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The year was 2014. A massive outbreak had occurred. Nothing like zombies or anything, only a virus. It started in a little girl, her name was Rose Witchery, age of seven. Such a young age to kill off more than half the word, right? It was June, a warm yet breezy day. June seventeenth to be exact. A little girl, age of seven was rushed into the ER. She was pale and skinny. Unnaturally skinny, you could see the bones in her cheeks and her ribs, she looked horrible. Her eyes were cloudy and light. Her parents said she had a cold just the other day, stayed home from school for a few days. She was eating fine, only a fever with some coughing. They said she threw up three times in a process of 2 days. She looked dead, her voice was frail and she was in endless pain. But every MRI and blood test showed nothing. They continued with their tests until it was too late. She died, and suddenly, her parents and most doctors showed signs of the same thing, soon enough, more than half of the world got infected.

That was six whole years ago. How have people lasted that long? With the help of Them of course. Who are They? Well, this is something that only the Leaders of the four teams know. Though, some of the Leaders might let it slip more to some survivors, others may not. It’s a life risking job being a leader. It really is a lot harder than it may seem.

Though, now that you know how this plague began, how about we carry on to your objectives on surviving?
Dedicated to talking policy and tracking Bernie Sanders' campaign in the primary and the general from a progressive perspective. Very diverse in left-leaning thought, and mostly progressive. 800+ members.
¡Bienvenidos sean a esta comunidad donde serán muy bien recibidos!
Si buscas pasarla bien, conocer gente con tus mismos gustos y demás, este server es para ti.

En ⦓⧕⦔ღ҉𝒮𝒲𝐸𝐸𝒯 𝒞𝒪𝑀𝒰𝒩𝐼𝒯𝒴ღ⦓⧔⦔ siempre te daremos una cordial bienvenida.
Somos un servidor en donde se busca integrar a todo el mundo de manera que todos puedan participar de las conversaciones, eventos y demás en plena comodidad.
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「♛」Pokekord (Farming)
Mellifluous is a new server that has a very unique concept then most other servers. We aren’t centered around chatting 24/7, or Nitro Giveaways, we are centered around GAMBLING, BOTS, AND CURRENCY. (Server Created On January 1st, 2020)
VulcanSim is a server made for plane enthusiasts that like to play on flight simulators such as Xplane or flight simulator X.
Portugal Syndicate RP
➥ ᴛʀᴀʙᴀʟʜᴏs ʟᴇɢᴀɪs x ᴇ ɪʟᴇɢᴀɪs
➥ Vagas para facções
➥ Vagas para INEM
➥ Vagas para a Policia
➥ Servidor focado no RP Amaricano
➥ Scrips ᴇxᴄʟᴜsɪᴠᴏs
➥ Base ESX
➥ Sistema tokovoip
➥ Roupas personalizadas
➥ Servidor optimizado
➥ ᴇᴄᴏɴᴏᴍɪᴀ Real!!
➥ Ambiente totalmente inovador
➥ Streamers
➥ Parceria PCDIGA/CHIP7 - com Giveaways para jogadores!
➥ Mais que um servidor! O Teu Servidor!
Servidor na versão V5.0 Syndicate Roleplay!
Apenas pessoal de Roleplay - Whitelisted com pessoal competente!
Vem juntar te a nossa comunidade
sᴇᴊᴀᴍ ᴛᴏᴅᴏs ᴍᴜɪᴛᴏ ʙᴇᴍ ᴠɪɴᴅᴏs !
^Zapraszamy na Brother_gaming!
- Miła atmosfera,
- Miejsce gdzie znajdziesz osoby do gry,
- Ciągle się rozwijamy (zawsze chętnie wysłuchamy porad),
- Na serwerze panuje rodzinna atmosfera.
^Przyjmujemy każdego
^Dosyć luźna atmosfera. Często przymykamy oko na chat
więc można się pobawić ;)
Zapraszamy na Brother_Gaming:
Link z zaproszeniem:
Are you a student? Do you want an extra helping hand with your schooling? LambertNet is a server for students to communicate about school by sharing notes, helping others or receiving help. Although this server is based in Australia and around the HSC, you can hop in and get some free tutoring for your last year of schooling, or any year level before that! This server isn't formal, it's just a casual platform for students to reach out. Here are the subjects on the server as of now (more will be added later):
– Mathematics
– Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology...)
– English
– Software and IPT
– Arts and Music
– HSIE Subjects
Come join and get shit loads of resources and get the help you desperately need while preparing for the HSC.
Want to drive as a formula 1 driver? Here's your chance! Roblox F1 2020 is a championship where you can be famous drivers in the 2019/2020 season such as Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel! We record this and put it on youtube as you race! There is a dedicated section to each team eg: Haas or Mercedes. There is a team radio so you can talk to your pit crew realistically!
Join today!
(Must have roblox otherwise unable to be driver)
North American Political debate discord! This is a server for all kinds alike to come and share your thoughts about elections, current events and debate on modern day topics, everyone is welcome here.

• Self-Assignable Roles
• Staff Openings
• Friendly
• Up-to-date

We would be most appreciative if you join the server for activities, such as debates, game nights and sometimes giveaways! Enjoy!
Overflow is a friendly anime themed community server (just created on March 20th)! We're a welcoming community looking forward to having you here!

- We have fun events and giveaways planned
- We are looking for staff
- Partnerships for any server, no matter the size

We hope to see you in Overflow! If you decide to join us please enjoy yourself! “Life is meant to be lived, not wasted.”- Owner of Overflow
An unofficial discord server for the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2020. All updates known to the public are posted here, along with a guide in the future.
Bright Nights is a brand new 2020 Warrior Cat's Roleplay! The four clan names are MooseClan, BreezeClan, GloomClan, and TillageClan! The Tribe name is The Tribe Of Falling Stars, and the rouge group name is VileClan. We also have:

-Bots like Pokecord and MEE6
-Meme and Art channels

We have many slots to fill up, so please join us so we can grow and make new friends!
Willkommen auf FETT.exe,

einem profesionellem discord-server auf dem du mit anderen reden kannst und immer spaß hast. Es gibt verschiedenste Ränge und viele supporter die fast immmer verfügbar sind. Außerdem besteht eine Verbindung zum inklusiven RP-server. JOINT wenn ihr bock habt.
Welcome to sonic Season: 2
This roleplay takes place in station
Square where our heros sonic and his friends live, you are allowed to make an Oc also we are in need of a Sonic,Amy,Knuckles, tails and Some villians!
🦶Toe Gang Or No Gang 𝓣.𝓖.𝓞.𝓝.𝓖 🦶

⁍ ‣ This is a chill discord server for anyone to chat and hang out with like minded people!

⁍ ‣ Promote yourself and your social media here!

⁍ ‣ There are voice chats with group video calls, aswell as gaming vc's

⁍ ‣ If there are any other VCs you’d like me to add message the owner

You can enjoy access to without looking up...
- An updated delegate tracker
- Polls, forecasts, results for each super tuesday state
- Analyses on most elections
- Primary Calendar
- Collective Predictions