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Here you can find people to play Rocket League with and have fun ,

we are looking for positive people to join PoweredUpGaming discord server

We got few streamers there so if u want to stream with us or just play or be part of a stream then you are most welcome ! :)

Main Location of players:
- US (we have few EU players tho :) )

1. Be friendly
2. Don’t post NSFW content or get instantly BANNED (server for all ages)
3. Enjoy !
A discord server for an upcoming Rocket League Site called RL.Supply.
Then withdraw your coins!
Sleepless Kyru's community!

This server is dedicated for the YouTuber Sleepless Kyru! We are mainly about Rocket League, but we enjoy other games of course!
We are veteran server which is about teaming up to play Rocket League in a fun friendly way
We have giveaways , tournaments , clips competitions with very nice prizes...
Black Markets for wining tours
20keys prizes for clip competition.
Hello! I'm Imperator and I run a small discord channel that's sole purpose is to create a fun enviroment for people to hang-out and meet new friends. We plan on doing giveaways, prize tournaments, and maybe even a league depending on how many people we get and how many are willing.
Rocketeers is a Rocket League server with the purpose of providing the community with weekly tournaments that are cross-platform, giveaways, helpful utilities like an easy-to-use team finder and just a helpful community in general :)
Team Arrow is a server dedicated to bringing a welcoming and warm community for gamers of any game or any platforms.
We tend to tournaments with prize pools to make sure those with skills are not looking at their worst!
We focus on Rocket League for the majority of our tournaments with the largest prize pools but will eventually run tournaments for as many games as possible.
Hello, i am a new Content creator. And this is my discord & community.
Link -
Laid back server where you can find teammates, get tips, trade, and show off your best plays.
Discord server for iNSTiNCT RL. A public discord for players to trade, find groups, and more.
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This server is meant to connect the Rocket League community so that everybody can have a great time!
Kami adalah komunitas dengan satu tujuan untuk mengayomi, mendukung dan mengembangkan kancah Rocket League di Indonesia. Cita-cita kita untuk membawa nama Merah Putih ke panggung tertinggi di dunia.
Walau kita berbeda-beda, kita tetap satu. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika! Jadi jangan ragu untuk bergabung dengan kami! Selamat datang di Rocket League Indonesia!
A Rocket League centre, come find new friends to play with! We are friendly and enjoy RL. The server even includes a Clan system! Anyone is welcome, if you're casual or a highly competitive player, it doesn't matter.
This server is a server for rocket league to find your best teammate And get to a new level. We support quick play teams, competitive teams, And even freestyle teams. Find your new rocket league buddies on This server