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한E Language Exchange

**✎ About the server**
한E Language Exchange is a Korean & English language exchange server that is dedicated to helping people of all proficiency levels in both languages. We focus heavily on practice and teach all of the aspects of the two languages being offered. We have native speakers that will gladly help you out. As of July 2019 we have implemented a new placement test, which will eventually be our sole method of assigning fluency roles to all newcomers that wish to have a fluency role. We also have vocab tests that are based on the Words of the Week. Everyone is welcome!

한E Language Exchange는 원래 외국인들이 한국어를 배우는 서버로 시작하였으며, 현재는 한국인들도 영어를 배우고, 외국인들은 한국어를 배우는 환경으로 바뀐 상태입니다.

**☆ What we offer 우리가 제공하는 것들**
`🏅` - friendly members and staff 친근한 멤버들과 스태프
`📚` - intensive practice with your target language 집중공략 & 연습
`🌏` - native speakers that will help you 원어민들의 도움

**➣ Links 링크들**
owner 소유자: @Jin Galaxable#7777
invite 초대링크:
banner 배너:
official instagram 공식 인스타그램:

Hope to see you there! 한E에서 봬요~!

Server Member Count as of December 2019: 2,200+
P.S. We now have an Instagram page.
🌹 ; ─ bloom.

𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳

💫; new upcoming server
🌼; cute theme & emotes
☁️; kpop features but non - kpop fans are welcomed!
🌷; giveaway and events
💌; a safe and friendly environment to talk in x
🍃; looking for staff and partner managers!

𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘢 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦!
Bingsu Box is a Asian 18+ Server (Everyone is welcomed though!). We focus on Kpop, Gaming and Anime. We are a chill, friendly, safe community.
The Korean Community is a Discord for Koreans from many overseas countries to unite as one.
Korean Community는 한국을 포함한 다른 국가에 속한 사람들과의 소통을 위해 개설된 서버입니다.

We come from countries from various regions including US, Canada, Australia, etc.
미국, 캐나다, 오스트레일리아 등을 포함한 나라에서 오신분들 모두 환영합니다!

We primarily use the English and the Korean language.
저희 서버에선 영어, 한국어 위주로 대화 (소통)을 지향합니다.

What we offer:
😎 | Active Staff Team
😃 | Safe Community
📅 | Frequent Events
🎮 | Gaming Community
🧩 | Customizable Channels
⚙️ | Server Adjustments/Updates

What we want:
🌏 | English Speaking Koreans
🙂 | Active Members
🤝 | Reasonable Partnerships
💪 | A Stronger Community

What we don't want:
⛔ | Koreaboos
⛔ | K-pop Partnerships
⛔ | Toxic Members
⛔ | NSFW
안녕하세요 저는 서버 운영자 누가바도누가바입니다. 이 서버는 한국인과 외국인이 같이 공동으로 쓰는 서버입니다.

-한국인과 외국인 체널을 분리해서 씁니다
-수다, 애니, 게임, 동영상, 체스, 노래 등 재미있는 체널들 있습니다.
-언론의 자유를 존중해 주는 서버이며 지킬규칙은 되게 간단합니다.
-외국체널을 접속하고 싶은 회원님들은 셀프역할 체널에서 역할을 드립니다
-처음 시작하는 서버라 많은 접속을 해주세요.

Hello, my name is 누가바도누가바. I am the admin of this server. This server is made for Koreans and foreigners.

-This server separates the the korean and foreign channels
-We have community, games, anime, chess, and many more fun things in our servers
-We pride ourselves by respecting the freedom of speech and will not censor.
-We give autoroles to get into Korean designated channels
-We are just starting out so please stay with us so we can grow into a large community
••• c h i l l // p e o p l e •••
-- topics --
✌ chill music
✌ dogs
✌ cats
✌ aesthetic
✌ plain ol' chat
✌ voice chat
Hello, there! Welcome to Seoulistic! We are very honored that you have decided to join our server and we hope that you stay. Just some of the things we offer are:

❀Kind staff that are active most of the time!
❀Chat rooms for each topic!
❀Provides help with learning Korean and English!

안녕하세욤! 서울리스틱에 들어오신걸 환영합니다! 우리 서버에 들어오셔서 영광이에요! 그리고 꼭 남아계시길 바랍니다. 우리가 제공 할 수 있는 것들은:

❀활동적인 친절한 직원들!
❀주제 맞는 채팅방!
❀수다 잡담 등
❀영어 한국어 배우는 분들에게 도움 줍니다!
🈺✨🌸 Far East 🌸✨🈺 - Asian Community

Join Far East!
We're an all East (South-East) Asian community!
Come chat, share & meet other Asians like yourself!

If you're not Asian but, love Asian culture/history, you can join too. ** We are NOT an Asian dating server.**

- Must be 17+
- Chill
This is a relatively new server created to facilitate an exchange of language and culture between friendly people around the world. Casual conversations, politics and religion, gaming, translation help, anything at all. If you're learning a new language or would like to share yours with other people, this is the place for you. We're still a small community, but we're growing every week!
Hello and welcome all~
This server is for ALL K-pop fans
New! Fun bots and a Hangul bot to help you learn the Korean language better!~
Everyone is accepted
Spread love not hate
We’d love to have you join :))
══✿╡°˖✧ Kpop Fairhouse🎡 ✧˖°╞✿══

Seeking a laid back KPOP community server where you can finally let out your inner-KPOP stan and be yourself? Then come join Kpop Fairhouse🎡!

Here, we are a fun, chill, and relaxed community server based on KPOP! We are peaceful and open to all KPOP stans, no matter your background! Feel free to talk about anything as long as it’s within the rules!

══✿╡°˖✧🎡 What goes on in this server? 🎡✧˖°╞✿══

💯 Active, helpful, and friendly staff!

🎉 Crackhead stan activity!

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ friendly!

🤢 Non-toxic community!

☑️ Verification system!

🌟 Events & Contests!

💿 Notifications for the latest social media posts and KPOP releases!

🎟️ Clubs!

📨 Ping and self-assignable roles! | About Me, Stan Roles, Houseparty,
Rabbit, etc.

🏆 Game Night!

🇰🇷 Korean language room where you can talk about the Korean language!

❓ Suggestions channel! | Quick replies!

🗣️ Vent, NSFW, and Spam channel!

🤖 20+ fun bots! | Including the KPOP bots too!

⏩ And more to come!

══✿══╡°˖✧**Join now!** ⬇️✧˖°╞══✿══
Welcome to 'jimin's lost jams ⋆.*ೃ✧', a server dedicated for BTS and Kpop fans. We're a friendly place for everyone, we hope to see you!
The official UGHTXT Discord server!

• Friendly and cool staff team 👮‍♂️
• Lots of fun emotes 😎
• Make tons of friends who like KPOP ✨
• We’ll partner with any servers that have 200+ members! 🤝

If you love KPOP, want to meet new friends, and join the best gang on discord then join the Waeng Gang!
The Simple Korean Learning Space is explained in the name. We're a cozy but steadily growing community of friendly people, chilling out and learning Korean together.

We have:
> Self-assignable roles.
> Hosted lessons for beginners.
> Members of all abilities.

Consider joining if you're interested in learning the language and we hope you enjoy your stay. (=^.^=)
This is a server for people who are interested
in or loves kpop. We have many different people
in this server who stan many different groups,
and we hope that you can be one out of all these people.

What we can offer you:
~Self assignable roles
~Vent chat
~Many fun bots
And many more things!

We hope to see you pop up in the server!
~Owner & Co-Owners
This is a new community of people that want to learn English or Korean. Natives from either side are highly welcomed. All other language learners are welcomed as well. Use this place to meet new people and to improve your language skills and or to just hang out on a rainy day. See you at the Exchange!

✨ : :
⑇ ✧ we are a friendly night themed server that
welcomes all k-pop fans to socialize and have a great time!
⑇ ✦ here we provide a lovely aesthetic to make you feel comfortable and relaxed!

**➵ we provide you with ✩**
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
🍸⌇ daily activities!
✨⌇ a variety of channels!
🌑⌇ respectful staff & members!
🖤⌇ partnerships!
🍱⌇ nitro giveaways!
🥂⌇ level roles!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
A chill and aesthetic themed cafe for any kpop multifandom! We encourage both people who don't like and like kpop to join!
Hello there! Are you a BLACKPINK fan? Do you like K-pop? Well you're in the right place!
Welcome to BLIИKS! We are a fan server who are fans of the girl group BLACKPINK. We are a growing community who has a lot of potential and is very accepting of everybody!

What do we have?

- 30+ self assignable roles
- Events
- Multi-fandom community
- 50+ text channels
- Active members

And More!
some server managed by korean teens just to play games - preferably league of legends

also a hangout server

please don't ask us to teach you korean lol, there are other servers to ask
We are a BLACKPINK server for Blinks!
We talk about everything BLACKPINK or just life in general!

Everyone is welcome, as long as you don't bash BLACKPINK or Kpop. And be nice to the other members in here.

hope you have a nice stay here ♥
🔞 방공호 성인자료 디스코드 서버입니다 🔞
매일 올라오는 분류별 성인자료💖 를 무료로 제공해드립니다!
성인사진, 애니, 각종 커뮤니티, 성인 사이트 등 여러 성인물을 다루며
그 외 VPN, 스포츠, 인터넷방송, 취업 정보, 유튜브 and 트위치 방송 알림 기능을 제공합니다💖
🌈저희 방공호는 강남유흥과의 제휴를 맺고 강남의 건강한 문화를 연결해드리는 목적으로 만들어진 커뮤니티입니다🌈