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Looking for a newly made server with friendly idiots to chat to? You've come to the right place fella.
What else is there to say?
Just join and check yourself, we have good bots and a friendly albeit small community. You won't regret a thing trust us.
Here, we talk about country music, share our opinions (all with respect), and just have a great time in general!
I want to build a community, so feel free to join!
This server is a chill server and this server is full of great memes! You can go to #memes so you can watch memes there and stole the meme do whatever you like and its free you can join or dont join its up to you.
Hi! I'm one of the admins on Heavens's Hive

Come join us today! As we talk about funny stuff
We also host Movie nights! And sometimes roleplay with each other!!!

Come and join Heaven's Hive today as you won't be lonely anymore!!!
Welcome to the Post Office, we are a chill server with a big rp branch, we talk about movies, games, life. We are heavy into black ops and modern warfare universe, please follow our rules and be civil thanks for listening to my ted talk, enjoy your stay here and just relax
This is my Server ,,Azamis cuddle place!🥺💫’’
{German/English Server}
We have:
•NSFW channel
•Gif channel
•voicechats in diffrent ways (duotalk,triotalk,teamtalk, 99person talk)
Its a Fun and chill Server where you can chat and talk with our members!🐻
Its an anime themed server so many people on this server like anime (Weebs,Otakus).
Our members are very kind to everyone and we love to meet new persons!💓
I would love to if you would join my Server!💫💓
Hey there! Welcome to the Chaotic Union of Teenagers, or CUT. We are an accepting discord server that specializes in gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, and spontaneous card games. We have a excellent moderator team. Join today and enjoy some friendly games of Among Us on VC, have a good round of Cards Against Humanity, or play D&D with some friends online. Are you new or inexperienced in Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Dungeons and Dragons, or any of the other games we have in the server? Not a problem! Several of us here would be more than happy to teach you. We would love to see you here.
If you this server I can guarantee you that this is a cool server and that its a chill place to talk about your life and because of covid-19 I think you would be more happy if you were to talk with us.
Hey! Join this server to find new gaming teammates or just for chilling here! Discuss about games and other things here too!
This is a chill server created by me and my brother! With many fun bots and a huge amount of channels Follow the rules and enjoy your stay!
Please Join My Server, Ive Made Many Servers And No One Joins It. So This Is My Only Chance For Ton Of People To Join And Game And Have A Lot If Fun. So Please Join. It'll Change My Life. It Has All Types/Kind Of Games, Gaming channels and etc. Join.

Hey there! We are a chill server with over 100 members and we are a level 1 boosted server.

⟨⟨☕⟩⟩ This is a server made for chilling out!

⟨⟨🗣️⟩⟩You can talk to people, relax in a voice chat,

⟨⟨🤖⟩⟩or play a game with our fun bots and users!

⟨⟨❓⟩⟩But why else should you join? Simple!

⟨⟨🎉⟩⟩ We have giveaways almost daily

⟨⟨💲⟩⟩ We have server currency with a shop where you can buy roles, buy an "upload emoji pass", and much more!

⟨⟨❕⟩⟩ We have special events in the server like game nights, scavenger hunts around the server, level challenges, and much more.

⟨⟨👋⟩⟩ So what are you waiting for? Come on down and I'm sure you will enjoy your stay!
"A Vibrant, Warm, and Welcoming place. But also a Cold, Hollow, and Numb place. A place with no story. Would you help me to make the story?" This letters was sent out to everyone with no clues to who send it. There was only a picture of a city and an address to it. The city look amazing however, there were no people there. Whoever send the letters, they must be lonely, sad, and cold. The letter was not an invitation but a cry of plea.
Hey are you looking for a server to just chill an play some games with people well in my server we vc almost everyday we host movie nights an play variety of games and sometimes we just chill in vc and have fun talking, if you also need someone to talk to about issues you are having in your personal life the members are always there to help, so join today an lets have some join
Hello, and welcome to Adsumo!
Adsumo was founded by VenomMild in November 2020.
We are a Hangout Server, a Friendly Community! You can make friends, hangout with them and invite other people to chill with. Come join us!
We just made this for fun lol. You don't gotta join but we would appreciate it.
A normal vibe server, in the beginning everyone sounds a little toxic, but it's mostly jokes. Besides that, welcomed to anyone!
Bienvenidos a Mundo espiritual!, este server tiene como temática el mundo espiritual de League of Legends. Este server esta creado principalmente para que los diferentes usuarios (no importa su orientación y sexualidad, todos son bienvenidos) fanáticos de los videojuegos (aunque sea tematica de Lol, es un server para todo el publico gamer) puedan estar en un sitio tranquilo y divertido, ya que contamos con un buen Staff que siempre estará para lo que necesites, y una gran variedad de bots que harán mas dinámica tu estadía en el server.
Que esperas para unirte?, eres bienvenido!
Welcome to the Magician's Pub!! Here You learn how to be a great Magician while also hanging out with other spellcasters just like you I hope you enjoy your time here!!

- Grandmaster Pryce