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Buham is a magical, large island that is home to many types of wolves, lots of prey, humans, and their dogs. 3 packs, and some loners. PinePaw, WinterPaw, And FlameFur Pack.

PinePaw is a meek, but strong pack.
WinterPaw praises what comes up, and prays for what goes down.
FlameFur pack is a very, VERY aggressive pack, only sometimes passive..

*Buham is a mythical place where wolves with secret powers stay. They befriend different packs, maybe even prey or humans. But no matter what, the wolves are all one big family, but one big rivalry.*
*Buham ✧ once was an island where prey roamed happily and peacefully. They grazed on the lush grasses, and the healthy flowers. It was all green back then, everything was healthy and living. Nothing could kill them, because there were no predators. So that’s when the Wolves of Buham started to kick in. They needed prey, enough to share in their territory, but they needed the population to stay low, or the entire place will soon be run by elk, deer, bunnies, and plants! yuck. So, all the packs came together on a dark stormy night. A white wolf, Arabania, came into stance. He is the second godleader of all wolves, along with Chrysophylax. Then, all the leaders stepped up on the rock. And then.. the storm brought them a long strike of purple lightning during their gathering. It struck Arabiana, and he.. died. He is now the god of all, but for one, he is.. everything. After his death, they returned to bringing prey population down to a minimum. It did, but after a long months kill. All the packs soon got their names from Arabania, and the packs set different ways, and have now had different territories. PinePaw Pack kept the place green and healthy, so they could have more place to hide, and it would attract more prey. FlameFur Pack lives in a scorching desert, they fight the heat and live of camels, desert bunnies, some old elk that wander in, and the dead puppies. WinterPaw Pack lives off the things that climb their mountain, or if somebody goes down the mountain, and comes back up. They praise what comes up, they pray for what goes down*.
*Thats how Buham started all these strict rules and hunting ways. Are you one of the prophecy wolves?..*
Wanna learn more about this server? Come join it! (:
Once there were three clans that lived together peacefully, until Silent Oak attacked. Pups disappeared and were missing for days before they were found poisoned to death, half eaten and decayed carcasses littered their territories, and a horrible stench trailed through the forest. Eventually they were found out, and after a long battle, were exiled.
Now, years later when Silent Oak is used as a tale to scare young pups into behaving, Lunar Creek and Silver Ash are living peacefully once more. Until, again, tragedy strikes, just the same as before. After finding Lunar Creek's leader and Silver Ash's healer mauled and on their last breaths side by side in the Peace Clearing, the two packs realize they must put their differences aside and work together to defeat this invisible enemy.

Mendeku is:
+LGBT+ friendly
+STB Mapped
+STB Sited
+Discord-based ((For Now))
+Semi-Lit and Semi-Real
+Member-driven Plot
+High Ranks OPEN

Come give us a peek!
The good bois is the best server made because it's made by me. The rules are fairly simple yet I'm not. Deal with it bro. Have some fun and a laugh, we ain't too serious here.
Have you ever felt alone? Wandering days on end, searching for something—somewhere you belong. I have. I roamed the landscape, following the calling of the breeze, the tugging of my heart, until I found them. My pack. My family. The place where I truly belong. You can find your family too, with the River, the Night, or the Eclipse--your destiny awaits.

This server is a place of quality wolf roleplay- featuring three packs: The Pack of Whispering Nights, The Pack of Glistening Rivers, and The Pack of Eternal Eclipse. The Alpha of The Pack of Whispering Nights has a total of around 5 years of leadership with over two years of that time spent leading her current pack. The Alpha of The Pack of Glistening Rivers is a bit new to Alpha, but has much experience with leadership and brings a fresh mind to the table. The Fallen (Alpha) of The Pack of Eternal Eclipse has had around 6 years of leadership with many different groups.
*~>Welcome to Amaguk!<~*

Come take part in the wild North American landscape of the 1920's as a wolf or a normal human! We welcome all across the globe to take part in being a majestic and misunderstood world of the wolf!

Current Information

**Welcoming and friendly community
**Helpful staff
**Open to Partners and Allies
**Music, Memes, and fun bots
(Note: This server is fairly new at the moment, so patience and help is needed in order for it to grow as well as a desperate need for staff. Sign up is required to become staff)

“Lunar Hollow” is a semi-literate/feral wolf RP server that takes place in the fictional woodland location of, hence the name of server, Lunar Hollow.
For centuries, these woods have been dominated by a large community of wolves that roam wild and free.

•This community is separated into 4 main packs:

🍀CloverCreek Pack

💎PearlStone Pack

🌺Hyacinth Pack

🌿Larkspur Pack

•These packs each have unique characteristics about them that they pride themselves on and each individual is special in their own way. (More information about each pack can be found after joining)

•With a variety of pack roles available (including loners/rouges) and regularly scheduled events, you create your own adventure. Wether your motivations include raising a family of pups, rising in the ranks, exploration, ect., it’s an open world with many possibilities, so we encourage you to join!😀

In the early 1900’s, scientist were working on a project one that would take control the minds of animals. This project back fired instead of the scientist taking over the minds of animals, animals were given so called powers. Some were gifted more then others these being the Ring Masters, they began a riot taking over the thoughts of animals and turning them into killers. Eventually the Ring Masters had controlled all the felines and canines in the world, and the human race was wiped clean from the earth. The canines and felines were then lead to the: Circus which was abandoned Circus/ Amusement park. The Ring Masters thought time and time again about how to rank those within the Circus. Coming to a conclusion they made ranks within the Circus, those who were the most sickening were given a higher ranking then those who were softer. As time went on this system stuck with the Circus, new Ring Masters have stepped up and new dangers lurk outside of the Circus. So, now it’s time to see how long you’ll survive within the Circus... Good luck, you’ll need it.
This roleplay is about Werewolves and humans. Betas are up for grabs now.
Hey! Are you looking fir a cool, drama free, active and diverse pack/ family Role play?
Come join the Mystic Pack!
We have fun role play scenes, an amazing community , and a vast variety or different character types!
So drop on in and join us!

(* §¥note that the server you initially join(I.e this server) us not the actual pack server this server is merely a portal so we can enjure everone that joins in suitable for this enviorment¤§¥)

13+ server
We are an all inclusive server (all eases,ethnisities, religions act.)
—Welcome To Kingdom Of Ravaryn—

•Friendly Server.
•Role Play.
•LGBTQ Friendly.
•15+ please.
•More Than one character allowed.

Princess Amelia, rules her kingdom but is in search of starting her own family and finding new friends..
The Town’s people are talking and wondering when there will be more people to shop at their stores and wondering who will defend them against people who steal and try to destroy them.
Will that be you?

Join and find out !

•Looking for Guards, Knights, Maids, and more.

This is a rp server made for those of you who love wolfs and like to partake in captivating rp’s that get your creativity flowing. At the moment this server is still under construction and is still getting new features added, but we are still rping and we would love for anyone to come join an add some more flare to the rps.
This is a new server looking for active members. Here's the lore:
The plentiful land of canai is only taken by mother nature herself. The whole world is up for grabs at this point. Many years ago there was a devastating storm, many didn't know would happen. The inhabitants had made their own hierarchies and systems. But this all crashed down when the storm wiped them away, Few survived.

Now it's up to Anastasia and the remaining couple of wolves to put together more packs for this land to enjoy.
This server is definitely still a w.i.p. and in need of mods.
The pack of Eclipse has roamed the land of Aryst for decades. Many of the pack members that still roam these lands are often decendents of the original pack that formed those many moons ago. However, in the loss of the former alpha, things have delved into chaos. The two children of the alphas could not agree on who was going to be the next alpha, and now have separated the pack into two separate groups, the ones who believe the eldest should rule and keeping the same traditions and the pack of the rebels that believe that what has worked for ages has become null. Due to the split, the two siblings are now tooth and claw against one another, leaving death in their wake as they battle for complete control over their homeland. Will the Primal Pack of rebels dominate or will the pack of traditions, Eclipse, take down the rebels and reestablish what always was?
This roleplay is currently inhabited by The Pack of Uplifting Vines, The Pack of Mystic Shadows, and The Pack of Whispering Winds. Come join us and take your pick, Novice! We welcome you with open arms. Happy Huntings.
We are an awesome discord server dedicated to providing a fun time and community experience for the furry community. We have a level up role system for cool perks and rewards, a global leaderboards, awesome staff, a place for you to advertise your Twitch/YouTube/Mixer and much more!
A fantasy canine rp. Tribal. Tikaani Tribe (wolves), Kaliska Tribe (coyotes), and Inola Tribe (foxes). You may also be a rogue.
This is a wolf server **nothing about furrys** this server is full of love and tons of memes enjoy your stay and make some wolf freinds
Welcome to Dawn Of Our Time! A Canidae / Vulpes roleplay! What does that mean? You can be anything as long as it falls under those two. From Arctic Fox to Tanuki, whatever works!
-3 Interesting Packs!
-Lots Of Open High Ranks!
-Roleplay for all styles!
-Plenty of ranks in each pack!

So come, join the fun!
Wolves of Eden is a brand new wolf pack roleplay! Still currently in progress, but we are open and accepting members! Come explore Eden and help build a pack from the ground up!
This is a paragraph-styled roleplay that follows the story of Lucien and his journey of rebuilding his once fearless pack, the Moonlit Pack.

"This was when the male had woken up to his doom- a stark, white room. A cage confined him, and no matter how loud he tried to bark, something wrapped around his maw and prevented him from making any noise besides a whimper or hum. A muzzle, no less, but he had not a clue of its name.

These times were filled with gaps in his mind. Ones of humans looking over him, watching… waiting… And others of sleepless, lonesome nights in the room where the lights were off. In truth, he hadn’t even recalled the surgery- the one in which a tracker GPS chip was placed in the nape of his neck.

Then the day had came, one that was like a dream to him… He was let loose, back into the forest he had once lived in! Without his knowledge, though, he was being navigated by those pesky humans. All was well, though, in his eyes, and now he walks the lands, hoping to rebuild his family under a new name- The Moonlit Pack.

Just like his name, a ray of hope, or light in the dark, to signify that everything, one day, will be okay."

What we have to offer:
-Friendly, welcoming staff ready to help!
-Plenty of community channels for socializing!
-Lots of roleplay channels to choose from!
-High ranks ready to be earned!
-An ongoing plot that you can be apart of!

Join now! We'd love to meet you!
~Wolves of the Aurora~
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Hello! If you're reading this in hopes of joining a wolf rp server Then you got the right post!!

I have hosted this role-play in the past, and it has lasted for 4 months. (Near Thanksgiving 2017/nov17) Since a few months ago the role-play had died. BUT i am here to revive this roleplay!! This is not only just a roleplay, but also family. Here you will not only relieve yourself of real life, but you will also gain new friends. Sounds good right?

Anyways lets get on to the actual information. -

As the title suggest, This server is a wolf roleplay server. There is currently no plot at the moment, for now it's your typical wolf roleplay, with a few exceptions. WOTA Is currently looking for active roleplayers. It doesn't matter who or what you are, we will always accept you. :heart:️
Long ago, two great gods from the heavens were born, Siblings too be exact. Urie, The god of peace and creation, and Mars, The god of destruction and war. As Urie was born, with her was the birth of urion; The land of living things. This land prospered as the years went on, and urie was always praised for her blessing of life by the creatures of urion. Mars grew envious of Urie, and as the years passed, A hatred for his sister had grown. Frequently would the two argue over control for urion, Causing many natural disaster's, and deaths too occur. Eventually, Mar's had enough of Urion's faith towards urie, and sent the Lands into near extinction. Urie exiled Mars out of anger.

Urie was too weak after their fight too recover her land, So she waited many years, watching in pain as her creatures of life slowly died out. The only species that had survived were the wolves, One of the most ancient creatures in the lands of urions. These canines had adapted through the many years of harsh life, and had become wise and knowledgable. They had become the most intelligent creatures of Urion. Urie acknowledged these creatures, and in her hope bloomed once again. She blessed these creatures with food, Fertile land, And a beautiful country.
In the background, mar's watched. Seething in anger, he formed a plan in his head. Mars sent his demons down, in the form of these wolf creatures and had them infect other's with his evilness. Thus these evil wolves began murdering others. Once again throwing the land into chaos. Urie Had noticed this, and confronted mars. Once again the two faught, Mars had the advantage of his demon army and had defeated urie.

Urie, who had been defeated, Had sacraficed the rest of her power, sending it down too the lands of urion. Random wolves had been selected, and chosen too fight urie's last battle. These wolve's acquired magical powers, or unique traits that allowed them to do more than the norm. These chosen wolve's had fought off the demons, sending them hiding in the shadows for many years too come. Together these chosen wolves and fought against mars, who had decided to do the job himself now that Urie had perished. How ever, Mars had underrestimated these chosen few. With the last bit of power they had, the locked away mars forever, and with the power of unity, they had managed to revive urie, and save the land of urion.

After this long lasting war, the wolves' power's had faded, leading them back into their normal daily lives
But it is said, that the magic of urie still runs deep in the veins of the descendants of the few chosen, and that around corner,The evil of mars still lurks, looking for its next victim.
We're a wolf roleplay server without many people, (Basically none) and would like to grow into a community where people roleplay and make friends in! So what are you waiting for? Join the community today!

(I Have no idea what to write)

/-----/-----/-----/ Land Of Whispers /-----/-----/-----/
Welcome to Land Of Whispers, a Wolf RP. We have friendly staff, our own Original lore, ranks, roles, and much more!
-Detailed Lore!
-Friendly Staff!
-LGBTQ+ Friendly!
-Safe environment!
Come and join us for an amazing adventure! Hope to see you soon!
Nocte Family is a friendly server with a few role players from Feral Heart, formerly. We all role-play wolves from the Nocte lineage, and we are always looking for new, active members to join us!

If you like role playing wolves, this place is for you.
We are always looking for new people to join with their own characters.
There is also the possibility that we have Nocte lineage characters that need to be filled from time to time.