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Hello! Looking for an underwater roleplay server? Coralt is a tiny underwater country where humans and merpeople (mermaids/mermen) live together in peace with a small sense of mystery. If this suits your fancy, check out the server. :)
Irwin Aquatic Research Facility is a center for researching and observing aquatic creatures that are not yet known to most people. Almost like Area-51, but not quite. Subjects are treated well, unless they give the Moderator a reason to harm them. Despite the prim and proper way the facility is run, there is a problem with poachers, creating a whole industry on the black market for these mythical creatures.
Greetings from under the sea! Mooshy's Aquarium is an Ocean themed server! Channels include Art, Social media, Streaming, Games, Music, etc. I want this server to be fun and friendly! Any valid suggestions to improve are welcomed! If you're interested, feel free to stop by and check it out! :)
I need people to help me make this server and its lore and stufff Its gonna be a fantasy island explorer kinda thing.
Come join us underwater! It's not too cold... 17+ Kink server that's themed around all things oceanic!
The Great Ocean is a tiny but mighty chatting community! People from all parts of discord come here to chat with their friends and make new ones! The only rule of this server is no rules except no toxicity! We look forward to seeing you here!
The Land Of Few is a server created primarily for roleplay. It is based in the year 2045 on a planet named Izov where it is a planet that is entirely ocean. It has an atmosphere capable of inhabiting nearly any sort of life form. The only bit of land that exists is a massive island which resides on the back of a massive, ancient whale slowly floating and moving through the ocean. Creatures of all races live together in these lands, but at the sea beds, tribes of fish people live who can often be aggressive and tend to attack the mining submarines that are sent down in the search of materials. Who will you be? An average human who makes a living fishing? Or a anthropomorphic shark, attempting to earn peace between the races of the island and attempting to prevent violence? You decide who you are.
Hello! Welcome to our server. We'd appreciate some members and staff to help our server grow. We have care guides and other things to help you keep your crabs happy, or stick around and learn new things. Happy crabbing!
The Manaphin is a server that i want to be a friendly community where everyone is friends. There is a ton of channels to talk about different things so you wont get bored. We are brand new so give us a chance. If you would like you could even become staff. Join for a relaxed experience.
A roleplay about newly found clans! Most ranks are open
Welcome to Coral Rift! We are a teeny tiny community out here in the middle of the ocean, looking for some casual roleplayers to come play with us~
Blue Ocean is an Ocean themed server! We offer you everything from artwork and pets, to bot commands and voice channels! Feel free to join, and share the link! :D