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A community where you can learn, talk, or just have fun. This is a small server, dont expect too much but with you we grow.
Blob Development is the first Programming Community that we ever made it.

Our Community was focus on improving their products and preparing them for the next level of creating.

We contribute coding support, advanced bot/programming and people are feel free to join and help to build
something better.
Ekivium is a hacking/cyber-security server with a growing community, where you can get help with programming, share your code, work on projects with the entire server, try to win a challenge and chat with cool people!
Code Mentors is a community dedicated to facilitating mentorship between developers in a friendly relaxed environment on discord. No matter if you have never wrote a line of code before and looking to code or if you are a senior of 20 years we will welcome you with open arms.
Close-knit programming community with a focus on teaching beginners and growth. If you're looking for a place to make friends, discuss trends, work on cool projects or get help, then Crevolute is for you!

What we have:
🤝 Community-driven environment
🔥 Highly active and helpful moderation team
🎉 Events to engage the whole server
👨‍💻 Community-provided technical and programming support
🕵️‍♂️ Our own website:
Дискорд сервер в котором мы общаемся на все различные темы связанные с программированием и IT-индустрией,почему именно мы и именно дискорд?
- Свой дискорд бот
- Голосовые каналы где можно легко выразить свою мысль
-удобная система чатов
- отзывчивая администрация
The Creators Hub
✪ Get resources to complete a project your working on
✪ Learn a new passion from our large supportive community
✪ Promote your content for exposure/opportunities
✪ Cooperative and productive staff online almost 24/7
✪ Supportive, interactive, and friendly community space
We would like to invite you to our discord server! It’s a server about programming, designing, making games and a bit economical with a loving and helpful community! We happily add members bot, if they are big and first verified.
community description :) :
Would you like some help in your code? Do you need someone to fix that darn syntax error on line 12? Visit Coding Island, with a helpful community, a wide range of programming languages available, what are you waiting for? Go to Coding Island!
What is Creator's Coalition? Creator's Coalition is a place for creators of all types to come together. We have an entire support team to assist developers with tasks they may be having issues with. As well as places for artists to talk about their work, inspirations, and getting feedback on things. This server is also the Official server for the Youtuber Jared Galyan who has multiple series' on and how to use the discord API.
ForestlyGames is a Revolutionary Roblox game making service looking to hire developers, builders, managers, artists, etc. We are offering employees Robux and other rewards for working!

This service brings customers to developers! Developers can also work on soon Front Page games and get a percentage of the profits! (Previously made games have consistently made 1k Robux or more per day!)

We also have a fun community for hirers! You can create projects right on our discord server for your development team, or even just a project channel where you can post updates and gather lots of fans!

Join the server to apply for a position!
So hello my friend. Do you love programming? Do you love Python? Do you love Java or JavaScript? Then we have posted it to the right person! Congrats, you are one of the many selected Users who received the invite to the Amazing Server, **_AlphaBet_**. We have daily tasks for you so that your brain never forgets what is coding or how to code. We also have guaranteed answers to all questions you ask. Thanks to our Helpers. The helpers are the selected experts who will ravage their brains to find the correct answers to your questions. Guaranteed Response to your questions within 5 mins. And we also give scores to every person who gives the correct answers to every daily-questions. Be the Best One Over There. Join our server and be an expert programmer.
We support languages like Python, Web development, Java and JavaScript. (copy paste this link to join) :)
Koders is a programming community that helps developers/programmers solve their programming/code problems easily. The channels are Regularly moderated and we are currently hiring more staff members too!

We have -
-- Channels for discussion of programming languages like Python, C++, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Kotlin and many more!
-- Channels for discussion of OS like Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android!
-- Active and friendly staff, Don't worry, if someone harnesses you, the staff is always there to nuke that Person!
-- Events to improve your koding skills!
-- International language channels to talk in your native language with other!
-- Channels for gathering your own coding Team and you can also start working on projects from the server only. We will support you if we found your project idea good enough to work on!

Not a full on programmer? No worries! you're still welcome here at koders!

At koders, we make programming simple and easy to understand!
Syspoint is a friendly community with people interested in technology & ethical hacking (We will not hack someone for you). We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers
This Discord is mainly focused in hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other.
This is a ethical hacking server that teaches you about Kali Linux and how it works. Come joins us in the fun and educate yourself on how to protect yourself from attacks and how to attack only for educational purposes.
We do giveaways and events for teaching. Don't miss out!
A big growing whitehat hacking server that will help you grow as an ethical hacker. We help people with their issues anything realated to : ethical hacking , linux , programming , softwares , technology we have a great staff and helper team to help you out. We welcome any kind of skills if you're a beginners you're welcome aswell, you can learn from others, share your knowledge, meet new people who have the same interest as you!
Don't miss out!
All Rounder Server! Free Giveaways Everyday! No Need To Join server etc for Giveaway! Motivation for daily struggles, Free Nitro :) and Graphic Designing and Programming Server!
You can also be a developer of Yours Official Game, bot, logo, vfx effects, ∞% legit
Join Now For 1 Month Free Nitro and DM Owner To Claim it and here you can also promote your Social Media's!
Thanks For Reading! Join Fast :)
A server to get help, help others, or just talk about the Java programming language, and it's frameworks. Talk about your favorite frameworks, or get help with the Java programming language, or any of its frameworks!
Our server allows broad topics on Linux and Unix-based operating systems while encouraging constructive discussions!
💻 welcome to coding cave 💻

we are a community dedicated to programming and everything computer related. from 8 bit cpu instructions to making websites and everything in between. hop in if you need help with something, even if its downloading a software. we are here to assist.

- The Coding Cave Team

Whether you're new to programming or a veteran, you'll find our community to be a great source of help and inspiration. Our intimate, beginner-friendly atmosphere is conducive to both detailed support and brainstorming sessions. If you're a total beginner we can really accelerate your pace of learning by pointing you in the right direction and having a cohort as you're learning is proven to improve your understanding and engagement. So, drop in and introduce yourself.

We currently focus on Python as our primary starting point for beginners. We also provide support for anyone learning to do web development.
Henlo. We're mostly adults here, trying to cling on to the happy things in life as the world drifts away into oblivion.

Come talk about anime and vidya games with us?