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uh hey, we have like lots of epic channels or something. Art, edits, photography whatever the fuck you want. Feel free to raid our server bc I assure you we will do nothing 😎 . No this is not a gacha server but if you like gacha feel free to join idrc uh anyways I hope you have fun in crybaby or something.
💅🌸Server Nuevo🌸💅
Somos un culto en el cual nos vestimos de Barbies y troleamos gente en Roblox.
Puedes ser lo que quieras ser. 💫
This is a fun group for you barbie movie fans! we welcome anyone who is willing to be active with us!
-We have extremely active Admins & Mods
-Lots of channel options
-Multiple role choices
-Marrigebot, Tupperbox, MEE6, Reaction Roles, and Tatsu bots are all installed in the server
Heya! This is a fan server for Barbie, Winx Club, Monster High and Ever After High that me and my best friends run together 💕✨ hope you like it 😊
Welcome to the greatest classical Barbie movie shrine ever to exist in Discord history. Here you will find mostly everyone is decently okay and weird. You are free to be a princess and live your life and be free of bedmaking here. Server will include:
movie night
bot fun
an everything else.
***Do you love Barbie,***

*Well if you do come join barbie Lovers where we always talk about barbie you can share your passion with all your other barbie lovers

So what are you waiting for
Click the link below*

Hai! This is a Barbie server which you can talk about movies, games, toys, music and much nore!!

Doll Room is a Discord server for doll collectors out there.
For those of you who like customising their dolls, giving them new face-ups, making wigs and sewing outfits is this the right place. Or even those who make their own dolls.

These are all the current dolls that are represented:
(we always add new dolls to this list, so it is possible that some are missing here)
- Barbie
-Monster High
- Ever After High
- My Little Pony
- DC Super Hero Girls
- Bratz
- Descendant
- Azone
- Obitsu
- Volks Action Doll
- Liv Doll
- Harajuku Girl
- Blythe
- Nendoroid
- Living Dead Dolls
- Novi Stars
- Bratzillaz
- Pullip
- Disney Doll
- Wild Hearts Crew
BarbieTM is a roleplay world with mansions, houses, school and town with all kind of people. This is basically based on the movie Barbie ''Life in a dreamhouse'', but not as ''childish''. Its fun so you should try it!
Niesamowita zabawa nie tylko dla dzieci! Poznaj ten niesamowity rózowy świat! Dołącz i spedzaj miło czas rozmiawiając właśnie o niej! Tak o niej! o BARBIE! Do dzieła! Baw sie wspaniale ♥♥♥