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Welcome to Duality!
Here, you can find people and resources to lighten your spirits with fun stuff, cool crafts, and kind, thoughtful support and advice.
And you can find other members and channels that cater to your darker interests—sex, gambling, and rock-and-roll...
Call Meh Crap Squad

The group that's starting to become relevant again! joy

We have some things that other groups don't have like-

Ree only chat

Swear only

And cursed images!

I won't give my opinion, but you can give me yours.

Hey! Welcome to confessions where you can confess your deepest desires, the pervier the better!
Come tell us the darkest corner of your mind hehe.

An 18+ server for the good bits. You gotta write an introduction to get verified.
This is a new server that is for people who feel like they need to confess something, no matter how messed up it is you will not be ridiculed or banned.