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A friendly roleplay server! Create plots, make new friends and enjoy ^^
Server for Devil May Cry fans, from the hardcores to casuals.
Fairly active motivated community and crazy dmc-themed emotes, feel free to join us!
Come join this crazy party, let's rock!
Have you ever wanted to become a Demon Hunter like Dante and maybe even join Devil May Cry? Have you ever just wanted to be a demon and destroy everything? You can do that and much more, here.
This is a roleplay base server for the game Devil May Cry 5. It's brand new and still in the progress of being made but feel free to drop by and see if it's for you!
As of now, humanity isn’t as peaceful as you think it would be since most of the Qliphoths are gone, nope. Demons are still roaming the Earth, and the likes of Dante and Vergil aren’t there, only Nero. He’s gonna need a lot of help too. That’s why you all are here to help his sorry ass, right? Come on, let’s kick some demon ass!