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We have a channel for every Dank Memer command thing. Fun.
Small discord server with Pokècord and Dank memer
GaMeR's LoUnGe

A friendly server that supports/discusses games. Join us! We have got some great bots and people to make friends with here.

Our server features:

:izakaya_lantern: Events
:triangular_flag_on_post:Cool roles
:video_game: Games discussions
:bulb:Place to advertise your server
:robot: Bots
:musical_note: Music
:underage: No NSFW

Games that we currently have on channels are

:gun: Call of War
:pick: Roblox

(and much more!)

Join us and have fun!
A growing memey server with channels for games, memes, and more. We have music and meme bots, and plan on adding more.
This is a server. A clan on New clan, recruiting now. Cool ranks. Chill people. Fun server overall. Please join if you have any interest.
BRAND NEW SERVER! Only five days old and almost 50 active members. We are a small family who loves to joke around and have a good time! Come and join our little family and rob each other to bankruptcies 😈
hey peeps. wanna join a cool server were we have:
◙ very cool (not cool. just the good stuff) memes?
◙ tatsumaki, mee6, dank memer and more bots(in the future)??
◙ (very) weird emotes???

well, my friend, u this is that server. enjoy your selves
the NSFW is optional. So this is a chat that NEEDS TO GROW! With your help it could do this? If you like to dick around and talk to people (mind you there Is little to none) anyways I don’t know what to put here umm just try it out? Partnerships open
This is a meme server! It has alot of ranks you can earn if you are active, and 4 bots you can use! I hope you join and I hope you have fun, see you in the server!