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This is a new, fun, musical, server that you can find friends in, talk about life, problems, and anything really. We will try to help you out!
We have a variety of people in the server! We have musicians, artists, and more! We have events, giveaways, polls, leveling system, and we even have a few special ranks you can get for inviting, they will give you other permissions in the server!
Join this server if you want to hang out or make new friends, this server is for everything, for gamers and for non gamers! The server owner
🌹 Hello & Welcome 🌹
are you tired of those servers that says they have 3 rules and it turns out they actually have 50?
ever dreamed of a server without rules? well here you have it
there’s literally no rules
do whatever u want
enjoy bitches
HB (hangout, basically) is a new server right out of the figurative package. Anyone, and I really mean it when I say that, is welcome to join and, well, hangout! There's a little bit of everything to satisfy even the pickiest of members: art, memes, bots, games, and more!

Feel free to leave a suggestion in #server-suggestions, and i'll see to it that we check every request.
Discord server but it's only 1 channel
It's a discord server but with everything in 1 channel. I'm a genius. ALSO DOES ANYBODY EVEN TRY TO CHECK THE PINNED MESSAGES
|---- Cinnamoon Ad ----|

this is a cinnamon-based meme/hangout server

---- what we have ----
>> A nice place to hangout, relax, and send memes
>> Leveling-up system with custom rooms for each role
>> radio
>> Bots, bots, and more bots
>> Partnerships
>> Colorful Roles
>> Cinnamon

we are fairly small now but hopefully with you, we'll grow as a community
I place where people can be people
You can do what ever
this is the remake of my old server (city o' souls) but that one was stolen
This is a chill server. We prefer to Voice chat! We always welcome new members and always welcome partnerships. Our goal is to help our family grow as much as possible while keeping a fun environment for each of it's members.

As you can probably tell we are an Italian Mafia themed server. This does not mean we do that illegal activities it simply means we want our members to feel as important and happy as the infamous Al Capone once was. We even have a mafia ranking system including non mafia roles

Things we have here:
-A Group of social and brilliant people.
-Laid back rules
-selfies and pets
-sexy emotes
-much more
。・゚・We always accept partnerships no matter the size of the server. We are also on the search for some new partner managers. Rewards are in order for partner managers that do their jobs well. Anyone can apply!

Note: Most of us have IRL lives and can't be in discord every second of every day. Having said this, most of us go to work or go to school or even both so if no one is online by the time you join, give it a few hours. It gets active during the afternoon and night time.
Just everything and we are open to suggestions. Partner with us if you’d like!
- Welcome To The Dragon's World!

Here you can be free to talk about games, vent about your problems in #vent-channel and just be yourself as long as you follow the rules in #rules!
Just have fun in the server! Enjoy all of the bots, and just talk and meme about whatever! Its a world worth exploring!
This server is everything in one.

Wanna talk about music? We have a category for that.

Wanna show off your art? We have a category for that.

Wanna just chill? We have a channel for that.

You enjoy something else? Tell me what I should add in the suggestion channel!

A fun server initially started as a bunker for Google+ users in preparation for the shutdown, on its way to become an anyone and everyone server! You don't have to be a G+ user to join in, just hop in and make friends!
Literally includes everything you can think of (or will include anything you can think of)
We have everything you would want! We have animals, sports, cars and so much more! We have great staff and a great community! We take suggestions too!