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This is a friendly server where we just post memes and talk to each other. Alot of us play minecraft and we even have a pvp realm.
We're a chill asf community who don't get offended by much, have dank asf memes and are active a lot. We often play games together such as Brawlhalla, Cards Against Humanity etc. We also have all sorts of music lovers and weeaboos, also we love fucking dogs in the butt (jk).
Bienvenue jeune aventurier !

Si tu lis ceci c'est pour en apprendre plus sur un serveur discord sympathique, qui va sans doute t'intéresser

A son bord tu y trouvera :
Des events
Des tournois sur diverses jeux
Des giveaways
Des bots roleplay et des inédits créer par les administrateurs eux-même

Un staff compétant et à l'écoute sera là pour t'accueillir !
Une communauté toujours présentes et toujours prêtes pour s'amuser !

Alors qu'est-ce que tu attends ? Rejoins-nous !

Merci de nous avoir lu et bon jeu !

PS: chaine YouTube brawlhalla :
Un server donde podrás conocer amistades, grupos de juego independientemente de que seas de PC o consola, y compartas tus gustos con los demás. entra y pásalo bien!
Contamos con diferentes salas incluso con NSFW
Hey there, and thanks for checking out (Not) BMG Devs! We’re a small server comprised of Brawlhalla fans, analysts and artists trying to come up with concepts that may fit into Brawlhalla itself. Anyone is welcome to help add on to our growing number of concepts, and maybe even assist in developing these concepts! And once again, thanks for checking us out!
A group of gamers that plays Pick Up Games daily catered to a multitude of different tastes. Play, chat, and generally just hang out with us.
Serwer został stworzony by móc zbliżyć polskich graczy Brawlhalli do siebie, znaleźć kogoś do wspólnej zabawy, wymieniać się artami i wiele innych!
Przede wszystkim rozwijać polskie community!
Tutaj macie możliwość się spotkać i pograć ze sobą i również zdobyć jakieś nagrody związane z Brawlhallą i poza nią. Więcej was czy też większa aktywność to i więcej nagród, zapraszamy wszystkich! :)
This server is a funny ass server made for 2 games: Brawlhalla/Paladins . Also a Community server for anyone, looking for partners! Also a choice of roles that you can pick for your country!

Link: If the link doesn't work, dm me on discord sw0shy#9312
Welcome to RRTTTT
RRRTTT is a growing, casual server with several unique features.
What do you get from our server?
╭━━━━━━━━WE HAVE━━━━━━━━╮
- active chat
- unique emojis
- gaming
- music channel & bot
- welcoming and friendly mods
- nsfw channel
Despite all of this! We have so much more coming in the future such as specific channels, events & so much more.

Make sure that you aren't kept in the dark -- join RRTTTT now to be part of a thriving, friendly community!

Friendly community. Primarily brawlhalla but also a general gaming server. Stoner + LGBT Friendly
Je vous présente la team Akatsuki gang ‚ nouveau clan Brawlhalla FR‚ avec coach ‚ bonne structure ‚ apprentissages‚ect ... Nous recrutons jeunes et anciens joueurs . 😉
Axe You A Question is a server where:

Brawlhalla players can come together and chill out and play tournaments
play some games and even mentor eachother
We hope you have a great time. Now..... It’s time to BRAWL!
Brawlhulla server with competitions held every week - two weeks, join if you enjoy playing brawlhulla and want to earn some money while playing!!
Most tournaments are low platinum ranks and below however some diamond tournaments are held less frequently.
A small server that likes to play games! We like playing games like brawlhalla, osu!, killing floor 2, cs:go, don't starve together, rust, team fortress 2, and more! We have many bots like pokecord, IdleRPG, and rythm. If you are bored and just looking for fun join us!
We're a group of Brawlhalla players who all like Caspian. We have a friendly community with voice and text channels for you to socialize in! All ranks and regions are welcome as well as non-Brawlhalla players.
Gamers grotto
This is a server for those who enjoy playin games, making friends, and hanging out. Even
though it's more focused on gaming, we talk about everything! We're a laid back server and believe you can say whatever you want but we don't condone disrespect. That being said come on in and enjoy yourselves!

We have:
⭐️Fun and useful bots
⭐️Leveling systems
⭐️Constant giveaways with prizes varying from (whatever's being given away)
⭐️Active vcs and no mic chats for those who don't like to vc
⭐️Karaoke nights as the server grows larger
⭐️Lots of self assigneable roles and event roles such as roles for those who boost
the server, member of the month etc.

Join today and make new friends!

Dont forget to leave a review! :heartpulse:
Hey Everyone!

We are a newly Developed Brawlhalla Clan. Not only that but we are a very chill gaming community and we are looking for members! If you think you have what it takes to join then go ahead :D! We do gaming nights, every Friday and Saturday where we play different types of games such as Cs:Go Hide & Seek, Minecraft vanilla hunger games,, Eternal's Got Talent and many more. If you think you are interested in these types of things feel free to join and we will warmly welcome you :D.
We're a little gaming community playing games like "Brawlhalla", "CS:GO", "Minecraft" and so on. You can join our discord, but to be a part of the clan, you have to join every Clan we made in the games you're actually playing, inlcuding the Steam group.

Enjoy and have fun!
Brawlhalla central is a brawlhalla server that hosts tournaments, gives prizes of all sorts, and has major fun events! tournaments usually consist to 20-40 players on average and usually last 5-9 hours long. We also stream all events and even have fun "featured player" streams where anyone can fight you on stream! so what are you waiting for? join Brawlhalla Central!
Welcome to Stay Saucy Central. This is an amazing place for you to meet others, play games, and more. We offer many fun things to do. This is the home discord of DoctorTomatoSauce.