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Terrariacord! The place where Terrarians from different worlds meet up and chat! 💭
⚠️ UPDATE: Looking for server partners. If you are interested in partnering, please DM tallnecked#7039. (Still looking for partners, April 12th)
We support PS4 (PlayStation 4), XBOX,
Mobile and PC!
What does the server have that interests me, you may ask? 🤔

➖A community of Terraria players looking for a friend or looking to play!
➖🎶3 Music Bots🎶
➖Custom roles and ranks
➖r/terraria for your daily terraria posts from Reddit!
➖Seasonal and Special Events 📅
➖Terraria News
A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. ❤️
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players. We feature everything Terraria related, including news, community events, minigames, as well as fun Discord bots, and a pretty awesome and active staff team. Also be sure to check out our website at!
Post themes, wallpapers, setups for IOS and more!
Fortnite discord server for competitive iOS player to play agents each other
**Are you a gamer because if you are come on and join our server in this server you will find many great features**
🔴we have tons of bots for everyone🤖
🔴We have currency 💲
🔴We also have auto roles☑
🔴Growing community ✔
🔴No toxic players🚫
🔴Weekly updates📤
*So if this seems like your type of server join now because we like new members and we update this server weekly 😉
Owner: @cesar#5252*
`Open for partnerships`
In this server you will find:

- A general chat, just for chatting
- A gaming & consoles section, for the gamers
- The mobile,tech & PC section, for the geeks

And lastly, a lot of fun!
Welcome! :D

You want to join a "Standoff 2" server for german people ?
What ? You don't know what "Standoff 2" is ?
"Standoff 2" is a team based first person shooter where you can play as Counter Terrorrists or Terrorrists! As a T you have to plant a bomb on two sides (A or B) and try to protect it until it explodes so the T's can win. And as a CT you have to defuse the bomb when it is planted. But both teams can also win if they kill each other!
There are also different modes like Team Deathmatch, Gun Game and much more gamemodes that are coming in the future!
This was a short explanation about "Standoff 2", now to our server:

In our server you can:

- Finding players to play with
- Organize tournaments with prices
- Join clans
- Making scrims against other players
- Trading (Soon)
- And much more!

What are you waiting for ?

The Apple Sheep Garden is the place to be if you are a fan of Apple and need a place to feel safe. Here, we talk about everything apple or tech: Phones, watches, tablets, computers and everything related. You might ask: `Well why would I need this?` You don't. It's just a nice, welcoming place where you can talk about your favorite company and their products. It's a luxury, like your iPhone! We especially discuss mobile technology and Apple. Anyone is welcome regardless of OS preference and we strive to be a non hostile and friendly community where people can just talk tech
Presentation of all new mobile games just released or currently on soft launch
Сервер для приложения Spotify. Мы тебе поможем разобраться в непонятных вопросах, обсудить музыку, поделиться впечатлениями. Будем развиваться вместе!