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US Gov Sim is a mock US Government. All are welcome to debate in the House of Representatives and start parties and organizations.
A very small general chatting server where we bully each other lovingly.
Pretty tightly knit but easy to integrate into.
We occasionally play videogames and vc together too.
18+ preferably.
Hello! Welcome to the QAnon and Trump chat, I would like to extend a hand and invite you to become apart of the Q and Trump family. In this server we are trying to make a peaceful, supporting and fun community, revolving around Q and Trump.

This server is mainly a chill and relax server. We want to bring people who love talking about Trump and QAnon together. There is no judging allowed in this server so be yourself!!

Here's what we have to offer:
-Friendly staff
-mature adults
-Trump lovers
-Political discussions
- Custom Emojis

A place where we can be free to speak and share. However, racial slurs are not allowed so please act like an adult.

This server is a welcomes people to enjoy civil discussion without all the childless arguing.

This is also a veteran friendly server. So any veterans out there come on in. We truly thank you for your service and we support you.

We hope you'll join our server. THANKS! 😊
An unofficial server for Andrew Yang's 2020 presidential candidacy where supporters work together on various projects and discuss ideas about how to help Yang win!
Disclaimer, though the server name says 'Fascist' the politics of myself and hopefully of the server aren't Fascist aligning. This message is just for immigrants.
1775: Age of Revolutions invites you to join us on our journey throughout the decades starting with the American Revolution! Come have fun in this brand new server! We hope to see you there!
It's 2020, and Russia has started a war with America, Which causes the American-Russian war. Will you side with the Patriotic Americans or the Communistic Russians? Will you take over America or help defend it's frontlines?
Create your own tribe East of the Mississippi and Dominate the mid-1400s! Can you survive the European Invasion? Will your tribe stand the test of time?
Dixieland is a server for the We The People United States Government Simulation!. Come join and be a part of the Southern United States.
We're a fun place to hang out and do some casual roleplaying in the city; be a criminal be a cop or civillian
The American Socialist Republics (ASR) is a country that formed after the Workers started a revolution in 1936 and ended in 1941 quickly before the Japanese invasion, America quickly pushed the Japanese out and started invading Japan. In 1947 the Japanese were defeated. And the ASR became a super power. New England declared its independence in 1953 and after the New English-A.S.R. war which ended in 1955, New England annexed New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. In 1958 the ASR declared war on Fascist Spain. After the second Spanish-American War ended in 1959, America over threw the Spanish government and installed a Socialist government. In 1969, America was the second country to land on the moon after the USSR landed in 1967. In 1984 however, America was the first country on Mars. In 1989 America intervened in the Soviet Civil War and helped supported the USSR who won. In 2019, New England gave America back New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
**💕 Hello @everyone! Welcome to this countryhumans lounge server! Please follow these simple rules 💕**

**Rule #1:** Please be nice
**Yes I understand to be nice I am not a mean human being**

**Rule #2:** Please keep all NSFW in <#635275485257138176> and if you don't know if it's nsfw but it could be mark it as spoiler.

** Yes I understand to keep all NSFW in <#635275485257138176> and if I don’t know I will mark it as a spoiler**

**Rule #3:** No spam please.. If you repeat a word over 5 times it will be counted as spam. If you do want to spam please do it in <#635278227308281859>

**Yes I understand if I repeat a word over 5 times it will count as spam and if I want to spam I will do it in <#635278227308281859> **

**Rule #4:** if you keep on doing something when nicely asked to stop then we will give a warning

**Yes I understand that if I keep on doing something when asked nicely to stop I will get a warning**

**Rule #5:** Yes there can be multiple characters please don’t disrespect someone just because they are role playing as the same character as you.

** Yes I Understand if someone is role playing the same character as you I will not be disrespectful**

**Rule #6:** Keep everything in their respectful channel .

**Yes I understand to keep everything in their respectful channel**

**Rule #7:** Have fun!

**Rule #8:** Please don't kill off any characters. If you really want to please ask the person roleplaying as the character

**yes I understand to ask the person roleplaying as the character if I want to kill off the character**

__**Please ping/DM the owner or admins if you think there should be a rule added**__
Do you want to find a place with a functioning economy, active mock government and your very own political party? Then join the SOCIALIST AMERICAN REPUBLIC!
We have Included:
1. Mock government elections and debates
2. Political Parties!
3. Functioning economy
4. Dedicated Admin team
5. A Fresh New Minecraft Server!
What're you waiting for? Join the link below!
Welcome to the server. Here at Capitalist Amurica we have an economy system and jobs for you so you dont just chat. We hope you'll join.
North Korea is a small and friendly community server for toxicity free and NSFW free atmosphere. Join if you wanna have some fun and make wholesome friends. We've great emotes as well.
Want to experience a Political Simulation based on a Fictional German-American State?

This server has its own lore, government and army. Join and see if you can change the course of the German-American State!