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Asset Intelligence Acquisition

Our Mission Statement is as follows:

" We exist to inspire, bringing out the new and what hasn't been seen before. We have a wide variety of specializations including engineering and scientific research; we develop intelligence gathering equipment, vehicles, including specialization in information analysis and OPSEC practice.

Our purpose as a group of inventors, engineers, innovators, scientists, security professionals, and intelligence agents is to come together for a brighter future, from the shadows.

We pioneer in aerospace, the design of shuttles and control systems (gyro), stability, weapons, programs, military, zero-gravity, physics research, the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information.

We hope you can join us on our journey. "

We are NOT a role play group. We are a serious, dedicated team of students, kids and adults that operate in our area of interests in a professional manner, for the betterment of mankind.

Please keep in mind, we are moderately exclusive and to get in you will need to submit an application.
You can find our visitor center here
This server offers information on servers that are toxic and also we can check anyone's profile for you and see if they are known for rule braking. We can also send an agent to your server and have them check to make sure your server is safe and secure.
Recommended to join This server if you have 100+ members in your server.
Welcome, curious minds!
Basically, a server where you can share fun facts. Please use channels correctly. Enjoy! Please spread the word!
High Iq server that focuses on personal development, problem solving, topic focused discussions/debates and education. We have a welcoming moderation team and we are not too strict when it comes to the chat content.
For admission, we accept results from professionally administered IQ test, membership of other high IQ societies, and results from certain Free Online IQ tests. More details available on the server.
The entry IQ is lower than the entry IQ for Mensa , but still reasonably high
If this sounds appealing then consider joining.