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PuppetMasters Discord, a friendly Brawlhalla community with it's own Guilded team and in team tournaments.
This server was made by a lovely group of people that have a passion for gaming, D&D, Art and so much more. We want to make a safe and fun community for all gamers and artists out there! We love to play Overwatch, monster hunter, Apex, Brawlhalla and other fun games. We also have a designated area for people who love RP and RP games.
Brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments and gives prizes!
Trouver des joueurs cest facile

Qu’est ce que Aetum ?

Tu te poses sûrement la question, Qu’est ce que Aetum ? Cela est normal de se poser la question, avant de rejoindre un serveur, il faut deja savoir ses particularités et si il nous plait ou non. Aetum est un serveur pas très récent, qui vise à réunir le plus de personnes possible tout en leur faisant plaisir. En effet ce serveur vous permettra de vous relâcher en flex et oklm, en faisant des rencontres exceptionnels... Entre joueurs

Aetum est cool je vais te le prouver :

Une communauté active un staff competent sur discord des recheches de mentors et des training sur ces jeux
-Minecraft (Pvp/build)
-League of legends
- Roquet league
Et une comunautée manga
En plus le staff recrute

•═════════◈[Le Serveur ]◈═════════•

Rejoignez TOUS sans attendre
A bientot sur Aetum
( le sever est recent jaimerais vous demander la faveur de rester et atendre quand vous arivez pour attendre notre bienvenue)
Friendly community. Primarily brawlhalla but also a general gaming server. Stoner + LGBT Friendly
Hi I’m Fixx, owner of Brawl Base. We are a very unique community with special weekly events! Come play, hang out, and talk with new people!
Forming a server for Apex Legends, Overwatch, Rust and Brawlhalla players.

We are creating a server of very active members so everyone has a opportunity to just join the server and play any game they want (currently very successful)
Hello there ;^)

We're a starting Brawlhalla clan and are looking to create a big community. If you think your a god and feel like anyone that dare challenges you are peasants? Then assert your dominance over here, if you think your not so good that's ok too we accept all skill groups, or if your just looking for some people to chill and play with that's cool too.

About us:
- We Accept all regions (make sure you check "your-region" so we don't ping you at unwanted times)
- We accept all players on PC, Xbox, and PS4 (crossplay is coming!)
- English language
- Must be Gold or higher to join the clan in game, but you are still welcome to join our discord server to come chill with us :^)
- Friendly community
- As are main focus is Brawlhalla we do love talking about and playing other games too, as well as anime
- We are a community/Brawlhalla clan, so come chill with us, or join the clan

How to join Brawlhalla clan:
1.) If you want to join the clan in game you must be Gold or higher
2.) Check "tryouts" for information and to sign up. (check the pin)

As i said we are a starting Brawlhalla clan, yes we are pretty chill over here, but we are still looking to be a good clan as well to strike fear in our enemies >:^).

Join us, make some friends, give me memes (please), take a look at our NSFW chat ;^), and assert. your. DOMINANCE.
This server is a funny ass server made for 2 games: Brawlhalla/Paladins . Also a Community server for anyone, looking for partners! Also a choice of roles that you can pick for your country!

Link: If the link doesn't work, dm me on discord sw0shy#9312
Hey Brawlers!

What's your ranking? Are you Gold, Silver, Bronze or even Tin?

Well, this server is made for you because this is a server made for starters! This is a server who only accepts TIN, BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD (rarely platinum) players!!!

Self-Role assign with!
Gerard, the Brawlhalla bot is here!
MEE6 and his ranks appeared!
Turn on the music with Vexera!
Wanna free stuff? There is giveaways!
Catch them all with the Pokecord!
More stuff to come!

We are also looking for some partnerships. Just DM.

Lamb Sauce Searcher#1872, seblouga1#2920 and Bloomz#3953 are the ones you need to DM.

Come join this brand new nooby server! Join Brawl4Noobz!
We are waiting for you!
Click on the link!
:arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:
Summerland is a small but strong community based server where people hang out and chill with. Us here on the server are very welcoming to new people and we like to keep our community strong.
Everyone is welcome here in Summerland and we wish to expand our small little community into something bigger and better and it really would mean the world to us if you joined to hang out <3
Hello there Brawler! Welcome to Valhalla! The best place for people who want to play Brawlhalla. Any skill level is welcome and any platform (Ps4, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) is welcome to join!
Come join us in Brawlhalla weebs, Chill out, have a good time and see if you can find a game in our server. Most people are in the Australia and South East Asia region. If you need help with any weapons or help with mentoring, we can hopefully help you out!
we zijn een vriendelijke groep!!

redenen waarom je zou joinen
1: we hosten elke week 1 event op vrijdag om 7 uur
2: er is een punten systeem, dus je kan hogere ranks krijgen hoe meer je speelt
3: je kan nieuwe mensen ontmoeten
This is a server if you wanna be in our Brawlhalla clan WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS. It's laid back and hopefully won't have any toxic people.
Please join this server of games and we can do good things and stuff. No bad stuff please I don't wanna get banned. We will mute, kick or ban anyone who posts inappropiate messages or pictures. Any games is allowed.
_ _ **⋙ WELCOME TO __-[HeLL]-__ ⋘ **

♢ Mi smo (uglavnom) **balkanski klan** koji voli igrati **CS 1.6** i ubrzo će početi igrati **CS:GO**. Igramo i mnoge **druge igrice** (no CS je glavni). 💻
♢ Prihvaćamo **sve igrače**, neovisno o godini. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
♢ Imamo i **mnoge društvene mreže** te **održavamo razne evente!** 🎌
♢ **Svaki dan** smo **aktivni** i **učestalo** dobivamo **nove membere!** 🔝
♢ Radimo **voice i video pozive svakodnevno.** 📸

♢ **Nismo nacionalisti**, **ne** dopuštamo **nasilje**, **volimo** se **šaliti i zabavljati**. 🎂
Ako ste zainteresirani i želite nam se pridružiti, **svi su dobrodošli** 😉
Join the most fun and chill server on discord.. We have gaming, memes, brawlhalla, fortnite, and much much more
Welcome to the Official Arborly's Server. Server that belong obviously to Arborly. He is an owner and gamer who wants to invite people to his server so they can all chat and talk about games and computers. Enjoy!
Want to join a fun-ish Brawlhalla server? Then here’s this thing!
:ballot_box_with_check:️We host tourneys
:ballot_box_with_check:️We have designated toxic channels
:ballot_box_with_check:️NSFW channels
:blush:Training tips and guides
:art:Art and writing channels
:ballot_box_with_check:️Bots (including Pokecord, courtesy of Shwerpy’s Ad Revenue ;^))
:rolling_eyes:A Gulag for the bad children:™:
:blush:And a self-promo channel for the Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, and more!

We also have a ton of roles, including:
:headphones:Twitch Streamer

WE’RE ALSO ACCEPTING MODERATORS! Type %apply in mod-application!
Read Rules after joining! Also, check the role-assign channel to give yourself roles so you don't have to torture K01!
#Welcome to Paradise
For those of you who dont know, the Bahamas is a tropical wonderland. Our clan Brawlhamas represents the Bahamas in the best way possible. As a growing clan and community, we strive to promote friendliness, family whilst training to rise in the ranks for brawlhalla.We understand the *cough* Pᴀʀᴅᴏɴ ᴍʏ Fʀᴇɴᴄʜ **TOXICITY** that ranked has to offer us which is why we accept anyone between :gold: and :diamond:
We do offer mentorships, for anyone who wants to train or learn new strings/combos. Sᴏᴏɴ™

Customs matches are held almost everyday, for those who want to lay back and not get sweaty. Sᴏᴏɴ™
Here is a permanent invite so you can invite your friends.
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.