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If you enjoy learning, restoring, or just generally talking about old computers, you've come to the right place. We're a growing community, discussing everything from the mainframes of the 50's to the x86 beige boxes of the 90's and 2000's.
The new generation has come, 200X. The rate of getting PSI Powers increased as this new generation came. Children born in this generation were likely to get these special powers, but yet, it was still pretty rare. So now, kids can use their powers to defend their homes from all sorts of crooks and bandits. But, who knows what kind of danger and dark beings lurk in the shadows and mysteries of these days...
Mainly targeted to those who make and enjoy music, we are filled with people of mass variety (we aint got bots lol). We discuss, critique, and just enjoy ourselves! You're more than welcomed to join and see for yourself!
This server is for people who take an interest in good old fashioned retro games. Anyone is welcome of course.
Do you like retro games?
Do you like platformers?
Do you enjoy playing Frogger, but haven't really got a community to chat about it with?

That's what we're for. Come and gush about your favourite Frogger game, talk about the good old Atari days, or maybe speculate future releases!

(My favourite is Swampy's Revenge, by the way!)

Suntem o comunitate in crestere , care are ca si scop organizarea de **campionate/promovarea jocurilor Arcade/Fighting/Old School** in **Romania** si nu numai !

Organizarea **campionatelor** oficiale va fi anuntata in text channel-ul **"announcements"** ! Se vor oferi **premii (jocuri/bani)** ! Competitorii vor avea timp de pregatire 1 saptamana !

Se vor organiza **campionate casual** intre jucatori, avem si oameni din alte tari, fiti politicosi cu ei , sunt oameni ca si noi !

Dupa ce va inregistrati trimiteti mesaj in privat lui **MILLESXXX** sau lui **Codrin** cu ce genuri de jocuri jucati (Fighting, Racing, etc) pt. a va da un rol (va ajuta sa gasiti cu cine sa va jucati. Click pe user si vedeti ce fel de jocuri ii plac)

Avem sectiuni de download pt. jocuri , emulatoare , programe !

Daca aveti nevoie de ajutor ca sa configurati un joc/emulator/program intrebati unul dintre acesti staff memberi (**MILLESXXX** sau **Codrin**) !

**Reguli generale:**

Fiti politicosi ! **Nu va luati familiile** :)) ! injuraturile si caterinca sunt acceptate atata timp cat nu sunt ofensive/personale !

Fara spam (nu trimiteti mesaj dupa mesaj , de exemplu : AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA AAAAAA BBBBBB :)) , intelegeti ideea !

Scrieti/comunicati in canalul respectiv (exista canale si pt. oamenii care vorbesc engleza) - fiecare cu limba lui !

**Nerespectarea regulilor = kick/ban !**

**Speram sa va placa aici, sa va faceti multi prieteni si sa va distrati ! Aruncati o vorba la prieteni daca se poate , distractie placuta !**

We are a growing community , who wants to promote the **Arcade/Fighting/Old School** genre of games in **Romania** !

You can also play other kind of games with users from all around the world for fun , or you can organize tournaments between each other... you can use the **Friendly Tournament** voice channels for that !

After registering message either **MILLESXXX** or **Codrin** with what genre of games you play so they can give you a role ! That way when you click on a user it shows what they're interested in !

Be **polite with other people (race/religion/age doesn't matter)** , you can text each other in the **english** text channel , the romanian text/voice/official tournament channels are reserved ..well, for romanians...

We have download sections for games , emulators , programs !

If you need help with setting a game/emulator/program up ask one of these members (**MasterofGaming06** or **MILLESXXX** or **Codrin**) !

**General Rules:**

1.Be polite! Do not take families :))! swearing and gossip are accepted as long as they are not offensive / personal!
2. Swearing should be kept to a minimum. It's OK if you use them, but as long as you're not threatening anyone.
3.No spamming
4. No NSFW here. We would like to keep this server family-friendly
5.Write / communicate in #english for english-speakers, and #romana for Romanian speakers!

**We hope you have a good time here!**

RetroTechWorld is a new server dedicated to the discussion of retro computing and gaming, from the earliest days of computing like vintage mainframes and mini-computers all the way to Pentium 2 and 3 x86 boxes.
Here, We can talk about Retro Gaming and SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog. Come Join To Get Into Retro Gaming. Or as I call "The Good Games"
Site, est un site concernant l'émulation de vielles consoles, il fournis ROM & ISO gratuitement et sans limitation. Ce site est conforme aux réglementations internationales relatives à lutte contre le pingouins en Yougoslavie et lutte contre les maladies cardiovasculaires chez les girafes en Afrique.
Para poder acceder al grupo, lee las normas y verás como ^^
Grupo español dedicado a los shooters de la vieja usanza, Quake y queremos formar una buena comunidad.
Haremos partidas en línea o hasta torneos, también intentaremos formar otros eventos con otros juegos como con Fightcade.
Reparations takes place in 1994, post worldwide disaster and interplanetary war. The world is finally rebuilding. You live in Stockholm, Sweden or, possibly, in a rural town not so far from it. The UN has just started its mission in Scandinavia, so the boots on the ground are few. Food and clean water is scarce. Scavengers roam abandoned towns. Martian refugees are coming in huge waves. There's a lot to clean up. All of that with rumors of a war heating back up, life could be about to get a whole helluva lot harder.
Server containing emojis related to/extracted from AIM. Aims (no pun intended) to be a general server for AIM/AOL related discussion.
A sweet little spot to let your possibly niche interests shine! This is the place to drop any content you love such as vintage/retro things, webcore, nostalgic stuff, various aesthetics, and all those good types of "-core".
Way Back When is just a nice spot to bond with others over your interests and feel right at home. See you there!
Retro Games Discord Server dedicated to the discussion of retro video gaming.
Kid-friendly server for retro gamers! Retro and Modern game talk, memes, puns, art, self advertisment channel and more entertainment to find!!! Come join to get our burgers and sushis!
Retro Room, a server to discuss the glorious nostalgia of the 70s, 80s, 90s, as well as anyone's childhood.

Join here to converse with friendly people about any number of topics, including TV Shows, Video Games, and Music. This server is still being built and more will be on the way soon!
Broken Time Piece is an open Retro and Indie gaming community dedicated to being a safe spot to discuss your favorite classic video games. With a bunch of dedicated servers for a multitude of games, its sure to be a fun time for all!


-Several game-specific channels

-Art channels of all sorts

-A small, welcoming community of gamers

-Secret 18+ channels for lewder art
Our discord server complements our twitch community that runs races/tourneys where people learn and speedrun retro video games. Users make suggestions of what game we should race next. Race winners are placed in our Hall of Fame to be remembered and admired. Our discord also has a place to share and admire images/videos that entertain us. We are a currently small and relatively new community that's looking for more racers, viewers, restreamers, and commentators. If any of that interests you come on into the RetroMemeHouse.
Love video games? Love a nice conversation about games and stuff? Or even just looking for a pretty chill place to hang out? Look no further! Join Select and Start, a growing gaming community!
Aesthetic Sluts is a server based upon many different kinds of aesthetics ranging from sad boi hours to photography. Any kind of thing is welcome here.

We have a very friendly and cool community and we want to grow! Give it a try and I promise you that you won't regret it.
This server is for anyone really, It was made recently and hopefully will have a nice community, It's always nice to have new people.