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Prestige is a 21+ server that was made for gamers, movie buffs, book worms, writers and kinksters alike. Depending on which roles you choose you will gain entry to various parts of our server. We pride ourselves on the fact we require verification before gaining access to our server to promote a safe haven for all.
Hi! The loft is a mature server who focuses on arts and interests. We have a lot to offer and even if what you are looking for is a place to chill, look no further!
We're a small, tight-knit book club who discuss books of all genres. We vote on a book to read together about once a month. We're just beginning The Master and Margarita so now is the perfect time to jump in if you'd like to read along. Our members come from all age groups and backgrounds. If you're interested come drop by and introduce yourself!

In a world ravaged by ancient corrupted gods, the final bastions of life reside in what have been come to be known as the "Surviving Kingdoms". These five kingdoms all hold their own beliefs, values, deities, and purpose within the world of Ignition. Numerous organizations and guilds have found their way into the borders of these kingdoms and impact the daily lives of their citizens.

The world of Ignition has expansive lore and a dynamic future that changes with decisions made by roleplayers like yourself! With many different races and an abundance of magic, weaponry, and intuition in the world, your characters have the possibility to become an integral part of the kingdoms. And with the world in a neo-fantasy setting, becoming a gunslinger is just as viable as becoming a mage.

⭐️Expansive and dynamic lore
⭐️ Multiple different races all with unique abilities and backstories
⭐️An active and dedicated mod team that listens to feedback and suggestions from community members
⭐️Paragraph/Multi-Paragraph roleplay that creates in-depth storytelling
⭐️ Events created by the mod team and veteran roleplayers in the server

Join today and create a character that will change the future of our world! Will you fight for the values of Order and restore the lands of Ignition to their rightful owners? Or will you become an agent of chaos and spread corruption within the borders of the kingdoms? Both of these options can be followed, or you can create your own path within the ever-changing world of Ignition!

**Now accepting partnerships!!
An academic server for humanities, geography, anthropology, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, science, religion, & general chat.
Want a place to share stories that you made, a place to discuss some published content or somewhere to find a good read? Well, join Writer's Inc. where you can do all of the above and more. Whether you want to meet new people with similar interests or promote your own content, you came to the right place!

(I mean, there's only 2 people here rn so it probably ain't the right place but it's a start I suppose.)
This server is for the people who love to read and discuss books. People can post suggestions, and there are different channels for genres. Enjoy ^-^
Welcome to Opera, a community for sharing your art! All forms of art are accepted here from digital drawings to poetry! Feel free to post anything your creative pursuits led to in order to fill the server with your beautiful creations. Constructive criticism is wonderful, but should only be given with permission and should aim to encourage others to succeed!

Have fun, post art, and develop yourself and others!
Necropolis is a gothic community that welcomes everyone involved in the subculture, or simply fans of the darker things in life.
H-hello! And welcome to the yuri fanclub, this was made to show our love for the ddlc character Yuri!

We are hosting a competition soon!

What we have
Nsfw channel
Vent stuff

More is coming soon :)))!!

We are new, help us grow! Ps, this ain’t a friendly server
This is an all ages community server dedicated to the eloquent exchange of selcouth language, and the aureate philomaths who love exquisite locution. A plethora of learning, sharing and practicing articulation is the goal of this community, for individual vocabulary amelioration.
Kuy's Hangout Club
Kuy's Hangout Club are a community set on bringing people together, making friends, and having fun.
Our interests include; Art, Literature, Music, Video-games, Music, and so much more!
:slight_smile: Make new friends!
:slight_smile: Hiring in all positions!
:slight_smile: Discuss topics!
:slight_smile: Join today!

A place for those of you who love reading, reviewing, writing, and all things bookish.
This is a server for lovers of Japanese literature of all kinds! We mainly focus on works either in their original language or translated to English, but anyone is welcome!
This server is new!

So what does this server have?

More is coming! And more languages.
Red Water Isle is the support server of Julian Trawler, aspiring writer. Members of this community are fun to hang out with and once new content is released, you'll have a sneak peek at the ongoing story. Find out what it's about by joining and who know you may have found a new universe to get lost into!
A developing social hub server themed after the U.S. that welcomes gamers, music lovers, and literature lovers of all kinds,
The largest Homestuck and Hiveswap Discord server, respectively the webcomic and video game by Andrew Hussie. Join our community of 10000+ people!
Welcome to Open Mic Night: Comedy Club! On this server, fellow comedians can get together to discuss their favorite type of comedy, the fundamentals for a joke, and the guidelines for a comedian! Members can post their own acts and get feedback from other comedians! Join us today at Open Mic Night!
A community where writers and artists can come together and get feedback on work, share work or even just chat to anyone they want to.
Welcome to the Writers Hub! We are a group of people who are passionate about writing in all forms. Comics, short stories, novels, even fan-fiction is accepted here! There is no pressure to be active or stay, come and go as you please. With that being said, why not join us and share, improve, and spice up your writing path!
An art server that includes channels for 2d art, 3d art, and literature!