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If any of you roleplay Danganronpa OCs, this is a server where people can do that freely and show off their characters to others. Even if you're new to roleplay or you'd prefer to just watch, feel free to join if you're interested! Everyone is welcome!
A note/warning: Some characters do have backstories with mentions of r/pe and similar disturbing topics, if this might bother you, please be mindful when joining.
Owner and Mod's Timezone is EST/EDT time.
This server was created to open roleplay to anyone. All role plays role plays are welcome. There is a Hero High roleplay, I have a custom role play page for closed role plays, and OC and Non-OC role plays are welcome. If you wish to join the Hero High roleplay, please use the template in the pinned and wait for your character to be approved for fairness. Any spam or rude users will be kicked or banned. Please respect everyone and have fun!
"Central City prides itself in being the first of many cities around the world that embraced the existence of Non-humans, opening their doors, adding new rights to both human and non-human laws. As well as creating a safe community."

This RP server is dedicated to OCs and people who enjoy modern fantasy roleplays. We accept multiple characters and would like to meet your OCs! You can pick with a wide variety of human and non human groups for your character. We have Merpeople, Naga, Werewolves and Vampires, as well as Faes, humans with control over the elements too.
Kaiphus is an open-world fantroll roleplay server with D&D-esque fighting mechanics set after the destruction of Alternia. We offer personal hives, ic events, and a longterm over-arching plot. Rules can be found inside, we hope you enjoy!
My Hero Academia is a roleplay server for the anime (you guessed it) Boku No Hero Academia. You can roleplay as canon or original characters, and participate in events and classes.

Note: We are a literate server, meaning we keep our roleplay posts to a high standard. You will need to audition for the parts of the character you want to roleplay as.
Welcome to Prisontopia!

We offer -
❑ Deep roleplay!
❑ Tons of mysteries to solve!
❑ Our very own daily comic!
❑ Lots of creativity and friendly people!

The year is 1643. Priatopia is a young nation in a great war with The Tria Nation. Peasant men and women are drafted to serve in the war, the streets are almost empty as most of the population is out fighting. Only young girls under the age of 7 are spared from military service. The king of the nation is corrupt and has started to make slavery legal as to pay off debt. Food is scarce and the people have resorted to eating the remains of fallen soilders resulting in a horrible disease lovingly nicknamed The Reapers Euphoria to infect almost everyone who managed not to die in battle.
Everyone lives in constant fear and agony, wondering who will be the next to join the pile of corpses.
Join the crime and sea filled world of facinus to pull your fantasies of the high seas and thoughts of the salt ridden boats close to your heart! In this world, nothing is legal and forces such as the navy will do whatever it takes to pursuit these threats!
✨Welcome newcomer, ✨

~Here we strive for creativity and descriptivness, you'll be fine as long as you try! 👍

~We don't want any 1-liners! 1-line of text doesn't forward the story! 👍

~This is a safe space for everyone, no matter your gender, race or political views! 👍

~We are story telling based and love character development! Having a good character background is worth it! 👍

~We have friendly staff! 👍

~All we ask is for you to be responsible and respectful, don't give mods or other members attitude! We can all be friends here! 👍

~Cursing is allowed, but an excessive use of it will result in appropriate punishment. And don't use it in a condescending or rude tone! 👍

❗See you there!❗
This server is a small community to joke and meme around, we're all for positivity and we have a really nice friend group! if you're looking to create characters or stories with other people then this is a good server!!
Just a server to post your art, talk about OCs and make friends.
There's seperate nsfw channels.
19 years after omniverse took place ben tennyson made the universe a safe place again, animo and other villians kept attacking every now and then but ben always stopped them, but while they thought that albedo was in his cell what was really happening was that he escaped and was building more 'rip off omnitrixies' and made multiple nemetrix/omnitrix hybrids the preditrixies, azmuth got rumors of this and created his own omnitrixies, once he was finished he scent ben three biomatrixies that he used the two and kept the other for when his son (mason tennyson) became 'responisibl' enough for it he gave it to his son, as albedo and some lackies attacked azmuths lab, he was gone and so was the omnitrixies he made they were sent to thousands of planets as was albedos 'rip off omnitrixies' ultimatrixies and preditrixies alond with nemetrixies, all azmuth could do was hope for the best and meet up with ben tennyson.

The year is 2346, the human civilisation has become far advanced and are at peace with many different alien races and their planets. One day the new NASA sent explorers into space to find new alien races they landed on a planet called X58T where the explorers came in contact with an alien parasite that they captured and put it on their ship, the ships auto pilot set a course for earth. while the pilots were in space the parasite awoken and broke out infecting the explorers, once the explorers got earth they infected millions of humans and aliens, all the ships have left and the docking bay closed, there is but few survivors left. Will you be a survivor or will you be infected the choice is yours.
This server was made for roleplaying with your OCs! Interact with other people and have fun!
Seven Scepters: A Fairy Tail RP Based loosely on the Fairy Tail manga and anime, Seven Scepters promises a world of unexplored ideas and new magic! We took a great idea that rested within Fairy Tail, and amplified the ideas!

The lore is based in a new world, completely separate from the original cannon. Three countries, five guilds, and seven scepters. All of these forces and many more come together in order to make a rich setting, where your ideas will run smoothly! Wisps, Keys, new magic types and more await you!

Hi there! This is a community roleplay server! everyone of any skill level in roleplay is welcome.
acception server to the starlake village: rules etc are found in the link above
If you like memes, like fandoms, like to RP, or have an original character and would like to share it out, please join our discord chat! We’d love to have you!
You have to be 16+ if you want to join, and please read the rules!
We are a new server, so it’s just a little dead- just hang tight!
But please, help us share it out!
It would mean a lot!
Thank you!