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A general community server for people just looking for a conversation about themselves and life with a side focus on philosophy about self-improvement, stoicism, and habits.

We try to have an active voice chat whenever we can, and try to promote a productive environment, providing a collaborative doc with self-help resources and an accountability system if you want to opt in.

- Server events (drawful, games, shows, etc)
- Discuss advice and self-help solutions
- memes and other community essentials
- Tools and programs for whatever skills you're looking to improve.
- Small, try our best to be active.
💙 Self-Development Centre 💙

A safe, friendly and supportive community for YOU! Socialize, make friends and have fun for the sake of self-development~!

💙 Various Self-assignable roles 💙
💚 Everyone can be a Supporter 💚
💜 Private one-to-one Coaching Sessions 💜
💙 Stimulation of Creativity 💙
💚 Various workshops for Self-development 💚
💜 Various Events 💜
💙 Get a specific role for extra features in the server, by staying active in chat 💙
💚 Private channels for one-to-one conversations 💚
💜 18+ Only Channels, including nsfw and dark-humor 💜
💙 LGBTQ+ Support 💙
💚 Partnerships 💚
💜 Open-minded for Spirituality 💜
💙 And More~ 💙

Just come and join us today to discover it~! 💕

[Note: We are (still) looking for more active members/coaches/event organizers for the sake of Self-Development!!]
Do you want to create the habits and mindset required for success?

Make friends with like-minded individuals to hold you accountable in unlocking your full potential. Here's how you can reach your Breakaway Limit and achieve your goals:

[Health]: Physical and Mental Health, Lifestyle Choices
[Wealth]: Personal Finance, Investing, Passive Income
[Success]: Personal Mastery, Entrepreneurship, Professional Growth

Verification for member safety
Hello there!
Sparta is a community of individuals who are united in their goals to better themselves both mentally and physically. Feel free to talk about your personal projects and other goals that you aspire to achieve. In this server, you will find yourself in a community of like-minded warriors who are determined to accomplish their goals.
- Fitness/nutrition
- Self-improvement
- Motivation
- No PMO
- NoFap
- Leadership skills
- Personal projects/aspirations

Welcome to #NoNut2020

This is a supportive health, fitness and motivation community mainly for overcoming the drive of watching porn. We together strive to help and motivate each other to stop masturbating and to live a happier and a more healthier 2020.

We want to help everyone live the best version of themselves with less temporary pleasure and more productivity and happiness. Our end goal is to develop control over our minds and free everyone from the mental prison known as addiction.
We are a motivated and dedicated group of people who find happiness in helping members recover from porn addiction. We also specialize in fitness and dietary improvement.
About Objective MBTI

Welcome to Objective MBTI, our aim is to approach MBTI and the jungian functions more objectively, focusing on external input, discussion and unbiased judgement.
If you came here for horoscopes, then turn around.
Welcome to Anti-Fap, a community focused on breaking pornography and masturbation addiction.

We enjoy the following:
- A specially designed bot for tracking your progress and abstinence.
- Exclusive monthly challenges to inspire you (NEW).
- An energetic and diverse community.
- An amazing moderation team.

We’re ready when you are.
We are a brotherhood supporting each other in the lifestyle of nofap, semen retention, and self improvement. We also are open minded and supportive of each other with all masculine issues.
Journey is a community-based server devoted to self-improvement, happiness, and positivity. It is built around small tasks that encourages users to post about for example their happy moments or what they are grateful for. It is for everyone who wants to be positive, work on himself and connect with others!

🏡Server features:
- A custom bot which will keep track of your score for the tasks 🤖
- A friendly and safe place to share 🤗
- Supportive staff, ranks, and the possibility to build the server together 🔨
- Roles, introductions, quotes sharing, book recommendations, and more fun channels 📖
- Strict zero tolerance for hostility or negativity 👮
Welcome to Wanderer's Way!

We are an 18+ occult and self improvement community. We cater to left hand path practitioners but are also accepting of people from a plethora of backgrounds, experience levels and practices.



Path specific, self assignable roles.
Regular voice chat.
Diverse social and occult channels.
Server partnership opportunities.
Merit system
Mentoring opportunities
8 assigned houses
Self assignable familiars
Divination (Readings)
Self improvement opportunities
Dedicated LHP section
Live rituals

Always dreamed of being a part of a brotherhood?
Always wanted to reach your full potential and goals in life?
Than this is the right place for you!
Become a Virian today!
We are looking for worthy ones of all creeds and ideologies to join us on our quest for greatness.

-Discuss history and debate philosophy or politics
-Share art, videos and music
-Become the best version of yourself
-or you know you can just chill and talk or whatever :)
Welcome to Podium. We are a fast growing group of like-minded people who denounce the political right/left paradigm that is designed to keep us divided. We aim to uplift each other to become better human beings and have a vetting process to keep the group high quality.

On this server you can expect a good mix of serious discussion about politics/history/truth/religion/virus pandemic/government corruption/ways to improve ourselves and society/preparation for the future and much more. The server is also updated frequently with relevant news on the pandemic as well as interesting news/resources in general. We also have a fair bit of shitposting/memes to balance things out. We value truth, wisdom, knowledge, self improvement and the long term goals of a return to tradition and religion in the west. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of -- then welcome to Podium.
A growing Discord community wanting to help other achieve success in their lives.
Our principles seeks to maximise health, wealth and prosperity in all aspects of life. We want to create a hub for people to collaborate and share their ideas on what it truly means to be successful in this day and age. If you share similar interest then come and join the fun so we may all grow prosperous together!
Fighting Spirit is a community with a lot of ambitious projects.
The first one is to help you to succeed, whatever your area is.
Join us and become better every day!

Fighting Spirit has a French server with more than 620 members too!
Are you trying to become the best version of yourself? Then this academia is just for you!
What we have to offer:

Weekly and monthly tasks/to-dos competitions

A group study/screenshare channel in the appearance of a study cafe

Mastermind group(s) for those looking for a more long term accountability group

Achiever companions for those looking for short term study buddies

A friendly, close-knit community of high schoolers and college students who strive for success daily. (Don't tell them, but the current members inspire me)

Tutors/academic helpers

Fun and useful roles (over 105+ roles) like “time wizard” for the time competitions, “work warrior” for the to-do competitions, and "tendency trickster" for people maintaining healthy habits

A mental health channel (health always comes first)

Meaningful leisure/community channels

A promotions channel

A partners' channel

And so much more!

So join today and grow into your best self with us in Achievers' Academia!
A place where too chill. Also we arent so strict we may have some rules but if you have done something against the rules we wont mind that much. The server could be a place to talk and help each other getting rid of addictions and struggles. And mostly of all we got a e thot!
The Return is a server that promotes the idea of returning to a lifestyle that is not polluted by the unnatural forces of the modern world. Our mission is to create a community for like-minded people and also to give support to those of us who are not yet able to exit a toxic lifestyle so that they too can be part of this community of ours.
This is a self improvement server where you can talk with our small community of people about basically anything you want, things you might be struggling with in life etc. Our staff team is very active and is ready to help you at all times. You can also play games with the member of this server or if you are into minecraft you can play on our minecraft realm.
Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Resolution is a server dedicated to helping you realize your full potential. We're a community of people working towards different goals all motivating each other to be the best versions of ourselves (whatever that is you want to be). We have special channels for Minimalism, Philosophy, fitness, finance and more!
JUST A RANDOM HAPPY JEWISH GUY A very friendly, loving community. Everyone is welcome.
Its an a relaxed and laid back community server with lots of cute emotes and many interesting and diverse discussion categories for you to discuss all kinds of topics. We search a large and varied userbase which is constantly drawing in new users each and every day.