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A roleplay server based on the ongoing manwha Tower of God. Nikutai no Kami( 肉体の神, Flesh of God ) incorporates original concepts while fitting within an original Tower of God universe. What do you want, treasure, power, knowledge? It all can be yours all you have to do is climb!

Nikutai no Kami( 肉体の神, Flesh of God ) has original emoji, ever expanding lore and a chance to gain cannon positions!

▎◧ Chill and friendly people ☑
▎◧ Fair and Mature staff ☑
▎◧ No NSFW ☑

▎◧ Server survey in the login section ☑
▎◧ Leveling up system ☑
▎- Class Level ( Purchasable limit breaker for levels )
▎- Member Rank
▎◧ Report {user} system ☑
▎◧ Custom pings ☑
▎- Global
▎- Giveaways
▎- Polls
▎- Request/Suggestions
▎- Roleplay Events
▎- Patch Notes
▎◧ Patch notes ☑
▎◧ Private Bot ☑ "Work In Progress"
▎◧ Server survey in the login section ☑

▎◧ Giveaways ☑
▎- FREE : New/Well known users
▎- PREMIUM : Only for the really elder users
▎◧ NoZone Map ☑ "Work In Progress"
▎◧ Rewards for active users ☑
▎◧ Purchasable Roles ☑
▎◧ Clans ☒
▎◧ Battles/Raids/Fights rewards ☒
▎◧ Conquest Gamemode ☒
▎◧ Roleplay Fighting system ☑ "Work In Progress"
▎◧ Character Customization ☑
▎- Races
▎- Classes
▎- Gender
▎- Faction
▎◧ Unique places for each nation ☒
▎◧ Gambling ☑
▎◧ Music ☑
▎◧ Memes ☑
▎◧ Reactions ☑
▎◧ Selfies/Medias ☑
▎◧ OC creator ☑

Hi !
Ce serv est certes petit mais il va grandir grâce à vous (et est ouvert a tout le monde et a toutes discussion). Des sondages sont fait et seront fait pour voir ce que vous désirez.
Vous êtes aussi libre de proposer ce que vous voulez (cela sera accepter ou non).
Après comme la plus par des servs il y a des bots et des modos pour répondre a vos attentes.
On vous attends ♡
Shinjuku vous accueille sur son discord fraîchement inauguré, ici vous pouvez discuter de tout et de rien mais surtout de la culture asiatique et même rp grâce à certain channels proposés si l'envie vous prend.
Wanna meet new people? We are all happy, sad, depressed lil humans, go and chill with us! -There are alot of German guys, but the main language is eng. so dw


we have:

- multiple voice-chats
- e-girls :D
- awesome mods!
- seperated channels
Venez parler avec nous de vos loisirs, de vos goûts et bien d'autre encore, nous somme tous très sympa. N'hésitez pas à partager ce serveur!!
Nous essayons d'aider tout les membres quelque sois leurs problèmes et des jeux sont proposé le samedi soir en général.

Au plaisir de vous voir nous rejoindre
A friendly/active community welcoming anyone who'd like to join and take part in our activities!
Welcome to the Sauciest server on Discord!! We are a community that revolves around mostly everything from gaming to anime. Come hang out and chill with some new people. Everyone is welcome, we look forward to meeting you guys!
It's a pretty cool server. Got some cool stuff and i plan to add some more. I also plan to do some events so just check it out. Here is the Lore:
It is the medieval times, where kings and queens ruled the world. There used to be one kingdom that held ultimate power: The Kingdom of Ashedora, named after the Land its self. This was the strongest kingdom the land had seen for its' King had ultimate power, supplied to him by a crystal. During his last day, he separated the Crystal's power into four Artifacts which came to be known as the Articles of Faith, which were hidden away all over the land. After his death, the kingdom tore its self apart from the inside in a struggle for power and it was abandoned. From there rose two rival kingdoms. Each of their Kings claiming to have one of the Articles. Welcome to the world of Ashedora!
We're a smaller server dedicated to hobbies such as gaming, roleplaying, anime/manga, etc. We like to discuss and share our interests with others and to grow a stronger community.
ein netter mit ein paar bots und viel guter stimmung es gibt auch ein paar spielchannels für bestimmte spiele so wie allg. gamingchannels
Mainly a (16+) splatoon server but anime and unfiltered humor and memes are welcomed! Closing invites at 10 members to keep a more familiar environment
Welcome all to Fairytail heros! This server is designed to talk about Fairytail, chat, have fun, and be ourselves. This server is for all you Fairytail lovers just like me! Everyone can be a character from Fairytail. If your lucky and some slots are open, you can even be a guild master! We even have cool bots here for you all to enjoy! Sounds fun! I hope you all cal enjoy and welcome to Magnolia's Fairytail!!!
A sever for gamers and streamers alike. A place to have fun and to chat...
petit serveur fort sympathique peuplé de gogoles inoffensifs qui n'attendent que vous pour s'amuser ! :p

We are a small server, with the intention of finding that special someone, through gaming, anime, or whatever else, we are a small server, hoping to grow massive one day

Heres why YOU Should join:
We are a Chill staff, who goals is to have an open/positive community
We don't tolerate Racism!
We are staff with lenient rules, so relax and have fun here ;)

Since this is a dating server, Please be [16 and higher] This is what is set by the owner, to prevent most of the immaturity. We hope to see you there!~
__The Universe__
This is a roleplay taking place in an alternative universe from the main timeline of Dragon Ball. In this world, events have played out a lot more differently than the main canonical story of Dragon Ball Z. The year is currently Age 800 as of my posting this. Here, Goku’s story has never taken place, but yours is about to! Create your own OC, interact with others, save the world, and just generally have fun in Dragon Ball: Limit Breaker!
This server is for Roleplaying in the world of dragon ball. Also if your a pervert we have NSFW bots (even so its not a NSFW server, you can't put nsfw in any channel you please.).
We have cookies!
We accept anyone who wants to join and especially anyone who loves memes, games, anime/manga, and having a community of people to talk to.
Come for cookies, stay for good times and memes for days.
RoseWood Academy

Are you looking for a roleplay with romance, drama, action, combat, and more? Join RoseWood Academy! At RoseWood Academy, all of those things can happen! You'll also get the chance to make new friends, have fun, and explore the world of creativity!

(But seriously.. We need people XD)
▪Content Type: Gaming, Anime, Hangout, & Music
WELCOME TO NO LIFE GAMER'S - ANIME & GAMING! We are a dedicated community hoping you enjoy your time and hangout with amazing people! We have awesome bots and VC channels to make the gaming experience awesome for your friend's. Chat with others and play games all day!
▪ Make sure to join today!!!
This server is basically a basketball roleplay server, with a bit far-fetched actions but still extremely fun. If you like the sport of basketball or the anime I suggest you join it. If you don’t know either of the two or you’re new to them we are patient with new peeps and will help you along the way(and possibly laugh ;)

We Provide:
Competent staff members
A Great roleplay community
Equal opportunity for all members
Lively story development
Activity of course!
Basketball Talk
And most importantly, Fun!