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HonoLuLu est un serveur qui vous permettra de discuter et de faire de nouvelles rencontres, vous pourrez parler d'animés, de musiques ainsi que jouer à Brawlhalla ou encore Plato avec nous (Soccer Mini golf Pool principalement).

Un tournoi plato sera organisé chaque week-end sur un jeu différents à chaque fois, le gagnant remportera un grade spécial ainsi qu'un cadeau de la boutique équivalent à 1000 pièces.

Le serveur dispose de bots musiques mais également de mini jeux. Anciennement serveur privé nous sommes peu nombreux, rejoignez nous !

Este es un chat para la comunidad hispanohablante del videojuego Brawlhalla. Este servidor incluye canales de texto y voz, eventos, encuestas, novedades y mucho más. Actualmente contamos con más de 350 usuarios. ¡Únete!
A community of gamers, and real life friends.
Join us today for a better gaming experience!
— ʚ Vertigo ɞ
sfw 15+, chill & organized community

❝ self roles, colors, and polls
❝ boosting perks and giveaways!
❝ movie night, games and memes
❝ anonymous confessions
❝ 200+ best emotes no cap
❝ quick partnerships

join now and boost us! ღ
__**Welcome to the Wallhalla Community Server!**__

----- ABOUT US: -----
We are a Wallhalla community server that is growing exponentially and we would love for you to become part of us! We wanted to create a server without a toxic environment as well as give people a place to chat, have fun, and relax without having to deal with any trolls or bad people. We would appreciate your feedback so that we can make our server better each day!

----- WHAT WE OFFER: -----
> Our very own tournaments!
> Upcoming clan!
> Weekly events, such as, Kahoot, and movie nights!
> A variety of different self-assignable roles to choose from!
> Music Channels!

-------> **AND WE ARE LOOKING FOR...**
> - Partners
> - Staff
> - Nitro Boosters
> - GFX designers
(DM @Whiood#0001 for more info)
Oh Hey there, wassup buddy. do you want a active server to socialize? here we represent you THE DENK VILLAGE (ik its dank but denk looked more cool) we have pokecord, friendly people, and many other things so... JUST HOP IN JOIN MATE
This is a public gaming server where you can meet other gamers and play together please don't be toxic and enjoy meeting new gamers!!
thx for joining and you are very welcome in here gamer
Hello there. This is a server for people like you to play Brawlhalla with other people and chill with some cool bots. Currently, we have different players with different ranks, as high as Diamond. We are a small group of friends but we would love to see some new people in our server.

Things we offer:
-Kind and helpful staff, mods and admins
-Organized channels
-Channels for training
-Players of every rank, that are active
-Anti raid system
-Many bots to use
-Many obtainable roles
-We also allow gifs
Clan: Las Wachas
Region: Any Region
Creation Date: September, 25, 2019

About the Us
The Las Wachas is a fun and active Brawlhalla and Minecraft clan for both language of Spanish and English. we allow any one to join this server for the fun of it. We wont have a problem with you joining the server as long you're not breaking any of our rules.

What do we offer

-We offer Clan Battles for People who are 1680 elos or higher.
-We are soon gonna start a tournament public for any that wanna join (Basically on June or something)
-Our Staff and Clan Leader will be active to answer question and more
-We have Gaming Bots Just In-case if you ever get bored of our server
-Brawlhalla Channels for Sparring and Conversations and also soon we will have mentors for people that are new to the game
-We also make Clan Montage for people that is in our clan

There isnt any Requirements

What else you should know?
This is a chill brawlhalla clan that were theres no toxicity or cursing and its mostly active during the day. I hope you can join this awesome Clan.

What are you waiting for!?!?!? Join Now!!!!!
Grupo enfocado a los que buscan personas para hecharse unas partidas de algun juego, tenemos canal donde anuncian ofertas de juegos free en steam,epic games, humblebundle, etc.
[13+] We're Community Initiative, a growing & active group of people who love everything internet from memes, gaming, art, & socializing! We play all sorts of games, have community events, and are LGBTQ+, and fandom safe! So come chill, have a good time, and get to know the Community Initiative family!
כפרות תכנסו לשרת הישראלי של בראול הלה הראשון יש לנו הכל
-אנשים ישראלים
-מאמנים ישראלים בבראול הלה
-כיף וצחוקים
This is the only server on Discord, all these other ones are just jokes to get you to not join the real server.
╔═════。 ••。。∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘。。••。 ══════╗


☞ Torneos Diarios
☞ Interfaz de servidor cómoda
☞ Miembros y comunidad amigables
☞ Muchos juegos para jugar con amigos
☞ Variedad de roles a elegir
☞ Noticias del juego que quieras
☞ Admite creadores de contenido
☞ Memes y diversión


ツ |Brawlhalla - |CS:GO- |Fortnite - |Minecraft - ツ
ツ |League Of Legends - |TF2 - |Zula - y mucho mas. ツ

☞En nuestro servidor contamos con 3 BOTS propios programados por @u/Velikaz
como Noctis y Ryuk
☞Y uno programado por @Wolf | O.S que es @Wolf Security

☞ Bienvenido y pásala muy bien en el server

☞Para unirte a esta bella comunidad de Brawlhalla únete mediante la invitación
permanente: ツ ツ
☞ Ping: /
☞ gif:

╚═════。••。。∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘。•• 。═════╝
Hi, in this group , you can chat with friends , play with them and even climb up together! Here, you can do anything (appropriate) and we will add games if you want.^ ^
if you are looking for an italian server where there are people who play with you in brawlhalla then this server is for you but obviously there is no shortage of bullshit moments
If you are interested in what we are about, keep reading. The Aver Gaming Community is a gaming group that aspires to become well known with help from both the owners and its supporters. The intention when this group was made is so that we can influence people that never played games before to start, persons that are new to games to become better and to form an official team. New games can and will be added due to how many people support the game. With this being said, on the side another objective of this community is for everyone to meet new people,interact and have fun!
This a server made by daviddepanda just for fun and creating a community to share stories with since he is very lonely.