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the limbo
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Dissedspinner Dissedspinner
Excellent server
This is a wonderful server everyones friendly the host is kind, Alot of opportunities to make friends, Incentives for bringing friends over. Its a great server and my main!
54 days ago
Field Marshal Robert Bingham Field Marshal Robert Bingham
A normie review but good enough
The server is full of active people which makes me feel a lot less empty when playing.
There are events, many events and if you are slow, you might miss it but no worry as they keep showing up continuously =))
You can also ask for coins which many people will definitely give to you
DON'T judge me Morning
54 days ago
beetlebum beetlebum
My Go To EPIC RPG Server
Absolutely would recommend this server since it's super organised and the people are active yet hella chill. Morningstar is absolutely daddy material and limbo/hell theme is the cherry on top 🤤
54 days ago
Idk what to name Idk what to name
Great server
Server of the best people, by the best people, for the best people. This server is the best because Shrizzle
99 days ago