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A really chill hangout area for teens (13-18)
Created by two super cool and funny owners (if I do say so myself hehe)
What we provide:
• Fun Games (Uno, Akinator, Number Game, Counting bot)
• Relaxed Chat
• Music channels
• Support Systems
• Separate nsfw Channels
• Self-assignable roles
We're always looking for ways to make the server better, so your suggestions are welcome!
We're a new server so we need you to come help us make it even better!

-Created October 14th 2020
We are a gaming server that welcomes other people. You can connect with others with our roles and chats. Our goal is to connect others and be a friendly community. Please join our server, you will not regret it. We have few members but if you join, you will be special!
Hello, this is a Safe for Work only Christian community that offers a friendly environment for like-minded teens and young adults (aimed at young adults up to 26 years of age). We're a bit quiet right now, but I hope to still develop a nice place to chat.

Keep in mind when you join, you will not have access to the main server until you are verified. (You will be able to chat on a specific channel).

After you are verified, you may choose from our self-role colors, hobbies, and more options!

A few of our categories include:
-Movie Night (Occasionally)
-Writing and Art
-Bible Study and Discussion
-Voice Chat
-Channels to share music and videos
-And, ofc, a chat to talk and make friends!

We also have a selection of panda and animated emojis as well as some fun bots! Shoob, Tatsu, etc.

Thank you for considering Ethereal!




ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴀɴᴀʀᴄʜɪꜱᴛ ᴄɪᴛʏ.
Comedy central™™™™™™™™™ come on down.

Hi, generic server admin #2 here with a real description; we're a Pokémon themed chatting server with a plentiful amount of hobby channels and places to share your memes, art, music, or ideas. I encourage you to at least check out the community, I find it nice to chat with :)
Howdy guys, welcome too the milk gang. We're a chill server just getting started. We're focused on gaming, and watching anime. Looking for dj's streamers and people who just wanna talk. Also have that premium mudea bot join while you can.
💜✨Welcome to Creativity, the fastest growing server on Discord as long as you don't look that up! 💙✨
Here in this server we become friends and talk about ideas, art, music, film, gaming and much more!

If you are a(n):
Actor/Actress ✨
Artist ✨
Animator ✨
Cook ✨
Composer ✨
Designer ✨
Game Maker ✨
Graphic Designer ✨
Musician ✨
Photographer ✨
Pixel Artist ✨
Programmer ✨
Stylist ✨
Writer ✨
this is your place to shine!

Hope you like tetris! Because we are planning to do a tetris championship. But we need more participants. Would you care to join?

Also, beside all the artwork things, we will play games like Among Us etc. And not to mention, WE HAVE A CINEMA (sort of)

We are planning watching films, animes etc. together! With the help of Netflix Party of course :)

Also we have friendly members that you can talk with about anything! We might be a small server for now, but we will improve ourselves with your ideas 💙

You definitely won't regret joining us. Don't miss the chance of being here!
» Serwer XYZ zaprasza! «

XYZ to nietuzinkowy serwer, na którym każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie.
Krótko przedstawię Ci, dlaczego warto zajrzeć na XYZ.

● 🛠️ » Czaty i kanały głosowe są schludnie poukładane, a także okraszone emotikonami i opisami. Estetyka i rzeczowość jest dla nas kluczowa!
● 🔰 » Czat do reklam oraz ogłoszeń graczy.
● 💬 » Czaty związane z wieloma zainteresowaniami.
● 🎭 » Własna Strefa, która umożliwia darmową reklamę swoich usług czy twórczości.
● 🔖 » Mnóstwo rang, które eliminują częste i niechciane pingi przy użyciu everyone i here.
● 🎉 » Rozdania rang, waluty, kluczy do Steam oraz usług w grach.
● 💵 » Rozbudowany sklep, w którym za serwerową walutę można nabyć mnóstwo interesujących usług.
● 🎮 » Wsparcie dla graczy - liczne linki do promocji, artykułów i nowości.
● 🤖 » Duża ilość botów oraz poradników do nich.
● 🤝 » Możliwość nawiązania współpracy pomiędzy serwerami, a także nabycia rangi YouTuber.
● 📦 » Tajemnicze Skrzynie, w których do zdobycia są unikalne Odznaki.
● 🌟 » Wsparcie dla małych serwerów poprzez wzięcie udziału w akcji "Serwery polecane i niepolecane".

Powyższy opis serwera przedstawił Ci mniej więcej, co u nas się dzieje.
Odnajdziesz się u nas, jeśli lubisz gry, książki, filmy, seriale, anime, debaty, informatykę, sztukę, muzykę czy sport!
Stawiamy na aktywność, atmosferę i korzyści personalne. No chodź już!

P.S. Regularnie publikujemy wydanie XYZopisma, trwa rekrutacja na Opiekuna Czatu i Redaktora Próbnego, a także angażujemy się w takie przedsięwzięcia jak serwer w grze Minecraft czy zbiórki charytatywne!
l o a d i n g . . .
l o a d i n g c o m p l e t e . . .

Welcome to aesthetic everything! We are a server where a group of friends came together to create this Discord server where we support everyone and we can advertise our channels. We love meeting new people and we are PG. Mod applications are closed but when we find some new people, applications will be released. We are still new so there are only a few people but we're definitly looking to grow!
Like I said earlier, you can advertise your YouTube or Discord, me, Zaxoky, and a few other friends' channels post these discord channels in our videos so more people can come. Therefore you can show your ads to various people!
Thank you for reading.

c l o s i n g . . .
c l o s i n g c o m p l e t e . . .
Hey there and welcome to Halcyon!

We are a chill server based on relaxed areas with a creative aspect. All ages are welcome (Above TOS of course). A hub to hangout in one of our many VC's, watch movies with the community, socialise, make friends and most importantly have fun!

What we have:
- Friendly staff & management team
- An army of emoji's and discord useable items
- Student halls for students that need help with activities or just want to study with another person in the same subject area
- An abundance of VC's for you to hang out and chill in (including a movie night VC held every 2 weeks)
- Fun, Cool and interesting bots to enhance your experience!
- Music
- Memes (Of course)
- Hobby chats to discuss topics that you have an interest in!
- A active suggestions chat to make sure your ideas are heard by out staff team!
- GIVEAWAYS! Yes, at a specific milestone we will most likely be holding a giveaway to appreciate and give back to the community!
Here in my server you can make friends, chat, hangout, and VC. This is a total family friendly server, so make sure to be nice and follow the rules!
Top Pocket Finds is my personal attempt to make a metal detecting and treasure hunting community that fits in with the 21st century by using discord. I would love for this to become the #1 treasure hunting server and for people of all ages to join, learn, and have a great time! Please check it out and help grow the community!
Come and join The Space Jam!! 🚀🪐🔭 We are an actively growing, 18+ community that is primarily focused on expressing our hobbies/interests and making new friends!! 🥳 If you're also looking for a safe space that is accepting of all genders and identities, you've found the right place! 🏳️‍🌈 This is meant to be a warm welcoming for people who need some advice, want to vent, or even just to talk! Someone will always be here to listen. 🤟🏼💒
We offer a variety of easily manageable and aesthetically aligned channels that range from the following:
• “Among Us” voice channels for frequent game nights with your fellow crewmates! 💉
• “Astrology/Tarot” to share your horoscopes, tarot spreads, crystals, or anything witchcraft related!✨🔮
• “Art” to share your sketches, drawings, or pantings! 🎨
• “Music” to discuss all different generes that can range from hip/hop to jazz! 🎺 🎶 You can also play and listen to music within the server, as we’ll as participate in listening party events!!
• “Gaming” to discuss your favorite games, as well as find others to play them with! 👾
• “Food” to take pictures of those meals you just can’t help but to share! 🌭
• “Writing” to both discuss and share your short stories, poetry, or any other forms of writing! ✍🏼
• “Anime” to discuss your favorite (or least favorite) anime’s at the moment, or your favorite anime’s from the past!! 🦋
• “Gardening” to show the progression of any plants you happen to be growing, or just to show off your green thumb! 🌻
• “Photography” to discuss the art, or share original photos taken by everyone throughout the server! 🎆
• “Collecting” to find others who may collect the same thing, or to get inspired by others collections📍
We also have selectable roles in order to be identified correctly, as well as bots for memes, mini-games, owo, music, tastu, leveling, and more. We hope you have a lovely time if you decide to join, keep on jamming!!! Thank you!! 🥳
Welcome to the Furball Cafe, where we welcome any liminal or person with animal tendencues to Come chat and meet People with similar interests, we have friendly staff,a unique suggestions handling system and NSFW Channels for those Who verify, Come on down to Our lil Cafe uwu.

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐚𝐟𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐝𝐨𝐦 is a mighty kingdom seeking to expand. The population has a community with most historians and roleplays its ways through roleplaying as a nation.
What do we have to offer?

`Militaristic roles`

`Debates; historic and modern`

`Ranks and levels to achieve`

`Fun Bot commands`

`Friendly people and a great community`

`Hobby section`

`Looking to ally with servers`

And there are many more things in our kingdom. Join it today.
Permanent invitation link:
King: @Nig#8135.
Ideology: Monarchism.
Hey everyone, your friendly neighbourhood weesh here with an over 21's server.
We are all bum chums with sexy hearts!!!
Sick of everyday life and want adult conversation? You want to show your projects or cute pets I want to see, want to recommend music, movies games or TV shows, I want to know. Want to collaborate or just talk shit or just vent about your day, come see us!
We are friendly, we accept anyone from everywhere, we like a bit of banter and have many interests. Hope to see you soon!
Hello I am owner, this server is about retro, vintage and antique stuff, about djordje balasevic, collecting, records, hobbies, cassettes, horror movies hosting, game nights, balkan food recipes, books, games, music, quotes, clothing and accesoaries, dark humour, sarcasm... There is server anthem and server dictionary. There is nice partnered servers. Everyday question of day, and a lot of roles! Its active server. This server have own style, its not copy of anything other, if you think theres something wrong its not, my server my rules:)
And its actually teenager server.
You can really learn a lot stuff here!!! and something +.
Server got new name! Retro and vintage circus because of alot masks that hidding tottaly another face, and humour here!
Join the Black Order and serve our almighty Thanos. No, but seriously if you’re looking for a server that’s cool, chill, and accepting then come join us.

We have:
-a venting channel to let all your feelings out
-a hobbies category
-anime/manga discussions
-book club
-NSFW Channel (18+ ONLY!!!)
and many more!

We hope to see you there, and become part of our squad fam gang! (Please help us from becoming insane because of boredom and social distancing.)
Hi there! Welcome to Lavender Land! A very quiet, helpful, and advice-giving server. We welcome you to vent about anything that you need to just let out, we won't judge you. We offer:

Wonderful bots
Wonderful friends
No bullying
Plenty of channels
When you leave the server (if you do) there will be a big chance that you will leave with a weight off your shoulders.

We don't want people feeling lonely, or have to struggle to keep up with school. We can help you. But remember this: We are not professionals, if you have an emergency vent, please please please stay safe and call 911 or the emergency local number in your area. Thank you!

Hi there! Cozy and Chill is an art and social server! <3 Though we are very small, our chats are usually very active and when its not, we have our ways to spring it right back to life. We have various channels to help you get started and get comfortable with the other members here! Our channels are also fun and entertaining for you.
We have a category dedicated for art and sharing for young artists who are looking for a community, but if you have little side hobbies you'd like to share with us as well (Like gaming, baking, music, ect.) we provide those too. To make it a bit more interesting, active members win an art prize from the owner or co-owner by leveling up!
We also have a help and support system is you're needing it or need someone to cry on (we aren't professionals, we just wanna help) Cozy and Chill has a pastel, wholesome, and cute aesthetic. If you're into that, we'll be waiting buddy
Bunda is a server where you can hang out ad talk about your hobbies. We give rewards for certain things like mini games.