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A very friendly server with amazing people with different interests.
Good for relaxing and just hanging out
a froggy filled gaming/chill server filled with retarded teens and abusive admins. join at your own risk.
Welcome all to the server, this is a server made by teens for teens so you should be able to fit in easily. Its pretty active but why don't you join and make it more active.

WaterFang: 🥳~<This Server has lots of channels to help everyone connect with each other and make new friends. We also have some bots that make the server more entertaining. This is a curse free server where everyone will hang out in peace. >~🥳
Our server has Nekobot + Pokecord, friendly community and top shaggers.
ZeduHow is an online informative community consisting of a growing database of how-to guides in technology, education, and business for young entrepreneurs. Founded in 2017 by Internet entrepreneurs from ZeduHow Team, the website aims to create the world's most helpful how-to instructions to enable everyone in the world to learn how to use technology tools, apps, and educational resources. At ZeduHow we simply resource so everyone can understand and use them in everyday life or education. Technology simplify, explained step by step. We are aiming to be soon, an open source, self hosted community sharing the knowledge and support.
Join the Club penguin discord!
🐣 We are a new server, and free staff roles are available!
🔞Kid friendly server! NSFW content is unacceptable.
😀Pretty active server!
💓friendly and welcoming community!
We are a new server looking for more servers! We make decisions via voting and a friendly towards all ages and genders! We hope you join and please enjoy your day!
This is a discord server with no profanity, but you can basically do whatever.
This is a dead ass server. If you want to join and spam it go ahead. Just join it cuz some people in here need friends dead ass.
this is a chill server but we only have one rule and it is
1. smash subscribe... what we gonna do smash subscribe!!!
well if you want we can play fortnite
if you are a normie dont come
The world fullfilled with kool kids!
^^^^^^^^^^^┍━━ :100: ━━┑^^^^^^^^^^^
Welcome To
┕━━ :100: ━━┙

This is a server for the group Stray kids!

~What We Have Here!~

Friendly Staff and Members!
Assignable Roles For Each Member!!
Group Voice Chats!
LGBT+ Friendly!

We’ll See you there!

Owner: NCTea#5083
Co-Owners: ˜”*°• Fallen_angel•°*”˜#0961
This server is for people under the age of 16 and likes to stream.
Do you like video games? Do you like memes? Well this is the perfect place for you. We just chill and play some games and talk about memes. Hope you join us!
This Server Is For kids Under 13 To Chat! And more!

Everyone never Made it. So I made It. Because Is for kids from 9 to 13 When You Get 13 You are allowed To Participate Other Servers That is Not for kids.

Note: Parents And teachers Can Join..