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A nice Anime Server. Where you can talk about Anime's. We have a sepherath Anime/Manga Channel to keep the spoilers away. Nice people in the server. Need new Anime u can always ask us. Feel free to join and check it out.

This server have

Anime Channel
Manga Channel
Gaming Channel
A nice community

ps. You Can Apply For Staff
Awesome otaku comminity with fun bots and awesome members. Active anime/manga enthusiasm. Like anime? Why not join and check us out? :) We'd love for you to join so what we can grow our comminity. We'll host you discord bot and you can get help with making your own bot. Our owner is a javascript developer and will gladly help out with node JS bot!
About Otaku Café🍰[GER]

✨~Otaku Café🍰[GER]~✨

Deutscher Anime und Gaming Community Server!


➤ Mee6: Aktiviert um auf dem Server Leveln zu können :3
➤ Tatsumaki: Ebenfalls für das Level, Profil und Rank-System zuständig!
➤ Nadeko: Mit ein Paar witzigen Commands und ist für das Rollen-System zuständig!
➤ Pokécord: Für die Pokémon-Fans ein muss! :3
➤ Mantaro: Hier könnt ihr euren Geburtstag eintragen und sogar Heiraten und Minispiele spielen um Credits zu verdienen! :3 und hat ebenfalls witzige Commands!
➤ Nekobot: Ist nichts anderes wie: Tatsumaki und Mantaro der Bot besitzt ebenfalls witzige Commands! :3

Mehr ist in Planung :3

🍰 Kommt vorbei und habt Spaß mit uns! Wir würden uns freuen! 🍰
Ever had a white night where you couldn't sleep at all and also you couldn't find a person to talk to or something to do?
That's why our server has been created for Insomniac people <3
tbh my first server
guess this is for making friends and playing with others in the otaku community
yes no one is here
but you can change that
talk and just have fun
yaoi it out!
and be nice and not judgeful
Hallo welcome to our kingdom this server for arab gamers and otakus we hope you enjoy in the server
Our goal is to raise this boring 2D waifu game together. Because really, single-player games and gacha games are boring without a proper chat room to talk and share common weeb-interests. In this server, our goal is to simply bring people together, strengthen friendship, and make more connection using anime and game. Just like the anime Saekano! We are in this together to raise a boring server and waifu! We play games like Azur Lane, and other waifu gacha games!
Everyone is welcome, we offer lots of stuff. Listening to music, play games together, watch videos and discuss animes or mangas. Have a nice stay!
Welcome to The Otaku Underworld! Here you can chat about anime, Manga & Japanese stuff!
-Glow of Faith-
We are an anime/gaming based community with the royalty theme added to it. A chill place where you can meet a lot of cool new people and we are looking to make this server a safe place/home for everyone to have fun in
We are a fun friendly anime community and we are very active.
We have weekly events and a casino bot.
Small server influenced by anime.
⊂◉‿◉つ I'm ShawnyBoy aka DarkNerdShawny. Otaku/Streamer/Recording artist. I created this serve so I can build a community of same interest people.
We are small but with your help by joining we can grow HUGE and active! Welcome to my server! I hope you enjoy! (-‿◦)
It's a pleasure
This is for Anime-Manga Discord Server
VIP Server
Level Roles
Music/Voice Channels
Fan Art/Anime Art
All kinds of Bots Commands
NSFW channel for the specific purpose
A lot of fun
Need staff and Members
Staff Members
VIP Server
Everyone Please! Join
Thank you!
Chill and chat with new people or maybe join them on a first person shooting, third person shooting, survival, puzzle, mmorp, rpg, retro games, moba games, strategy games, etc, etc and more! Not interested in video games and just want to chat? Go right ahead! We most of the times talk about life or anime(oh boy the discussion on anime is oof serious sometimes) but all and all this place feels like home and we have good people here so; We hope you enjoy your stay and have a blast!"
Looking for a place to stay? Look no further, because Hotaku is now open for guests! This is a place where you can chill and have fun, or weeb out with fellow otakus! Check in now!
A server For all Otakus, Gamers, And Weaboos.
Warm Community with Roleplaying, Economy, Nations, 1v1's.
Join Our Community :).
The Gaming Otaku’s Paradise Discord Community

Hi there everyone, JP here, shouting out our new Discord community. We are looking for fun and friendly members to chill and chat about anime/manga or group up and share in some gaming adventures. We also love music, TV and Movies (who doesn’t) so we have created dedicated areas for almost all parts of a Gaming Otaku’s lifestyle, but we may add and remove things as we figure out what parts of the server get used and what parts we may have not thought about.

We are just launching our community so we may be small, but we feel the direction and shape of TGO will be honed along this epic journey and we want you to be a part of it.

We hope to see you there and we cannot wait to meet you :)
A Friendly Anime and Otaku discord. Cool bots cool members we host movie or anime nights. At this discord you make your inner weeboo shine
Just a chill server to talk about Anime and Manga. Feel free to join!
You're so lucky today, because Otaku World Discord server open his doors today to invite you to join it! :3

We have:
- General category: This category has been made espicially for Everyone, to discuss about anything.

- Anime category: This category has been made espicially for Anime watchers, to discuss Anime related stuff.

- Manga category: This category has been made espicially for Manga readers, to discuss Manga related stuff.

- Anime Log channel: Our BOT (@Rachel), will notify you and give you information about an Anime, when a new episode is shared.

- More various things: We'll let you explore !
Un lieu pour que les personnes LGBT + (et hétéro) se fassent de nouveaux amis et espérons-en plus !! Nous avons un staff amical et à votre écoute, différent rôles qui vous apporteront certain avantage et des accès a des exclusivité.

Nous avons :

🌟Plusieurs salons mis a votre disposition pour partager vos passions où tous simplement discuté.

🌟Plusieurs bot dont Tatsumaki, Pokecord, Nadeko, ...

🌟Voulez-vous en savoir plus? Venez découvrir par vous-même et faire partie d'une communauté active et en pleine croissance!

Nous sommes impatients de parler avec vous et de vous voir dans notre communauté! 👋
Discord para o pessoal que gosta de Animes, Jogos e Pokemons(Pokecord). Discord para brasileiros onde possa conversar um com os outros sobre Animes, se divertir, discutir, falar sobre, mangá, jogos, cosplays, vídeos! Tudo relacionado a Animes somente aqui! :)
Hallo :) Wir sind eine Deutsche Anime Community! Wir unterhalten uns über Animes, Mangas, einfach alles! Auch zocken wir, hören musik, leveln wir unser lvl auf!
Discord ist wie Ich finde eine gute Plattform um sich kennenzulernen und um spaß zu haben :D Ich freue mich über jedes neues Mitglied!
A sailor moon server dedicated to all sailor moon versions! Events, general discussion, fun bots, active community + more!