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welcome to the beach house .。.:*☆
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ☆ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
our server is a friendly and supportive community in search of positivity, active members, and potential staff
⊱ ────── {⋅. ☆ .⋅} ────── ⊰
— we offer
°spaces to chat
°self-assignable roles
°music bot
°voice calls/chat
— we support
°all races
°all ethnicity
°religions that support positivity
°LGBTQ Community
— languages supported
subscribe to Emily's YouTube channel? ☞
Hey there! Are you a teen that's edgy and looking for someone edgy to be with? Well I've got just the place! Here in E-dgy Hangout, we have many cool features! Such as...
▬▄▬▬▄▬▬ ⋘≾♡≿⋙ ▬▬▄▬▬▄▬

-👌 Self Roles!👌-

-❤A pretty even girl to boy ratio!❤

-🤖Fun bots!🤖

-😈Truth or dare!😈

-😎A wonderful staff team!😎

-😤Hella memes!😤

-✅Verified members!✅

▬▄▬▬▄▬▬ ⋘≾♡≿⋙ ▬▬▄▬▬▄▬

So now that you know all of the cool features the server has, what are you waiting for? Join now and have a wonderful time here at E-dgy Hangout! We hope to see you soon!

❤ ❤

13-18 only
We are a chill community of teens who want to meet new people
Looking for admins
We're an active server with a variety of channels and active, funny members. Our server is pretty chill with rules but does not tolerate trolls or meanie peanies so you'll have an enjoyable experience here!
~What we offer:
-Venting channel for your cri cri days
-Homework channel
-Social media channel to connect more with new friends
-Art channel for your creative needs!
-Story Times! Share your adventures!
-Plus more channels for you to discover when you join!
welcome to the crackheads zone, a place ran by xanax and xander.

join to release your dirty self and trade memes.
anyone is allowed you can also chill and talk here and just let your emotions go wild

♡- fuckton of bots (16, probably more to come)
♡- polls
♡- possible giveaways
♡- 24/7 online staff members
♡- verification system
♡- shit ton of staff members
♡- e-girls n' e-boys
♡- small amount of rules (8)
♡- emoji's but more to come soon
♡- fun community
♡- chat if you desire
:hibiscus:Welcome to E-Girl Hangout :hibiscus:

We’re a server that just likes to hang out and talk or just meeting new people then this is the place for you!
We have,
:cherry_blossom:{Active Text Chats}
:cherry_blossom:{Chill members}
:cherry_blossom:{loose rules}
:cherry_blossom:{Pic Perms from the start}
:cherry_blossom:{variety of bots}
:cherry_blossom:{lewd channel}
You can find an egirl/eboy🥰
You can make friends and joke around😌
We host weekly Nitro Giveaways 🤪
Fun Events for you and your friends 😌
Non-Toxic & SFW server 💖
A lot of Gamers and Anime Lovers 🏰
Active Voice Channels and Active Community 24/7🔊
@everyone is hot in this server (including YOU)🥵
Tons of e-bitches, e-hoes, e-thots, and e-criminals 🔫
We don’t sleep @here because sleeping is for losers🌙
You can advertise your Social Media accounts 📱
We also have a shitpost and memes channel🚧
There’s always e-drama so come and lurk💰
Active and welcoming community💞
It’s a joke server full of jokes 🤭**
Come join our server if you are looking for some nice Frens or maybe something more than that, we will be welcoming you with open arms (っ◔◡◔)っ
~~~Welcome to Sakura Haven~~~

·Discord Bots
·Friendly People (kinda?)
·Advertisiment Channel
·Partners welcome
·Need members
·Staff needed

Owner - Seraphim ·#0069

Aløne is place where you can chat and connect to people, everyone one is welcome and we don’t judge anyone, just be yourself and have fun :)
just a fun server to date chill or whatever come join if u want to chill
We are looking for some fellow Loli Farmers or Loli's to join this "Farm". Join for a free loli.
Welcome to The Love Shack! A server with a wide variety of people to talk with. Be sure to fillout #self-roles and have a good time.
Hello ^-^ This is a new Dating server I have just created!!

-Fun bots to play with!
-Need in staff members!
-A new organized server!
(Please keep in mind its new ):)
Have fun here :D
Hello, welcome to p.r.e.c.i.o.u.s., a fairly new communtiy server! We're a small but chill server with hopes to expand more soon!

This server is just a social server for chill people, whether you like anime, you play games, you like music, you're an artist, you're lonely, or really whatever, we accept all. Just be sure to follow the rules ♡
Welcome to What A Mess! This is a server I created for teens (13-18) to meet new people with common interests.
~What We Have~
-active owner+mods
-self roles
-active chat
-truth or dare channel
-a nice, worldwide community
Hope to see ya there!
Welcome to the Bone Zone! A family friendly server catered to everyone with just one amazing image! Come find out!
Are you tired of boring servers where nothing really happens? Are you sick of catfishing and pedophiles? Want to have fun with friends, make new friends and screw around with bots?

Well this is the server for you!

In The Fast Ally, we believe that everyone deserves the right to join a non toxic, friendly and fun server. In this server we provide;

- Bots (Pokecord, Rythm, Yui and more)
- Self assignable roles
- eBoys and eGirls
- chill staff (seriously we are all super chill and fun)
- Spam chats
- Music
- Karaoke
- NSFW chats
And much much more!

Come on in, introduce yourself, make friends in

Want to make some friends online, but not sure where to start? Join the bagel cave Server and hang out with others that just want to have fun and chat or just make new friends! (Pedos/catfishes/underaged people will be banned)

We have lots of fun bots!
A verification system
Helpful/24 7 staff
And more!
This server is for teenagers 13-18 to meet each other and become friends. Dating IS allowed.
- No one over the age of 18
♡ Welcome to Lovely Clouds ♡ (For the 3rd time) uwu
✧ Where we are a Friendly Server which Peeps can join and Hang out! ✧
(13-18) only
☁️ ✧ As we have here ✧ ☁️
✧ A verification system which we recommend so we have a safe pedo free zone! (required to verify so you can able to have full access to the whole server) ✧
✧ A lot of Channels so you can use any Bots for such as music or dank memes to entertain yourself ✧
✧ ~We respect all sexuality and gender~ ✧ so don’t be shy to join! (We don’t bite owo)

☆彡🔥As the leader of this Server🔥ミ☆

-We hope to make this great friendly community to the safest place so no one shouldn’t get catfish or get caught by a pedo! (We aren’t a dating server no more.)
But you can find someone here and take it to dms! ☁️

♥ Have Fun! And enjoy the server! ♥
Just a discord u can hop on and chat in, date, send memes, and vent
Bienvenidos al 🎉 El Planeta De Los Amigos 🎉 Un planeta no muy lejano de la tierra, Donde puedes conocer a personas de todo el mundo y compartir con ellas, Hacer nuevas amistades y pasarla bien, ¿Quieres viajar a este planeta?, Ahora todos pueden viajar, ¿Qué esperas para aterrizar en este planeta?.
⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃ This is a LGBTQ Friendly Discord server and you can date, get married, and have some fucking fun in this god damn server so you can join now! ⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 13-18, LGBTQ Friendly, No Catfishes, and Furry( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)