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┏╋━━ Hydra Signals ━━╋┓

•Super Profitable Forex Signals
•Stock Options, Spreads, and LongTerm Hold signals!!
•Friendly Environment
•24/7 Support
• Free to the public!
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Trade ideas with live updated signals
Education center
1 on 1 help

Join NOW for a free trial. We will be allowing all members to join for free to test out our services and ask questions. We have highly motivated admins that will answer all of your questions and teach you how to become a better trader.
Your #1 Signal Destination! 🚨🔥
Stocks, Options, Forex, & Crypto 📊📈
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We trade together and have constantly helped each other learn along the way to creating profitable accounts.
Join our group and chat with other traders about how to daytrade. Ask about our DayTrading course which is fully supported in chat! Our focus is on day trading stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional and respectful environment for traders of all skill levels.
We are a team of traders, a community of like minded individuals who MAKE money. Don't join a group that only gives out alerts which work 50% of the time, and charge you more than $80 a month! Join a real team, a club, a Group of your peers who want you to succeed. We have a average daily success rate of more than 90%. We don't just say that, we have the history to prove it.
We specialize in day trading!
Reasons to join our community:
- Provide a daily and rolling watchlist
- Live moderator commentary for real-time analysis
- Share and exchange trade ideas
- Trade review analysis and feedback
- Community to network with other traders
- Chat and discuss anything and everything about the stock market
- Build up on education, self-development and confidence
- Professional environment
- Live Q & A

💎💎💎We are the top #1 transparent premium stock trading group ran by elite stock traders with stock alerts, Bloomberg terminal news, DD packets, option strategies to profit as a team, we have a library full of online books for our members and a learning course. We have our P&L posted on Twitter. Our FREE chatroom is public for anyone and our premium exclusive channels are locked for our members. The numbers don't lie, we are the best Discord Stock Trading Group here. Come check us out and profit with The Bearish Bulls Club💎💎💎
Most people can't stay consistent even after all the courses, the money spent and countless late nights on youtube videos. The thing is...  It's not your fault. It's theirs. You were being taught completely wrong the whole time. MoonTrades will 100% correct the flaws and show the work in realtime to prove that it's the correct way to use the indicators or price actions.

• We focus on day trading the S&P 500 (SPY) by buying and selling close expiration options contracts.

• If you want a chance to make lots of money visit our server to chat with us about our favorite strategies and signals live.

Why MoonTrades?
• Austin Shepherd makes on average 100%+ every week trading options on the whole account growth.
• Understanding simple. Austin Shepherd's outlook on the market is so simple he trading once with a blindfold and profited 11% return just by his alerts and strategy. Options trading is very simple. Let me show you.
• Screen Analysis class (Screen Sharing)
• Live trading with video
• Our alerts are 100% created by humans. No bots. Quality over quantity
• You can schedule One on One calls with the CEO of MoonTrades for personal help in the market
• We make sure our team succeeds. No one is left behind
• 24/7 Live support
• Live voice chat from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM @EST 5 days a week
• #1 Most in-depth Day Trading and Swing Trading Signals (Visual Screenshots with Entries and Exits)
• Austin Shepherd makes on average 100%+ every week trading options on the whole account growth.
• Understanding simple. Austin Shepherd's outlook on the market is so simple he trading once with a blindfold and profited 11% return just by his alerts and strategy. Options trading is very simple. Let me show you.
• Screen Analysis class (Screen Sharing)
• Live trading with video
We can list many more benefits
Hey Traders and Investors!

We are The Prophets Mastermind Group (proud sponsor of Webull, one of the best commission free brokerage app) are an ABSOLUTELY 100% FREE Discord community regarding the stock/crypto/forex markets!

What makes The Prophets Mastermind Group so special?

- We have tons of alerts and bots all in one combo!

- We update daily community watch-lists 📈

- We have active and passionate Trading Mentors for your assistance! 💡

- We have a wide range of traders and experience level! 👀

- We respect all experience levels and trading strategies! 🔥

- We have top tier bots that send you all the financial news, stock watchlists,
stock information, and stock alerts!

- Daily and active community discussions about the stock/crypto/forex markets! 🔑

We are an open minded and passionate community that follows the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Day traders, Swing traders, Option traders, Long term investors, Crypto traders/investors are all welcome! Not to mention, We have Stockbot, and other bots for stock market news, cryptocurrency news, and President Trump's tweets! Join the Prophets Mastermind Group if you want to learn how to make profits!

The Prophets Mastermind Group Discord Server:
This FREE group allows members to chat and share trade ideas.
New posts are submitted at a high rate and we also have an active voice chat!
Our team maintains the server to high quality standards.
Join now and connect with other people on a fast growing platform.
We are here to provide an awesome environment for traders from beginner to experienced and all inbetween.

Stocks and Options Trading
Look for a Day Trade or Swing Trade Idea?
We are a community of over 1400 like-minded trader
---> **We offer**
- Free Daily Watch List Webinars
- Education learn How to Trade
- News Alerts
- Stock Market Opportunities
- Voice Chat for alerts and to ask questions
- Free Weekly Study Groups Classes
- Penny Stocks to Large Caps We Trade it All
Your #1 Signal Provider! 🔥
Stocks, Forex, & Crypto 📈
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Stock market signals & research simplified. Invest more wisely and profit quicker. Synchronized with the most trusted institutional desks on the globe!

News Feed: Pre-open, mid-morning, mid-day, mid-afternoon updates for leading and lagging sectors, top headlines, equities trading up and down, earnings, commodities, and Euro Zone.

Smart Signals: Halt and resume, 52-week highs and lows, price spikes up and down, opening and closing gaps, day high and low series, session highs and lows.

Option Activity: Large options sweeps and blocks traded at the ask, near the ask or above the ask are aggressive option trades. This can be an indication that someone is anxious to take a large bet on a security's direction.

Block Trades: Block trades typically occur when significant hedge funds and institutional investors buy and sell large sums of shares. This can be an indication of a breaking catalyst or an upcoming event.

Trading Group: Chat with thousands of stock and options traders in our professionally moderated server.

User Retention Rate: 76.64%

Signals Per Day: 1000+

Average Response Time: 12sec
Welcome to First Order Trades! A friendly open server for people across the world to chat about the stock market! We have a variety of text channels for you to chat for your needs. We hope to provide an open and friendly environment for people to come and interact/learn around our common interest (the Stock Market).
JUST SEND IT DUDE. We are a growing community of traders. Mainly OPTIONS and STOCK trading. Members range from newbies, day traders, swing traders, and long term buy n' hold. Come join and discuss strategies, educate yourself, or see some full send big wins. Laid back group and we never will ask you to pay for any information.

Invite Link:
Wall St. is a community Discord server, run **by traders, for traders**. We aim to provide the best chatting experience possible, in the end, making you more money from collaborative discussions is what we want! We hope you stick around for a while! Come join to talk about stocks, futures, finance, and lots more!
@ Next Level Trades Discord We specialize in Option trading.
Dont gamble on penny stocks when you can trade name brand blue chip stocks anywhere from $20-$200 per position. Options allows you the opportunity to trade huge large cap companies. They are more stable than penny stocks, And offer huge rewards for little risk.

We will work with anyone that wants to learn!
Develop skills that normally take years to master!

👇👇👇link to discord 👇👇👇

☝️☝️☝️                        ☝️☝️☝️
There was a time where humans didn’t have to hide. We were free to be who we were without any fear. Now the pages have turned. We constantly have to move, lie and pretend we are one of them, in hopes we don’t get turned. It is a war in numbers, the humans are the tools. Weapons for Vampires, Werewolves....all sorts of creatures that where once just stories. No-one knows how this feud begun, for it has occurred for many centuries. But it used to be only the monsters verses each other, then somehow humans got into the mix causing our numbers to dwindle fast and few are worthy of knowing our secret. They become our friends, allies, and our cover. They help us hide but sometimes their instinct comes in, then our lives change and we become one of them. Are you one that survived...or are you one that was turned and now included in the hunt?
-friendly community and staff
-dice system
-staff options
The #1 stock options signal chat on Discord, run by real Wall Street traders. Our analysts work everyday to find the best buy alerts for stocks & options for our members.

TradeMate provides 3 services:

1. Trade Signals: Our Wall Street analysts scan the stock market 24/7 to look for the right trade. We then select the best entry and alert it to the group.

2. Stock Research: Access our team's extensive coverage on stocks across different industries. We analyze stocks using fundamental, technical, and proprietary indicators.

3. Trademate University: Enroll in our options education bootcamp and complete assignments. Have experienced traders mentor you along the way.

We hope you join the premier stock community on the internet! Cheers
We are a growing FREE community of likeminded traders, all with the common goal of helping each other out and making profits!
We are a new, inviting server that allows roleplaying as warrior cats, monsters, humans, be in a school, be a wolf, etc. We do also have our own original clans! You can have colors and emojis. We do still have some high ranks open due to how little people we have but I'm hoping we can grow and I do not have to delete it. The owner is me, Flickerstar/Shadestream. If you are interested, please join and we will welcome you even if it is late! We hope to see you in our server <3

Greetings! Welcome to **The Groups Begin!** This is a brand new server so I hope you join! At the moment we are currently offering:

:milky_way: High ranks!
:stars: Staff!
:milky_way: Extra roles
:stars: Wasteland Group
:milky_way: Tumbleweed Group
:stars: Snowstorm Group
:milky_way: Sunflower Group
:stars: Sunray Group (Like StarClan)
:milky_way: Cobweb Group (Like the Dark Forest)
:stars: Stores are available!
:milky_way: Partnerships
:stars: Private spam & local spam are available
:milky_way: We are a protected server so that we do not have to deal with spammers or rude people
:stars: The owner is almost always active (or at least tries to be cuz
:milky_way: Emojis
:stars: Custom Colors
:milky_way: We are a bear server (obviously) :blue_heart:
:stars: We support everyone!
:milky_way: Friendly greetings (especially from the owner, even if it's late!)
:stars: Music
:milky_way: Fun bots
:stars: Prophecy coming soon! (Once we actually get a few people to be in it...)
:milky_way: More will be added on as time goes on

We hope to see you there in this *bear*y fantastic server and humans, unlike the owner who is a potato. We wish you good luck if you do join and even if you don't really want to! Thank you for reading this and have a great day! :sparkling_heart:``
Barafu Trading provides daily automated option alerts. Our algorithms keep a finger on the pulse of the market, alerting you on potential runners and sinkers.
Hey everyone! Our community is a group that we designed to help connect dedicated individuals.
As of now, we are starting a free challenge where one of our moderators @James Jock is going to turn *$100 into $10,000* in three months!
We are a trading and investing group that focuses on stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. Come and join us to learn how to invest or look our Alerts that show when we take trades. Have a great holiday season! :)

The #1 premium stock options trading group. We primarily focus on options trading and also feature stock trading, long-term investing, forex, cryptocurrency, futures, and more. 24/7 active trading community. Founded in June 2019. Over a Dozen years of options trading experience. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of A.I. software that generates trading signals. Free and premium services, join before Jan 1, 2020, to ensure lowest price. Check us out on discord, Instagram, Twitter, or our website!