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Two milleniums ago there was a war,
between the human world and the other,
the under world,
but somebody from the underworld woke up to justice,
and stood up against this legion,

His name was Sparda.
later he quietly reigned the human world,
and continued to preserve harmony until his death...

He became a legend
the legendary dark knight,

A friendly roleplay server! Create plots, make new friends and enjoy ^^
Welcome to The Devil's Chamber a Devil May Cry server where demons and the occasional rogue angel lurk. All fans young and old are welcome.
Centuries ago, demons had plotted to take over and try to rule the human world, but one of their kind in response rebelled against their own. This ballsy one was named Sparda, and came to be known as the Legendary Dark Knight that saved the humans from certain destruction. Years went by and he had two sons with a human woman named Eva. These boys were twins and they were named Dante and Vergil.

They were destined for greatness, but not in the ways that their parents thought. Eventually, after many years from the passing of Eva and most likely Sparda too, Dante had made it his mission to kill demons just for the sake of it, but soon then had decided to take up his father’s mantle. He swore to be the protector of Earth and he met many allies along the way. Nowadays he’s sort of just a lazy bum waiting for some action, but that’s about to happen very very soon...