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Welcome to Teens Lounge
Teens Lounge is a friendly server intended for people to have a fun time chatting and meeting new people.

Here are somethings that we offer:
╭・Big and growing community
│・A lot of amazing emotes
│・LGBT friendly
│・A lot of bots, music, fun, etc.
│・Friendly staff
│・Little no raids
╰・Debate and vent channels
Welcome to Love's Nest, we are a friendly social platform for all sorts of teenagers. Join here to hangout and make new friends.

--Self Roles/Colors Available
--LGBTQ+ Friendly
If you want to chat with other people or are just bored, join this server. Everyone is welcome! This is a English/German server.
This is, yet another, 13-17 (only) hangout server. We offer a laid back, non-strict environment, a variety of bots to play around with, lots of channels, roles (including colour roles) and we accept everyone here for who they are.

Join if you're interested, we'd appreciate that. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Discord Friends is a place where you can search for your next love and friends. Discord Friends is an active and growing community. We offer you a nice experience to get in touch with other people through our discord server.
You can choose your own roles such as your age, gender and more

Many giveaways
Many roles to win or even custom roles!
We try to hold an event every week
13-18 server! above 18 is ban!

Join us now!


Server Link:

A community server for anyone to enjoy! We offer a variety of bots, a nice community of people who are usually active, level ranks, and more! So don't miss out and join today.
Potato Hangout is a place to come to chat with other potatos! If you like a friendly and active community, then this is the place for you! We offer things such
- Nitro Giveaways
- A non-toxic community !
- Self Assignable Roles!
- An active chat!
- Custom Roles!
- Movie and Game Nights!
Join if you want to find new people to chat with!
We are a small, friendly group of people, so why not help us become a larger community? This server is looking for active members who want to be a part of this community. The owner is active often, so if you ever need help or want to talk, someone will be there.

We're open to all kinds of people and all subjects, so the more people that join, the more things we'll be able to talk about. Come join Marcus's Meetup to make new friends (or more than friends), talk about anything you want, or just hang out!

We got:

- Fun activities, such as Pokecord and a userphone!

- Gaming areas

- Channels to chat about: Movies, Books, TV, etc.

- A place to freely vent without judgment


- Self-assignable roles

- A friendly community, accepting all kinds of people

- And lots, lots more to explore!

Come drop by, if you want. Enjoy your stay!
we are a teen dating server on discord. our community accepts anyone as long as you follow our rules :)
In this server we a variety of things to offer
◎ Karaoke
◎ Gaming
◎ Chilling
◎ Mafia Events
◎ Anime
◎ Random discussions
◎ A variety of bots
◎ Active members
◎ Weekly events

We’re active and love to video call with people. 1/2 of the people are pretty much memers and pretty chill. We welcome people of any race, any gender but we hope to pull people of ages 13-17.
Bored out of your mind in quarantine? Want some new people to talk to? Come join us in the doghouse! We're just starting off but we've got a friendly, active staff, fun bots, and we'd love to get to know you!
A brand new LGBT+ friendly server, made for you to make new friends and maybe a special someone.
Anybody's welcome even if you aren't part of the LGBT+ community, the only restriction is the server must be kept teen only (no boomers).
We have roles, bots, games, events etc. To make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

So... What are you waiting for? Come join us and get to know our amazing community.
Hey! We see you there. You lookin’ for a server with a lil’ spice? You’ve stumbled onto the right server.
We offer:
- fun and social events
- a variety of talents to share
- a laid back/chill community
- brexit#2191
- cuties
- users from all around the world
- 24/7/365 activity
oh, why not just jump head first? Be careful doe... we are very cool >:) With that being said, are you up to the challenge? Just click that little join button right there. I know you're thinking about it :p
welcome to 5 AM, a chill teen/ 13-17 community server! whether you're looking for friends, a new server to talk in, or anything else, this is the place to be! we have active and fair staff, a friendly community, and plenty of bots, vc's, and text channels! come join we'd love to have you ♡
hey there, welcome to a n d r o m e d a :)
we’re a new, fun, energetic group full of crackhead teens. come join us, and we’ll make sure you enjoy your stay<3

𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 𝔀𝓮 𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓻:
⭒over 7 different self-roles, that include many versatile options
⭒18 different beautiful colour roles
⭒many different bots to fulfill your needs
⭒a non-toxic, funny community to always rely on

we hope you join and have an amazing time v i b i n g with us <3
This is a server with great staff and friendly people. You can come here you make friends or get an SO. We can't wait to see you here and for you to have a great time!
Natsukashii 懐かしい
| nostalgic, reminiscent of good memories, missed, longed for, yearned after. |

|| Non-Toxic Chats

|| Nice and Friendly Staff

|| Self-roles

|| Nitro Giveaway at 100 Members

|| Mods Needed at 50

|| Taking suggestions

|| Many Channels to Talk In
We are a new server starting up. We have clubs for people to meet people who have the same interests as them.
We also offer some fun bots such as
Waifu bot, pokecord, mudae and karuta
We hope you enjoy our server and don’t forget to smile
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Hello, and welcome to The Rose Club! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
We are a brand new dating server for teens 13-17 to play games on discord, hang out, and maybe even find someone to date! We have an even ratio of women to men and are very LGBT friendly. We have lots of games to play on our server, such as hangman, uno, minesweeper, and many others. You can become verified to choose your own role color and level up using Amaribot!
We are also looking for moderators.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* We hope you enjoy your stay! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒞𝒶𝓈𝓅𝒾𝒶𝓃 𝒯𝒶𝒷𝓁𝑒

Welcome! This is a friendly and active server where you can hang out and meet new people! Make some friends and find people to play games with!

(っ◔◡◔)っ We Offer
☆Active General Chat
☆Fun Games!
☆Rap Battles
☆Game Nights
☆An amazing server where you can just chill and relax. What more do you want?
⋆。⋆☆˚。⋆Welcome to Flat Chest Congress!。˚☽˚。⋆
We're that fucked up server that is just as enthusiastic about anime titties as you are, we support big, small and medium sizes!
(we are not a nude server we just like hentai okay)
We offer a welcome community with voice channels, NSFW channels, flirting and a chance to get to know a special someone, and occasional nitro giveaways and contests!
if you want to be included in the fun, come on in and take a seat in the Flat Chest Congress!
Welcome to The Corner.
This is a server where you can chill with others and get to know each other, have fun, play games, and talk about similar things.!
There are plenty of bots to use here, such as OwO and Dank Memer!!
You maybe meet someone you like here, who knows.
We have NSFW channel, SFW, Music, Gaming, color roles and plenty of more things!
Feel free to vent, and share your art and memes!
People must be 13+, but younger than 17. Teens only.
This is a new server, well organized, also able to verify so you won't be some sort of pedophile or anything.
There are self roles too! More will be added soon.
Server will have some of your ideas if you suggest them.
That's all, make sure you read rules.
want to meet other people with similar interests as you? join joker now! we have active chats, giveaways and more. our server is very accepting and friendly. sO join now and don’t miss out in all the fun!:)

jOin fOr fReE oXyGeN !

our server is new so we need new active members :)
Welcome to Teens Kingdom! We are a fun and active community. This server is for you if you're wanting to chill, and meet new people. We have self-assignable roles, and plenty of emotes to express yourself with!

Here's what we can offer:
✓Active chat and interesting individuals
✓Fun custom emotes
✓Various Self-roles and Colors
✓Very friendly staff. Don't be afraid to hit them up!
✓Debate and Vent channels
✓Level-up system
✓Fun bots to interact with
✓Voice and Music channels for vibing
✓Meme, Art, and Selfie channels

-> Join now!