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This is a Semi-realistic/ fantasy wolfwere rp! This role-play server is small at the moment but someday it will hopefully grow! In this role-play, you get to choose from three packs and join one. This is a literate roleplay and yada yada yada you get the point xD So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!
Come take part in being a wolf in the wild! Roleplay as a wolf and enjoy the majestic North American landscape! Simple as that.
Long ago, humans ruled the earth, until their animal counterparts eventually grew tired of sharing the same land, which cases a species war to out break. After centuries of fighting the animals had been ruled victorious, and broke off from human culture. With the taste of battle and blood fresh in their mouths, each faction of predator had split up to conquer the most land. Will you lead your pack to victory? Or will you lead your pack to their demise?

In our servers we offer:
📍Roleplay as different species of predators!
📍The ability to run your own pack!
📍The option to join other packs!
📍Claim your own territory and go to war over to protect it!

We hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to The Marked, this is a role play wolf server where wolves Aline with gods and goddesses of Greece. Here you can roleplay, join packs, make friends, and create lovable characters!

The story-

Long ago, a goddesses soul feel to earth after she was killed for a crime she did not commit. On Earth her body lay where Artemis found her. Feeling bad for the now dead goddess, she aligned the goddesses with an animal. Wolves. That species of animal would then go on to worship that goddess. Because the goddess was being worshiped, she gained power and returned to the living, granting some wolves the powers of other gods. However, there was a side effect to this, as all wolves who held the power of a god would have a marking. A marking that made them different.

Because they looked, and were different, other wolves began to fear the wolves with the gods powers, or *The Marked* as they are more commonly known.

Packs were formed, and The Marked became hated in most packs, oppressed, and distant...

After the marked had been forced to stay silent for so many years, they are now ready to fight back. Ready to die. Ready to *rebel.*
Hi! The Hypnosis Pack is a group about a ''wolf'' rp, it is set around 3080 where wolves have evolved. In the ways they have evolved, they have managed to grow an extra 2 legs, along with becoming larger, and obtaining a raptor like tail. This group has an art channel, along with a channel where you can share beloved pieces of literature. We also have staff ranks. The server will be closed once it reaches 100 members, just to prevent it being over populated. Within the rp part, the wolves, now called Hysisis, have the power to control a select host. There are rules, ect in the group. The question is, will you be apart of it?
🐺Welcome to the wolf packs.🐺

We are a new server with a friendly community! With 3️⃣ packs to chose from, which one will best suite you?

There are a range of ranks available. ((At the moment, we need one more Alpha)) From Pup watcher 👀, to Assassin ⚔️. There is one for you.

We also have:
👥A Friendly community!
🌷Art channels
😂A place to share your Memes.
🐺3 packs to chose from
🌨️Diffrent environments
And more! All we need is you 👆. So come to our Active friendly rp server today!

Currently unopened, still in the making!! - Oakenhert is a semi-fantasy literate wolf roleplay server. We allow members to create characters and immerse themselves within the day-to-day drama that is Oakenhert and the family members that help maintain the pack.
[Currently searching for new characters! See below.] Staged in Northern Alaska, 170 miles north of the arctic circle, this roleplay server is oriented around feral wolves living in a natural habitat. The environment must remain mostly realistic and natural; thus no special powers are allowed. Though characters are required to be completely wolf, and keep a fair RP, there are no other restrictions on creativity! Join and start RPing! More features to be added as more members join.

[Currently searching for more mates in the pack!]
The Wolf Pack! There are 2 packs here, possibly more in the future as we grow. There the good wolves, The Soul's Reflection. And the bad wolves, The Mirror of Shadows. Which will you join? Come check it out!
Hello and welcome to the Furry Bastion. This is a brand new furry server meant for those in the fandom and those who are new to it. We got plenty to offer you all, so here we have:

-Self-Assignable Roles plus Category Assigned Roles

-A Level Role System for chatting

-Channels meant for art, photography, memes, gaming, etc.

-Roleplay channels in which you can partake in.

We got plenty more in which you can discover. So please come and join!!!!
In a land where both fantasy and realistic characters can live side by side. YOU have the chance to choose your destiny. Who and or what will you be? Join us and explore our worlds and the many creature that already inhabit it.

{:}Before The Day Ends{:}
>We are a new and active literate (Semi-Lit is okay too) role play community that's looking for active members who join ready to create a character and get into a role!
>Our server contains many species including
-Greek Gods/Goddess
-Radioactive Mutants
And many more to come upon your arrival!
(Keep in mind we are new so don't be discouraged when you join and see few people. With the few people we have we still RP everyday)
If you are wondering what Nighne means it means Earth. Hello I am Jason Storm, Alpha of the Wolves of Nighne. This server is an rp server for people who believe the spirit of the wolf is along side with them or people who wants a good wolf rp. The wolves of Nighne is a pack that has been lost for hundreds of years but, I have recently brought it back to the open for new people to join it. Here in this server we provide bots to help you out and possibly give you a laugh. This server is brand new one and was created January 6, 2019. You can create your own character and earn a rank in the pack but, if you grow tired of just doing one character you can do another one! Backstory for the rp is in the server because it is so long. Anyways this isn't only just for rp it is actually a real life pack but not like the furry stuff. We just believe in the wolf spirit. Anyways, I hope you can join and rebuild the pack with me and everyone else who joins! - Alpha, Jason Storm. P.s. we got lots of roles!
Long long ago, there were four brothers. They were all wolves. However, one was black (Ash) , one was white (Light), one was brown (Ground) and the last was grey (Moon). They all lived together happily until there was an attack on their home. They all blamed each other and a late fight between them broke out.

The four brothers all went off and started their own packs.

They have now died and passed their alpha to their sons. The packs are now big and popular
A very open minded community that's run by two very hardworking people! Everyone who is decent can join! If you are coming to disrespect people please don't join! Well Trask and Karma are waiting for you!
We're a server for the Wikifoundry RP community, particularly focused on the wolf RPers there, but we're always happy to see new or familiar faces. Even if you're not familiar with Wikifoundry, don't be shy to stop by and hang out!
We are a partiolly new server hoping to grow big it is a realisticwolf role-play canines only we have channels including:
-Nsfw chat
-Bump us
-ooc chat
_and many others
so come join today and help our server grow
We are an awesome discord server dedicated to providing a fun time and community experience for the furry community. We have a level up role system for cool perks and rewards, a global leaderboards, awesome staff, a place for you to advertise your Twitch/YouTube/Mixer and much more!
Aphirus is a world of wolves with powers~

Join now and experience the amazing magical realm of Aphirus. Which pack will you choose? Evorah, Viokrat, Ihorath, or Ovulion?~ (This is new server, so there aren't many members ;w;)

This server includes :
~Staff packs for entertainment
(StoryPack, ArtPack, ect. Open to new ideas!!)
(obviously! :D)
~Chill staff!
~Friendly members!
~And more!

Join and explore the land of Aphirus!!
Come and join the server!!! We love meeting new people!!! A war is coming, who's side will you be on? The humans? Or the Animals?
A big war has taken place between a bunch of wolf packs. A lot of wolves died and a lot of places were ruined. All humans during the war fled the continent or died. To this day a human has not been seen since and have become more than legends. The packs still fight over land and food sources. Will you fight with one of the packs or be one of the few who will stop at nothing to stop the war?
(This server is a work in progress. We are looking for staff members to help us develop it more. Also any roleplayers are welcome to join.)
We are a growing realistic wolf pack and human roleplay searching for active role players. We offer plenty of high ranking roles available!

There are four wolf packs and one human village, with humans being the newest addition to our server, taking place in approximately the 1600s on an island being colonized by Europe.

》We feature the following packs: Ambersky, Moonvalley, Winterbirch, Midnightoak.
》Active and helpful staff and a welcoming, warm community.
》Open roleplay with completed lore and an interest in expanding it further.
》A constantly evolving plot and storyline.

Join us today!
On the Isle of Waria thrives your great packs. The Windrunner pack, the Shadow pack, the Ash Spirit pack, and the Moonstar pack. Each have their own personalities that seperates them from the rest. So come join today and find what pack suits you the best then start your story now!

This is a new server so we are in need of many more members to add to the excitement of the server and to start filling up the roleplay section.
Hello! We are an online therian wolf pack for therians all across the globe we have chat, pack RP art and karaoke!
Renkei is more than just some random wolf server, it's beyond that. It's a server where real wolf and even fox lovers can come around and enjoy them, talk about them, roleplay as them!

We respect and love our good hearted members, and leave the bad ones behind. When they need help, we're here. When a raid happens, they'll be stopped. When they need advice, we're there for them.

Renkei shall expand its love of wolves and foxes, with packs, a way better set world, and more expandable areas, alongside with a well organized weather system.

You a low-tier roleplayer and not as experienced? Well, we can help you roleplay with others such as you! Other than that, anyone, newly or highly experienced, we respect these kind of roleplayers. If you do not feel like condoning with such roleplayers, just don't roleplay with them instead of judging them, simple.

As the owner of Renkei, I hope we continue to be the longest living wolf-related roleplay server on discord, existing for moreso than eight months now.

Come and join if you feel like it, whoever you are, we welcome in loving arms.