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Welcome to the official Radz AJ Shop and Community.

We do not condone any illegal activity, nothing inhuman here, this is just a Animal Jam based community.

Instagram: Radz.AJ

#1 Animal Jam Item Seller

I'm just a chill streamer who spends his time doing stuff on AJ.. If you'd like to collab or anything related, please message me on Discord.. If anything else, join my server! Jam on, happy times, I hope y'all enjoy the stream! -Chili Asian
Come join The Pug Fam if you're feeling bored, or just wanna hang out with people. We mainly talk about the new game! The server is owned by a small YouTuber who will include you in videos + more! The community is great, and it always shares positive vibes.
A friendly AJ and AJPW server for members of the animal jam community, with many kind members and great giveaways! (Also for people who are subscribed to “TheDarkArrow” on YT!
We have:
-Friendly, Fair Staff
-Item Giveaways
-Trading Help
-Fun Bots
-Cool Roles
and more!
Join today to become apart of it! 🥰
welcome to our server. 40+ membs strong and trying to grow, we are an animal jam/chill based server with pretty cool, chill, and active people. we are very laid back (not many rules;)) , fun bots, and real chill staff! you're free to do whatever you'd like in the server (within reason).
we’d be real happy if you’d like to come join us! ty bbs<3
Arcanas is a developing server for hackers and scammers that also provides a secure verification system to ensure the safety of our members.
We aim to make your stay fun and enjoyable by introducing giveaways, contests and more!
The Official Server for the Animal Jam Play Wild Worth Wiki joins Disboard!

Here you can trade, ask worth questions, and talk to your friends about either the game or anything else.

• There are 10+ Bots to use.
• Active staff team.
• Actively growing AJPW community.
• 10k+ Wiki Members.

another server babey !
we got:
-rp channels
-art channels
-sona chats
-general discussion

we are:
-system friendly
-green tent gang (iykyk)
**Welcome to Galactic Galaxies**

✨ What is our server about? ✨

We are a growing community for all Animal Jam Scammers and etc alike!

✨What does our server offer, What makes us unique, What makes us a better choice than other Animal Jam scamming and etc communities?✨

Our Offerings:
1. We offer a Safe, well protected community based server
2. We offer safe, trustworthy weekly giveaways
3. We offer creative weekly contests & competitions
4. We offer a Drama & Toxicity free community
5. We offer Excellent, Well trained Staff
6. We offer Simple yet effective Verification to Prevent spies, raids & etc

Our Uniqueness:
1. Our theme
2. Our community based structure
3. The amount of customization and expression our server provides
4. The amount of creativity involved within our server
5. The amount of opportunities and etc we possess

Why our community is the better choice compared to others:
1. We are Non toxic & Drama Free
2. We are trustworthy & reliable
3. We are safe, informative and much more responsible than any other server out there
4. We aren't just a server or community, we are a family

✨ We hope you join our growing community & family soon! See you in the Base! ✨

* * Fin * *
Have You Ever Wondered How To Get Your Item Back Right After You Get SCAMMED? Well, We Can Help YOU Work Your Way Back Up To The Item You Got Scammed Out Of! ( This Server Does NOT REQUIRE ANY PASSWORD) All We Need Is Your User, So We Can Buddy You And Trade You Back Something That Can Help YOU Get Your Item Back! (We Will Also Provide Tips To NOT Get Scammed! If You Need More Information, Join My Server To Read More About It. There Are So Many Things To Do On This Server. Show Off Art, Ask People For Advice On Trading, Advertising And Much More! Join Now To Make New Friends And Have Fun! :D
Jamville; An Animal Jam Hangout

Hey there Jammers!
Jamville is a friendly, safe, non-toxic hangout server. We're completely non-judgemental, and accept anyone regardless of sexuality, race, religion, gender, etc.
We have easy-to-follow rules that follow the lines of common sense, and of course abide by Animal Jam's ingame rules.
What we offer;

✿ Giveaways
✿ Events
✿ Server Organization
✿ Close-Knit and friendly community
✿ Self-Role
✿ Channels for posting art, creations, etc.
✿ Trading channel
✿ Roleplay request channel
And much more!

We hope to see you soon!
We wanting everyone that joins to feel welcome and at home, from gaming to anime and manga, furry hotspot furr yall, but also animal jam gameplay. We do spelling bees and Minecraft meetups.
🎉 Welcome to AoJ! 🎊
We're a friendly community based around the online game Animal Jam. We love sharing art, memes, and other great things. We are also the official server for the small but growing FANDOM, Animal Jam Art Wiki. Regardless of whether you play the game or not, or even if you have a FANDOM, we welcome everyone! We have experienced staff ready to help you. While this server is still growing, it branches off from an older server, so we hope that it begins to grow quickly once more. We hope you decide to join us at Artists of Jamaa!
💚𝓗𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸 𝓯𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓸𝔀 𝓹𝓮𝓬𝓴 𝓷𝓮𝓬𝓴💚

(If you do not know what peck neck is it is from a hat in time❗)

Pip chat is a server about lot's of things like bfb, a hat in time,animal jam,art and like gacha, transformice,warrior cats,eddsworld and more❗ We have some amazing artists in this server and they could teach you some cool tips📝 I hope you meet a lot of cool people here💞

❕❕Also this server does not have very strict rules❕❕

I can't wait to see ya peck necks here!❤️️
Welcome aboard! We are the aliens that lurk around from planet to planet.If you wanna join us on a fun little adventure! Here we offer:
-Safe Verification
-Reaction roles
-Amazing moderation
-New friends!
trying to make the community a better place!
- scammer watch
- free item duplications, you dont need to give password, dash OR items, completely free <3
- trading, chatting
Claws n' Paws is a multi-functional mature Animal Jam server centered around pets. :]
We're a bit strict on security- it helps sift trollers from people who are actually interested in joining.
We try to spread good vibes around the community, and hope you'll join too <3
A new server for Animal Jam players :) Mostly talking about item worth and trading, we also love sharing masterpieces.

We are currently working on the server to make it fun for everybody. Right now it's not very filtered, so there might be people swearing and talking in different languages :) We will try to make it so that everybody feels welcome.

We do not condone Scammer or Hacker behavior, please be considerate of minors who just want to enjoy the game.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask the owner or the super admin, happy gaming :)
This is an Animal Jam scamming server where you can meet fellow scammers and buy/sell items! Come meet new scammers and hangout/scam. This server is not just a scamming server for animal jam! It can also be a place to just hang out, play fun games, and is open to anyone even if you don't play the game. No spies allowed <3

What we offer
-Weekly giveaways of AJ items and more
-Game Nights (Kahoot,, Uno, movies)
-A verification process to evade spies
-A friendly community of scammers and hackers
-Item selling and buying
Do you play Animal Jam? Are you tired of uptight kid-friendly AJ servers with too many rules?

If you are, then join Green Dolphin! We're an extremely PG13, somewhat anarchy, Mafia themed, shameless server for all you cool kiddos... run by the infamous Kensy AJ. We're active, friendly, over 100 members strong, and welcome to everyone, scammer or not; a truly wild place that's totally as non-toxic as possible! 😊


★ Chill staff
★ GOOD Giveaways (almost weekly)
★ A place for scammers and sellers with a bit cryptic of a form of verification, along with private text and voice channels to evade spies. Protection of our little gang is top priority!
★ Very few serious rules
★ Item sellers and artists with nice prices
★ Bot games, a ranking system, and, self assignable roles
And that's pretty much it... So get your sorry behind in here and join our familia!
The AJC is THE LARGEST Discord server all about Animal Jam, and AJ Play Wild. Whether you’re looking to trade, share your creations, or just have a pawsome time, you’ll feel right at home with our welcoming community in the AJC.
Check out our website for more: