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Server still in Alpha version, Still a lot of work to do, In need of users and also testers , I wouldnt mind if you join and leave a feedback .
We are a small server, with the intention of finding that special someone, through gaming, anime, or whatever else, we are a small server, hoping to grow massive one day

Heres why YOU Should join:
We are a Chill staff, who goals is to have an open/positive community
We don't tolerate Racism!
We are staff with lenient rules, so relax and have fun here ;)

Since this is a dating server, Please be [16 and higher] This is what is set by the owner, to prevent most of the immaturity. We hope to see you there!~
We are a small group of people who loves to roleplay, make new friends, and having fun. keep in mind that you need to be 18 or older to join. so if this is the server for you, come join! we have a variety of things besides roleplaying. Keep in mind we are small in people so there'll be times that the server may be inactive.
Welcome all to Fairytail heros! This server is designed to talk about Fairytail, chat, have fun, and be ourselves. This server is for all you Fairytail lovers just like me! Everyone can be a character from Fairytail. If your lucky and some slots are open, you can even be a guild master! We even have cool bots here for you all to enjoy! Sounds fun! I hope you all cal enjoy and welcome to Magnolia's Fairytail!!!
This is a chill server where you csn make different friends, talk about anime/manga and games or you could rp. The rp takes place in an alternate world where humans with powers and sub-human are becoming more and more common. But still, every now and then, a fight breaks loose between the the normal humans and them. So in an attempt to bring them together, the government created a school for those with powers and those without to attend. Welcome to Springfield Academy! Will you be the one to make a difference and bring the two communities together?
Welcome to the Sauciest server on Discord!! We are a community that revolves around mostly everything from gaming to anime. Come hang out and chill with some new people. Everyone is welcome, we look forward to meeting you guys!
We have cookies!
We accept anyone who wants to join and especially anyone who loves memes, games, anime/manga, and having a community of people to talk to.
Come for cookies, stay for good times and memes for days.
RoseWood Academy

Are you looking for a roleplay with romance, drama, action, combat, and more? Join RoseWood Academy! At RoseWood Academy, all of those things can happen! You'll also get the chance to make new friends, have fun, and explore the world of creativity!

(But seriously.. We need people XD)
This is a server I just made cuz I'm lonely and I want new friends, I don't like servers with too many people so I'm only gonna let a few people in. If you like games, anime, memes, art, music, technology and movies then consider joining. Gender doesn't matter.
▪Content Type: Gaming, Anime, Hangout, & Music
WELCOME TO NO LIFE GAMER'S - ANIME & GAMING! We are a dedicated community hoping you enjoy your time and hangout with amazing people! We have awesome bots and VC channels to make the gaming experience awesome for your friend's. Chat with others and play games all day!
▪ Make sure to join today!!!
This server is basically a basketball roleplay server, with a bit far-fetched actions but still extremely fun. If you like the sport of basketball or the anime I suggest you join it. If you don’t know either of the two or you’re new to them we are patient with new peeps and will help you along the way(and possibly laugh ;)

We Provide:
Competent staff members
A Great roleplay community
Equal opportunity for all members
Lively story development
Activity of course!
Basketball Talk
And most importantly, Fun!
L'Auberge du Bois Silencieux est un serveur ayant pour but de réunir pleins de personnes pour discuter autour de X sujets (jeux vidéos, animé, manga, etc). Si vous voulez discutez avec des gens ou faire de nouvelles rencontres, n'hésitez pas à venir!
A brand new server dedicated to everything aesthetic and fashion! We also have sub groups for cosplay, gaming, and many fandoms!
Welcome to Black Nation! We are mainly a Gaming (Brawlstars, CR, COC, Pubg, Fortnite,) and Anime/Manga server. Otherwise, this is just a place where you can just chat and have fun!
This is a friendly community. We are here to get along. We are a growing community allowing everyone to join and be friends.
Rare Blobs, Giveaways, Events and a friendly community
Guten Tag, mein/e liebe/r Mitstreiter/in!
Du möchtest die Spitze erklimmen, sei es in deinem Freundeskreis, in der Liebe oder auch im Beruf ?
Dann bist du hier richtig, denn auf unserem Server sollen sich engagierte Menschen versammeln, die das Leben in vollsten Maßen auskosten.
Die Devise lautet : "Gewinnen ist das was wir erstreben."
Ich bin Sekai, die Welt und ich verkörpere als das, was du dir erhoffst.
Deshalb trete der Kathedrale der Götter bei, ein Ort, an dem sich Menschen versammeln, die eine Vielzahl an Interessen vertreten.

Die Götter gaben uns die Gabe hinter Schallwellen Informationen zu verbergen.
Also lasst uns die Fertigkeit weise nutzen!
Ich freue mich dich in meinem "Café der Götter" treffen zu dürfen :)
Ein random deutscher Trash-Server, mit einigen Channels wie
memes, anime, gaming usw.
Jeder ist willkommen ꕥ
vous aimez one piece ? Et vous aimeriez discuter avec plus de personnes pour connaitre leurs opinions, leurs théories ? N'hésitez pas, rejoignez le discord ! Des emojis et des grades unique à votre disposition ! Faite désormais partit de l'équipage!
Wir sind ein momentan kleiner Deutscher Anime-/Gaming-Community Server und suchen neue Member <3 Wir sind eine freundliche Truppe mit Musik und Bots. Wir Freuen uns auf Dich <3
This channel was made for tokyo ghoul fans! if otherwise go away this is a fanbase!
Ce serveur est fait pour rencontrer des gens et parler avec eux autours d'un des sujets qu'ils sont proposer ou même pour parler de n'importe quoi mais il y a aussi des endroit spécifier a de l’animation comme de la musique ou encore des ''commentary''. Si vous ne savais pas quoi faire ou que vous voulez discuter rejoignez nous.
LGBT community is a fun, supportive server where people can be themselves around others and not be afraid of being judged, bullied or discriminated against.

We'd love it if you could join and grow the ever-expanding community and be a part of us and know you're not alone.

We offer:

Community Game nights
Community Chats
All the cool roles
Mature Chats
Allow kids above 10 to chat in our channel (separate for 15+)
Give people guidance
Help people come out to loved ones.

We're always inspiring and looking for ways to improve with new things appearing everyday one day it could be you, so come on down and join in the fun and see what it's like for yourself

note: (at the time of writing the server is small)