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Do you like to chill out with like-minded people watching movies and listening to few tunes? Then this is the server for you! No topics are left untouched. A strictly 18+ and LGBTQ friendly server! Join us!
Welcome to Felines' Cafe! A brand new server catering to both young and the old. Self-assignable roles, feline level ups, movie screenings, book clubs and many more events to come! Join us and make some new friends and be part of a caring and friendly community! It's well obviously, café and feline themed!
Community Of Life 🌌 is a open-community Discord server with 150+ members, open for people of all ages to talk, and conversate with new people, and others they know! We are a community with nice staff, helpful; and nice people. Our staff is always open and active, available at will to help. We have a set of guidelines for people to follow, in order to keep the server at bay.
This is a family friendly server that's all about remote control and other hobbies! If you are new to the hobby, we are more than happy to pick what's best for you! If you like multi rotors, 3-d printing, RC planes, cars, boats, model trains, etc. then this is the place to be!

Want your owl goodness!!!???Want friends?, Someone Special?, People to share your hobbies with??

Well we got:
Ez chats
Leveled roles
great commuity
And Much Much More!!!
What more could you want!!??

Communauté, sur le gaming, Fortnite/LoL
Tu pourras partager tes passions,
rencontrer des gens, ils sont tous aimable ;p
Des concours, de l'activité, viens te socialiser :)
Looking to make some new friends? Welcome to The Chill Lounge! This is the place to hangout & have tons of fun.
We're just a simple community trying to make our way in the Discordverse.

What you need to know? We're here to have fun and have a relatively comfy time. This means leave the 4chan language at the door please and thank you, nobody wants mods to enforce rules. This is an all ages server, but please maintain some semblance of maturity.

- A friendly and welcoming community, with people with all sorts of interests.
- A streamlined set of categories and channels that you don't have to scroll for hours through to find what you like!
- Channels for everything from shitposting to user created content!
- A full spectrum of role colors and interest roles. Show off what you love to do!
- Regularly scheduled events every week, with a full weekend of events hosted by the owner!
i made this server because i want to talk to people and start a community doing it. join if you want. don't care about trolls but don't tolerate b******t.
Hey hey!

❖ Welcome to HOBBYCORD, a place where you can share your interests, hobbies and meet other likeminded people.

❖ HOBBYCORD was envisioned by two people who goes by the so-called name of Uproar and waffle, to be a platform where people can express their ideas and opinions on certain hobbies, ranging from Music, Sports, Writing, Reading and so on.

❖ The server was established November 22, 2018.
It's a small gaming community of people, sharing game news and free games when available, playing together, discussing things, but also talking about other topics, like TV Shows, Anime and Manga, RWBY or hobbies in general.
It has a wolf theme going on and everyone is welcome!
Meraki! is a place for people to come together about their hobbies, interests, and talents. We help others discover their interests and have a happier life.
Welcome to hobbies ! this server is where you can meet new friends and talk about your hobbies, i hope to see you there.
a server for English speaking people not in Education, Employment, or Training nor seeking relationships.
Welcome to Vent and Tea!

Here, you will find you have many choices and things to do and/or talk about. You can choose from many role colors, categories and activities. The more active you are, the more you will be recognized. Active members are typically granted special roles that grant access to special channels.

We are an LGBT+ safe community for people who need somewhere to occupy themselves and makesfriends, or vent and rant about whatever they might need to vent and rant about.

We have many varieties of colors such as pastel colors, neon colors, and dark colors for you to choose from. There are many roles that allow you access to the channels you want to be exposed tp, that way you aren't exposed to topics you wouldn't want to be.

This server is very new, and we are planning on growing as much as possible. We would love it if you came in and joined us for some Venting and Tea!
Welcome to the Land Of the Bums! This is a brand new wonderful place to chi-lax, game and share you interests. I intend this to be a friendly safe environment for everyone. Join you wont regret it!
A new server i just made with my friends and we hope to build an active community built upon memes where we can joke and mess with each other. Not reccomended for those without thick skin.
A brand new and chilled out server looking for new members to help out with good conversations. Strictly no shitposting and we will be coming up with events soon like movie nights and book club. Come check us out and make some new friends!
The Respite is a small and relaxed server for any and everyone. It's designed to focus on hobbies and general chat about life without drama or stress. We perform member sweeps and have a member cap to keep the server small and cozy.
A 15+ server for anyone! This is a social server where you can make friends, talk, and maybe even find a relationship. The possibilities can be endless, but we need your help to expand. We also are looking for suggestions as to how to make the server better. Join and have a good time at the Hideaway!
A brand new 16+ discord server! Looking for new, chill members to make this a constant active community!
We have a music bot to listen to music, a mental help channel to ask for help, a confessions channel to get some things off your chest, we also have people who have many different hobbies like exotic animal keeping, playing video games, drawing/scetching and a lot more. Its just a generic server if im honest but im(the owner) mostly active so im always here to help and so are my admins.
A server to embrace all of your fandoms and hobbies! Don't see yours? Request it! We have friendly staff, and we respect everyone, no matter what their fandom or hobby! So join today!
Chill, relaxed place for all.. Hobbies and Interests (Anime, Tech, Art, Gaming, etc), Bot games (Hangman, Connect4, Minesweeper and TicTacToe), Music, A Level System and more!
Cucumber Cult - Many things, all in one long green package.