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Brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments and gives prizes!
Come join us in Brawlhalla weebs, Chill out, have a good time and see if you can find a game in our server. Most people are in the Australia and South East Asia region. If you need help with any weapons or help with mentoring, we can hopefully help you out!
Feel free to chill and meet new people! Struggling to find people to play with? We have tons of like-minded people who are also looking for someone to play with!
just a server to talk about games or anything in general, meet some new people and just have fun
Ayufablore is a chill, hangout meme server. If you like video games, then this is a great place to meet and play with new people. Or if you just wanna talk, then this is a good place to do that as well. We got us some juicy bots too lmao. Also there's unlockable chats, earned with self-assignable roles. We'd love to see you here!
Hello, this server is new but imma make it more active this server is for people who wanna make new friends so please feel free to join we have custom role colors games and more!
Friendly community. Primarily brawlhalla but also a general gaming server. Now with translation bot!
Hello there Brawler! Welcome to Valhalla! The best place for people who want to play Brawlhalla. Any skill level is welcome and any platform (Ps4, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) is welcome to join!
Welcome to Smallbrawl! Here we set up 1v1s, 2v2s, Or Tournaments! We're just starting out, so help us grow! The owner is constantly active aswell! Gl Hf!

Salut ! Je vais te présenter un serveur Discord, nommé YouAreSoSalty
Bonne lecture...

😁 Convivialité :
Ce serveur est rempli d'humour, de bien être et de convivialité.
Tu y trouveras facilement ta place au près de tous les joueurs qui ont déjà rejoint ce serveur !
Et grâce à toi, on pourra encore plus rigoler et passer notre temps d'ennui.
Et si tu n'as pas de blagues, tu peux toujours faire une commande pour avoir une vanne ou une VDM aléatoire !

🔋 Les Bots :
Nous avons, au moment où ce texte est écrit, 13 Bots.
À la fois des Bots de statistiques, de modération et de mini-jeux !

⏫ Un système de grade :Sans parler des grades de modération, il existe des grades selon ton activité sur le serveur. Sois le plus actif et gagne le dernier grade !

📂 Partages :
Il existe plusieurs salons de partages de faits et créations, si tu aimes partager ce que tu fais, et avoir des avis, voici le serveur idéal !

👮 Une modération compétante :
En plus des Bots de modération, il existe des joueurs de confiance pour garder la paix sur ce serveur. Il existe plusieurs stades de grade de modération :
- Modérateur Test 👓
- Modérateur 👔
- Chef Modérateur 👔
- Administrateur 🎩
- Adjoints 🎓
- Chef 👑

👑 Grade VIP :
En trouvant des commandes MEE6 ou en l’achetant 1€, vous obtiendrez une multitude d’avantages

📈 Les sondages et les smileys :
Pas mal de sondages seront publiés, avec eux seront ajoutés des smileys uniques et inédits !
Pour des raisons de fête, tu peux demander aux Administrateurs, aux Adjoints ou au Chef d'ajouter les smileys de ton choix !

Rejoins nous !!! 😜
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.
Want to join a fun-ish Brawlhalla server? Then here’s this thing!
:ballot_box_with_check:️We host tourneys
:ballot_box_with_check:️We have designated toxic channels
:ballot_box_with_check:️NSFW channels
:blush:Training tips and guides
:art:Art and writing channels
:ballot_box_with_check:️Bots (including Pokecord, courtesy of Shwerpy’s Ad Revenue ;^))
:rolling_eyes:A Gulag for the bad children:™:
:blush:And a self-promo channel for the Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, and more!

We also have a ton of roles, including:
:headphones:Twitch Streamer

WE’RE ALSO ACCEPTING MODERATORS! Type %apply in mod-application!
Read Rules after joining! Also, check the role-assign channel to give yourself roles so you don't have to torture K01!
You know that game Brawlhalla? You know all those hidden effects? Well this is the server to learn! We are taking on new teachers and students hopefully every day! Teachers that fight in the platinum+ rank or skill level can help you almost any day!
Im out of name ideas. Now its CP's Den

We're random boys looking for fun and talking! Our main game is Brawlhalla, Brain / Out, Monaco, Nidhogg, Boring Man and more!

Join for some random game nights, and social stuff!

Ping @DemoInfix#6101 when you join, please
Brawlhalla and Terraria server but we play other games and are offensive pieces of shit
All around games server so you don't have to queue with randoms
Hola, veo que vistes este servidor no se te a ocurrido unirte eh? somos una comunidad de chat, pero también somos comunidad gaming nos gusta jugar juegos como brawlhalla, fortnite, pubg, etc esperamos contar con tu visita :D
Ich bin Streamer und bin auf dem Weg nach oben und eine Community aufzubauen, der Discord dient zum Austausch zwischen Zuschauern untereinander und den Streamern. Damit kommen wir schon zu einem weitern Punkt; ich suche Streamer die Bock haben groß zu werden, oder schon groß sind und gerne kleineren, wie mir helfen! =)
Gamers de plantão, temos um server br no Discord pra quem curte uma boa call com os "friends", ou um bom jogo/anime, é um servidor pequeno ainda, mas estamos sempre atualizando vocês de noticias de games free, e entre vários... com bastante opções de emotes e gifs para o chat, então está liberado para todos que quiser entrar, estamos ansioso(a)s para conhecer todos vocês.
A relaxed hangout server that's based around gaming but is occasionally a streamer's server. The staff is very nice and it's very welcoming. Most importantly, there's not too many pings. We mostly play osu!, Brawlhalla, League, R6, and Overwatch. A group of us play competitive Overwatch very often so you could find a stack to partner with or have fun quick play sessions. We host karaoke nights, Hunger Games, giveaways, and other fun events.