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✦》 💥Misc Server, multi purpose 💥

✦》 👥 100+ members and growing ;D
✦》 🎶 Music channels
✦》 💰 Economy with rewards(Pending)
✦》 👑 Active Staff
✦》 👛 Roleplay!
✦》 💎 XP-Levels
✦》 🎮Games; Minecraft and more
✦》 📰Self Roles too!


∞》 👀 Looking for Moderators & Admins
∞》 👀 Looking for Partnership & Event Managers


∞》 link Discord:


[Note: the server is a bit empty so don't judge!]
{Welcome! To IDEK we are
We have some 'fun' roles. We have a meme posting channel [who doesn't?]
We allow NSFW posting aswell!

*Fortunate son plays*
[You might not be able to handle the cringe out there solider]
The server is very empty so please don't instantly leave! I DM everyone that joins.
Inlonely 2.0 community Discord server!
We're an approachable discord server with a welcoming community. We are not all incels, anybody is welcome!
- Growing Community
- Approachable staff! 🙋‍♂️
- Events, polls, games, art competitions
- Voice Channels. 🎧
- Gaming
- Fun Bots
- Venting Chat
Come say hi! 👽
Hello welcome to Cringe Gaming! Im ChrisMC_04 the CEO and founder of Cringe Gaming. ChrisMC and a group of his friends. Cringe Gaming is a server that you can hang out, make new friends, and advertise your youtube and twitch channel. Come along for the ride and help us grow our server
Welcome to the Fruit Basket

Take a seat and talk to us, this is a great place to make friends and share stories, we talk about everything

We just act goofy alot so its best to come in with abit of humour but we are a lovely group of people

we follow the kiwi and serve his wishes of conquering mainland europe :^)
We are a friendly community that invest our time into new people daily for the experiences and memories. We are working on our server we will appreciate any suggestions you have to give our mods and security on this server hope you enjoy the server bye.
Welcome to Hoes Mad’s Universe!

The Roleplay server where anything can happen. Explore multiple worlds, post memes, and... make sure to stay away from Hell.
Official Discord server for r/McKek. The subreddit and the discord server are intended for gaming, anime and memes. You can find a lot of emojis and bots. DON'T BE TOXIC!!!
Bonjour noobs, this my garbage server. I’d appreciate if you’d join it!
There’s a lot to do here! Meet one of our filler creators to see what fun chats you can play around in!
Now waiting for new members, uwu we are very cringe we also have a lots of cool features that includes:
-minecraft server
-friendly users
-optional nsfw
-self roles
-lvl system
and more that are coming soon.
Currently we don't have many active members but we hope that you will join us and make it active
--Also we accept partnerships--
Active server with a bunch of friends. Kinda toxic kinda wholesome. All ages welcome, especially 18+. 2 nitro giveaways a week. Join or u are gay!
Do you love a good server with too many channels? Well hop into this one, because it has too much useless and without context channels! You have to sign it or else your more likely to be kicked out.
Just a friendly neighborhood weeaboo here to drop fire emotes in your servers if you join. We got top tier Pepe and cringe emotes.
No normies.
No white knights.
No winners.
No orbiters.
No attention whores.
No non-virgins.
No anime.
No selfies.
No zoomers.
No faggots.*
No retards.*
English only.

*less enforced.