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---The World of Everything---
Many things to do like hang out with your friends, talk about stuff and yeah
-> <-
In the far future or the present day, there is this genetic engineering tool called CRISPR. This allows to edit your genetic code to be anything you want to be. Not just werewolves, for some bizarre reason. Here, every kink is possible. Even the morally questionable ones, though as long as that doesn't stir up drama, we are good.

There are SFW and NSFW sections, but you need to verify your age to enter the server.
Genuinely just join to have a fuck about. None of us care what you do. Just dont be a a twat
Welcome to 'The Buffet'! (Literally) Where everyone is welcomed! From K-pop stans to Gamers to Anime lovers (or weebs) all are welcomed in our server. You can chat, say hello to our bots and Barista! Our goal is to make our server a place where you can have some chill vibes, maybe meet some people, make memories and to spread some smiles!
We Have everything you can ever want.
Everything from Gaming to LGBTQ+ to Homework help. This is the only server you will ever need.
Hi there.

I am a owner of a danish server, but it's slowly being intoxicated, and wanted to try the english speaking community. Join this server :D

No free nitro btw, maybe giveaway at some point? idk.
its a server for meeting new people chilling out talking about your problems and many other things
you will find people alike yourselves here
this server helps and even supports communities,
this server has a place for everyone
We are a tight-knit discord community based around TGC's latest game, Sky: Children of the Light. We are welcoming to all new members and would love to make more friends!
Season of Hjönk has a variety of channels, including:
🖤 heart and pass trading
🏙 a regular chatting space
🌌 a sky-related chatting space
🎶 a music vc for chillin' with your buds
🐰 a pet channel
🍙 a cooking channel
💭 a beta spoilers channel
..and other shenanigans!
Our community is small and laidback. The moderators and admins hope to provide a safe space for you to relax and confide in. You’re invited - no matter your gender, religion, sexuality or nationality. We wait for you to drop in!
(..if that isn't convincing, we do have a lot of cat emojis.)
Welcome to bazinga’s restaurant! We have japanese food, American food, Indian food and every other food there is! We got memes! Animemes! Wierd memes? I don’t know memes! So come on down chomp on a burger play monster hunter and laugh at some memes!
Hi this is my Hangout Server . I will be very Happy If you Join . And i will make the Server better everyday
Official server of the BAU. BAU is more of being a basketball centered union and being a Basketball athlete. Athletes here requires application as well.
Welcome to 丹ち匕尺口 メ 工工工 Lmao ok sooo this is yknow HANDS DOWN a chill ass server and yknow find u a lil prime mate and stuff like that yknow what im sayin so as u can see U can date its also naughty ahhhahhh and ye ya bois like anime yknow and stuff like that also gaming for sure so as i said this server pretty chill so if ya digging it come in and also we welcome u with a kind and warming welcome

🌸 ~ Chill
🌸 ~ Fun Cx
🌸 ~ Everything lol
🌸 ~ Dating Ig its whatever
🌸 ~ Gaming And Etc.
🌸 ~ Some ppl might be weirded out but uh everyone is welcomed like as of yknow all that stuff
🌸 ~ Yes There is Anime
🌸 ~ Yes You can roleplay idc
☁️ ~ Special Notice ~ ☁️ If u have any questions about the server or what the problem is in the server pls contact the owner himself which is The Owner xP And Uh if u dont like the server then it is what it is yknow Also! I think as for me the owner if u ever see me then uh dont be afraid xP I'm nice lololol anyways ye

We Hope Youll Enjoy Ur Time In 丹ち匕尺口 メ 工工工 ❤
Join this server if you want to hang out or make new friends, this server is for everything, for gamers and for non gamers! The server owner
Join if you want to experience having everything discord offers in one server, you can make friends, play games, bots....
We are not sure if there is everything, you should join to suggest things to add 😐
。.•*¨*•✧ Welcome to 💗chill 💗 。.•*¨*•✧

💗 chill 💗 is a server
where you can hang out, make friends have fun!

。.•*¨*•✧ more to offer 。.•*¨*•✧

💗 lots of fun bots
💗 self assignable roles
💗 friendly people
💗 art channel, venting, and face reveal
💗 custom emotes and emojis

。.•*¨*•✧ and more for you to discover 。.•*¨*•✧
Little Tokyo is a community-based group with channel categories for all types of people! Video-games, anime, technology, music, and all sorts of fun things!

• Budding New Server
• LGBTQ+ Friendly
• Open-Staff Positions
• Japanese-Themed, Aesthetic Server
• NSFW Category
• (Coming Up) Booster-Exclusive Events!

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to see all of you beautiful people in the server!
Hi! This is the Chop's Friends Discord Server! We are a warm, welcoming community, and we will love to have you here! You can chat about anything, as long as it follows the rules. Our server includes:
- Your usual channels (General, Memes, Off Topic
- Voice Chat
- Discussions (Movies, Games etc.)
- Spam
- Sing Along
- Drive Thru
- and loads more!

We are also looking for mods when more people join! We really hope to see you here!
The Hippodrome is a general talk server, for talking about anything, and everything, feel free to join now!