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hey you there
Join my meme server because i want you too.
We have dank roles,dank channels,semi dank emojis and dank bots
Also get ready to be robbed because that also happens

This is a server where you can come and let loose. All types of discord bots for all your gaming needs. Stick around for a while and you'll level up as well to get new permissions and titles! We also have assigned roles and so much more! Make sure to stop by and at least say hello!

Depending on the demographic, might look into adding stat bots to check information on certain games through the server.
💸 Welcome to Dankmemer GIVEAWAYS SERVER! 💸
We do 1000-50k of dankmemer cash ever single day, so join us. We even do weekly giveaways and many other thing to earn money! As well we also do events. We have bots like pokecord and while we expand we add more. We love people with art skills and who can make art. We have jobs and active staff always there to help!

-Lots of bot
-Friendly staff
-Lots of roles
-Full or art and art users
-Strong rules
-Always adding new things
-Tons of emotes
-Weekly Lottery
-Daily giveaways
This server is organized, Good list of rules, Partnerships and more! Theres Level Rewards some fun bots including the Discord fast food bot, Dank memer, and Dyno! This server also has count up, Lyrics chat, and I dare you and also it has a photo gallery bypass a nickname bypass, a message bypass, a music bypass, And a Vip Chat pass! These are roles in the season 2 update I made 4/5/19
The kingdom of Slavery is a fun, safe and great gaming community. It may be small but we hope to grow into an forever growing community that is kind towards everyone who joins. Our primary focuses are Pokecord and Dank memer but if anyone can suggest a good bot we will add it. We listen to our community unlike a lot of servers and enjoy bettering our server. Hope you enjoy your stay!
We are robbers from Dank memer, We go to other servers to rob people and if we get rob, We rob them back.
The bot we mostly use is Dank Memer.
If you a robber, This server will protect you and us and we will rob other people

*If you try to steal from this server, you may be robbed back!*
a chill server for chatting and messing with bots
We have:
^multiple fun bots to mess with, including pokecord and dank memer
^a Roleplay category
^friendly staff
^a NSFW text channel (images are not allowed)
^a partnership category
^Spooky Stories
^an art channel
^and more
This is a game server with all kinds of Discord games. Just test them and be the best! You can also level up or listen to cool music, there are a lot of roles that you can achieve. Have fun and goodluck!
A community of people doing anything from gaming, to artists, to writers, and everything in between, you will surely find someone or something here for you to enjoy! If you want to be a part of a fun, friendly server, check us out!
-Two fully functional Music Bots🎵
-Extensive amounts of channels💬
•Arts and Writing
•Lots more!
-An NSFW section with a role requirement⚠️
-Bots to have fun with🤖
•Dyno Premium
• DankMemer
-Partnerships with anyone🤝
-Many more features being implemented every week!
If you ask for your own private channel. I shall grant it.
Welcome to ImdaguyGT's World, Come and Play with some of Our bots and Chat with Other social People here! :D
Welcome to Dank Memer Online.
Here you can:
- Gain coins for Dank Memer
- Post sweet memes in channels.
- Chat in voice channels
- Rob anyone to earn coins from Dank Memer
- You are enabled to listen music in server.
Note: This server doesn't cheat at all.
--- Hope you will join boiiiiiiiiiiiii! Anyways share this server with your own friends! Boiiiii Thanks!
Pokecord server for auctioning, catching, and just talking in general. We also have Dank Memer in our server if you ever need it. We will soon have giveaways when we have a couple of people! Be sure to invite friends!
Oof! Welcome, to the Savage Society.

*The home of savage intentions ~ 🖤*

**Users must be 16+**

**~~_; House rules_~~*

- **~~There are no rules.~~*

- *Our server isn’t for the weak minded or the easily intimidated. Savage is full of colourful personalities, the roasters, the realists, the banters, but not the easily offended.*

- *Don’t get personal. Don’t get affected by E-words. Learn to check yourself out of reality at the door.*

- *If you get owned inna roast, learn to handle it. Don’t lash out. Don’t rebel. Don’t run. Just deal. Everything’s fun in our battle.*

We are a **tightly fused society** which has been slowly growing over the years. We ain’t just randoms, we ain’t just E-friends, we family. We got each other always.
And we never shit inside the house!

Savage, homes people from all around the timezones. Looking to open up our doors and welcome new personalities to join our circus.

Our server houses channels for NSFW, Gaming , Music and Coin commands
We also have Dank Memer (who doesn't love dank memer)

So come on down and enjoy the banters, the roasts and games, and who knows you might make some new friends
Listen Up Fellow Memer
I've got a cool dank memer focused server
I'm planning on giveaways soon but only for dank memer coins
We have robbing and heisting
I don't mind talking if you experience any issues
I dont have any staff but I'm very active so I'll usually be able to respond quickly
Enjoy your stay and have a good one gamers!
Also Im new to owning servers so if you want to give me a hand or just some feedback or advice it's greatly appreciated and I'll make a role for people who do to show gratitude
I hate you but join Bc I need someone to talk to.
Join our server! We just started and getting set up!
Fun bots!
Great staff!
Great community! Join the fire birds today!
Welcome to UNIS, we are a chill school community who are constantly trying to improve it, we are also an educational server and we have fun games and bots. we are very open to feedback as we want to make this server the most enjoyable it can be, we also have active staff/technicians.
We are a totally normal server with totally normal things
-iraq invading
We just have fun being weird, we use a lot of the Dank Memer. It's all just a really fun time, let out you're weird side and make some awesome friends! Hope you enjoy. :)
meme spam
general chat
voice chat
are we toxic or not? u decide
A fun place to talk and hang out with the community! Daily Giveaways, A custom bot and more!