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Le serveur Dolls Network permettra à la communauté française et belge, ainsi que quiconque pouvant parler le français, de jouer ses dolls, leur faire faire de nouvelles rencontres, découvrir l'univers de Groove city où les dolls pourront bâtir une vie, et même chatter entre amis sur divers sujets!
Welcome to the Patch Girl Club!

Join us to be part of an adventure of taking care of a Patch Girl!

Taking care of a Patch Girl or Boy is not an easy task. As you role play and storybuild you'll come to realize that there's much more than you think. Deities, Corruption, Danger, and even 2 different worlds!

Here you'll be able to Roleplay (Casually or in Group Missions), Participate in Art and Writing Challenges, Be swallowed up by Patch Girl lore, Develop your Patch Girl through story building and interacting with others, and Earn coins to collect more Patch Girls that fit your personality!

What we have:
- Mimu bot for currency
- Several casual and guided roleplaying channels
- A free custom for joining
- The ability to make your own Patch Girl adopts
- Custom color roles
- Personal channels to keep up with everything you need
- PluralKit and Sytemtime bots for DID/OSDD systems
(two of the admins are systems so this is a system and overall mental disorder friendly place)
- Tupperbox bot
(in this server it will be mainly be used for roleplaying but if you are system that uses it that is completely ok)
Welome to Monster High is a new Disord server to help a community of new fans grow!

In this server we have channels for: Art, OOAK Dolls, Cosplay, Headcanons, and so much more!

Along with plenty channels, we also have the Sheep bot! Allowing every member to go ahead and grab their own colors and names!

We hope you join this fangtastic server with a freakishly fabulous style!
This Server Is For Everyone! But note we do have an NSFW channel so please beware of that💕🥰
***Do you love Barbie,***

*Well if you do come join barbie Lovers where we always talk about barbie you can share your passion with all your other barbie lovers

So what are you waiting for
Click the link below*

Welcome to the Smart Doll Discord Server! Whether you own Smart Dolls, hope to own one someday, or just like them, this is the place for you!
This is a BJD (ball-jointed doll) hobby discord. Similar dolls are also welcome but please, no recasts. This discord is geared toward people in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Canada, but anyone may join.
An old dollhouse sits in the attic it's been
passed down from mother to daughter for
centuries, each owner of the doll-house
had passed away in a tragic accident after
giving away The Doll House. There are
rumours it is haunted, at night at the strike
of 12 O'clock on the dot all the dolls in the
doll house seem to come to life. The Doll
House expands and becomes life sized
and a old Victorian house appears out of
nowhere on your street suddenly when
you enter the inhabitants in it are all dolls.
The oldest doll called Dolly who seemed
to have been made even before
The Doll House was created, seems to
carry a dangerous energy that is vengeful.
What they get up to at night, nobody knows,
or has lived to say otherwise.

No Furry's or Scallies or Anthropomorphic
elements of horror.

N∀Ɔ ˥˥I⊥S ∩O⅄ Ǝ˥IHM ⅄∀M∀ N∩ᴚ
This is a sever community for people in Michigan (and to a lesser degree, nearby Midwestern states and Canada) who collect and customize ball jointed dolls and vinyl bjd.

Doll Room is a Discord server for doll collectors out there.
For those of you who like customising their dolls, giving them new face-ups, making wigs and sewing outfits is this the right place. Or even those who make their own dolls.

These are all the current dolls that are represented:
(we always add new dolls to this list, so it is possible that some are missing here)
- Barbie
-Monster High
- Ever After High
- My Little Pony
- DC Super Hero Girls
- Bratz
- Descendant
- Azone
- Obitsu
- Volks Action Doll
- Liv Doll
- Harajuku Girl
- Blythe
- Nendoroid
- Living Dead Dolls
- Novi Stars
- Bratzillaz
- Pullip
- Disney Doll
- Wild Hearts Crew
🎀Un serveurs dédiée au Dolls ?!🎀
Collectionneuse ou bien collectionneur, vous êtes la bienvenue dans ce serveur spécial pour discutée, partagée et même conseiller.
Vous pourrez partagée vos petite choupettes dans la joie et la bonne humeur 😉
Possédant des rôles adaptée, ainsi que des conseil de passionnée
- Customisation
- Wig
- Eyeschips
- Body
Alors si vous êtes des passionnée ou collectionneur rejoint nous vites pour la passée de bon moments 😃
A discord server for all things Monster High! Art, Original Characters, Discussion, Doll Collections and Customization, RP/Roleplay, Memes and more
Welcome to 𝔅𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔷𝔷 𝔇𝔬𝔩𝔩𝔰 :star_and_crescent:(Just opened!)
———— ♡ ————
✧ Not much drama
✧ Many chats/channels
✧ We are a safe and chill environment
✧We don’t ping as much, unlike other servers!
✧Active chats
———— ♡ ————
✧Note: If you’re 18+ talking to an underaged girl you will be automatically banned we do not support pedo’s in this server. ✧