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We're a pretty laid back roleplay community with a team of moderators who do their best to keep the server safe and to keep the peace, we may seem strict at times but we just don't normally stand stupidity, we do accept LGBTQ people, just as long as you aren't cancerous about it-
A server built around roleplay of various kinds (including Pokemon), its main draw is The World of Illusoria - a world that is dimensionally unstable. As such, characters from nigh on anywhere - From OCs to comics, from movies to games, from action figures to tv shows, even from real life, can join in! These people are known as Lost Souls, for they have drifted from their home and may never find their way back. Features a beginner's room so you can learn the place without being overwhelmed by the lore - Able to adjust based on how interested and how much lore you can handle!

Has other RPs too, ranging from all sorts of media
Just a small server wanting to roleplay sdr2 characters! Other danganronpa characters are allowed but we mainly stick to sdr2. All we ask is that you be kind to everyone!
San Andreas Role Play is a GTA 5 Role Play server for PS4 and XBOX and we need people for both consoles as well as FIVE M. If you think you would be good in our server, please join. Thank You!!
Welcome to Thornbrush Academy, a boarding school focused on Fine Arts, like music, art and performing! Only the top students get in here- through money, or through scholarships. Those without high grades at this school end up being.. pushed down by other pupils. May the best students pass!

Nobody really knows who built the school. Nobody really knows who founded it. They searched all the books, all the records, but there was nothing but ashes. All we have is myths and mysteries. Not even the current headteacher, David Wilcon, knows. Many students come up with ridiculous stories- the founder was a madman, who just wanted the top kids, and burned the records in a fit of self destruction! Though others come up with more reasonable ideas- perhaps the records were burned years before, in an accidental fire, and the founder, perhaps, was just left to be forgotten. What do you think?

Our server offers:
- A handful of self roles.
- A lore that you can influence.
- A variety of channels you can rp in.
- Classes to pick from.
- Lots of opportunities in roleplay.
"Chateau de Rothsfort began it's creation in the late 16th century, and was only completed a hundred years later. Though, it was once know as one of the most beautiful manors of it's time, it soon grew old and shabby.

Those currently in possession of the estate were unable to afford workers to revamp and clean the Chateau due to the lackluster visitors, leading them to the idea of having students of Hope's Peak Academy volunteer to help.

Dozens of students volunteered, though, only 16 managed to be sent to Chateau de Rothsfort, and it seems, one of them is you!

Hopefully, nothing will happen or interfere, and soon Chateau de Rothsfort will see prosperity!"

(All characters are automatically 16-17, making them Sophomores in Japan.)
Lush is a discord roleplayer community that offers a world in which resides a wide array of fantastical beings. We are first and foremost a mature community of 18+ literate roleplayers looking to add more quality writers to this world! We write anywhere from novella to a minimum of paragraph length, offer clean organised OOC chats, and a team of dedicated and responsive staff.

Even though our lore is fairly extensive, it is split in a way to ease access for new characters in must-read and optional sections. We welcome original characters who are looking for a natural progression through Lush be it through learning magic, acquiring magical items or accessing high society in a moderated way.
☆Danganronpa☆ᵎ ⸝⸝ ( ˘ ³˘)♡
**__Danganronpa is a SFW friendly server!__**

ᵎ ☆彡・__non-toxic server__
ᵎ ☆彡・__set of roles & channels__
ᵎ ☆彡・__always open for AM’s and PM’s__

Slash on the Dash is a roleplay-based server, centred around horror characters from all genres.
We use a mixture of text message group chats and lits to rp protagonists, antagonists, or ocs from classic horror films, video games, books, and more
"Wanderer" is set in an alternate Cyberpunk post-war universe in the year 2062 on the Californian Coast of the US.

During the early 2000's, Norwegian scientists and Engineers had developed the first ever self automated robots and became the world leaders in this new development. Their inventions were sold worldwide as 'Home-Help' robots or work purposed systems. It was only until 2014, that the Norwegian government had started to advance their research into Nuclear Powered Robotics, eventually producing the worlds first Modern War Machines, the Eden 601,602,603 and 222 Models. They were mass produced by the thousands and deployed to neighboring countries as apparent, "Keepers of the Peace."

The United States thought this was a type of power move and started developing their own War Machines which stood over nearly 100 meters in height, having a "gorilla" type appearance. They were deployed all over the Eastern Coast and quickly shipped to the UK as a means of defense against the assumed "Norwegian Threat."

This Cold war lasted for nearly 5 years, until in 2019 where the acting president of the United States Issued an 'accidental missfire' onto the Norwegian Capital, Oslo, killing 400 civillians and severely crippling two massive Eden-601 War Machine Robots. A declaration of war was signed and agreed upon. Through this, a Modern World War took place over Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

This War lasted 9 years and nearly drove the human race extinct. Entire Cities were destroyed and entire populations were caught in the crossifre.

Due to the absence of an Organized Government or a Stable population, the War Machines now stand either Dormant or Sentient alongside the empty, overgrown cities that sit unoccupied.

Wild, independant or Organized Factions now run crazily across the West Coast of California, fighting for survival, independance, justice or authority.

How will you act on this World?
⚔️Brand New as of 9/16/20

🚫 This server contains graphic scenes of death and blood. Players Discretion is advised.

Welcome to the simple Viking server. Straight forward and easy to manage. Here you can become the headstrong warlords of Magnus Village, or become the medicine man to preform pagan sacrifices to being glory and luck to the pack. Conquer new lands that you can obtain and rule in the chieftain and Chieftess steadfast. Raid and prosper in the name of Odin to rule them all! Just don’t die of the plague or getting attacked by a carnivorous Wild animal!!

🛡 rank up in the military ranks to become the best warlords.

🛡 meet new men and woman within the server with the objective to conquer!

🛡 create a Viking family and rank your name up to nobles

🛡work together as a village to prosper and grow into new villages

🛡 laid back and caring staff

🛡looking for experienced roleplayers
Brave Remnants is a multi-fandom, semi-literate, crossover roleplay server, new and welcoming to all! In this roleplay, we primarily focus on forging relationships between characters, encountering scenarios that would otherwise be highly unlikely, and overall, telling a good story that is fun and engaging for all writers.

☆彡A sudden event has caused the multiverse to shatter, leaving countless worlds lost in corruption as a looming presence takes control. Amidst all the chaos though, there is still one dimension that remains, albeit nearly engulfed by the void. Known only by the name of "Valhalla," this last bastion of creation finds itself housing a host of diverse individuals, mysteriously evading destruction while stranded onto its surface. Do not lose hope however: For deep within the heart of Valhalla lies the faintly beating heart of creation, the Cornerstone, making it still possible to visit the remnants of the worlds. Should the corruption in them be corrected, there may yet be hope to restore everything to what it once was...
☆彡Take charge in this new world by bringing unique and interesting characters, the choice being entirely up to you! Virtually all are welcome, including Canon, Alternate-Universe (AU), and Original (OC) characters!
☆彡Enjoy RPing in the style that best suits YOU! All we ask is that you not use one-liners, and give your rp partners enough to properly respond to while properly responding to their own posts!
☆彡Enjoy our server's unique power scaling system: The Tier system! With this, development opportunities are given for characters to shine (whether in fights or out of combat) without being otherwise overpowered series representatives. Support/social and combat characters are welcomed equally!
☆彡Unlock signature techniques, super-powered transformations, or even take the time to learn trade skills to diversify your character's arsenal! Due to the way our Tier system is structured, all characters have the chance to grow and develop to their hearts content!
☆彡Explore fascinating worlds and scenarios from iconic series so the fun never ends while solving the mystery behind the multiverse's ruin! One such world open now is the slums of Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, now a seemingly Utopian paradise veiling a sinister secret below the surface. And even more worlds are on the way, revived with exhilarating new twists on the classic settings you fell in love with.
This Jojo server is the successor to a server that was sadly taken down. I hope to bring it back and make it greater than ever.

Dank Memer!
Lots of interesting individuals

You can also claim canon characters and stands! This surely is a great server, so why not join?

Year ██1█ - 09/09
It has been quite some time since the bombing ████. We've received many patients regarding the incident... The team has been researching the specimen for quite some time now. Their regenerative capabilities are beyond that of a human. Even though they were just a common soldier fighting in WW█. Is this a new breakthrough to our tactics?

Year 60██ - 10/05
There were more of them. Even after they ceased fire, they've tricked us into thinking that the white flag was something of the truth. Flames. It was all... Fire. They had fire surrounding them- they had an aura which we've never seen. We've sent our men back into the battle, but the research... It isn't doing anything.

Year ██12 - 04/06
It's been so long since we've surrendered to the ████. But they found potential in us. Researching about the mutants who invaded our battle. They weren't the enemy, after all, they were... Rebellions? Whatever it is... I'm glad to be alive.

Year 6█3█ - 09/11
The facility is up and running. The enemy's government, their... The leader has funded and backed us up for unknown reasons. Truly strange, but we're not going to complain. They've shipped in the first 15 specimens. We best get to work...

Log 6074 - 09/20 - 16:35
This asylum... No, that's a disguise. You can't truly call this place somewhere to take in "mental patients". We take in those who have... Abilities. Perhaps we can call them... Mutants. Yes. Mutants. Some have shapeshifting abilities, some spew out fire from their very hands, and some have similar abilities to that of a supernatural creature, like a fish person, or a werewolf. Truly fascinating... Fascinating indeed.

Log 6080 - 10/14 - 20:40
The facility has reached its peak capacity of industrialization. We've become more modernized than ever. We have the necessary countermeasures to neutralize subjects with the implants they have in their necks. Such pleasant things.

Oh? Ah- yes. Duty calls.

This is a roleplay server that covers heavy topics, hence why it's marked as NSFW. With staff who are willing to help and are fairly friendly, and an owner who's on 24/7, you'll be able to get the full immersion into Cryogene Asylum. The server is a mix of x-men mutants, horror, and gruesome stuff. If you're into that.

We hope to see you soon!
JJBA - Dose Your Dreams

Dose Your Dreams, or DYD, is a jojo server based around 1970's america and the mafia born from the 1920's. In this server you will find a plot about political conspiracy, crime, hardships, and drug abuse.
The city of Quinn is under plague by a new drug called "Power", Power gives one an immense high beyond any other hardcore drug on the market and all it takes is 1 pill to go under its effects. Though there is rumor spreading that in some cases one will only feel a small buzz and the next day gain extraordinary abilities that break the rules of reality.

- Well fleshed out villains

- Unique scenarios created by the elements in jojo

- Spin and Hamon is allowed

- You can be a rock human

- There is a new counterpart to act stands called "Sides" based on vinyl records having a side-a and side-b

- And some caring mods!

The only requirement to join is to have a kind heart!
Landamot is a medieval fantasy setting that takes place in the city of Landamot. Explore the Dungeon in the heart of the city, start a business, or try your hand at politics! We encourage friendly attitudes and are open to suggestions that improve the server. We are a small server looking for people to have fun with.
Hey there! Are you looking for a fun server? A server that has:

- Artwork channels to post your creations
- Art Events
- Art Requests
- People who are part of many different fandoms such as FNAF, BATIM or bendy, DDLC, Cuphead, Baldi’s Basics, and many others
- Roleplay
- Reaction Roles
- Fun Bots
- Memes
- An LGBTQ friendly environment
- A friendly and welcoming community
And much more?

Well come on down to Kewlbreeze8’s Official Discord Server! See you there!
We are a chill server that does a variety of things, from a discord-based country roleplay to a unbelievaboat casino. If you don't join, you'll have no way to ungnome yourself, and you don't want that do you?
Welcome to the Missing King Roleplay, a Open World roleplay that it's really fun to try it with friends, you can gain loot from dungeons, monsters, quests and anything else that you do, You come to a world where is literally half a game, There will be ranked leaderboards and world bosses, It's in development, any criticism will be accepted to hear your opinion to make this roleplay server better, now off with the information.

💠 | Class Roles
🌟 | You can choose your class the self roles, Although classes don't have information for now.

💠 | Quest System
🌟 | There will be daily quests, or created quests made by Quest Masters, you can also complete small quests if any location needs help.

💠 | Boss Raid System
🌟 | You can raid a boss with other people, and gain loot or power level from it, the loot goes to the person that did the most damage!

💠 | Easy Character Creation
🌟 | It's really easy, you also have a template to copy from or make your own template.

💠 | Don't worry this is an safe server of all ages, no nsfw, nsfw rp, it's all safe, there are also fonts in this server, so If you can't read fonts then don't join.

Please give this roleplay a chance, and give out suggestions we can read consider, see you there!😁
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ “Nyeh-heh-heh! Welcome to your Hotel Exile, where the only way out is through good old-fashioned murder! It’s kill or be killed here, and you better believe it! Good luck~!”

🖤🤍 Danganronpa lovers who want create their own survival game with others join an original character based role play!🤍🖤

(This is an English Speaking lit rp server- All of our mods are EST! Currently in the recruitment stage. Were pretty chill and slow moving so if thats something you're interested in, come on in!)
What is a king? You would probably think a wealthy powerful or a leader. Well, what if I tell they are real but not what you think they are.

"Strength always comes with responsibilities."

A man named Izumo Kusanagi once said that y'know. Sounds a lot like someone right, well I won't say who but I bet you know. Well, kings exist but instead of wealth or leadership, they are just superhumans among humans.

"The final curtain falls at the very moment a person gives up."

Miwa Ichigen said that one and, to be honest, all kings follow this quote to the very end. Now the question lays ahead, will you make peace or destroy all who oppose you?
Change flows with the winds, and its uncertain whether the Clans will survive it.
The four Clans have always lived in their safe lands, guided by their deities. Their season is what they know. The Judge has always followed through with the Choosing. There is peace. Though in the shadows, a group rises. They will bring uncertainty and change. A change the Clans might not be ready to face. Though with their deities to help, things might not be as bad as they seem. Though after facing so much, will the Clans be ready for the fight ahead?
So who are you? Your adventure is about to begin.
🌸BlossomClan🌸 - These felines live in the midst of a deciduous forest with cherry blossom trees. Felines of excitement and intelligence, they roam the grassy forests to the north-west of the territories. They are excitable and kind.
🔥ScorchClan🔥 - This Clan lives in the Forest Savannah in the north-East part of the territories. They are bold and inquisitive.
🌾ThicketClan🌾 - These felines live in an autumnal maple forest, with a lake. It’s in the south-west of the areas. These felines are normally laid-back and calm.
❄️GlacialClan❄️ - These felines live in a icy forest, covered consistently in snow. They live in the south-East part of the territories. They’re normally very cold and quiet.
🌷The Runners🌷 - These are the felines who live outside the territories. They’re stealthy and intelligent.
Welcome to Warriors: Divided Fates!
We’re a 13+ warriors server, with the following:
❅ Unique and original deities
❅ Special clan specific ranks
❅ a fun and engaging plot
❅ semi-lit Roleplay experience
❅ lgbt+ accepting community
❅ friendly and active staff
❅ applepaw + littlecloud
❅ well-stored information
We hope you join! The seasons will be waiting.