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Welcome to Running With The Pack!
A brand new, mature, realistic wolf roleplay server!
Self-assignable roles!
NSFW channels! (Must be verified 18+ to get access)
Organized and ready for roleplay!
Mods that actually care!

Most wolf roleplays are simply not thriving anymore, so this roleplay aims to change that with active new members. Considering it's just starting up, lots of ranks are still available and your character won't be drowned out like in larger and bigger servers!

Consider joining to become part of the pack! <3
A wolf clan has been chased into a valley by a glacier. Now, they must try to survive the best they can. On one side of the valley, the enemy bear lives. On the other, the wolves stay and try to be safe. Here you can find a mate, raise pups, and eventually die. You can switch between characters any time you'd like.
:wolf:Wolf Rp:wolf:
We are a growing server that is starting to get a bit more active.
This server homes two packs, Starshine pack and Moonrise pack.

We have various ranks to play as and also offer to rp as a loner.
The server also offers various channels like:
Pictures of Pets
and alot more!
*Moderator apps are open along w/ alpha applications!
*~>Welcome to Amaguk!<~*

Come take part in the wild North American landscape of the 1920's as a wolf or a normal human! We welcome all across the globe to take part in being a majestic and misunderstood world of the wolf!

Current Information

**Welcoming and friendly community
**Helpful staff
**Open to Partners and Allies
**Music, Memes, and fun bots
Olympus is a science-fiction / realism-fantasy wolf roleplay taking place in the [Rising Suns] series. Featuring a new world which is devastated by meteor strikes while it's still in a primitive age, rapid changes in evolution create unique continents with a drastically shifted ecosystem and varying genetics. Over the course of several hundred years, the rules of the earth have simply changed for good. However, what price do we pay?

To read more, please click the invite to be taken to our lobby.
Surface explorers is a wolf roleplay where the pack lives on floating islands in the clouds, often traveling to a more dangerous surface.

This roleplay is more adult and mature themed, be aware of those themes and please be okay with them if you wish to join. You must be semi-literate and describe what your character is doing with a reasonable amount of detail.
We are an awesome discord server dedicated to providing a fun time and community experience for the furry community. We have a level up role system for cool perks and rewards, a global leaderboards, awesome staff, a place for you to advertise your Twitch/YouTube/Mixer and much more!
A Love Song Of The Winter Moon Members! We got raided!! new server! join here!!

18+ I REPEAT 18+ NO ONE UNDER 17 IS ALLOWED. nsfw and erp within. High fantasy omegaverse yaoi roleplay

-friendly community-
-Current Event: Jya's Fury: The Blood Altar-
-Upcoming Event: The Long Road: Lucifer's Folly-

The wolf gods created the world, and within the world humanity thrived until it destroyed itself in the vast war with the elves and their wolf allies, the love and sacrifice between the wolf god Firasgon and his queen the elf god of beauty Jya. Their love was an epic tale of loss and purity, but this was lost to time, no one knows what really happened.

Of the wolves kept sacred and holy, worshipped by the elves, Six packs of wolves were left to roam the lands.

The Sky Dragons, some say descended from Angels,

The Lava Circle who live underground,

The Demonic Kingdom who are known to be demons in wolf skin,

Poseidon's Kiss the merwolves who live on the beach and in the deep.

Finally, Light Moon, the pack spawned between the true love of the gods beneath the Winter Moon.

Unlock the mystery behind the destruction of the Light Moon Pack, help find the Elemental King and protect the world from the various threats looming.

Wolves and Elves: Find the Tomes Of The Winter Moon and uncover the mystery of Jya and his King.

Humans etc: Discover clues strewn throughout the human city to find out why humanity met it's end in the modern era and reverted back to ancient times.

furry and anthro friendly within the unclaimed human city, which is on the outskirts of every kingdom, humans exist in pocket communities.

A chosen one is born into every pack, reborn children of Firasgon and his Greatest Love. They are the elves and wolf packs only hope in a bleak world. What will happen now? Join us today to find out!
Mixer streamer's discord server
🐺Welcome to the wolf packs.🐺

We are a server with a friendly community! With 3️⃣ packs to chose from, and a group of pups living by themselfs. which one will best suite you?

And now join our Sunday night quizzes! Great way to get to know the community, and vc with others!

We now need pups for the Soft Paws #PupSquad

Alphas: Alita and Ben
This pack is the biggest out of the three. It's a great place to start your family, and meet new friends. They are always ready to welcome new wolves into their pack.

Alphas: Kolai
This pack is for you fighters. They are always causing trouble and hate Moonlight. Not many pups live, Or even survive here.

Alphas: Tokota and Sun
This pack is the smallest. Its a peaceful pack, with plenty of friends to make. They are known for helping Moonlight defend their territory from Ambersky

There are also a range of ranks available. From Pup watcher 👀, to Assassin ⚔️. There is one for you.

We also have:
👥A Friendly community!
🌷Art channels
😂A place to share your Memes.
🐺3 packs to chose from
🌨️Diffrent environments
And more! All we need is you 👆. So come to our Active friendly rp server today!

This server is a fun RP server. Here we RP as wolves and we offer 5 different packs, with 10 roles in the packs :D
Here, you can gain friends and writing skills!
We hope to see you in the server!
💠Wolf Island 💠
Wolf Island is a fun server where you get to roleplay as a wolf. We have friendly staff and active members.
We also have five packs + loner to choose from:
⭐️ Dawn Pack
🏔 Mountain Pack
🌴 Beach Pack
❄️ Snow Pack
☀️ Sun Pack
and +10 roles you can choose from.
Join Wolf Island and
💠 Meet new and awsome people
💠 Create a wolf of your imagination
💠 Roleplay with people around the world
💠 Have fun!

Click on this link to join us:

We are the Wolves of Nighne, guardians of earth. I, Alpha; Jason Storm, welcomes you to the pack. We aren't just some regular pack, we are wolf shifters that use magic to protect the sacred lands of our home. Train to gain your rank that you were born to be or want to be. Hunt for prey to help keep this pack thriving. Here in the territory of the pack, there is much to do, from playing with pups to completing a mission from the bounty board. Here, with the Wolves of Nighne, we grant you a home that allows all to have a part in this world. Welcome to the pack. -Alpha Jason Storm

Here in this RP server we provide:
1. Tons of Roles for the RP
2. Many channels for the RP
3. A social category for folks who wish not to RP
4. Drama
5. A place for people to speak for their selves freely
6. A bean command (Like come on who doesn't need a good ol' bean?)
7. Events. Ex: A tournament for people to prove themselves
8. A backstory (Still writing it)
9. Much More

Note 1: Some of the members on this server may go to school or have work at times you don't. It may look like the server is dead at the moment but, we are always active at certain parts of the day/night.

Note 2: We are still growing and have much to learn. If things are unorganized or unneeded please tell us! :D

Note 3: Some of the members here do -one liners- and others don't, any form of acting in the RP is acceptable.

Note 4: This server is also a real pack that Alpha Jason Storm leads.
This is a Semi-realistic/ fantasy wolfwere rp! This role-play server is small at the moment but someday it will hopefully grow! In this role-play, you get to choose from three packs and join one. This is a literate roleplay and yada yada yada you get the point xD So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!
Welcome to The Marked, this is a role play wolf server where wolves Aline with gods and goddesses of Greece. Here you can roleplay, join packs, make friends, and create lovable characters!

The story-

Long ago, a goddesses soul feel to earth after she was killed for a crime she did not commit. On Earth her body lay where Artemis found her. Feeling bad for the now dead goddess, she aligned the goddesses with an animal. Wolves. That species of animal would then go on to worship that goddess. Because the goddess was being worshiped, she gained power and returned to the living, granting some wolves the powers of other gods. However, there was a side effect to this, as all wolves who held the power of a god would have a marking. A marking that made them different.

Because they looked, and were different, other wolves began to fear the wolves with the gods powers, or *The Marked* as they are more commonly known.

Packs were formed, and The Marked became hated in most packs, oppressed, and distant...

After the marked had been forced to stay silent for so many years, they are now ready to fight back. Ready to die. Ready to *rebel.*
An amazing community server with a wolf pack theme! We have tons of awesome bots and channels to have fun with, but best of all is our fantastic community! So come join the pack!
The Wolf Pack is a fun server that you can come and hang out on your able to rp, listen to music, talk with your friends, make new friends, maybe meet a special one, learn more about Wolves. This server has been open for 9 months. It has a total of 60+ members you can even apply for staff and help the server grow.
[Currently searching for new characters! See below.] Staged in Northern Alaska, 170 miles north of the arctic circle, this roleplay server is oriented around feral wolves living in a natural habitat. The environment must remain mostly realistic and natural; thus no special powers are allowed. Though characters are required to be completely wolf, and keep a fair RP, there are no other restrictions on creativity! Join and start RPing! More features to be added as more members join.

[Currently searching for more mates in the pack!]
Were not furries but uhhh we like wolfs? idk but alot do. Anyways join
This take place in Yukon territory and Northwest territory of Canada, Northern America. As a wolf you must hunt, fight, and do whatever it takes to survive and live. Either join or start in one of the two packs or live a life as a loner or rogue that has been cast out of their old pack or one of the packs that can be chosen from.
This roleplay is set in the future. Humanity has died out, extinct. Or so it was thought. Until some creatures began to experience conscious thought and emotion, and eventually, brief transformations to human form. It was discerned that some human souls had somehow lingered between worlds, before ending up in the bodies of these creatures, mainly owls and wolves. These bi-souled creatures began to group together, creating the owl society of Fos, and the wolf society of Skia. The two communities live in harmony, ruled fairly by an owl king and a wolf chieftain.
Oakenhert is a semi-fantasy literate wolf roleplay server. We allow members to create characters and immerse themselves within the day-to-day drama that is Oakenhert and the family members that help maintain the pack.

We have a storyline that explains how this pack has some about being formed and gives ideas for some potential future things that could happen with the pack and wolves.

- Open adoptable characters.
- Potential for more packs.
Please, I would be on at least 4 times a week. The first person to join will get mod!
A wolf pack Roleplay server where it takes place in different places of the world currently the pack is staked down in North America during the spring weather. They travel as the weather starts getting colder or danger rises. But be careful the hunters are active at this time of the season. We have a lot of nice admins and people from all around. Please join and check us out and hopefully stay for a fun semi Feral wolf roleplay.