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°°°·.°·..·°¯°·..· Aether ·..·°¯°·.·° .·°°°

⇢ ✪Aether✪
is a amazing community that is growing and we are always looking forward to meet new awesome people♡ ⇠

➜ If you are looking for any of the following such as...

➤ Gaming
>Many more!
And So much more

→ Then This is It Chief! ←

❥ Our server has roles for
❧ Platform You Play On
❧ Game Roles (Overwatch, Minecraft and +More!

「 We are also looking forward to partnering up with many servers
▬▬▬▬▬ » Oferujemy: ▬▬▬▬▬

🤲 » Miłą oraz ogarniętą administracje,
🎉 » Giveawaye,
👥 » Przyjacielską oraz aktywną społeczność,
💻 » Ładnie ułożone kanały,
🎨 » Strefę 4FUN,
🖌️ » Kanał dla rysowników, grafików
🎖️» Prosty regulamin 🎖️
💥 » Partnerstwa
📝 » I wiele więcej!
Welcome to The Server-Anime™.!

Do you love anime?. Do you like mangas?, Do you like gaming?. If you do, then this is a server you must join.!

Each and every single one of you is welcome to our very friendly and rp enabled server

We're all very friendly and chill, frank people with whom you can compete in games, and the most importantly, we all love anime!, We also host giveaways every month, you can just come over, talk, laugh, make friends and Have fun!

A chill place where you can have a lot of fun so feel free to come over.!

We have every bot you might need, and our music channel is the most active throughout the server, so if you love music this will be the best chance for you to find people with varying tastes, and if you enjoy listening with friends and discussing topics, that's perfect.!

Since you've read till here, hope to see ya at our hangout.!

We Even have a Minecraft Server!
AmiciInGame è un server nato con l'intento di creare una community seppur piccola, ma con molti interessi in comune ...
... in cui tutti possono unirsi e divertirsi con gli amici e con altri che condividono la stessa passione, ossia quella per i videogiochi.
Questo Server discord è incentrato sul Gaming in generale, ma con una propensione per il mondo di Minecraft in generale dove, a tal proposito, abbiamo creato anche un server Minecraft dove possiamo giocare tutti insieme...

Il nostro è un server semplice, ma molto bene strutturato in cui il rispetto reciproco e la collaborazione regnano sovrani. Facciamo questo perché crediamo che mantenere un esperienza libera ed educata basata sul rispetto reciproco è alla base di una convivenza armoniosa e divertente (volgiamo che NESSUNO si senta escluso)

Una volta entrati, ognuno è libero di giocare, parlare e divertirsi come vuole, per far ciò, abbiamo creato diversi canali si testuali che audio, per farvi sentire come a casa!

Come vedi, il server ha tutte le carte in regola per essere un luogo di ritrovo per ogni tipo di giocatore che desidera passare del tempo in compagnia, per scambiare due chiacchiere o giocare un po il tutto immerso in un clima di relax e tranquillità...

Se ti ho incuriosito, ti invito a passare a trovarci... non te ne pentirai...


Bonjour à toi !
Ce serveur est dédié au serveur Minecraft The Fox Nation. Un serveur semi-rp survie en cours de développement avec de nombreuses fonctionnalités unique !

- Des boîte de loot déblocable en évents !
- Des jobs uniques avec de nombreuses quête pour devenir riche !
- Un système de pillage par guildes !
- Des grades déblocable en jouant !
- Et bien plus à venir...

Nous avons un staff à l'écoute de n'importe quelle problème.

N'hésitez pas à faire un tour pour nous faire coucou !
Welcome to the official Hypixel remake server, FakeHypixel.

FakeHypixel is owned and run by a former Admin from Fakepixel, which at the time was the official Hypixel remake server. That server became over populated and even grabbed attention from Hypixel YouTubers such as Pigicial and gamerboy80.

Earlier on this year, FakeHypixel became super popular with over 1,000 members hype for the release of the server. We gained attention from BajanCanadian (6M) and many other YouTubers with tens of thousands of subscribers. Due to issues, we had to shut down the server.

FakeHypixel is officially coming back to your Minecraft server list. For those who do not know what FakeHypixel is, it's a complete Hypixel remake server, known as a fan server. I myself have been playing on Hypixel for nearly 5 years now, so I know mostly everything about the server, so you can count on me to make FakeHypixel look almost identical. More information on beta sessions, staff applications, and our store will be given out soon.

Invite Link:
Hey, this is a community server about building in Minecraft. Here you have the ability to show your creations to others, get feedback, discuss about building exchange your opinions or hire builders. (Rebuilding the server from scratch due to a team member completely destroying it, old members welcome)

Wir sind ein allgemeiner Gaming-Discord

Was wir bieten:
⇨Viele Channel wo ihr genau die Spielpartner suchen könnt die ihr braucht!
⇨Viele Sprachkanäle!
⇨Einen Partnerchannel
⇨Einen Musikbot
⇨Viele Rollen, die ihr euch selber erarbeiten könnt!
⇨Ein kompetentes Serverteam, welches stetig wächst!
⇨Discord Server Gewinnspiele in absehbarer Zeit!
⇨Und vieles mehr!


Wir suchen:
⇨Chataktive Member
⇨kompetente Personen für dem Moderatoren Rang.
⇨Gamer durch und durch


Wir freuen uns sehr wenn ihr vorbei schauen würdet.


Gaming-Discord Server Team

Seeking for a place to talk about gaming and others? GamLander is all about gaming, conversation, collaborating and more!
We have a lot of topics but we are always open to suggestions from the community.

We have:

Over 20 different voice/chat channels
Super fun bots!
We are open to suggestions!

Join Now!
An XBOX and Nintendo Guild. (Now mobile gaming as well!)

A massive guild with something for everyone.
Weekly movies and anime shows!

We are currently hosting our own small overwatch scrims! Live commentary and each game is streamed live!
Make new awesome friends!

EarthSurvival is a unique minecraft server that provides users the opportunity to enjoy a custom created server with tons of enjoyable features such as; Custom mobs, Rankups, Jobs, Custom items and much more!
Join this Discord for a fun time. We have fun gamenights, fact of the day, question of the day, and many interactive activities.

Although our server is focused on Roblox police roleplay and Roblox limited trading, everyone is welcome to discuss about anything as long as it is not NSFW!

We have: Reaction roles, memes, news, multiple music channels, fun bots, Roblox bots, FOTD and QOTD!
We also advertise your servers, as long as you advertise ours!

What are you waiting for? Join now for a great experience!
A server where we play Mc, roblox and talk about anime. Were all close friends in real life but want to make out friend group bigger lol. Cmon n join and lets have fun

QUARTINEE to serwer Roberta, znanego bardziej jako Quartinee. Qua zaczyna streamować na twitchu. Jeżli szukasz serwera z przyjaznym community, miłą atmosferą, ekonomią serwerową, rangami lvl'owymi to serdecznie zapraszamy!
Your go-to gaming community where we are all about that action! Catch the hottest live content from Pokemon, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and more of your favorite games! The Official Discord of the #GOATarmy! Owned and operated by cliffgoat.
Play 1.16 as it was intended with an all new 100% survival world! PridelandsMC is a mostly active Minecraft Java 1.16.1 Multiplayer Survival Server. It is an SMP similar to Hermitcraft.

This is an completly vanilla server which means
- No p2w ranks
- No admin abuse
- No /sethome or /back
- No restrictive land claim plugin
- No silly restrictions on farm or base sizes
- No bans on certain farms
- Fully EULA complient

All are welcome ages 13+ who have bought the game. Active community, friendly staff and positive atmosphere are assured. There is a feedback channel to allow you to express what you feel of the server. The discord has a relaxed voice channel which anyone can use for anything.

The current world started on 07/07/2020 and is quite new. The server is activly moderated and maintained. The server is quite active due to a new world being started recently and there is for the most part someone online. There is no true main settlement yet, although you are free to build a base anywhere that isn't claimed by someone else, or join a base where you have been given permission to settle or which is public.
VraxileMC is a network that strives to give its players an safe and enjoyable experience. We provide gamemodes such as hardcore factions, kitpvp, creative and skyblock. We're growing each day and have a friendly set of staff on our server.
Chill and Play ❤ exists since 02.01.2017 and is a small community server where you can play and chat together. If you also want to be a part of the community go ahead and join 🙃

Chill and Play ❤ existiert schon seit dem 02.01.2017 und ist eine kleine Community die zusammen Spielt, Schreibt und Spaß hat. Falls du auch beitreten möchtest schau gerne mal vorbei 🙃
Hello! We are a multifandom server always looking for new people to come and chill with us. The only rules here is be respectful (dont be offensive) and keep all nsfw in the right chats.
**˜”*°•.˜”*°• __About Quarantine Sanctuary__ •°*”˜.•°*”˜**

Quarantine Sanctuary was created for people who are bored and didn't know what to play during this time of Quarantine! We are a laid back Survival Realm that you can build whatever your heart desires! Just as long as it doesn’t break the rules!

__Quarantine Sanctuary__ has to offer: A beautiful Spawn, with Spawn Protections, Personalized Home Plot Security, Discord Economy, Purchasable Shops, Legions (Clans) & Friendly Staff!

{Discord Economy} • {Weekly Events} • {Helpful Staff} • {Active Realm} • {Legions/Clans}

**Must** join discord. Must be 13+!

Follow our Reddit Community!

**˜”*°•.˜”*°• __Minecraft Version__ •°*”˜.•°*”˜**
Minecraft 1.16.1 | Bedrock Edition
Nintendo nexus is a place for all gamers to meet connect and make friends and play games make art and be yourself. Looking for more people 18+