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💙 Self-Development Centre 💙

A safe, friendly and supportive community for YOU! Socialize, make friends and have fun for the sake of self-development~!

💙 Various Self-assignable roles 💙
💚 Everyone can be a Supporter 💚
💜 Private one-to-one Coaching Sessions 💜
💙 Stimulation of Creativity 💙
💚 Various workshops for Self-development 💚
💜 Various Events 💜
💙 Get a specific role for extra features in the server, by staying active in chat 💙
💚 Private channels for one-to-one conversations 💚
💜 18+ Only Channels, including nsfw and dark-humor 💜
💙 LGBTQ+ Support 💙
💚 Partnerships 💚
💜 Open-minded for Spirituality 💜
💙 And More~ 💙

Just come and join us today to discover it~! 💕

[Note: We are (still) looking for more active members/coaches/event organizers for the sake of Self-Development!!]
Welcome to #NoNut2020

This is a supportive health, fitness and motivation community mainly for overcoming the drive of watching porn. We together strive to help and motivate each other to stop masturbating and to live a happier and a more healthier 2020.

We want to help everyone live the best version of themselves with less temporary pleasure and more productivity and happiness. Our end goal is to develop control over our minds and free everyone from the mental prison known as addiction.
Are you trying to become the best version of yourself? Then this academia is just for you!
What we have to offer:

Weekly and monthly tasks/to-dos competitions

A group study/screenshare channel in the appearance of a study cafe

Mastermind group(s) for those looking for a more long term accountability group

Achiever companions for those looking for short term study buddies

A friendly, close-knit community of high schoolers and college students who strive for success daily. (Don't tell them, but the current members inspire me)

Tutors/academic helpers

Fun and useful roles (over 105+ roles) like “time wizard” for the time competitions, “work warrior” for the to-do competitions, and "tendency trickster" for people maintaining healthy habits

A mental health channel (health always comes first)

Meaningful leisure/community channels

A promotions channel

A partners' channel

And so much more!

So join today and grow into your best self with us in Achievers' Academia!
New self-improvement server mainly focused on NoFap. Come on over and we'll help you become the best version of yourself that you can be!
This is a self improvement server where you can talk with our small community of people about basically anything you want, things you might be struggling with in life etc. Our staff team is very active and is ready to help you at all times. You can also play games with the member of this server or if you are into minecraft you can play on our minecraft realm.
The Return is a server that promotes the idea of returning to a lifestyle that is not polluted by the unnatural forces of the modern world. Our mission is to create a community for like-minded people and also to give support to those of us who are not yet able to exit a toxic lifestyle so that they too can be part of this community of ours.
Journey is a community based server devoted to self-improvement, awareness, emotions and gratitude. It provides a friendly place for everyone on their journeys towards better selves. It features a custom bot that encourages people to think about what they are grateful for everyday!
We're on a mission to help you reach success by following these principles:
~ Health: Physical/Mental Health, Lifestyle
~ Wealth: Personal Finance, Investing, Passive Income
~ Growth: Personal, Business, Career
Join us and reach your Breakaway Limit today
Backup Link:
Feel free to relax in a chill environment where you're free to be yourself while gaining insight and growth from others experiences. We do what we can here to help others going through the same struggles, and it's nice to not feel so alone.
This is a Christian server intended for self-improvement. Only Christians are allowed to participate.
The official server for self improvement generals. Discuss literature, fitness, personal finance, STEM, and anything non degenerate.
A place where too chill. Also we arent so strict we may have some rules but if you have done something against the rules we wont mind that much. The server could be a place to talk and help each other getting rid of addictions and struggles. And mostly of all we got a e thot!
SFMP network is a server dedicated to individuals that have interest in developing a independent and succesful career, business etc. If you want to join feel welcome, but we expect a level of seriousness from you.
If you're looking for a place where you can discuss deep and interesting topics within an overall environment dedicated to self-improvement, search no further.

This is exactly the place you're looking for.
Hi I created this server to serve as a refuge for all types of consciousness. Here we will do gaming, debates, events, pretty much anything that can be done in the server.
On the server you will be able to discuss about astrophysics, biology, chemistry, computer-science, engineering, history, math, physics, plasma, psychology and overall technology. Also about architecture, creative writing, graphic illustrations, music, photography and sculpture. We have self improvement channels and make-money-online channels. 12 voice channels and casual chat, memes. The server is in its infancy so I'm adding new things everyday. You can suggest what to add!
Always dreamed of being a part of a brotherhood?
Always wanted to reach your full potential and goals in life?
Than this is the right place for you!
Become a Virian today!
>>Join our discord for all things Meditation & Mindfulness<<

Are you looking to develop habits that promote more happiness in your life?
We have channels for positive psychology practices, habit building, and much more, along with a warm, peaceful, and tightly knit community where you can easily make friends and enjoy yourself.

This community boasts the following amazing features:
🌸~ Involved and friendly team of staff
🌸~ Guided group meditations
🌸~ Weekly book club
🌸~ Weekly study group
🌸~ Level-based roles
🌸~ Non-toxic & open community
🌸~ Teacher Q&A's
🌸~ A cool meditation bot
🌸~ Cute emoji's
🌸~ Laughing Buddha memes

Find support and the tools you need to improve your life!
Share your insights, tips & tricks, and learn from others.
Everyone is welcome! We hope you will join us <3
Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Resolution is a server dedicated to helping you realize your full potential. We're a community of people working towards different goals all motivating each other to be the best versions of ourselves (whatever that is you want to be). We have special channels for Minimalism, Philosophy, fitness, finance and more!
We are looking for worthy ones of all creeds and ideologies to join us on our quest for greatness.

-Discuss history and debate philosophy or politics
-Share art, videos and music
-Become the best version of yourself
-or you know you can just chill and talk or whatever :)
Welcome to the Church of Scientology Discord Server! This server is for followers of the Church and Supporters to Discuss their ideals!