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Retro Room, a server to discuss the glorious nostalgia of the 70s, 80s, 90s, as well as anyone's childhood.

Join here to converse with friendly people about any number of topics, including TV Shows, Video Games, and Music. This server is still being built and more will be on the way soon!
A sweet little spot to let your possibly niche interests shine! This is the place to drop any content you love such as vintage/retro things, webcore, nostalgic stuff, various aesthetics, and all those good types of "-core".
Way Back When is just a nice spot to bond with others over your interests and feel right at home. See you there!
play pokemon with others through discord using the Pokecord bot! you can battle, trade, shop, teach your pokemon new moves, and catch wild pokemon that appear at random intervals!
A Minecraft discussion group for adults, with no specific gameplay server attached and some reasonably relaxed rules. Strictly no minors allowed, ages 20+. Has a separate set of NSFW rooms, hidden from main view. Please do not moral grandstand.