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Let’s Get Hyped ™

The Hype Zone is a great family friendly community for everyone to join! Our group has many things to check out.
What We Offer:

Great Staff 😇
A Friendly and Active Community 😀
Self Assignable Roles 🔵
A Family Friendly Community 💯
Memes 😂
Music 🎵
Many Fun Bots 🤖
Leveling System 🥇
Advertisement Channels 📱

Come on, and join! What are you waiting for? The hype is near.
Oof! Welcome, to the Savage Society.

*The home of savage intentions ~ 🖤*

**Users must be 16+**

**~~_; House rules_~~*

- **~~There are no rules.~~*

- *Our server isn’t for the weak minded or the easily intimidated. Savage is full of colourful personalities, the roasters, the realists, the banters, but not the easily offended.*

- *Don’t get personal. Don’t get affected by E-words. Learn to check yourself out of reality at the door.*

- *If you get owned inna roast, learn to handle it. Don’t lash out. Don’t rebel. Don’t run. Just deal. Everything’s fun in our battle.*

We are a **tightly fused society** which has been slowly growing over the years. We ain’t just randoms, we ain’t just E-friends, we family. We got each other always.
And we never shit inside the house!

Savage, homes people from all around the timezones. Looking to open up our doors and welcome new personalities to join our circus.

Our server houses channels for NSFW, Gaming , Music and Coin commands
We also have Dank Memer (who doesn't love dank memer)

So come on down and enjoy the banters, the roasts and games, and who knows you might make some new friends
Just A Server Where People Are Welcome To Join And Talk And Respect Each Other (or not).
This server is made for people who want to have fun.

server including
💸 Welcome to Dankmemer GIVEAWAYS SERVER! 💸
We do 1000-50k of dankmemer cash ever single day, so join us. We even do weekly giveaways and many other thing to earn money!
In this server ROBBING IS ALLOWED! Rob talk or even just have fun. We main in Dankmemer it self.
Dont like being robbed? We have another server without robbing!
Gaming/chill server looking for new members, we have lots of bots, vocal channels, giveaways, games and even nsfw
We give out free weekly coins on the main dank memer bot. When you get verified you will get a role, such as @worker. then, a weekly salary is given such as $5000
A growing memey server with channels for games, memes, and more. We have music and meme bots, and plan on adding more.
Come to us and trade for many things. We offer rewards like invites and currency.
___***The Virtual Cafe***___

***Who are we? We are a brand new Discord server that was just made on 3/9/19! We are looking for people who want to be in a community of socialists so they can meet, talk and make friends with each other. Right now, it’s just fun bots roaming around waiting for humans to interact with them virtually! You can help us by joining the server and help growing the community! In this server, we provide...***

___***Fun Bots***___
***📦 Boxbot 📦***
***🤣 Dank Memer 🤣***
***🛡 IdleRPG 🛡***
***😖 OwO 😖***
*** 🐭 Pokecord 🐭***
***🎵 Rythm 🎵***
*** 🥋 Tatsumaki 🥋***
***🌿 Yggdrasil 🌿***
***🤖 🤖***

***We don’t just provide fun and cool bots in our server, we also provide a whole lot of text channels based on different topics such as sports, art, animals and more! We love getting suggestions from our members and we want to improve! Please join our server using this link; and have a great time!***
Welcome to Synced, a community driven hangout! We accept all people, regardless of any differences. You can use our server to make friends, and just hangout with our friendly mods! We hope that you'll join us here at Synced! Have a great rest of your day ;D
A discord server for Dank Memer commands. After Dank Memer Dev added new rules where you could no longer do currency-commands like steal & bankrob, this server was made to reflect the old Dank Memer Dev server.

Rob & Get Robbed
GaMeR's LoUnGe

A friendly server that supports/discusses games. Join us! We have got some great bots and people to make friends with here.

Our server features:

:izakaya_lantern: Events
:triangular_flag_on_post:Cool roles
:video_game: Games discussions
:bulb:Place to advertise your server
:robot: Bots
:musical_note: Music
:underage: No NSFW

Games that we currently have on channels are

:gun: Call of War
:pick: Roblox

(and much more!)

Join us and have fun!
Small discord server with Pokècord and Dank memer
Like to play games ?
Want to meet new people ?
Well, what are you waiting for ? Join us and let’s create “rich” memories together 😂

➣| Lots of weekly giveaways!

➣| Active and Fast Growing Community!

➣| Variety of self-assignable roles; colours, genders etc

➣| Lots of people to meet!

➣| Looking for more Partner Managers

➣| Come join us now
we are a server with alot of stuff like dank memer bot coin giveaways we do alot of giveaways roles and stuff and we game we chit chat we have fun all here in the dank wild
the NSFW is optional. So this is a chat that NEEDS TO GROW! With your help it could do this? If you like to dick around and talk to people (mind you there Is little to none) anyways I don’t know what to put here umm just try it out? Partnerships open