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Hello Newcomers!
M.A.D. Hatter is an sfw server where dreamers evolve to be achievers. We are an open community of people willing to grow and meet new hatters as part of our kingdom.
Wanna know what M.A.D. Hatter stands for? C'mon and join us!
Hello and welcome to sebi tv community server made by owner, so what kinda of this epic stuff is there to check in this?

let's check out!
- lots of emotes
- nice people and co owners
- ad your server
- lots of fun channels
- tupperbox (used for roleplaying)
and others!
come join now for fun!
Salutations to all. Serenis is a server created for the purpose of forming a Jack of all trades community. From general conversation to the latest memes, a place to showcase your artwork or polish your gaming skills. We shall claim it all. We await your arrival chosen few.
Are you interested in discussing about fine arts? Do you want to post your work (paintings, drawings, music, 3d, video etc) and get some feedback or just share your opinion with others?
We are for you mate! a server where we love chatting about contemporary and history of art, music, philosophy, museums, galleries, afairs and exhibitions we see!
There is a place for funny memes too!
Rejoins « La Taverne De L'artiste Titubant », un serveur FR qui allie plusieurs personnes tous actif et tous fan d'art, manga, comics, peinture, musique, photo, gaming. En plus, plusieurs concours sont organisés ! Nous sommes une communauté grandissante qui est vraiment active et toujours productive, alors n’hésite pas à partager tes créations ! Bref, viens nous rejoindre sur « The Park », et mets-toi bien.
Mais si ça va pas c'est pas grave
Hi! Random Hangout 101 is a safespace for anyone and everyone! LGBTQ+ supported, emos/scenes/goths/punks/andmore, Gamers, Otakus and other animefans, and so many others!
We have many things included here, such as:
-Anime Chats.
-Photography,art, and much more of the such.
And so much more! Join to find out all the fun there is here!
Hope to see you there!
~Nija(Owner) and staff team.
══🥀══| Artsville |══🥀══
The best arts server! Join now!

- Channels for everybody: painting, woodwork and more!
- Welcoming Community! You'll make yourself home in no time!
- Minimal Pings! You wont get pinged as much as in other servers! Self assign a role and you'll be good to go :)

Hurry up! The server will be glad to see you there
This is dedicated for Lain , the kawaii cat!
I made this to spread the adOwObleness of Lain , hoping to make a small community to chill and have fun in!
Lain is best cat , can't change my mind!
Welcome to TacoOfficial! We have lots of fun things to do such as fun bots, friendly staff, and more! Join the community and eat tacos! We also have fun facts that we say every day in a fact of the day channel. Thank you!
Design'Arts est un serveur de graphisme, montage, dessin, mais aussi de vidéaste et de streamer. Il permet aux créateurs de publier leur créations, ou d'en produire pour des menbres du serveur contre une publicité, ou même de l'argent.
Bonne ambiance au rendez vous, peu importe ceux que tu fais, peu importe ceux que tu es, tu as ta place sur notre serveur !
**Welcome to Skrifa !**


Skrifa in Icelandic means writing. This server was created for all and any writers who want to make friends who like writing, books, reading and having a good time. We are not dead, just small for now!

Here, you can find:

▬ Writers
▬ Friends
▬ A friendly environment
▬ Entertainment
▬ A new, but growing community

We hope to see you here !

This server is for "Bohemians". What that means can be rough. If you somehow generally fit under it though, you're welcome to join. This server is generally for "Bohemian" Teens, but as long as nothing weird happens, anyone is allowed.
Nous sommes des passionnés du savoir et de sa recherche, en toute discipline. Nous souhaitons établir un lieu de partage de connaissances, tout en s’essayant à une égalité des droits : c’est-à-dire former une politique juste au possible.

C'est afin de réaliser ce double idéal que nous souhaitons accueillir de nouveaux venus !
We are creators who express themselves through the arts, whether it's media, music, drawing & painting, acting, & more!
Our goal is to reach out to the people who think that they're not capable of pursuing what they love in the arts, & to the people out there who want to show the world what they got.
Hopefully, it all goes according to plan & we expand for more people to come & enjoy the beauty of art around them.
Its for anyone and Anything. Note: you may encounter people who may make you feel uncomfortable or grossed out. Note 2: The Servers Growing kinda slow!
Hello! And welcome to MAPPER'S CUP. Here you get to test your abilities on mapping and gain feedback!
A place where you can just breathe and speak about what you want to. To share some poem, drawings or text that you want to share. Or just have friends. We have an avocado church and a bulbasaure fanclub. Hope I'll see you ^^
- Discord'Arts 🎨 -

Discord'Arts c'est quoi ?

C'est un serveur communautaire unique, où se regroupe différents types d'arts ( musique, graphisme, montage et le développement)

Nous organisons beaucoup d'événements de concours, nous sommes à l'écoute de la communauté !

Avec notre communauté active et très sympathique 😄

Rejoins notre famille artistique !

Lien d'invitation ⬆️

Welcome to my pony town roleplay server.
I’ve seen there’s not that much roleplay servers for ponytown that base on all roleplays, or even being able to make any roleplays, they base one category.
I wanted to make one for everyone! Even for those lewd lovers.
So I made this server, hopefully it will grow and I can get reviews to make a better server for everyone.
I love you all and hopefully you enjoy this game as much I do.
If you need help with anything I am online most of the time, and I really enjoy helping! Thanks for reading!
Sunny Island - сервер, который имеет основную тематику - общения. Так же, сервер уделяет внимание участникам с различными хобби, чтобы каждый не остался в стороне.
На сервере мы имеет различные роли, адекватных людей, и просто приятную обстановку.
Будем рады каждому в нашем уютном доме, греющих лучей солнца!
**~ P I C U B E ~**

▪ Photography server!
▪ Minimal & Simplistic layout!
▪ User-friendly!
▪ Selfroles!
▪ Lighthearted and welcoming!
Shadow League, It's a server for gamers to chill and where you can discuss about other things such art, music, memes, anime, you can seach for gamers,
we have a bunch a gaming bots

we are planning to do a nitro giveaway when we reach 500 members.
We hope you enjoy your stay at our server!
Hey ! bienvenue sur le Nawak Club ! (≧∇≦)/
Nous sommes un petit serveur détente ou tu y trouvera facilement ta place ^^
hésitez pas a venir nous rejoindre si tu veut papoter , partager , ou jouer avec nous !\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ