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We are a Multi-series ROLEPLAY community looking for players. Featuring a fair-play system, with theme supporting franchises such as Bayonetta and Shin Megami Tensei series, appropriate to Devil May Cry’s demonic settings.
(SFW server, 18+)

>Demons! Humans! Witches! oh my!
>Canon characters currently available, OC count unlimited!
>Traverse and explore Hellscapes and Purgatories, alongside a diverse Mortal Realm
>Series Newbies and Veterans welcome
>Player-run economy; craft custom items and skills/spells
>Dice Combat Rp system without exp grind

What is the plot?
The Red Grave city incident. Such a horrific event left a scar on the minds of the people. Still, just as with the Temen-ni-gru, it was not easy to make the world believe in the existence of demons, or that they walk among us to this day.
You know the truth.

There are reports of rifts opening as the stability of the wall between the worlds wavers. Can it be stopped?

Or is it all just a matter of time before we are all hell walkers?
Friendly Roleplay server, with Canon Characters open currently, and oc's accepted.
-takes place after dmc5
-plot ideas can be accepted, just dm an admin
Time to kick some Demon Ass!

Two milleniums ago there was a war,
between the human world and the other,
the under world,
but somebody from the underworld woke up to justice,
and stood up against this legion,

His name was Sparda.
later he quietly reigned the human world,
and continued to preserve harmony until his death...

He became a legend
the legendary dark knight,

A friendly roleplay server! Create plots, make new friends and enjoy ^^
The demon Sparda, The Black Knight, defeating Mundus, ruler of the Demon World. Sparda manages to stop Mundus from conquering the human world by sealing numerous hellgates around the world. With a ritual requiring his own blood and the aid of a powerful priestess, he was able to seal the last portal, Temen-Ni-Gru. Sparda chose to remain in the Human World, where he established a religious sect known as 'The Order of the Sword'. Long after, he would fall in love with a beautiful, human woman named Eva, who would bear him twin boys, Dante and Vergil. The brothers, were each given half of a locket belonging to their father, consisting of a relic and a sword. Tragedy would befall the young boys time and again, starting with the murder of their mother at the hands of Mundus as part of his revenge against his nemesis, sparda. It has been 300 years since then and a new ban of hero’s have rises.
This server has many things to offer like:
•Good rules:We mean to keep you all in check and to give you a good rping environment.
•Tons of rp spaces:We mean a lot and a bunch of out of rp spaces to hang out in.
•A fun owner:I’m always going to be on in this server, so please ping me if ya wanna rp any time.
•Cool admins:We are cool with people trying to join the admin team but you have to either go to the owner.
•A nice training system so some people aren’t broken off the spot.
•And You!!!
So please come down to the House of hell if you want to kick some demon ass with us!
Server for Devil May Cry fans, from the hardcores to casuals.
Fairly active motivated community and crazy dmc-themed emotes, feel free to join us!
Come join this crazy party, let's rock!
As of now, humanity isn’t as peaceful as you think it would be since most of the Qliphoths are gone, nope. Demons are still roaming the Earth, and the likes of Dante and Vergil aren’t there, only Nero. He’s gonna need a lot of help too. That’s why you all are here to help his sorry ass, right? Come on, let’s kick some demon ass!
This is a roleplay base server for the game Devil May Cry 5. It's brand new and still in the progress of being made but feel free to drop by and see if it's for you!