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Inlonely 2.0 community Discord server!
We're an approachable discord server with a welcoming community. We are primarily a group for teens but we welcome everyone!

- Growing Community
- Approachable staff! 🙋‍♂️
- Events, polls, games, art competitions
- Voice Channels. 🎧
- Gaming
- Fun Bots
- Venting Chat
Come say hi! 👽
Join this server, we have free memes, Roleplay and shit.

Hoes Mad’s Universe/Funne Erdrick Server is about a meme who made his own universe. However, every two months, a threat destroys the universe, but luckily, Hoes Mad and crew are there to try and stop the threats.

This server has...
-Roleplay (I said this earlier)
-Memes (I said this earlier)
-Cringe section
-Discord Food Bot
-World Ending Events (I said this earlier)
-And more stuff.
Join today!
*You must know how to use Tupperbox to join, unless you are here for the memes.*
Tired of furry servers and their repetition? You found the perfect place.
We are the opposite of what a furry server should be:
No roleplays, no "huggies", no "OwO"s, no drama. Only kek and chill.
We aim to make our server a friendly place, without constant repetition. We are friendly to newcomers.

Feeling like you fit in? Join today!
dunno what you expect from a server that has cringe in its name
this server is full of depresoos,weirdos and weebs
cretin corner, a garbage server for garbage people.
does that interest you? that's unfortunate. but hey, you're welcome to come on in. we've got support channels, memes, music, cringey role menus. we've got very little rules and a cool dynamic ig. we just here to chill yk
let's watch some new girl and eat Hot chip together.

we've also got porn.
Hello welcome to Cringe Gaming! Im ChrisMC_04 the CEO and founder of Cringe Gaming. ChrisMC and a group of his friends. Cringe Gaming is a server that you can hang out, make new friends, and advertise your youtube and twitch channel. Come along for the ride and help us grow our server
Now waiting for new members, uwu we are very cringe we also have a lots of cool features that includes:
-minecraft server
-friendly users
-optional nsfw
-self roles
-lvl system
and more that are coming soon.
Currently we don't have many active members but we hope that you will join us and make it active
--Also we accept partnerships--
Hello and welcome too.....CringeCord. I'll be your host for tonight, can I get you anything to cringe sir/madam? If you're not sure, we have a wide list of things to choose from, including the spicy VC action that everyone knows and loves mixed with the finest of cringy text chats that make for a wonderful meal. We even have a place to gamble if that's your thing! I hope you enjoy your stay...

Rate Your Cringe - Coming soon
Active server with a bunch of friends. Kinda toxic kinda wholesome. All ages welcome, especially 18+. 2 nitro giveaways a week. Join or u are gay!
Hier kannst du chillen und Spaß haben ect. Wenn man Bock hat etwas reden und so ein Shit
18+ Hello we’re a friendly group of creatives who like to shitpost and be cursed. Please post about your characters, insipirations, your visionary ideas or just your journey so far in your art making process. The server is still relatively new but we’re happy to meet new ppl. Come join our furry cult
Bonjour noobs, this my garbage server. I’d appreciate if you’d join it!
There’s a lot to do here! Meet one of our filler creators to see what fun chats you can play around in!
Have you ever been alone? I have.
Have you been kicked out for no reason at all? I definitely have.

We have the Mega Man & Friends RP Discord. In this discord server we're all a big family on this server, join us because we will enlighten you. This discord server will protect you from the scum of the world. Aayala Valentine our proud founder will enlighten you.

[Owned by Aayala Valentine, Co-Owned by NightBee]
Just a chill server that likes to abuse pokecord. We're pretty laid back and open to new members so step on by!
toxic server 2 meet ppl n fite wiff them, mayb make sum frendZ
\\ 18+ //
pls join ! i am veri lonely (๑→ܫ←)
Herzlich Willkommen Bei Drive Me Crazy
Nur wahre Gamer und cringe ist hier willkommen
Unser Discord Server ist eine unterhaltsame Möglichkeit, neue Leute kennenzulernen und eine Vielzahl verschiedener Spiele mit anderen zu spielen