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Hackers and programmers come together to work on cool projects. Everyone is here to learn, build, and help others in their learning journey.

But what do we do differently?

Bi-weekly competitions, 1-on-1 student sessions, server bootcamps, practical lectures on diverse subjects.

Hacking, artificial intelligence, blockchain, software development, web development; we have something for everyone!
This dimension is much different than your dimension your in now.

This is a roleplay server which takes place in 2089 . Alot of technology,robots,cyborgs,but there are less humans and animals than usual.
There are a bunch of new creatures in this dimension.
There are no SuperPowers,but there is magic.
The world is dark and cruel. There are alot of police and brigades. Hero's dont last very long.
A variety server with a focus on technological development and Yggdrasil. Cross-server chat with Yggdrasil, coding development, bots, anime, gaming and gaming groups, your own advertising, images and memes, a friendly community with users to socialize, events, and more are included!
Welcome to the treehouse! A *kinda* All-in-one server!,We talk about many things here! Art, Tech, Gaming, Pokecord, Cinematography, Anime, Books and we even have a place to share your own content!.Please read the rules before beginning to chat.
A Tech-Oriented Discord server

- Self Assignable Roles
- Development Help Channels
- Friendly Community
- Brand New
- Gaming Channels

We're a brand new community looking to help others and have a great time talking about tech and stuff..
Conversation about computers, consoles, gaming, robotics all future past and present technology. We also have gaming channels, music channels and rank system.
This server was created to form a community of technology minded people, who are interested in all aspects of technology from programming to space travel.
The aim is to form a place where like minded people can come and talk and share ideas about all areas of science and technology.
A Libertarian Server. Memes, Gaming, Lifestyle & so much more.
🦊Powered By the ever dapper, Mr.Fox🦊
Note: you must agree to the rules in order to get full access to the server.
A community server for people interested science, technology and programming.
Welcome to Tech!

We're dedicated to discussion of all forms of tech, including various platforms in the tech industry. We're an active, growing server, and have a wide range of channels and features.

-General/Community Discussion
-Tech Support
-Custom Roles
-PC Building
-Tech Advice/Buying Advice
-Windows, macOS, and Linux Discussion
-Mobile Discussion (iOS, Android, Etc)
-Developer Channels
-Voice Channels/Media Bot

Join us at Tech - we look forward to meeting you!
We are a friendly community of laid back people who love PC building, hardware, gaming, security and technology in general. We keep up to date on current hardware releases, software and games. With over 1900+ users! and growing!
Have you heard Of extremely new bot in market?
Security Hammer
A Discord Bot works like a Mod For Servers.
It Manage Server in moderation activity like Kick Ban mute Unmute
this server was created for people to chat and make new friends in a chill environment, this discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people everyday plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community.
A budding art server that also allows general chit-chat and hanging out. We're here to help with anything you need and get to know you as a community. Community is family, and we hope to provide that. Of course as life can be tough, there's also a vent channel, but if you don't want to see you don't have to as it's locked behind a role.

There's bots to interact with and if anything else is needed, just say the request and it will be added.

We operate in a 'if you build it they will come' mentality where there's many channels for many things, but not so big that you get lost.
A community hub focused on Gaming, Technology and Coding! If you like either of these things JOIN TODAY! and find a place great for finding friends, exploring new things and bettering yourself!

Our number 1 goal is supporting each other and being wonderful people!
A server for advocates (and critics) of technocracy and discussion about it as well as other political ideas and ideologies
Nobel's University is a brand new Discord server designed to serve one purpose - An aid in the pursuit of knowledge!

Alfred Nobel’s greatness lay in his ability to combine the penetrating mind of the scientist and inventor with the forward-looking dynamism of the industrialist. Nobel was very interested in social and peace-related issues and held what were considered radical views in his era. He had a great interest in literature and wrote his own poetry and dramatic works. The Nobel Prizes became an extension and a fulfillment of his lifetime interests.

Our server hopes to embody these interests and push forward in pursuit of knowledge and more!
Adult-geared Discord full of IT nerds. Many of us work in the industry, while others are enthusiasts. We work on projects from time to time, but also just hang.
Linux & Technology Kingdom is a Technology server with a focus on user support for any Operating system including mobile , Linux, Daily tech and Linux News we have a friendly community and 100 Emotes Join today and get a free cookie ^_^
We are a DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, and Infrastructure discord. All are welcome who are interested in tech, have questions about DevOps, SRE and Infra, or need help with anything related with tech in general. Our goal is to learn from each other and to be a platform in which everyone grows from knowledge share.
Hey. I made this server to be a more close knit, more active alternative to the bigger servers out there. Its key focus is on technology, gaming, fitness and nsfw. The idea is to create a space where guys can form genuine, close friendships and have a place where they belong, all while doing fun stuff together like multiplayer gaming, coding sprints, movie night, chatting, working out, venting and sharing advice.

There arent any rules and admins only act in extreme cases, we intend this to be as informal and laid back as possible. Use your common sense and you should be okay. All we ask is for you to be active, participate, get to know everyone and let everyone get to know you.
This is the Discord server for file hosting website called which is formerly known as

The old domain will be supported soon.

This server is for general talk, so you can talk about anything here.
Hello there! This is Aletheia, a relatively new role-playing server that has a flair towards technological fantasy of all things. We have only recently started this server, but we hope to make it rather big in the coming future! The setting is the the city of Aletheia, rightfully called the most advanced city in a world where magic and technology coexist. In this city, humans, as well as various non-human species like Elves, Beastkin, and Vampires live together in harmony. The city is split into seven districts, each with their own unique atmosphere and research subjects. Here we offer:

🌟A fun and chill place to hangout!

🌟A nice lore for you to be invested in!

🌟A good character limit of 16!

🌟A good selection of races for you to make OCs from. Hybrids are possible by the way!

🌟An NSFW channel for those of you who like that sort of thing! ~~We may or may not allow erp as long as it gets taken to dms (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~~

🌟A few fun bots for you to play around with!

🌟Voice channels! Listen to music if you want!

🌟Last, but certainly not least, partnerships! Like how you're reading this right now!

We hope to grow into a big and literate rp server. So please, consider us!
Fun Server which I hope to grow. We have never ending holiday music!