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Its an open servers means open for all and join and talk new peoples about life and games or anything
***this is a social anarchy server***

What is “anarchism”? What is “anarchy”? Who are “anarchists”?

Anarchism is an idea about the best way to live. Anarchy is a way of living.

Anarchism is the idea that government (the state) is unnecessary and harmful. Anarchy is society without government. Anarchists are people who believe in anarchism and desire to live in anarchy as all our ancestors once did. People who believe in government (such as liberals, conservatives, socialists and fascists) are known as “statists.”

It might sound like anarchism is purely negative — that it’s just against something. Actually, anarchists have many positive ideas about life in a stateless society. But, unlike Marxists, liberals and conservatives, they don’t offer a blueprint.

One definition of “anarchy” is chaos. Isn’t that what anarchy would be — chaos?

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the first person to call himself an anarchist, wrote that “liberty is the mother, not the daughter of order.” Anarchist order is superior to state-enforced order because it is not a system of coercive laws, it is simply how communities of people who know each other decide how to live together. Anarchist order is based on common consent and common sense.

Don’t anarchists advocate violence?

Anarchists aren’t nearly as violent as Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. Those people only seem to be nonviolent because they use the state to do their dirty work — to be violent for them. But violence is violence. Wearing a uniform or waving a flag does not change that. The state is violent by definition. Without violence against our anarchist ancestors — hunter-gatherers and farmers — there would be no states today. Some anarchists advocate violence — but all states engage in violence every day.
we are a small server dreaming of becoming big,


we host fun events almost every Saturday!

we have plenty of bots and you can even suggest bots for us to add!

economy with a shop!

question of the day!

we accept everyone!

active leader!

airsoft talk!
Cherry Palace is a social community server that has mixture of different channels for sharing posts on cooking, art, games, anime, music, video's and other stuff. Each day new video's and pictures are posted and more things are being added daily.
Anyone and everyone can join. The server has a selfie channel and selfie roles. There is a ranking and leveling system on the server also. Overall Cherry
Palace has a mixture of things and it is a server that welcomes all.
Hey there my peeps! I see you're scrolling through Disboard for some server to join.
This maybe what you need. This is not a dating server, this is a community servers. We still allow flirting but there will not be roles for Age, Gender, location or anything that.

#1 - No Racism
#2 - No Sexism
#3 - No Homophobia
#4 - No Spam
#5 - No Disrespect
#6 - Any advertising results in an instant ban
#7 - Humour is allowed BUT no DARK HUMOUR. Keep it PG and mature.
#8 - Do not abuse the commands that are currently available. You will be banned instantly.

- NSFW Channel
- Bot Spam Channel
- Movie Night Channel
- Cosplay Channel
- Selfies Channel
- Role-Play Channel
- Music Bot
- Many VC channels
And so much more...

We are still in early stages of setting up the server as some commands are still available to most people with the bot. We're looking for extra staff incase we get raided too. Applications are open!
▦ ------ BarsVoidy [Official] ------ ▦
BarsVoidy is a growing community full of members. New updates, events, giveaways, QOTD & Announcements everyday! When you're on BarsVoidy you can't get bored. Check the Fun category! We have lots of features including:
- Listening to music :microphone:
- Economy (Based on a competition game, Leaderboards, Seasons, Season winners, Role incomes) :money_mouth:
- Economy games (Play lots of games on BarsVoidy) :moneybag:
- QOTD (Everyday, Question of the day!) :grey_question:
- Fan arts (Show your drawing skills, Draw fan arts, Get rated, Win prizes) :art:
- Giveaways (Giving away everyday amazing giveaways including some of the ranks) :tada:
- We have a minecraft Server! (Has many minigames such as: Bedwars, Skyblock, Survival & Factions)
- Pokemon (You can even play pokemon on our Server)
- Memes, Joke or related (Enjoy unlimited memes & jokes)
- Counting Channel (Everyone counts to the specific number given, And win a prize!) :1234:
- Staff applications (Well, I know it's not something full of fun, But what If I tell you we have a monthly promotion to all staff members?)
- Low pings/mentions
- 24/7 Staff Support
- Blocked Swearing messages
- Punishing Spammers

All of these features, Try them now in half a second by clicking the "Join" button. What are you waiting for? Join now, And try the fun.
A Gaurded safe heaven for gamers to relax and enjoy Minecraft @admins if server isn't working (Server can only have 10 people on at a time sorry ;-;)


Are you looking for a nice, fun and relaxing community? A community that barely has raids and toxicity, well introducing **Elite Society**.

The only server that appreciates server owners and gives them a community and server to talk with one another.

Looking for a Partner Manager? A partnership with a fellow server? An affiliation? How to grow your server? How to manage your server? Well, you've come to the right place!

**ɴᴏᴡ ᴏғғᴇʀɪɴɢ:**

➔ Large, active and friendly community!🔥
➔ Helpful and active staff! 🙋‍♀️
➔ Programs to help server owners make partners and grow their servers. 🕴
➔ 24/7 active chat. 🗣
➔ Active partnering at any time. 📡
➔ Custom bots and Server/Bot Developers. 🔋
➔ YouTubers and Twitch Streamers program. 🎥
➔ Events, MASSIVE giveaways and MORE!  🎉
➔ Free self advertising! 📈
➔ How to GROW your server, how to MANAGE your server and MORE! ⛏
                            🚨Join Today!🚨 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┙

*[Looking for active staff $ active partner managers]*

**Ping(s):** [ @everyone @here ]
:link: |
This is my server for friends and really everyone who wants a pleasant and chill experience! It would be great if you could, well join and help me reach 100 members or so! As said, it's a chill place and everyone is allowed to join!
Hello!~ Welcome to Divinity! We are a community server that offers a lot in terms of people's interests.

✿.。.:* ☆:**:. Server Bio .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

This server was created not too long ago, on the 27th of January 2019. This server consists of everything that a community server could need plus a lot more.
Our server tailors to what you want to talk about and what you would want in a server. We have a suggestion channel in order for you to pick and choose in what you would like to see within your perfect discord server.

✿.。.:* ☆:**:. What to Expect .:**:.☆*.:。.✿

In our server you can expect to find:
- A great and caring staff team.
- Anime and gaming channels for all different conversations.
- A way to suggest what you want inside of a discord server you would like to be in.
- We support server advertising with our multiple different channels!
- A great community who are accepting of whoever you are, LGBT to Furry, we love you all!
- Pokecord, Unbelievaboat, Mudae and so many more bots to keep you entertained.

We really hope you join our server and enjoy your stay!~
Chill Server and Join And Meet new People Plus Anybody can join long as you apply by the rules and play games with each other and have fun with the community
The Nexus Hotel is a community server that has a hotel theme to it. The hotel has inspiring staff and wonderful guests/members. Our main goal at the Nexus Hotel is to spread happiness and joy. There's always something for someone, if not you can tell our trusty staff to add in what your interest. We hope to see you there!
Inferno Guild is a friendly community server that has a mixture of many different channels for people to share pictures, video's and other stuff. It is a small social club that is looking for more members to join. The server welcomes anyone and everyone to check it out and join. It has minigames, leveling and ranking, daily pictures and more added each day.
A dating server where you can meet cool people and maybe find a love interest! Lots of roles and more to come in the future!~
Wir sind ein deutscher Hytale Community Discord und falls ihr Leute zum Zocken bzw Reden sucht seit ihr bei uns genau richtig ! Bei uns könnt ihr euch auch leveln in Discord also kommt vorbei
We are a growing gaming community server! We have lots of roles and places for gamers to interact!
We are Astounding LGBTQ+, A branch of the Astounding MLM server. We have tons of roles, channels, bots and things to do. Our mod team takes their job seriously to insure your safety.
We made this server so the internet has a place where lgbtq+ people can be safe, have fun and talk without judgment or harassment. We established the 5th of February, 2019.
What we don't allow:
-Trolls or raids
-Rude people in general
This server is a 3 in 1, This is a chill server, markerketplace, and gaming!!
We also partner anybody that dms us, and is recruiting staff!!
Also, the reason we don't have many online is because our old server got nuked.
Hello, welcome to The Adventurous Duo Fanserver. We’re here to support our good friend’s wattpad story and also have fun as a community. You can roleplay if you want to make your own adventurer, heck, you could even have your adventurer in he book if it’s good enough for it! We accept all people here and if the server gets too toxic just hit up an admin or the owner.
💕❤ ♡•.Welcome to Date Hotline .•♡ ❤💕

Features in our server:
💜A lot of fun bots.
💜Dating :3
💜Friendly staff.
💜★NSFW★ To be made soon.
And a lot more...
🖤Please join us in our server 🖤
🖤We have staff application open🖤
🖤 We've Music Bots 🖤
🖤And lot of other fun bots 🖤
This server has no specific category, it's mostly a place to hangout and advertise. We're Igtb friendly.
We offer everything we can:
Open for partnerships (No member requirements). You can scroll the servers channel to find other partners for your server.There are no partner ranks you can post your server anytime!
There are many bots that you can have fun with, though keep in mind some are just for moderation.
The servers staff is always open to suggestions to add a channels, bots or roles!
We're always looking for new Staff, Mods, Admins, just apply!
We ask that you not join then leave after you are done advertising your server.
We hope you enjoy our server!
This is a server where you can chill in with your friends, we have implemented gaming rooms so if you like to play games then this server is definitely for you. We have an automated ranking system based on how much you message on the server. We are very open about ideas to help make the server better for you. I know this is a type of server you see everywhere but all I am saying is just join and see if you like it and if you don't then you can leave and find other servers but all I am saying is just give it a try and it might be your favourite server to play on! Depending on when you see this, the server may still be under construction. Never judge a book by its cover - Edwin Rolfe.
Mainly to hang out with people from my servers, but planning on making this a server hosting job for anyone to buy a server and want a cheap but well made server.