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Welcome to the AJ Gangdom! All Animal Jam scammers and hackers alike are welcome here. c: We have a nice, small community with active members. Feel free to join if you'd like!

We have:

★ Lots of different channels.
★ A friendly community.
★ Active members.
★ Safe environment with active mods/staff!
And more~

Spies are not welcome at all. c;
Animal Jam is an online virtual world developed by WildWorks. Animaljam-trade is usually the most active because people mostly come here for trades. Players always make their own giveaways so come join! We had tons of spikes, den betas, etc. given away. There are also text channels where you can talk about other games like Chicken Smoothie, Transformice, Minecraft, etc. There's much more, come join and check it out!

There is also a new game coming out early 2020, This Discord server is merged together for both the game Animal Jam and the upcoming new game Feral. Feral (also known as is a upcoming 3D fantasy virtual world where players can create their own mythical creature. There will be an economy, crafting and much more to come. Not much information have been released yet. Come join the server and we can talk about the hype for the upcoming game!
Come join ThePugPlatoon if you're feeling bored, or just wanna hang out with people. The server is owned by a small YouTuber who will include you in videos + more! The community is great, and it always shares positive vibes.
An Animal Jam scamming server where you can...

♥Meet new people
♥Discuss scams
♥Discuss hacks
♥Help out with scams/hacks
♥Chat to others
♥Share art
♥Show off your bait
Looking to buy AJ items? You're in luck! Come join the server and see all the prices- anything from den betas to headdresses. Come for the rares, stay for the community! :)
༆Greetings Disboard Explorer(s)! We are here to welcome you to The Pack of Fallen’ Souls, young traveler! Do you wish to proceed on?༆
༄The Pack of Fallen Souls (TPoFS) is a Discord and Animal Jam roleplay wolf pack. We do Daily polls and quests ‘Just for Fun’ & weekly patrols that include ;; Hunting, Herb Collecting, & Boarder Patrols! All is welcome!༄
༆In our pack we have, strict, but not too strict rules that you may find in other pack servers. Some may be different too! One main rule is you can’t be in multiple different packs at once. You choose what pack to be, and stay in. All rules must be obeyed.༆
༄Get to know your fellow pack members. We, Fallen’ Souls members; are friendly. Everyone is friendly and we accept everyone, no matter what your race or sexuality is. It is easy to make friendships or even relationships; having mates.༄
༆This server includes, many bot channels to play around in, including OwO, Pokécord, Dank Memer, and many more! This server also includes many places to roleplay in, you find out once joining, and being accepted.༆
༄Now, Disboard Explorer. Do you wish to proceed into joining, The Pack of Fallen’ Souls? The rest of your journey expands here. Which path do you choose to take; keep searching or enter through the entrance of our pack?༄
༆Written By: Delta Forest - 11/6/19༆
A friendly AJ and AJPW server for members of the animal jam community, with many kind members and great giveaways! (Also for people who are subscribed to “TheDarkArrow” on YT!
We have:
-Friendly, Fair Staff
-Item Giveaways
-Trading Help
-Fun Bots
-Cool Roles
and more!
Join today to become apart of it! 🥰
We mainly sell black longs. Giveaways in the future. We have an event going on, which allows you to get a free black long, join Now. Scammer are welcome, and can discuss anything they would like to. Black longs are $10.
Hello! 🐾Paws & Maws🐾 is a server for anyone and everyone! This server is mostly based around games and giveaways. For now, we have categories such as Chicken Smoothie and Animal Jam. This server is less strict than other ones, but please keep in mind if you are someone that isn't okay NSFW or cursing, we do not advise you to join. Our giveaways will be based around Chicken Smoothie, Animal Jam, art, and more. Feel free to check out our server!

We're a small server dedicated towards the mobile game "Play Wild". We have a variety of channels which consist mainly of trading and chatting. Everything is well-organized, good moderation, and active staff. Consider joining us, and being apart of the 'OG' gang!


• Trading, Anti-Scam System.
• Memes, only the best.
• Fun Roles, accessible to everyone.
• Giveaways, special rares.
• Parties, advertising trade parties.
• Moderation, top-notch moderation.
• Anti-Alt, Anti-Alt System.
• Scammer Friendly, as long as you don't scam other members.
• Partner System, we can thrive together.


We're always adding more content; whether it be roles or channels. So, we've decided to listen to people's suggestions! If you would like to leave us a suggestion, then direct message the creator featuring your idea!
💚𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸 𝓯𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀 𝓹𝓮𝓬𝓴 𝓷𝓮𝓬𝓴💚

(If you do not know what peck neck is it is from a hat in time❗)

Pip chat is a server about lot's of things mostly a hat in time,animal jam and art! People also talk about other things like gacha, transformice,warrior cats,eddsworld and more❗ We have some amazing artists in this server and they could teach you some cool tips📝 I hope you meet a lot of cool people here💞

❕❕Also this server does not have very strict rules❕❕

I can't wait to see ya peck necks here!❤️️
Welcome to Jammer Central, a server dedicated to the MMO game, Animal Jam. This server is open to non-AJ players and AJ players. (This server is associated with the Animal Jam Wikia.)
Welcome to Animal Jam Giveaways! Your local source for Animal Jam Giveaways!!
We have:
...and SO MUCH MORE!
Join the FUN TODAY!
~ Gamercord ~
Gamercord is a discord server for all types of gamers! While we mainly do Animal Jam and Chicken Smoothie channels- we offer a wide variety of other games, self-roles and various ways to meet new friends!
A safe, enjoyable place for animal jam hackers & scammers to plan scams, meet other scammers, and chat! The server includes...

-Friendly moderators
-Cute, decorative channels
-A variety of bots
-Weekly/monthly competitions with prizes
-A welcoming community

Join now <3
This server is related to animal jam & other games, art, edits, music, etc. Feel free to check it out and have fun c:
Welcome to Tofco, a place where all Animal Jam scammers unite. Our server is friendly to all religions and color; people in general. Everybody is welcome to come steal rares from children <3 Come join, today!
•Hello New Member!•
Welcome to AJbloxs! A animal jam and roblox inspired server
Our server is a very welcoming server to all new players, new discord users, or even both!
We are glad to help you with any issues and feel free to ask the team of either The moderation team of Staff, our Admins, And our Owner!
As fun as ajblox's is we need to make sure it's the right server for you
In order to receive chat you need to go to rules and hit the reaction to the 1st step
Of verifying.
Next to to the account verification to create you account there!
Don't think our admins don't notice you! We have to review your account first and we have a wonderful team of Staff here at Ajbloxs
Hope you enjoy our server!

-The Ajbloxs Team
Welcome to AJ Central! In this server we will host giveaways whenever possible, have a strict NO NSFW rule, and have great chatrooms that are monitored by my mods and me :') Join this server and meet new friends, develop great bonds with everyone on here and have a great blast! So invite your friends and jam on ;')
Um servidor para conversar, fazer doações, compartilhar seus desenhos, discutir sobre trocas, fazer amigos etc... sem hentai por favor viu
A new server for those who play Animal Jam, Animal Jam: Play Wild, and Animal Crossing! We're also a community for Wildworks' upcoming game! If you don't play any of these games but would like to make new friends, that's perfectly fine as well!
I'm just a chill streamer who spends his time doing stuff on AJ.. If you'd like to collab or anything related, please message me on Discord.. If anything else, join my server! Jam on, happy times, I hope y'all enjoy the stream! -Chili Asian