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-General/chill server
-Friendly, kind, funny members
-Venting Channel <3
-Mild Italiano theme (pasta uwu)
-Story-times (the best part)
active if you are active
Pretty dope emojis
Self assignable roles
Welcome to the Single Haven! This place is mainly for teens 13-18 to make new friends and maybe meet their future soulmate! WE ARE NOT CENTERED AROUND DATING! Join if you wish~!
Robert, the Owner
We are a server that wants to help people and make new friends well that's what i want in my experience i just want everyone to be happy and want to help them accomplish things they want
welcome to 𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘺𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘩𝘱𝘪𝘵
we're forming a huge friend group join or else u kinda homo
-wonderful assortment of bots
-3:1 female to male ratio
-an nsfw, fashion, pet, and suggestion channel
-channels for you to plug your socials
-looking for staff and new members :))
-fresh new server
-NSFW bots + chat
-requesting cute females so i can get more traction

⊱Active and chill members
⊱Get a hot e-boy/e-girl
⊱60+ Self roles
⊱Pic perms
⊱Friendly community
⊱Introductions, selfies, self promo
⊱Giveaways (nitro, spotify premium, etc.)
⊱Events regularly
⊱1-1 ratio of girls and boys
⊱Level roles
Welcome to What A Mess! This is a new server I created for teens (13-18) to hang out, meet new people, and just have fun. This server is brand new, so message me with suggestions on what to add! Hope to see you soon!
Teen night is a server for Teen And If your looking for a girl This server is what u are looking for we also have boyz and Etc

Meeting new friends

Are you tired of boring servers where nothing really happens? Are you sick of catfishing and pedophiles? Want to have fun with friends, make new friends and screw around with bots?

Well this is the server for you!

In The Slow Lounge, we believe that everyone deserves the right to join a non toxic, friendly and fun server. In this server we provide;

- Bots (Pokecord, Rythm, Yui and more)
- Self assignable roles
- eBoys and eGirls
- Clubs (Photography and Anime)
- Friendly as heck staff (seriously we are all super chill and fun)
- Spam chats
- Music
- Karaoke
- NSFW chats
And much much more!

Come on in, introduce yourself, make friends (and perhaps meet that special someone) in

Welcome. This server is to help spread the memes, broken dreams, and lots of cancer. Enjoy your stay, or don't. I don't care what you do, as long as you're not a bully.
We are a brand new discord server that offers a variety of things:
- NSFW (trading nudes)
- NSFW Memes
- Music
- Friendly Members and staff
- A laid back, fun experience.
- no rules, other than no pedos
Help our server grow. Be kind, we are a very laid back server with not many rules. We have a functional verification system (no pedos) We welcome all (under 18) with open arms.
**This is the successor to teen friends zone**

Includes SFW and NSFW (18+ only) channels

Please enjoy your stay at teen friends zone 2!
〣∙〣l ♡Single Central♡〣∙〣

Welcome to Single Central!

Owner: :cloud: |Cloud| :cloud:#2979

♡Single Central♡

|900+ Users|Giveaway at 1k<3|

This is a small server for people to join and hangout with people.
Come meet new peps or even find the one u looking for:3
We love 2 make new friends and can´t wait 2 have u here <3
Some stuff we have are Chill-Chats , Bouncer´s for a safe place , Events, Auto-Roles, tons of cute Emotes and more.
We are also not age-capped , and heavily moderated.
In this server we have:
Chill Chats
Bouncers for a Safespace
Music VC’s
Private VC’s
Secret Confessions
A really nice server I took a while to make, it includes:
>Self Roles
>Meeting new people!
>Gamer Zones
>Epic Memes
>Fandom talks
>Music nights!
Hello everybody, this server is just a very regular teen hangout server so come on in and have fun.
Lizerd's bar is a dating and chilling server where everybody is welcome
We are looking for some fellow Loli Farmers or Loli's to join this "Farm". Join for a free loli.
Ducknana is a server where you can meet new friends, play games, listen to music, and more!
For yall Virgins out there who play Minecraft or Fortnite
this is the perfect server for you all to hangout , find your new love owo , insult other people and find new friends to play with
- cool emojis
- best roles kek
- good admins
- we are just the best lmao
if you are depressed or suffer from depression join this
Welcome Everyone to The Basil Bathtub!!

We are a CGL Server for people from the ages 13-18. We are a small welcoming community for everyone in the DDLG/CGL community.

Make sure to come Sprout into our Garden! Meet new friends! and have a lot of fun ^^

The Border is a server that doesn't take its self seriously and we love to have fun! Our members and staff are friendly and can help yo with anything you need. We are brand new so we don't have much to do right now. But we do have...
*Meme channels
*Mod applications
*An introduction chat
*And we will soon add more!
So come on by and join in on the fun!