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Drexs Lounge is a brand new server for people to just come and chill and have a good time and to just straight up vibe, make sure you join and if you trade with legit people.
This Server Is For Meeting New People And Talking With New People. We Have Some Bots To Make The Server Even More Fun For Everyone! The Server Has Excellent Moderators To Ensure That Our Rules Are Followed And That Everyone Has A Good Time.
🎸 . . a relaxing aesthetic server where you can make close friends & have fun
↳ minors only!
- chill staff ( 2 owners, 2 moderators )
- verification process, no trolls
- lgbtq+
- no toleration for hate
- tons of different people & interests
- member of the week & interactive events. ✨
This server is all about having fun and enjoying there time and making new friends. You could choose from variety of fun reaction roles and also join a clan. The sun and the moon, you can choose between one of them and go against the other team and challenge each other. Everyone is welcome!
• 30+ Server Boosts, Many Emotes

• A community with experience since 2017

• Variety of channels with much freedom

• A little bit of everything for everyone
It's a server where you just vibe, Me and my long time homie made this server just for fun it may get a little toxic sometimes but aye at the end of the day we all just vibing we also play roblox. Everyone is welcome we gonna start hosting game nights so be on look out for that❕
Dating Server/Chilling Server, If you want to find a lover join now! We don't tolerate bad personalities, FOLLOW THE RULES!
Even though we are a relatively new server. We have a lot to offer!

-💰 A working Economy
-A lot of memes 👀
-Chance to become an admin and staff 👨‍💼
-Your own Political Party!
-Chance to submit a bill and have it pass!
-RP wars
-Elections and Politics
-Art, NSFW, Anime, Games, etc
-Events for Games 👾
-Recruitment for Soldiers!
-A working Border to protect from raids
-A fun community
The Kingdom of Scandinavia is a mock government on discord. The current government is a Parliamentary Monarchy, but there is a chance to change that.
Chill and vibing server!

Meet new people and be vibing in the music channels ✨😎✌️✨
This server is for younger people who want to make online friends!
Things we have:
•LGBTQ+ friendly server
•A rant/vent channel for if you want support
•Music channels so you can be vibing with the rest of us 🤠
•Organised server
•Hopefully everyone is friendly

If you join us you will be welcomed by people who volunteer to welcome you all and you can introduce yourself with the introduction channel then go vibe and have a load of fun!

If you're shy, dont worry I (server owner) am too, so we will be in the same situation when we meet.

We are trying to keep the server as young people friendly as possible as so not to attract older people to make sure everyone is safe, mod and helper applications will be held sometimes and there are no specific requirements so you dont need to worry!

Love u all no homo ✨🗿✌️✨
We will try to keep it an active server for y'all that are looking for one!
Thank you for reading fr 💖💝💗💝💖
Hey, welcome to the Platinum Crew. We're a different server, we're like family here. Come hang out with us, I'm sure you won't regret it!
💎 Non-Toxic💎
💎 Dank Memer Giveaways💎
💎 Laid-Back💎
💎 Community-Chosen Events💎
💎 just vibing💎
💎 relaxed💎
join our server and grow with us! We’re respectful of others! And support each other as we grow! We’re active! And love to vibe out!
So come catch a vibe and join us❤️
Come share your mental disabilities and vibe. There are currently no rules so don't be shy to act tf up. And dont be jank and enter and leave smh
Hey friend, welcome to the vibing zone~
We’re all just chill people looking to socialize and vibe with others. Looking for friends and you’re kinda bored? Well join in! We got many channels to express yourself, loving staffs, many bots, and a big heart to share everything with ya.
So come on in! Make yourself at home, we got lots of love to give :p

16+ is recommended. We are a community that accepts all genders and sexualities and fandoms too 💞
Welcome to the Oreo gang, this is a place of gaming, meeting new people, and hanging with friends!! We welcome you to our world of chilling.
The kinda place you’d wanna vibe at. We’re a strange community trying to grow. There’s memes, vibing, stupidity, and much more at the crackhouse
hey! thanks for taking the time to consider joining our server. admins have worked hard to get things up and running, and finally it’s here!

we’re a brand new hangout server full of aesthetics and adorable emojis. 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘴𝘮𝘰𝘴⋆.࿐hopes to see you in our server sometime! :)
New Discord Server Looking for members!
A server where You can stay chill and vibe. 🏄
A server which is having weekly competitions! 🎉
A server which everybody is chill and nobody gets judged! 😎
We even have a original concept! COURT ROOMS👨‍⚖️
We host trials and have fun before banning people!
Join up today and start vibin!🤪
Come hangout with us, its a small server, but we have fun here, chill rules, chill people. Share your games, talk with other members of the community, and ask the creators if you have any ideas. were a growing server and welcome anyone!
this is a server where we vibe & game !
— 50+ emojis
— some pretty chill admins
— a dope ass owner
— man idk what else to put we just vibe and talk to each other
:cupid:--!^rp hackers
just join unless you're a little gay boy