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Nightborn Estate is an active, fast-growing gaming server with dedicated staff and a large regular community. We offer lots of things to do on our server such as tournaments, in-houses, weekly karaoke nights, movie nights, and other events. If you are a student with hard classes, come and get some help from our university graduate tutors.
League of Mentoring is a server based around the game League of Legends that brings together a bunch of resources to help you improve your gameplay. We offer free as well as paid coaching to our members and there's a great community in casual chat as well!
chill hangout w/giveaways for games such as league of legends, steam & roblox, custom roles, levelling, economy, pokemon, other fun bots, 350+ members
Welcome to Sakura 벚꽃 :cherry_blossom:

The theme of Sakura 벚꽃 :cherry_blossom: is a American and Korean Server.
We're a family server (not literally), we love to see this server grow, we want people who's willing to be here, to stick around and be apart of what we have to share. Always feel welcome to talk about anything in the chat, Everyone has their own agenda, their own story, and we would love as a community to hear from you & be apart of us.
A small discord server with a S P O O K Y theme to it. If you're a LoL player, daily Twitch.TV user or a level 7 memer then please join.
Hello fellow summoners,
Today I would like to tell you about a brand new League of Legends Discord Server for EUW players that allows people to contact and find new friends to play with. You can just use it as a place to chill and discuss league with fellow players.
This server is for everyone to enjoy and have fun in :3 Anyone is welcome and join us!
Have fun with all of us heh :p we are still working on it and will have different events coming up during the summer time! Join us and have a good time :3
Questo è un server creato per solo svago.
Server aperto a tutti purché siate simpatici e educati.
Piano piano cresceremo e diventeremo il canale ufficiale di Discord Italia (scherzo ovviamente).
Vi aspettiamo online anche per sole due chiacchiere. Baci <3
General Gaming Server, with over 100+ members. Different Server Themes, current theme CHRISTMAS. ALL Offensive jokes welcome. Come hang out!
Dutch College League is een League of Legends studentencompetitie voor studenten van universiteiten, hogescholen en MBO’s uit Nederland. De hoogste competitie "Premier League" wordt wekelijks op locatie gespeeld en uitgezonden op Twitch en FOX Sports. De overige competitie's worden online gespeeld.

Geen zin in 'competitive gaming'? Het is binnen de community ook mogelijk om in contact te komen met andere (Nederlandse (student/non-student)) League of Legends spelers voor plezier, tips en tricks met elkaar te delen om in challenger te komen.
De grootste Nederlandse Discord community server voor League of Legends Discord.

De server is opgericht op 14 december 2017.

In een community is het belangrijk om met elkaar iets te bereiken. Naast het vinden van partners, teamgenoten, kan je hier ook gezellig kletsen en vrienden maken. Met vrienden presteer je nou eenmaal beter dan alleen.
600+ leden en groeiende.

De Nederlandse Discord server is erg fanatiek om groter te worden. Wij kijken er naar uit om jou te zien in de Discord of mogelijke evenementen in de toekomst.
We are a friendly community united by one thing: The fabulousness that is Taric! Join us for some fun conversations, games, etc.
Hi, Feel free to join our new server "ThotSquad"

We game, chill, watch anime together and hopefully we can do more in the future! Join us and make friends <3

We're a server with chill/active staff! We play games such as Minecraft, CSGO, & Fortnite!
Join today!
Road to 100!
We are a league of legends EUW community Discord server.
In our server you can meet awesome new people and also find people to play with!
You can find people from any rank in the server even challengers
You can also ask higher elos for tips! We also have tournaments, karaokes, movie nights!
Hey, Hey, Hey It's Faticus Alberticus telling you to join the Cosby Cabin for a great time with the spiciest bois in town.

A small but active community full of the weirdest people you'll ever meet.

The highest-quality banter from all the boys and occasional E-girl.

Not a safe space say whatever you want, do whatever you want within reason.

Definitely not a dictatorship completely run by the server's owner if you suggest that might be the case you will face the Gulag.
This is a lovely little place for you to discuss anime, League of Legends and other bizarre interests you have. Please come in and enjoy our emotes, and lovely growing community.
This is the League of Legends Discord server run by community volunteers for the community.
Hi it's a SavageLoli Server join see what'd you expect. We are here to make friends and be savage af. You might have a loli jump in here and there. OOOO Voice chat is the best and Come join some MapleStory cause were scrubs like that ;) or just me but join anyway meet some chill ass people cause if your not chill gtfo jk (I'm just a savage Loli) We like to include everyone in our convos :)
Bienvenue en enfer, ce discord a pour objectif de servir le dieu de la mort (en vérité c'est une femme enfin bref).
Si toi aussi tu cherches à tuer tous ce qui bougent sur des jeux en ligne tu es le bienvenu.
Nous tuons principalement sur :
- Rocket league
- League of legends
- Monster Hunter mais ça c'est pour l'écologie
- Faeria

Tu peux rejoindre le discord mais attention si tu ne respectes pas les règles tu seras marabouté.