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Hello, Welcome to [⚜️]Tales of Demons and Gods RP[⚜️]! We’re an RP server based on a Donghua (Chinese anime) called Tales of Demons and Gods! Its a very good Donghua, and were also based on an other Donghua (Chinese anime) called Battling Through the Heavens!
We have many things that are ... Like?

➢[⚜️]Giveaways, every week![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Friendly and Helping Staff![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Very Active Owner thats active for at least 12-16 hours a day![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Helping Owner too![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]The Owner knows about the Donghua (Chinese Anime) a lot![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Owner Expert at Roleplaying![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Were very happy to have people active in our server![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Were more than happy to have you![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Quick OC Reviewing[⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Custom templates too![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Easy Systems to Learn too![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Requirements for Ranking Up! [⚜️]

➢[⚜️]Custom templates too![⚜️]

➢[⚜️]:black_small_square:Easy Systems to Learn too![⚜️]

➢[⚜️] Requirements for Ranking Up too! [⚜️]
🌸。*゚+华美 LOUNGE+..。
🌺**-** Friendly members & good vibes

🌺**-** Helpful staffs (We are in need some)

🌺**-** Different types of fun bots

🌺**-** Aesthetic channels

🌺**-** Many typical roles to react

🌺**-** Partnerships 24/7
**Come join us to have more fun! Click the join button~** ❤️
Hello! This new Discord Server for learning russian, japanese, chinese language!
─ Learn japanese and chinese
─ Discussing japanese and chinese culture
─ We have an active, supportive and helpful community
Сервер по изучению японского/корейского и китайского языков.
- ответы на ваши вопросы по языку
- дискуссии по японской, китайской, корейской культуре
- отзывчивое комьюнити.
It is said, a thousand or so years ago, Douyamiao saved our people from the dangers below. He used the great sprout on his head to lift an island into the sky. Depressingly, the cats now above realized that there would be no way to bring Douyamiao up as well, no way to thank him for all he had done. Since then we have prospered, thriving into a large kingdom grateful for all Douyamiao did for us. We celebrate his sacrifice for us with many holidays and traditions, forever keeping him in our thoughts.
This is a server for chill lmao
This is a growing language learning server designed with emphasis on being uncluttered. You can only see channels that you have the language role for so you won't get distracted by the French channel if you only want to learn Chinese.
For drinks and sometimes discussion
Everyone is accepted
Hi! Are you asian? Then come join this new and exciting server! We are a community and a family that embraces the asian community and support everything asian related! Wanna make new friends, need a laugh, help each other out, debate, music and book recommendations, need some love and affection, talk about your life and anything that we asians understand, help with homework or school, play games, food, and most importantly having fun. Everyone is accepted and loved. BE YOU❤️ This server is towards kindness and positivity:) We rise by lifting others
We are a growing server, where you can get help learning 5 languages, speak with people in other languages, or just hang out.
We have channels to help with English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian.
This server sometimes teach chinese


(Chinese speaker only)
Just a little community that like anime crap some also playing league and some likes Kpop and some that like other games it’s just a mixture of bunch of crap I personally only speak a little bit of mandarin
Chinese Discussing Server.
This server welcomes any fans of C-Pop boy group under JYP Entertainment, Boy Story.
A server to follow and discuss the 2nd season of the chinese survival show, Idol Producer


(Chinese speaker only)
Every language is allowed! I will add different languages as people come in. There are basically no rules. You piss me off, ban or kick depending on how much.
An Imperial Chinese Palace Server for Normal Conversations with Roleplay elements such as addressing one with their Titles.