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『📌』Memers Crib『📌』
Welcome To Memers Crib

➼We are basically a Dank Server.
➼Rob & Heist is disabled.
➼You Get Daily Giveaways, Heist Events.
➼Weekly Lotto Events
➼Music & Fun bots to chill around.
➼Friendly Staff, Members.
➼Premium Server.

Join us Today!



Superior Staff, Superior Bots, Superior Server

:trophy: O U R F E A T U R E S :trophy:

● ● ● ● ● ● :cupid:
● 【:trident:】⁃ Trading Channels
● 【:gift_heart:】⁃ Daily Giveaways
● 【:trident:】⁃ Daily Rob Events (Heist & Failrob)
● 【:gift_heart:】⁃ Maximum Server Multi
● 【:trident:】⁃ Always Ready to Help Staff
● 【:gift_heart:】⁃ Friendly Community
● 【:trident:】⁃ Awesome Booster Perks
● 【:gift_heart:】⁃ Daily Pepec
● 【:trident:】⁃ Premium Server, Reduced Cooldowns!
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ┛

What are you waiting for? Join us now! You won't regret it.
Pepe's Playhouse is mainly focused on Dank Memer. Rob is disabled, but we do have friendly heists. We've also have daily giveaways, as well as weekly and flash giveaways- prizes can range from Dank Memer currency to useable items. Anyone is welcome.
𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗲 𝗰𝗮𝘃𝗲™ is a server started back in 2018, focusing on memes and bot games. Here's what we have to offer:

• 🐸 Dank Memer • Giveaways • Rob Disabled
• 🤖 Fun Bot Games • Pokécord • Automeme
• 📣 Free Advertising • Looking for Partners
• 🔢 Activities • Question of the Day • Counting
• 🏆 Level Rewards • Self Roles • Exclusive Chat

So why not join? There's at least something for you here.
the cool new bot server that has a lotta bots

Things in DANKERED
○Cool Bots 🤖
Like =
Dank Memer 🐸
Different Pokebots 👾
and many more.........
○Giveaways 🎉
○Cool Events ⛏️
○Lot of Channels to minimize chaos
and much more once u discover and surf around our server....

We are excited about opening this server and will be glad if u could join





Now hat are you waiting for ..Join Fast
__***Welcome To EPIC DANKSTERS!***__
Now a premium server!!
-----We are a dank memer based community with other bots to play around with

__***What do we have to offer?!??!***__

:mega:Dank Memer, Nitro, Free Boost, and other bot giveaways!

:mega:Tons Of Fun Events With Mudae And Other Things!

:mega:Great Staff (Very Friendly)

:mega:Our Fun Bots Include
1. Dank Memer
2. Marriage Bot
3. OwO
4. Mudae
:mega:So what are you waiting for?!?! COME JOIN!

Juul Cat is a chill hang out welcoming anybody willing to join and relax with relatable and fairly nice people! Chill in General or in one of our other many chats,

We offer:

Reasonably active chats

An NSFW channel for the classics-

An active owner

And a currency system, where you can play for colored roles! Come see who you meet, maybe you'll like us..? :o
Hi, there if you are interested in Bot games such as Dank memer, Pokecord etc... Well, you're on the right place.
200+ Users 20+ Bots Premium Server

What do we offer?
⭆We have daily heists everyday
(Highest Heist: 5 Million)

⭆Dank memer premium (Fast cooldowns)

⭆Daily Giveaways!

⭆Level Rewards.

⭆Our own lottery

⭆ Rob and heist disabled

Welcome to Kingdom of Gondor
Within our Kingdom you find.................
⚔️ Dank Memer Premium
⚔️ Dank Memer Giveaways
⚔️ Nitro Giveaways
⚔️ Homework Helper
⚔️ Friendly Competitions.
⚔️ Friendly Moderators
⚔️ Leveled Roles
⚔️ Rob and heist are Disabled!
⚔️ LOTR Community
Soldier, join the Kingdom of Gondor and together we will protect Middle Earth
Server Banner:
Looking for an active community server? You're welcome to The Gaming Empire Server!

A server always growing with constant new additions.

Minecraft Server Hosting.
Premium Perks.
Bot Hosting.
Ranking System.
Game Chats.
And More.

As a community-based server, anybody's welcomed.
Feel free to stop by!
{🎟} lotteries
{😂} memes
{🎉} giveaways
{🐸} dank memer
{💸} rob disabled
{🏦} heist disabled
{🙂} nice & supportive
{📱} self promote
{🎵} music
{🤘🏼} enjoy
Join Dank Memer Agents

-Dank memer based server
-Multiple Daily Giveaways
-Stealing/Heisting is disabled
-Special Roles for active people
-Dank memer marketplace opening soon
-Cool staff
-Growing Community (we just started)
This server is public server. You can chat her and play with you friends you can use fun bots like dank-memer, owo, ygg, casino bots.
Hey there, traveler! Take some time and join this server for Dank Memer giveaways and more! We have bots from OWO to idle-miner and giveaway bot items or currency! Since we have not reached alot of members, we have yet to do anyone rl currency giveaways, but when we get there, we might do Nitro and boost giveaways! Note: we HAD dank memer premium, but now we don't.
Tired and bored at home? Join ↬ Drip Flow ↫, a place to chill and relax with other people. We are an aesthetic server with many fun channels to mess around with, such as Meme of the Week, Boxing Ring, and Member of the Week. Here at Drip Flow we accept all members. Feel free to join and be one with the flow.
We are a server that is growing and is giving out dank memer coins. We are looking for more active members to help our sever!
Hello and welcome to inferno! Are server is chill and fun we do dank memer a lot and giveaways we love to hang out and are mostly online we include:

-exclusive roles for donating and hanging out

-almost always online

-if you use dank memer robbing is off

-we don’t exclude

-admins are up for hire

-very chill and nice emoji

-we would be happy to see new members joining

-please enjoy your stay

Thank you for reading.
Different discord games. You can message the owner if you want your discord game added.
Monthly Giveaways.
Dank (Rob and Heist Disabled Permanently)
Join our charity for coins, daily giveaways, weekly giveaways!!!
We are friendly and if someone would be toxic = BAN. We have disabled rob so your precious wallet can stay untouched.... Also we give people money like 10k or more. Donaters get daily coins as well as sponsors so what are you waiting for?
Want extra Dank Memer Coins? Then fee free to join this server and begin betting today! Robbing Disabled! So don’t worry about your coins getting stolen! And .... THIS SERVER HAS PREMIUM!