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EPIC RPG Gladiators
We host epic rpg giveaways and have our own automatic reminder bot for EPIC RPG grinding!

What we offer:

-Epic rpg coin giveaways
-Reminder roles for EPIC RPG grinding
-Ping roles for EPIC RPG events (such as catch, fish, chop, and legendary boss!)
-Reaction roles and server level roles
-Server booster perks/benefits
-Leveling system
-Active community
-Active and Friendly staff
-Multitude of bots (EPIC RPG, Pokécord, OwO, Idle-RPG, Mudae, etc)
-Multitude of channels to play and chat in
-Music channels (Octave + Rythm) + Voice channel
Servidor de charla y partidas de rol en español y con acceso al idlerpg y
epic rpg, estamos dispuestos a añadir contenido adicional mientras sea coherente.
Esperamos que este servidor sea de tu agrado y te esperamos con entusiasmo.
Atentamente: Los Admins de Blue Souls
This server is a friendly server for you to have fun playing epic rpg and pokecord as well as to just chill and talk to others. There are weekly giveaways and a helpful support team. We are a small server trying to grow... Aiming for 100 ppls...
Welcome, young challenger!
𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒐 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒅𝒖𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒐𝒏!


We are a game portal! That means we let you play games (mostly RPG ones) on discord!

We currently have:

-Epic RPG
-Idle RPG
-Thunder RPG
You are able to recommend other bots we can use in the server!

Now challenger, come and Enter The Dungeon!

Simple Description:
> Our server has the greatest bots for gaming, moderation, music and others;
> Organized server, with a fair hierarchy system and personalized roles;
> A lot of cool emojis;
> SFW.

We're looking for moderators

we are a pokecord and epic rpg bot giveaway server we are also a tight knit community so if you you come youll be sure to make friends so come on and have a good time
Hello guys! This is my server ThePanClan. In this server, you can find:-
1. EPIC game bots like EPIC RPG and Dank Memer.
2. Nadeko leveling system with level up role rewards.
3. MEE6 moderation and music system.
4. Over 50 custom emojis including some nitro ones.
5. Many game bot currency giveaways.
6. Active staff.
7. Good server design and server template.
So, what are you waiting for? Join us now!
Our server consists of many bot games because we prefer playing more games. More games mean more fun to us. There is also an exclusive bot on this server. If you are really interested in playing IdleRPG, EPIC RPG and OwO bots, there are special roles for you to get yourself reminded for adventures, stealing, family events, hunts, battle, etc.
We will be very glad to invite you to join this server. As always, Cheers!🎉
This is The Merge!
We merge all sorts of things together into one server! Here’s what we offer:

-A kind and helpful community :)

-Self-made Grind Assist (auto-reminder) for Epic RPG-

-Banking system for Epic RPG-

-Special Events-


-RPG bots (Epic RPG, IdleRPG and Discord Dungeons)-

-Even More Bots (Dank Memer, Pokecord, and gambling bot)-

-Leveling System with role rewards-

-Self Roles-

-Mod Applications-

-Dedicated Spam Channel-



-Tons of Emoji-

-Counting bot-

-Epic RPG and Dank Memer Donations-

So what are you waiting for, come on and join! You have nothing to lose!
Nouveau serveur EPIC RPG !

Nous sommes un petit serveur assez peu avancé dans le jeu mais nous sommes actifs et nous progressons tous ensembles ! Suivant le succès du serveur, il y aura des giveaway réguliers.

Rejoignez-nous !
This server was originally created from devs on an amino chat. It is for people who showcased their talents to join and spread them there. We added games, and other fun stuff for people who don’t have to be subjected to talent to enjoy. Join, share ya talent, send pictures, play games, find others ☝️🤪
Welcome to Deliverance!!!
Wanna play with discord bots? Talk about games? Meet new people? Talk about anime?
We aim to have something for everyone, currently we have these bots...
-Epic Rpg
-User Phone
-Leveling system and roles(self roles and colors as well)
And still adding more
Come join us as we do our best to deliver you from your boredom
Not a very big server at the moment but looking for a few good admins to help change that
A friendly community of people all over the world! Have fun, but make sure to follow the rules!
Metete a Mala Junta para pasar un buen rato haciendo nuevas amistades,casi todas las noches nos metemos a chat de voz para compartir gustos musicales,24/7 jugando epic rpg los viciados de mierda
Join this server filled with bots! Send a request in a chat if you want another bot added in! We have lots of fun. Less moderation in this server so fewer restrictions to what you can do ;)
Sentient Planet

We're a community that is mainly created to make new friends and chill in your free time, we always chill with new members so that they can feel a part of the community.
We offer:

- Active Community
- Games: Dank-memer Epic RPG Unbelievaboat owo bot pokecord gamble bot and much more!
-Private rooms: basically your own secret channel you can choose to do whatever in it.
giveaways of premium accounts like Netflix hulu and other services (note: we dont giveaway nitro)
- Memes lots of high quality memes for your collection!
- Level system
-weekly winners: gets rewarded roles (the one with the highest level wins)
- Non-strict rules
- Fun roles and active staff
-Emotes: More than 50 Emojis and can be used anywhere with nitro
- Self-assignable roles
-Gaming Chat
-color roles
-And way more!
Make sure to join and find out!

— .+:。Cristo Rey .+

┏━ 🤍• Información •🤍 ━┓

Si buscas un server en el que puedas jugar a cualquier tipo de juego, hacer amigos o simplemente pasar el rato, déjame decirte que !Hoy es tu día de suerte!

Este server es principalmente de latino america , pero se pueden unir gente de todos los países, sois todo bienvenidos.༉‧₊˚
We are hoping to build a chill and fun community but also we are looking for competitive players on Call of Duty Mobile. We love anime, manga, music and MEMES too. We got many fun bots and offer a friendly and helpful staff. You think something is missing in the server? Just mention it in #suggestions and we will add it for you.
We hold contest and fun events every week! Come and check it out!
This sever has a lot of game bots I take suggestions on what other bots I could add. Maybe meet other players of your favorite discord bots.