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Here you can talk & chat with everyone. We have active administration and only usefull bots!
Serwer został stworzony by móc zbliżyć polskich graczy Brawlhalli do siebie, znaleźć kogoś do wspólnej zabawy, wymieniać się artami i wiele innych!
Przede wszystkim rozwijać polskie community!
Tutaj macie możliwość się spotkać i pograć ze sobą i również zdobyć jakieś nagrody związane z Brawlhallą i poza nią. Więcej was czy też większa aktywność to i więcej nagród, zapraszamy wszystkich! :)
Gamers grotto
This is a server for those who enjoy playin games, making friends, and hanging out. Even
though it's more focused on gaming, we talk about everything! We're a laid back server and believe you can say whatever you want but we don't condone disrespect. That being said come on in and enjoy yourselves!

We have:
⭐️Fun and useful bots
⭐️Leveling systems
⭐️Constant giveaways with prizes varying from (whatever's being given away)
⭐️Active vcs and no mic chats for those who don't like to vc
⭐️Karaoke nights as the server grows larger
⭐️Lots of self assigneable roles and event roles such as roles for those who boost
the server, member of the month etc.

Join today and make new friends!

Dont forget to leave a review! :heartpulse:
A small server that likes to play games! We like playing games like brawlhalla, osu!, killing floor 2, cs:go, don't starve together, rust, team fortress 2, and more! We have many bots like pokecord, IdleRPG, and rythm. If you are bored and just looking for fun join us!
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.
Friendly community. Primarily brawlhalla but also a general gaming server. Stoner + LGBT Friendly
A cool place with plenty of people that like all sorts of fun things. You'll be sure to find a place to snuggle into with our community. Welcome to Baseball Bat!
🌊Bien le Bonjour jeunes gens🌊
➕Je vais vous présenter mon monde en peut de temps➕

NarvaLand est un serveur discord ou tout à un rapport avec l'eau, les poissons, l'océan car bon je m'appelles pas Narval pour rien
Comme des poissons pour se divertir on a des mini commu sur des jeux
💧Apex Legends
Et bien d'autres.

En tant que fondateur je choisis les modos / admin expérimentées sur discord donc si vous voulez foutre le zbeul c'est pas ici, et aussi nous avons un gérant des bots expert.
Nous possédons les roles
( et autres)
Si tu est intéressé à nous rejoindre je t'invite à venir
Le serveur est resent donc on est pas beaucoup ça me ferait plaisir que tu restes un peut qu'on tape une causset te autour d'un verre
En plus je recherche Modo et Partenariats donc bon 🤔

➕À Beintot ➕
🌊-Narval et l'équipe de modération 🌊
Welcome to the New Arborly Gamers server! This is a gaming/chatting server!

We have!


•Links to Free games!

•Gaming classes!

•Residental DJ!

•Friendly people!

•Advertising any youtuber or streamer!

Hope you enjoy!
Hello and welcome to SuperPlay, This server combines the DC and Marvel universe and guess what? you can have characters of your own with your very own unique powers, backstory, abilities you can also roleplay as a canon character but only on my permission though. Sorry, but this is done to avoid the server from being clustered with Canon characters. Everyday, a supervillain showdown will happen where an OP villain would appear and you guys would have to team up to defeat it. You can earn virtual bucks on defeating them and then use those money to buy various goodies like Extra power cap, stamina, velocity 6/7/9/12, Power level and so much more. Those OP villains would be played by either the Admins, the event organisers or me myself. Have a lotta fun!
on fait du overwathc r6 bh et surtout nous somme conviviale
souvent en voc peux a l'ecrit
avec une maintenance constante
This server is a funny ass server made for 2 games: Brawlhalla/Paladins . Also a Community server for anyone, looking for partners! Also a choice of roles that you can pick for your country!

Link: If the link doesn't work, dm me on discord sw0shy#9312
Literally a bunch of weebish teens that play games like Brawlhalla. We're pretty active on vc but like dead on text chat.

Join us if you wanna have fun!
Clan : M3L33
Region : Europe & North America
Platforms : PC, Playstation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch

Hey Everyone! If you're reading this it probably means you're looking for a Brawlhalla Clan to join, luckily you're in the right place! Let me tell you a little bit about M3L33 :)

M3L33 is one of the Oldest & Largest Brawlhalla Clans. We are a "Multi-Tier" Clan meaning we have multiple clans where the players are divided by Skill Level, we have 5 Clans in total (M3L33, M3L33 NA (North America), M3L33 PLUS, M3L33 Academy, M3L33 Juniors) M3L33 for the Top Level Diamond Players and M3L33 Juniors for players who are new to the game but still want to join the Community. As you improve as a player you will be promoted to the Clan above which will put you with players who can further improve your skills.

[ELO Requirements]

M3L33 : 2000+ ELO
M3L33 PLUS : 1750 - 1999 ELO
M3L33 Academy : 1500 - 1749 ELO
M3L33 Juniors : Below 1500 ELO
M3L33 NA : No ELO Req (Yet) North American Players Only

We are both a Casual & Competitive Clan as we love to host Events & Activities for our players, as well as playing Ranked Clan Battles every week against other Clans in the DBL Clan Battle League! We usually organise two Tournaments a month on average and play in at least one Ranked Clan Battle per week. We also have our own "In-House Clan Battle League" called the M3L33 League which allows every player in the clan no matter their skill level to be able to play in Regular Clan Battles! (All Clan Members no matter their skill level can receive coaching/tips/advice from our In-house Coaching Staff)

We also host other types of events that aren't strictly Brawhalla Related such as Game, Movie & Anime Night!

In order to get a Tryout, you must meet the following requirements:

- You need to be able to play on EU or NA Servers
- Decent English Language Ability
- Join our Discord and fill out the Application Form
- We are very strict on TOXIC behaviour so a nice personality

You meet the requirements and want a Tryout? Perfect! Join Official M3L33 Discord , go to #how-to-join and fill out an Application Form. Once completed, you'll be contacted by one of our staff members and they'll give you further instructions. We'll see you soon! :D

Good Luck!
Actuellement le discord français de Brawlhalla le plus actif et peuplé, nous organisons régulièrement différents événements afin de vous faire gagner des Community Colors et autre!
Vous recherchez des partenaires de jeu, un mentor ou tout simplement des personnes avec qui discuter? N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre!
Brawlhalla central is a brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments, gives prizes of all sorts, and has major fun events! tournaments usually consist to 20-40 players on average and usually last 5-9 hours long. We also stream all events and even have fun "featured player" streams where anyone can fight you on stream! so what are you waiting for? join Brawlhalla Central!
This is a server made by both Juan and his wonderful friends. Here, JuanGamer554 is a twitch streamer, and so is the rest of our team! In here, you can tell when he streams, what he plays, and even recommend other games for him to play!
𝗪𝗲 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲...
- Channels for all sorts of games
- Voice Chats for all kinds of purposes
- Strange and yet enjoyable text channels to be a part of.
Hey Brawlers!

What's your ranking? Are you Gold, Silver, Bronze or even Tin?

Well that's ok because we accept everyone! This server was originally for noobs but we are now opened to PLAT and DIAMONDS players. There is just a little restriction for the Diamond players: you can join but only if you aren't a salty player, an asshole or if you want to ba a mentor.

Self-Role assign with!
Gerard, the Brawlhalla bot is here!
MEE6 and his ranks appeared!
Turn on the music with Vexera!
Wanna free stuff? There is giveaways!
Pokecord for Pokémons (You don't say?)
More stuff to come!

***WE ARE LOOKING FOR MENTORS (DIAMOND required). IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, JUST DM @Ulgrim is the best Waifu#1872 !!!***
***IF YOU WANNA DO A PARTNERSHIP, JUST DM @Ulgrim is the best Waifu#1872***

Come join this brand new nooby server! Join Brawl4Noobz!
We are waiting for you!
Click on the link!
A server for Smash, Brawlhalla, Paladins, and FighterZ/Xenoverse 2! We are a gaming server where you can find a match or a friend.
Cloud is a new clan in the Brawlhalla community, everyone with 1600+ elo, a nice personality and decent german or english is welcome.
Hey There! We are Spacebound. A space themed gaming community server with a brawlhalla clan! This server is still very new and is being worked on throughout the days. Feel free to shoot some suggestions and chill with us!
About us:
- Friendly hard working staff
- Fun bots and chats
- Friendly Community
- We have Our own Minecraft server!
- Brawlhalla Tournaments
- Brawlhalla clan
- roles to level toward by being active (a role every 5 levels)
- meme lords
- if u love drawing you can share your work with us
- infinity stones
- 2D wahmen ;)

Join us and help make this discord server the best it can.
Just a chill server, just trying to get some intresting people to join. We welcome anyone who's chill