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We trade together and have constantly helped each other learn along the way to creating profitable accounts. What are YOU waiting for?
Join our group and chat with other traders about how to daytrade. Ask about our DayTrading course which is fully supported in chat! Our focus is on day trading stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional and respectful environment for traders of all skill levels.
Omega Options Trading is a stock and options based company designed to build consistent traders through proven strategies and education.
We provide a consistently growing group chat with members of all levels of experience who work together to achieve financial freedom. Our trading signals are backed by research and chart analysis focused on high probability results.

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Paramount Trading is a rapidly growing, free Discord Server that has been able to give its members at least one 100% call every single day and many 500% + calls each week. We are a new server devoted to growing and helping new traders learn and find success.
77trades... that’s how many trades it took me to turn my life around. Since then I have made it my mission to teach as many people as I can, the lessons I have learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. Although a lot of people come here for the quality of our signals and analysts, we pride ourselves on teaching our members how to be financially literate. Our goal is to be able to make all our members self sufficient traders by training them in areas such as risk management, capital allocation, discipline, technical analysis, and much much more! Here you will find a community that truly cares about making sure you achieve the success you deserve. I can personally tell you after teaching hundreds of people how to trade, the feeling of truly impacting somebody’s life is worth more than anything money could buy. Here, I hope we can change your life for the better in any way, shape, or form. That being said here is what 77trades is all about


The single best aspect of 77trades in my opinion is the fact that we are comprised of likeminded individuals who all share the same passion for trading and financial gain. Everybody here is hungry, and if you made it here, congratulations on finding the best trading network out there


Teachers measure success based off of the success of their students. Here our primary goal is to educate members on the financial markets and give them the ability to take their life into their own hands.


I am a firm believer in learning while you’re earning. Our analysts produce top-notch signals using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. Each one has proved their success in the financial markets and share one common goal, to help everybody do the same.
Togethearn is a community aimed at helping traders and investors from all walks of life the opportunity to grow and learn as a trader. We aim to cultivate a culture of learning, guidance, and knowledge exchange through a community format built on trust, fairness, and reliability. We aim to teach fundamentals, grow confidence, and produce a strong team of traders with sound judgement to be leaders instead of followers. To do this, Togethearn offers financial guidance, portfolio reviews, and one on one sessions to community members for a donation that helps maintain the integrity of our community. We have a mission to be the most trusted name in day trading learning and growth.
New to options and have no idea how to trade? We teach as we give out signals and hold weekly charting live streams. We have our own algorithm that helps pick winners daily whether its a scalp, day trade, or even a swing trade. Over the next couple of days we will be introducing flow into our server so you can see what banks and institutions are buying and catch the big moves.

We have an education tab, so you can watch videos and read books we have linked into the chatroom.
Trading can be boring. Sitting in front of a screen all day, no one to talk to, no second opinion on that chart you just made, no one around to share that funny meme with that Elon Musk just posted to Twitter.

Introducing: TradeTalks - A server full of traders from various markets all around the globe. Here you can find discussions and charts of stocks, forex, metals and crypto. Completely free to join and participate. Join TradeTalks today!
*TradeTalks is for entertainment purposes only, seek out the appropriate financial and tax advisors before making a financial decision*
The internet is filled with a massive amount of knowledge, however it is often scattered and unorganized. It is hard to find those willing to be transparent and help, especially when it comes to trading.

Eagle Investors is a distinguished trading community for Stocks, Options, and Futures.

Our server and diverse array of chatrooms are monitored and curated by our esteemed team of moderators. Our verified traders give you the real strategies that have a proven track record of success.

We provide high-quality alerts with an impeccable track record. The best plays in stocks, options, and crypto are alerted live by our experienced and vetted team.

Daily Watchlists
Our professional traders curate of hot tickers to watch throughout the day
Post-Market and Pre-Market Watchlists now included!

Direct mentorship from experienced traders and a team of moderators with proven track records of success.

Please Visit:
⚡️Options Alert & Education Page⚡️
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-Options alerts
-Weekly webinars
-Live voice trading
Like Warren Buffett donated a Bloomberg Terminal.

#1 in making new users rich.
Advanced Custom Bots ~ Charts, TA, 50+ indicators
Live Stream Flows during market hours ~ Dark pool prints, Big Money Orders!
Active Notification Squad Sign up for alerts on Plays and Live News Streams
Private Channels for appropriate ranks based off portfolio value to group like individuals together!
Challenge Accounts ~ to win prizes
And Much More!
We are a professional stock trading discord.

We offer pro tips and coaching to members of the community ranging from beginner to pro trading.

Live alerts and 1 on 1 coaching available, lets make money!

Subscribe to one of our plans and join our discord to learn more! :)
We are a group of men and women actively trading in the market. Members here possess higher education backgrounds ie: physics, fiance and chemical engineering. We formed with one mission in mind, to take on the stock market. We conduct fundamental and technical analysis for futures, cryptocurrency and Forex. We specialize in due diligence and timing position entries/exits. When we are not trading, we are gaming. One of our members manages a Grand Theft Auto crew with more than 150 active members and affiliates for both PS4 and PC. Battlefield 1, 3, 4, V! No kids screaming into the mic, no noobs, only tactical and strategic planning is done here so that we may win.
Our Blackbox is the first-ever to be created that specifically alerts for swing trades. It will also alert for bullish & bearish day trades.

“The TT Blackbox” runs off of a multitude of custom-coded algorithms and uses predictive A.I. to detect the most accurate day or swing trades that it calculates to give the best chance for success.

📈We are successful stock traders who believe in giving back to the trading community.📊

Let us be a part of your stock trading success!💵
This is really awesome discord server. Everyone is helpful. Just join and see.
We are a new group who is tired of unorganized and expensive group chats for trading. Here we focus on risk management through credit spreads, long term swings, debit spreads, day trading, scalping, and lottos. We are a community to give feedback on your calls as well as signal some amazing ones of our own.
FREE Stocks, Options, and Crypto Trading Server! I hate it when servers charge a fee for information that isn't right and get people screwed! I want to make a server free for everyone to enjoy and use! Come join us at UP Trading! We want everyone to be wealthy!
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350+ members profiting daily with over $50,000 in member profits posted!
We're the fastest-growing Stock Trading Education/Signals chatroom on Discord created just 4 days ago! Our analysts work everyday to find the best stock/options alerts and education for our members.
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Some of the features include:

•FREE daily Trade Alerts/Signals
-Options buying, selling, equities, dividends, long term portfolios, and more!
•FREE daily Analysis and Watchlist
•FREE daily News Articles
•FREE daily Technical and Fundamental Analysis
•FREE daily Education and Training
•FREE access to our active Chatrooms
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Real-Time trading alerts, watchlists, signals, and options flow.⬆️
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As a community we strive to grow larger and to help others grow their portfolios and account values. Join now to begin trading with our top traders and start taking advantage of their winning alerts!
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#1 🔥 Options Spreads and Investing Discord Server 🔥

Everything we do is transparent, signal every loss, and record every win. Unlike other Trading Groups, we do not try to predict the future, but rather come up with strategies that are suitable to the current market. We are a group of experience traders who focus on sustainable weekly profits. We trade Option Spreads and focus on weekly income instead of trying to get rich overnight.

What we Offer:

Options Day Trade, Options Swing Trade, Options Spreads, Stocks Swing, Long Term investing.

Our Team has profited our members totaled more than $782,000+ for the past Quarter.
A community of traders led by Quantitative Finance professionals offering up advice and help for traders new or old. No matter the market we trade it all and have the algorithms to prove it. We even have our custom AI that analyzes market risk in real time. Live trading streams every Monday-Friday We welcome all to our humble abode that is interested in learning and sharing market insights together.