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We trade together and have constantly helped each other learn along the way to creating profitable accounts. What are YOU waiting for?
Omega Options Trading is a stock and options based company designed to build consistent traders through proven strategies and education.
We provide a consistently growing group chat with members of all levels of experience who work together to achieve financial freedom. Our trading signals are backed by research and chart analysis focused on high probability results.

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Want to talk Money! Join this server, we post stock gains Financial decisions and great Resources to get the Money Mindset. Stocks, Drop shipping, Option trading, Real estate We Have Experienced Mentors in all of these Categories. Feel free to stop by. Thanks and Good luck.
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Academic Economics is an online group dedicated to modern economics, be it private, policy, or academic work. We aim to provide a welcoming and open environment to individuals at all stages of education, including next steps, current research, or professional information.
We built a group that provides
- Weekly Free Zoom Trainings
- Daily Watchlist and alerts
- Sunday Night market analysis
- Trainings on Options
- 24/7 help with questions/analysis
We have hundreds of members
Our goal is for you to learn and earn
We even offer live 1 on 1 trainings
MCR Trading is a welcoming community for any level of Trader!
Feel free to come and share your knowledge and analysis of the Markets!
There are channels for you to text and talk about your preferred Trading style and potential set ups!
Come and join the fun and discussion!
Dreampoint is a stock-based server that specializes in swing trading and wants one goal for all traders who join – financial freedom. At Dreampoint, we provide:

- Daily watchlists that are clear-cut and easy to understand
- Consistent alerts
- Updates on current news and events
- Live commentary for ongoing trades and expert analysis
- A place to get your stock questions answered
- A welcoming and growing community with all levels of traders

And most importantly, entries and exits that are easy to follow and can help grow your money!
Crypto Hub is a space for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general. From beginners to professional people that make a living out of it. From avid traders to experienced miners. Everyone is welcomed, no matter which coin you are interested in, whether it is the original bitcoin or an altcoin, no matter what its algorithm is or its objective. In this community we seek to unite everyone that is interested in crypto from all around the world. Get comfortable and enjoy talking to people with your same interests and learn about everything that involves crypto.
Like Warren Buffett donated a Bloomberg Terminal.

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Advanced Custom Bots ~ Charts, TA, 50+ indicators
Live Stream Flows during market hours ~ Dark pool prints, Big Money Orders!
Active Notification Squad Sign up for alerts on Plays and Live News Streams
Private Channels for appropriate ranks based off portfolio value to group like individuals together!
Challenge Accounts ~ to win prizes
And Much More!
💎💎💎We are the top transparent stock trading group ran by elite stock traders with stock alerts, Bloomberg terminal news, DD packets, option strategies to profit as a team, we have a library full of online books for our members and a learning course. We have our P&L posted on Twitter. Our FREE chatroom is public for anyone and our premium exclusive channels are locked for our members. The numbers don't lie, our REVIEWS are 5 stars and not hidden like other groups, we are the best Discord Stock Trading Group here. Come check us out and profit with The Bearish Bulls Club💎💎💎
Fast Growing Trading Chat 🚨🔥
Stocks, Options, Crypto & Forex 🌎
Analysis and Technicals! 📊📈
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We are a community of people who trade together and help exchange our knowledge to have the cutting edge to win in today's market. What are YOU waiting for?
Business Club is a community of members who are interested in different subsections of business such as consulting, marketing, investing, ecommerce, technology, and design. Our server features role dedicated channels so there is no clutter and spam as well as many events and giveaways!
Welcome to Alpha-Gaming

This is a community of nearly 2000 strong for people (particularly young adults with some capital) who want to discuss trading and investment. Focused on: gaming, tech and commodities (gold/silver)

Join us and help shape the community!
Discord community dedicated to discussing academic and topical economics, behavioral economics, finance, and business (as it relates to economics) -- while also having room for laid back banter! We encourage people who are intellectually curious, respectful and genuinely interested in these fields to join our dynamic and evolving server. Users of all backgrounds and education levels are welcome to join.
Communauté francophone : sujets abordés-> Placements Boursiers (actions, ETF), Immobilier (locatif, REITs, SCPI), Cryptomonnaies, Métaux Précieux, Trading, Expatriation, Optimisation Fiscale, E-commerce, Entrepreneuriat, Stratégies d'investissement, débats, e-books, ...
My Server is just a place for people to come and chill by talking to one another.
Im looking for top notch weebs and gamers, if you a streamer you can be added to the role of streamer. You can level up to unlock certain things such as using emoji's!
Bienvenue sur WIP Corp !

Nous sommes la première association de développement personnel qui a commencé sur discord :D !

Cette communauté s'adresse à toute les personnes qui souhaitent progresser et devenir meilleur, nous ne jugeons pas, et nous tirons nos membres vers le haut, toujours.

Nous avons des sections variées : business, finance, séduction, littérature, craft, nutrition, sport, santé, négociation et art avec des pro' dans chaque milieu.

Nous faisons des réunions tout les dimanche soir à 17h en vocal, nous avons des défis chaque semaine et des conférences tous les mois.

If you're looking to learn French, you're also welcome in this self-improvement discord, we got channels for you !
We are a community of traders that have teamed up with a new server to provide you better resources for learning. We are a team and our primary goal is teamwork, our moderators and managers are always available to assist you with any question. This server is very friendly for traders of all ranges of experience from new traders, to seasoned traders.
Do you want to create the habits and mindset required for success?

Make friends with like-minded individuals to hold you accountable in unlocking your full potential. Here's how you can reach your Breakaway Limit and achieve your goals:

[Health]: Physical and Mental Health, Lifestyle Choices
[Wealth]: Personal Finance, Investing, Passive Income
[Success]: Personal Mastery, Entrepreneurship, Professional Growth

Verification for member safety
We are a growing community geared to teaching other members financial literacy and freedom. We like to share free information on stocks and options on our discord server, along with weekly watch list, trades we are entering and stock break downs.
We specialize in day trading!
Reasons to join our community:
- Provide a daily and rolling watchlist
- Live moderator commentary for real-time analysis
- Share and exchange trade ideas
- Trade review analysis and feedback
- Community to network with other traders
- Chat and discuss anything and everything about the stock market
- Build up on education, self-development and confidence
- Professional environment
- Live Q & A

Want to learn how to invest or share your investing knowledge then come join us! All things that have to do with investing happen here. Stocks, Options, Business Startups, and crypto!