it is your choice to take the leap

the server is rated, T

-D&D Character in-discord
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Well look no further than BloxMart! We have great things going on over here. Here are some perks of being here!

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Our server, FGO Requiem is mostly Fate Grand Order players but the server also has people that doesn't play FGO. Come join us, we have friendly staff, exciting channels suitable for anything (not only for Fate Grand Order players, friendly community! Join us today :)

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LivingVibes~ LivingVibes~
amazing yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
17 dagen
Chemist (◕‿◕🌸) Chemist (◕‿◕🌸)
Извънземни котки
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
38 dagen
Lynx Kristishi Lynx Kristishi
Best fortnite team discord
It is not popular and bad it has Yunite discord bot and other cool features.Owner everyday active and helpful he wants only ''Fortnite players'.
84 dagen
3 1
b𝖺𝗇𝗌𝗁𝖾𝖾 b𝖺𝗇𝗌𝗁𝖾𝖾
rating this server
10/10 IGN would rp again, I might be biased but it's decently active for such a small server along with a very friendly community!
136 dagen
Vanesssa Vanesssa
Very epic. 888888000000 cccccchhhhhhhaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaacccccccccctttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssss is a lot
154 dagen
2 8
Chubbs Chubbs
All around good “chill” server
The people there are wholesome and inviting, which makes the environment a bit more enjoyable to play around in. Though it’s a fairly small server by the time I’m writing this, it’s always open to suggestion and improvement. Don’t be afraid to hop in for a nice, casual, and most likely lewd stay!
225 dagen
3 2
Turtler Turtler
"...who cares about your roleplay experience? It’s irrelevant." Edit: They resort to Character Assassination again.
Edit 4: To "Cody": "Yeah, the lady really needs to shut up. "

If you wanted "the lady" to shut up, don't give cause to speak up. But to quote Thatcher, "The Lady" isn't turning.

Also, nice to see you're adapting the same like your friend began about my gender.

"It's as simple as this, make a character that isn't 7'3. Thanks."

Except it's not, and your asshole behavior showed that.

The irony is that I can, do, and have adjust heights and weights at the direction of server owners who either give good explanations for it, or don't but do not act like condescending dickbags. And I can also provide proof of that.

So here's some Simple guidance:

Don't be an asshole, abusive server owner.

Don't treat perspective roleplayers like dirt.

Don't FailRoleplay.

Don't hypocritically stress "realism" and then make it possible for your special snowflake Player Character to run all the way from Paris to Belgium in enemy territory.

But this simple task was apparently far beyond your inclinations. Well, if that's the hill you want to die on, fine by me.

"Don't believe what people say, join the server and find your own experience."

For once Cody, I agree.

By all means. If you are willing to spend your time, come and see. Check if what I have said is false.

To Hitler:

"I wrote a review and you dm'ed me shit that frankly pissed me off due to you calling me an array of things-"

It's really quite simple. If you don't want to get pissed off from being called an array of things, *don't be those things.*

Period. Simple.

I didn't make you parrot lies.

I didn't make you *admit to lying* about my gender in one of your edits.

So please, take some responsibility.

"(Also, make up your own insults, yours were trash.)"

I've never claimed to be a great linguistic innovator, and I don't really have the time. So I don't care if my insults are original, only if they are accurate.

" Anyways, how about you unblock me and dm me the various ''critiques'' of the server you have."

Again, I never blocked you. I've never blocked *anyone* on Discord.


The communication between us was enabled by sharing a server. Once I was kicked, that connection was cut. So you can still send me a friend invite or vice versa.

" I'm not the owner, so I wont be doing anything about it. "

I know you're not the owner, and that is why I had no qualms with you until you started reiterating those falsehoods.

"I'll bring it up to Cody since I guess he trusts me more and I'm also the co-owner of one of his servers.:

I thank you for the offer, but I already tried bringing it up to Cody and he ignored it.

" I promise you, I wont insult you if you unblock me and send me some actual critiques. "

I'm skeptical, since I did send you actual critiques, but again:

A: I didn't block you, I was disconnected due to the server bit.

B: My attempts to give earnest critique were rebuffed-and Rudely- by Cody the first time. So I don't see much reason why I should put time and effort in to try and help him.


C: I frankly don't have much time, since- believe it or not- I'm actually in 7 RP servers of various degrees of thriving in addition to real life. So while I appreciate the offer, I again don't see why I would seek you out to give my opinion if you- contrary to the opinion of dozens of others- think people like me cause servers to die, and why I don't see the point of giving my limited time and insights to Cody.

"Thank you."

To you too.

(Another edit)
The asshole that has wrote the 1 star review said that we wouldn't let her voice her critiques. We did. But they weren't critiques. The ''critiques'' consisted of calling us asswipes, saying I lied about her (she never told me what I lied about.), apparently short people don't exist (according to her), and etc. Shit like this happens a lot in servers. She left right after DM'ing me other shit without any proof of me lying and resorting to blocking me. Good riddance.

Because apparently

Edit 3: Well, it looks like the character assassination is in full force, thanks to "Hitler's" less than sterling competence, dumber than ever.

For starters, continuing to refer to me as "her" even after I I pointed out my real gender- in a transcript they copied (part) of- on here. They justify this by saying

" I'm still calling her she because she doesn't fucking deserve any respect."

This is immature and incompetent for one very simple reason. The truth deserves respect, even if you don't think I do.

By writing this nonsense, you are not respecting the truth. Indeed, you are *LYING.* Being "pissed" doesn't justify that.

Indeed, being pissed makes telling the truth all the more important.

But that's almost trifling because I don't have any evidence (that I'm willing to share) about my real gender on discord. I do have real evidence to show about their poor conduct.

: "The asshole that has wrote the 1 star review said that we wouldn't let her voice her critiques. We did. "

This is a strawman. Indeed, I challenge either Hitler or Cody to point to a time when I accused them of not letting me VOICE my critiques.

That isn't the problem. The problem is the utter disrespect, disdain, and refusal to act consistently. As well as trying to hide evidence to the contrary (as shown by the fact that the images I'm about to show were from a conversation that was deleted- in and of itself not a bad thing, but still telling).

"But they weren't critiques. The ''critiques'' consisted of calling us asswipes,"

This is another lie. Best exploded by showing photographic image of the first time I tried to raise a critique and solve this issue.





All of these things and more- along with polite requests to sort things out- were ignored.

I called you two assholes at the end of weeks of dispute, because that is what your conduct has shown you are.

" saying I lied about her "

And for a very good reason.

Because you did. You still are.

Indeed, you admitted you're doing so *in your own review.*

"she never told me what I lied about.),"

Protip: if you're going to lie, I would at least expect you to be good at it. This isn't it.

And I'll admit, I am kicking myself for this because I closed out of the DMs like a normal person when talks collapsed, without realizing I would be able to use them for it. That's the only thing preventing me from getting more images.

But I will say this: Since "Hitler" has no compulsion against copy/pasting transcripts from the chat, I challenge him to copy and paste my response to him after that.

In which I explicitly told him how he lied. Namely: repeating the canard that my objections were simply due to not getting my way or not getting "black humor."

Repeating that required lying either by commission -ie knowing it was false and saying it anyway- or omission: omitting to ask the other side of the story what their stance was or if they had any evidence.

You know, like he conveniently omitted my reply following his own (though to be fair, I also forgot to take down a transcript).

"apparently short people don't exist (according to her), "

This is another incompetent lie, as the photographs show.

If you look carefully, you can see my reference on this link:


"..I can substantiate with archival links if need be- including that of a 7'6" German surrendering on D-Day."

Now, unfortunately that link isn't in the images I caught (Moral of the story: Transcribe and copy EVERYTHING), but the reference is.

And what is that link?


"Tallest German surrenders to short soldier (Ed: 5'6") in Second world War Picture."

This is a link I used as evidence, and which was "conveniently" deleted by the admin. But an image is worth a thousand words and I had the forethought to save an image o it.

So it takes a really dishonest brainlet to argue that I think short people don't exist.

" Shit like this happens a lot in servers."

Yes, it does.

And do you know what else happens a lot in servers, Addie boy?

Administrator Corruption.


Abuse of Power.



"She left right after-"

Firstly, I didn't leave but was kicked.

" DM'ing me other shit without any proof of me lying-"

Again, this is false.

As shown by the fact that he acknowledges I DMed him "other $hit" without bothering to transcribe that other $hit.

Because they know it contains text in which I explicitly point out how he lied.

"and resorting to blocking me."

Apparently I have to explain Discord 101.

Discord does not naturally allow you to DM random accounts. And for good reason given spambots and whatnot.

However, the owner of a server can set about whether to allow users on their server- whether or not they are friends- to DM each other. In this case when I was kicked out of the server, I lost the ability to write.

That isn't me "blocking" you- though I would consider it- but it is functionally similar.

" Good riddance."

Definitely. Because you're the Bad Rubbish.

"I will admit, the reply I sent back was pretty mean, "

Meanness is one thing.

Dishonest is another.

I have said plenty of mean things in this review, but at least I'm justified in saying them. And I can provide more proof than either of them are willing to in order to substantiate it.

"but after getting this reply, I'm pretty pissed that she targeted me and not the owner -"

I didn't target them "and not the owner." Indeed, my main discussions remained with the owner.

"when I had nothing to do with this."

Again, false.

You chose to peddle a falsehood, saying that this was about being unable to take a joke- rather than being unwilling to accept abuse.

You made yourself a part of the issue.

" All I did was write a fucking review."

That contained a lie, or at "best" a false claim you didn't bother to check.

Fact the facts. You joined a server that- for whatever its qualities- is defined by one line RP posts (which honestly isn't a problem) and run by a power-mad owner who thinks that they don't have to answer to reality (which is).

You dogpiled on to a critic, repeating a lie the owner peddled in an attempt to delegitimize criticism.

And now you're angry about being called out for that conduct and how you had to lie. And you do so..... by perpetuating and admitting to another lie.

If you're so goddamn sure you're in the right, why do you two have to keep lying, making accusations without proof?

Edit 2: Change of Title, using a quote culled from the DM. " I don’t understand your point. Stop acting like a B****, who cares about your roleplay experience? It’s irrelevant."

Because this summarizes the server owner oh so well. The combination of false modesty and "aw shucks" approachability over the seething arrogance and hostility.

Does this sound like how a server owner should act?

It's also at this point that I should talk about the actual quality of the roleplaying that went on here.

Here is a representative excerpt from the major event of the roleplay thus far, the Battle for Paris.

Sgt. Sylvester GendravinLast Sunday at 7:05 PM
The ceiling would collapse on them, killing them.

Sgt. Clayton EndicottLast Sunday at 7:05 PM
I would continue down the alley way, before taking up a position there.

John PriceLast Sunday at 7:05 PM
It said "2nd Infantry Division, Detachment Blue"

Absalon HeffesoneLast Sunday at 7:05 PM
their body parts flew into the air and sprinkling red roses (blood) down on the ground

Sgt. Clayton EndicottLast Sunday at 7:05 PM
I could see germans moving in a street, i'd fire at them, hitting their legs. They fall.

John PriceLast Sunday at 7:06 PM
Id give it to Anna
If you think I am cherrypicking, by all means, check out the server and see.

I realize that one line roleplay can be good.But it often isn't. Especially when it comes like this.

Contrary to what they say, they don't "pay more attention to detail than others." Because I've been in a server where we have haggled about when Denison Smocks were added to different units.

These guys will have you assign your player character to one of a dozen or so British, French, or German units... and then completely ignore it ever after. Which is how you get British troops in Paris (who then teleport deep into occupied Belgium).

When confronted with the fact that what he was allowing characters to do was "unlikely" and thus- by his definition- "unrealistic", the owner replied:

"It was certainly possible for soldiers to kill more than one enemy, I don’t understand your point. "

Yes, Cole. Yes it is.

But it's somewhat unlikely for them to do so. And it's even *more unlikely* for them to kill half a dozen soldiers in a single battle.

And it's even less likely for them to penetrate the enemy lines for hundreds of miles into the rear without any kind of explanation.

And most of all, they think constructive critique is why servers fail.

Edit 1: Since this review got semi-brigaded with positive reviews from the moderator and another roleplayer (who was apparently salty when I contracted their narrative of German grievance) I am dropping this to one star and issuing a response. These review-replies will be posted after the original review below.

Apparently, the Administrator and one of my fellow RPers are trying to pass of naked disrespect, hypocrisy, and generally bending the definitions to fit whatever they want as "black humor."

It's not. It's just disrespect. And FailRoleplay.


As a regular role player for nearly two decades, a history nerd, and someone with DM experience this looked like it held promise, especially given the unique setting And indeed I cannot judge the RP itself or the other players harshly for the simple reason that I did not get to play with them.

However, the reason for this is because the group is run by an administrator, Cody#8497, who thus far has shown himself to be both inflexible and inconsiderate. Though far from the worst I have encountered (for instance, no apparent Marty Stu or god nodding) the treatment of a good faith application was quite repugnant.

For starters, the character creation criteria is extremely narrow, with characters limited to one of three combatant armies. This would not be a big problem in and of itself, but it also demanded that all be 40 years of age or less (this greatly limiting Player profile freedom) and a rank of less than Staff Sarge.

This would be troublesome enough but acceptable, but in addition there were several “hidden” and deeply arbitrary requirements, such as one on height. For instance, he stated that the tallest character he would allow was 6’4”. When asked why he gave this arbitrary limit he provided no answer beyond making a “joke” about how he would understand it if Said character were Black/African. Which of course means he gave no real explanation for this.

Unfortunately after expressing my enthusiasm for the RP and willingness to make a French character (who at the time he sorely wanted), I ran into trouble when making my first character. In addition to the aforementioned height camp and approving of a WWI veteran background, he stated that the most he would allow was a Lieutenant.

In return I asked him for help to help formulate a biography for this experience that nevertheless explained such a low rank, he simply refused to help.

When I confronted him about how baseless both of these restrictions were in regards to either history or doctrine (and in the case of the WWI veteran background was outright illogical), he said- and I quote, with photographic evidence- “Yeah no I’m not reading all that, sorry.”

Now perhaps my standards are a bit high, but For whatever my injustices or flaws as an administration I have never uttered such a thing to a fellow or prospective RPer. It is, simply put, manifestly inconsiderate to fellow people you are treating with.

What makes it worse is that it was used not in response to an illogical or angry hail of insults, but as an excuse to openly ignore historical evidence contrary to his stances- in his own word I “bombard (him) me with facts.”

That this came after said user tried to straw man my arguments by saying “Do you think that the average soldier was 7’3”?” (When my previous text indicated I did not) made it rubbing salt into the wound.

So I have decided to write this.

I will freely admit- just to put all my cards on the table- that the default Player Character I use which led to this conflict is hardly the “average person” the author claims he wants us to play, being a 7’3” tall WWI veteran officer who - though played in a gritty way- does owe some homages to Bond. I can easily understand why this would set alarm bells off in the minds of DMs, including conscientious ones (and indeed, my planned second character was a much more “normal” 19 year old French tomboy with some grease experience).

However, a powerful or somewhat abnormal PC does not mean an impossible or Stuish PC, and I have never been accused of playing one in all my years. And even if it did, that does not justify this degree of inconsiderate and intellectually dishonest treatment, especially on such shallow grounds.

So I write this. Not because I take pleasure in it or do not hope it will change, but because I need to strike when I can. Because one of the dirty secrets of Disboard is that one of the most exploitable ways to fudge your numbers if you are a bad or “dirty” server owner is to ban naysayers, which not only creates an echo chamber but also safeguards the sever from a well-deserved panning on here.

Maybe this review will prove unnecessarily harsh or be edited. But I made the mistake of not putting up a critical review in response to inconsiderate DMs before and I will not do so again.


Firstly: The review by the owner, who adopts a more passive-aggressive "aw shucks" kind. But let's make a few things clear.

"I’m the owner, while it isn’t as fancy as other servers, it’s fun. We’re more direct and pay more attention than others, "

Again, as the veteran of more than a dozen years roleplaying, this is bullocks. I can name literally a dozen Discord servers I am in that have more attention to detail and are direct. As shown by the mysterious prevalence of British forces near Paris. The issue is, he's trotting this out now in order to justify what he is about to do next.

They then go to say that:

"the first review was made by someone who well, uhm, didn’t seem to get jokes"

Again, this is a lie.

The problem isn't "getting jokes", the problem is blatant disrespect to a roleplayer.

For instance:

"It is realistic if it is common."

And upon being told this was wrong:

"That’s how I define it."


Look, I’m just a normal guy, how i define something is how i define something.
I have my own dictionary, and in what i own i show it."

This would be bad enough as it is, but it gets worse when you realize that the Administrator's player character- a soldier in the BEF and supposedly a "normal person"- not only managed to kill several enemy soldiers (standard RP fare) but did so during the defense of Paris. And upon that city's fall, this character then appeared at the River Lys.

It's one thing to argue that your "normal" soldier could make it hundreds of miles. That's happened. But the fact that this person did so by going hundreds of miles into enemy territory, towards a river the Germans had full control over long before they got anywhere close to Paris, is... apparently not a sin against his "realism."

In spite of it being far less realistic by any definition- including his own- than a 7 foot soldier.

This is before we get into caustic and insulting "rules" regarding a former character application.

Apparently, the administrator conflates refusal to accept their utterly inconsistent definition of "realistic" as not getting "jokes." But the fact that nobody was laughing during this arguments is..irrelevant.

Next comes the crucible.

"We have restrictions on height and age, as we want to be in the terms of realism."

Except this is false on two counts. The first being that the restrictions on height and age aren't based on the actual restrictions imposed by the combatants (except on the lower age gap), but are arbitrary. Don't shout "realism" if you're not prepared to follow p.

But that's the problem. The administrator's definition of "realism" is not the definition used by any major dictionary or the world at large. If the two meanings overlap, that is a happy accident. And if anyone doesn't like that,tough. The very concept that the Administrator should not arbitrarily define words Humpty-Dumpty style is apparently "not getting a joke."

Yes, defining terms arbitrarily and falsely is within the rights of a server administrator. But there's plenty within said rights that is not just.

"We roleplay men that aren’t heard from anymore."

As someone who has spent this summer caring for their dementia-afflicted WWII veteran Grandfather, this is a slap in the face. Because this isn't about roleplaying men that aren't heard from anymore.

Firstly: because the administrator allowed the use of women soldiers, admitting this was not "realistic" but that it would be useful to appease diverse RP tastes.

This is a fair choice, and I only take issue with it because of how hypocritical it makes the already-hypocritical "realism" hammer he used.

And secondly: because the administrator apparently thinks that "men that aren't heard from anymore" fit into a neat package of ages, experiences, and heights. And if they don't, they might as well not exist.

It also ignores the fact that it flatout does not support the kind of men who are rarely heard from anymore even today, and weren't much at the time. Civilians.

Second is to the quote by the funnily-named "Adolf Hitler". But leaving aside the username, they state:

"The person that wrote the last review is just uh... yeah... She's lucky we are even letting females join the RP-"

First strike: I'm a guy. The mere fact that the first profile of mine to be accepted was female doesn't change that.

Second strike: I'm not "lucky we're even letting females join" because the Administrator allowed it. That was his choice, one he admitted went against his oh so cherished-but-arbitrrary definition of "realism."

Next they go:

"(H)e also had a character that was 7'3. Very unlikely. "

Thank you, Sherlock. I am well aware that it was unlikely (but not unrealistic) that people would be 7'3".

However, it's even more unlikely that several British soldiers took part in a battle against German armor at the outskirts of Paris.

It's even more unlikely that player characters- who are supposedly average soldiers- would kill more than a dozen enemies over the course of the roleplay.

Apparently, using the cudgel of "very unlikely" is ok when they do it, but they don't care much about applying it to their own actions.

"Also, (H)eapparently cannot take black humor. If you cannot take an offensive joke, LEAVE. Simple as that. "

As an enthusiast in Soviet jokes, the problem was never taking "black humor." It was objecting to hypocrisy and blatant disrespect.

Don't spit in my ear and tell me it is raining.

You already love it? Good for you.

But that doesn't justify lying. And that is what you are doing, 'Adolf Hitler#8628"
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LvDpiTch LvDpiTch
communauté chaleureuse
Etant la créatrice du serveur je n'est juste un mot a dire une bonne ambiance une bonne communauté ou tout le monde rigole et ou on s'y sent bien !!! Un grand merci !
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ElSymbiote ElSymbiote
Great Community!
I joined this community back in December and it has only grown on me ever since. Friendly, laid back, helpful and mature group that appreciates it's members and gives back by doing giveaways. I recommend you check them out and invite your friends.
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Nathan~A1 Nathan~A1
Awesome server :)
This server has massive giveaways, and great events. The people here are really nice, I would definition recommend joining!
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Yeet God Yeet God
I have had my server in there advertising for months and have gotten maybe just maybe like 5-7 people id rather use bots
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Christus77Player Christus77Player
Trustworthy Gamers
This server is so lit, the people are friendly and non toxic
You won't game alone
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