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We are a competitive Rocket League team looking to build an ever-lasting relationship between our team, content creators and YOU! We host exciting weekly tournaments (Prize Pools coming soon) to help out your RL skills as well as our main priority being making sure that you have an amazing time! We also have high-level players who are always willing to help out: YOU!
Brand new non-competitive based Rocket League community server!

• We have LFG!
• We have community support!
• We have trading (coming soon)!

Help make a change and grow this new foundation!
Invite Link: HCKfJZf
Just a server that I felt like making. I can't trust that you'll live very long in this world.

This builds upon the original Rogue Lineage with a Custom Lore built in. People like Tal and Ratriel do not exist here.
We are a Rocket League tournament and league server here to bring you enjoyment, fun and prizes.
We are an Esports Organization formed in January 2020 specifically for Rocket League with plans to expand to other titles and become a household Esports name.
We are a rocket league/community server, we have a lot of other games and a lot of fun so come take a look!
Aerial_51 is a server for competitive rocket league players of all ranks to find other players of their rank to play rocket league with.
We’re a friendly server of rocket league players of all ranks and we’re looking for more players to join us! We have a lot of high rank players and are looking for more lower ranks to join us but any rank is welcome, we hope to see you soon!
We are veteran server which is about teaming up to play Rocket League in a fun friendly way
We have giveaways , tournaments , clips competitions with very nice prizes...
Black Markets for wining tours
20keys prizes for clip competition.
Name: Sparkling Water RL
Rank: Any
Region: Any
Platform: Any
About us: We are a very casual community for rocket league players. Join here if you don't want to put up with toxic teammates and want to find a solid group to play with everytime you hop online :3
Dm me for the link <3
Sleepless Kyru's community!

This server is dedicated for the YouTuber Sleepless Kyru! We are mainly about Rocket League, but we enjoy other games of course!
Le serveur Rocket League est un serveur chill et très sympathique. Ici vous pourrez retrouver du trade et chercher des teamates pour ne pas rester seul. Amusez vous bien sur un serveur où les modos sont présents 3/4 de la journée. Merci
Sei in cerca di coaching per affinare le tue abilità su Rocket League? Su Crosswind lo troverai gratuitamente e per qualsiasi rank!
Welcome to the server Rocket League Trade🎉

This server is specially dedicated to Trade on Rocket League ⚽

The goal is to bring together a community of players interested in the Trade of items on Rocket League🥇

Thank you for reading our presentation, don't forget to check the rules if you haven't already done so ✅
The Goal:

Merch City is a growing esports team that will participate in different esports leagues and tournaments. Right now we are currently focusing on rocket league. As we are trying to grow, we will be creating other teams in other games. To get more information, check #📢announcements. We are looking for players that want to play rocket league professionally. We are trying to find a team of players that want to represent merch city in leagues and tournaments. To join us, you can check the chat #✅how-to-apply.

What we are offering for the Rocket League Players:

- A community to play rocket league with.
- A chance of getting in the Merch City 2020 Rosters.
- A chance to enter professional league called the IGL (Indy Gaming League)
- Participate in scrimmages and tournaments within the clan.
***If you don't intend to stay then please don't even join in the first place! It's seriously getting on my nerves!!**

I am looking for females that are willing to let me instruct them on how to pose for nude photographs of themselves and send them to me. If you're male or not willing to do so then you'll be asked to leave. There is no merit in staying here without verifying as you will not be able to see any of the channels. You will have 2 hours upon joining to verify.
Cette annonce peut-intéresser

La Engel | eSport recrute !


→ Team Française, Canadienne et Belge
→ Tout nouveau serveur
→ Nos jeux :
Rocket League,

→ Bonne communauté discord
→ Organisations d'events (tournois G4G, ShowMatch...)


→ Joueurs Rocket League minimum c1-c2 0/12
→ Joueurs Fortnite minimum ligue champion 0/10
→ Joueurs R6 minimum OR 5/10
→ Monteurs vidéo, 0/1
→Streamers commentateurs (de tout les jeux) 2/3
→Coach bénévole Rocket League 0/2
→modérateurs 2/3
→ Joueurs, Pc de préférence


→ Être mature et avoir minimum 15 ans.
→ Ne pas trash
→ Avoir la volonté de réussir

Nos futurs projets
→ Avoir un maximum de line-up Grand_Champion (RL)
→ Avoir une line-up Champion (R6) et (Fortnite)
→ Faire des LAN (tout les jeux)
→ Avoir nos propres maillots
→ Avoir notre propre logo

Pour nous contacter

→ Pour faire un échange de pub
→Pour des partenariat
Hey! C'mon in here!

Here you can find people to play Rocket League with and have a stellar time! Love Pokecord? Then you aren't going believe all the Pokemon our "Poke-master" has! Don't worry about beating him ;) but he will help you become more powerful if you ask!

We are always helpful and friendly and if you need more people like that in your life then we want you to join PoweredUpGaming discord server!!

We welcome streamers here and stive to help them grow! Come! Stream with us, play or just be part of the crowd as we suport each others stream! You are most welcome here! :)

Main Location of players:
- US (we have EU and OCE players too :)

1. Be friendly
2. Be helpful
3. Don’t post NSFW content or get instantly BANNED (server for all ages)
4. Enjoy !
Brand New RL (Rocket League) server where you can find and meet people of similar ranks or completely different ranks. We only have a few people but are a very well set up server. The first handful of people with receive a special role that nobody else will have.
Just a regular ol' Rogue Server, with the canon map and countless extra things to do in both Gaia and Khei.

This is a work in progress. Most of the Map of Gaia has been made, excluding the Sky Castle and Tundra. I have no idea what else to put here.

~ Garlicman.#8241