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(18+ only) We have a mix of both casual and published authors/artists (with more of a focus on the writing process), though we welcome artists from all mediums and levels of skill! This community was created with the idea of uplifting one another in mind, and--therefore--no criticism without constructive merit is allowed here.
This server is for the people who love to read and discuss books. People can post suggestions, and there are different channels for genres. Enjoy ^-^
We are a server still under work, adding certain things. So far we are a loving community and welcome you to join RoseBridge, where all are accepted as long as you follow the rules!
Basically, this is sfw, but it revolves around seductive women absorbed by nature, I thoroughly suggest reading the lore which is provided!
This server is based on a book I am writing, I post updates of the chapters as soon as I finish them, or every week if I'm not busy- but anyway, Lore vv
In 2017 some 'sickness' broke out in a once greatly Populated city called RoseBridge. RoseBridge had many settlers, whether you were a Rich individual or a homeless fellow either begging or escorting. The prices were set high in Rosebridge, For housing and a career, you needed to be seriously talented or already have a kick start on something spectacular or you wouldn't even have a chance. So many big shots lived in these meer streets, you could simply walk the sidewalk for five minutes and meet someone 'famous', sometimes you wouldn't even be aware of it. At last, with popularity came a high crime rate as well, crime was so high in Rosebridge is seemed as if there was a new unidentified dead body in a morgue every hour. There were so many children in poverty, but everyone turned the other cheek, despite having all this money, their parents chose this life, right?
Anyway, the year was 2017, a building used for scientific research made Rosebridge fall into havoc when a man came running out with half of his face deteriorated, a naked woman following behind him and screeching out. The woman started to pounce and attack nearby women, and said women were absorbed by nature; the agony of plants ruining their internal organs, the plants feeding off of a withering body, soon to be reincarnated. The people started running, trying to escape until the city was boarded off, everyone trapped in. In wasn't soon until the building that produced these creatures started getting swarmed by monsters and plants alike, sprouting out into the town and turning it into a living hell.
Many were frightened, so frozen in fear that they were carried along or were the first to fall for the 'Women's' seductive ways, being easily picked off. These possessive creatures had the ability to enter a women's body and feed off of it until it broke and snapped. They used sexual actions to lure in men and women, ripping the men to pieces and overruling a women's body. They had an abnormal strength but could be taken down, not just by one bullet though, they needed to be beheaded. Some were taken in for examination, finding that they can't be fixed once they have 'turned'. Some have communicated before completely turning into a 'lustful' animal that uses cannibalism as a way of survival.
Lit Literature is all about the story line! If it has a script, it's lit! We talk about anything from novels to video games to anime and how they make us feel. From trope talks about your favorite fanfics and twists from classic novels to otome game story routes and anime plot holes. If you ever wanted to talk trash about an anime and a mid-17th century poet in the same server, welcome!
Want a place to share stories that you made, a place to discuss some published content or somewhere to find a good read? Well, join Writer's Inc. where you can do all of the above and more. Whether you want to meet new people with similar interests or promote your own content, you came to the right place!

(I mean, there's only 2 people here rn so it probably ain't the right place but it's a start I suppose.)

In a world ravaged by ancient corrupted gods, the final bastions of life reside in what have been come to be known as the "Surviving Kingdoms". These five kingdoms all hold their own beliefs, values, deities, and purpose within the world of Ignition. Numerous organizations and guilds have found their way into the borders of these kingdoms and impact the daily lives of their citizens.

The world of Ignition has expansive lore and a dynamic future that changes with decisions made by roleplayers like yourself! With many different races and an abundance of magic, weaponry, and intuition in the world, your characters have the possibility to become an integral part of the kingdoms. And with the world in a neo-fantasy setting, becoming a gunslinger is just as viable as becoming a mage.

⭐️Expansive and dynamic lore
⭐️ Multiple different races all with unique abilities and backstories
⭐️An active and dedicated mod team that listens to feedback and suggestions from community members
⭐️Paragraph/Multi-Paragraph roleplay that creates in-depth storytelling
⭐️ Events created by the mod team and veteran roleplayers in the server

Join today and create a character that will change the future of our world! Will you fight for the values of Order and restore the lands of Ignition to their rightful owners? Or will you become an agent of chaos and spread corruption within the borders of the kingdoms? Both of these options can be followed, or you can create your own path within the ever-changing world of Ignition!

**Now accepting partnerships!!
H-hello! And welcome to the yuri fanclub, this was made to show our love for the ddlc character Yuri!

We are hosting a competition soon!

What we have
Nsfw channel
Vent stuff

More is coming soon :)))!!

We are new, help us grow! Ps, this ain’t a friendly server
Invisible monsters:
A server for horror related things and punk/alt music. 🔞
Hellooo! 🙂 this is a new server just for relaxing; deals with all the tags included : Art, music, literacy, anime, etc. I haven’t invited anyone in yet please join thank you ヾ ´ ^ `ノ”
Server that curates contemporary art , architecture and novels and reviews them for your viewing pleasure. Potential contributors are able to gain roles for specific mediums upon request.
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
An art server that includes channels for 2d art, 3d art, and literature!
We're a pretty new server... And what is this server about? Letting you creativity run wild or sharing stories like never before or photos that light people eyes! Now I'm just sounding dramatic, but I recommend you join this server if you are a creative person, you definitely enjoy it here!
WELCOME TO THE 5 STATES!! We Are an Xbox One Based Red Dead Redemption Roleplay Server.
Are there guns? YES!
Are there shootouts every session? Well.....

No not thats not realistic to the time period.....or any for that matter really. This is for the story inclined, Those that want the details behind someones ssassinations, and the reasons for someones business ownership. This is a place for those that want their love stories to be told just as well as their revenge stories, Those that wish to hold public office and also write speeches to win the public's heart. If you want to be governor, a business owner, a preacher, or just a damn town drunk, you can feel free to absolutley be that here.
This is a server for lovers of Japanese literature of all kinds! We mainly focus on works either in their original language or translated to English, but anyone is welcome!
Have a kin from a book or other means of literature? So do we! Join this server to find sourcemates, cannonmates, and just to hang out!
We're a small, tight-knit book club who discuss books of all genres. We vote on a book to read together about once a month. We're currently reading The Master and Margarita so jump in now if you'd like to read along. Our members come from all age groups and backgrounds. If you're interested come drop by and introduce yourself!
A place for those of you who love reading, reviewing, writing, and all things bookish.
Hi! The loft is a mature server who focuses on arts and interests. We have a lot to offer and even if what you are looking for is a place to chill, look no further!
This is an all ages community server dedicated to the eloquent exchange of selcouth language, and the aureate philomaths who love exquisite locution. A plethora of learning, sharing and practicing articulation is the goal of this community, for individual vocabulary amelioration.
Hi, Bahster here!

This little server is meant to be a small home for those who are looking for a general, chill server. We serve as a place to discuss hobbies, anime, games, general conversation, memes, and more! Server suggestions are always welcome. We're still new and are always looking for ways to improve and grow.

If you're interested in helping us out or need a place to chill, please consider comin' in!
Welcome to Story Vault!
In our growing community, we offer many activities! Such as Literature, Art, And Roleplay!
Come join us!