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Welcome to Mom and Co. Hi I'm Shannon the Good Christian Mother and this is my little home where all my children gather so why not come and join!
Anime, memes, lewds, fanart, gaming, other generic weeb related stuff, active staff, music bot, MEE6 rank system, and a social community. Not into anime? Who cares join anyways; we're better than those other servers. Those other servers said you smell bad. We wouldn't talk about you behind your back like that. So come join.
im just some weeb looking for fellow weebs to share anime with and associate with.
Just a chill community/shitpost server, plenty of toxic shit and plenty of memes. Many bots (including music bots, game bots, money bots, etc.) & minimal rules. The two owners are e-girls and we will happily exploit our genitalia :))
Welcome to Weeb Land! We're a humble group of weebs who like anime, manga, music, etc. Although we don't have many people yet, we encourage you to bring your friends to the magical Weeb Land.
This is Hentai Reborn! We are a server dedicated to hentai, anime, gaming, art, memes, and more! We are here to promote a relaxed and friendly environment for every member of our discord community and family. We have tons of NSFW content for your browsing pleasure or you can simply chat it up with fellow weebs, otakus, gamers, or normies in our large variety of text and voice channels. We also host events weekly (movie nights, anime nights, etc) so join in on the fun!

Everyone is welcome to become part of this family.

Let’s start 2019 with a party!
Speed Weebs!
A server full of weebs and car enthusiasts combined!
Currently a very small community, we try to have a fun vibe with a side of competition in racing!

We do provide..
- Occasional racing events of various games
- 4 Music bots
- A massive variety of channels
- Roles with special access to certain channels
- A ton of emotes to use

Even if you're not a fan of cars, it's entirely okay!

We also do partnerships now, so why not?
NSFW server, centered around traps but with multiple channels ranging from hentai and furry to straight and gay porn. Any nsfw content is welcome, as long as it adheres to Discords TOS. If we don't have a certain channel for what you're into, let us know! Not super into nsfw content? We also are an active community full of interesting people to talk to. Come join the wonderland!
Small anime and community server (<15 members) always looking to expand and make new friends! We host anime nights every Friday :)
Small, social, anime-themed server. Feel free to give us a try)
A friendly community for people to discuss and talk about anime and/or manga.
{ Cream House (18+) }
A server of traps and cuteboys to:
-Talk and chat with others
-Shitpost memes
-Post cute/lewd pictures
[ We are an 18+ NSFW server. If you are underage you will be banned ]
Come on over! v( ̄∇ ̄)
smol lil shitposting server
we got lots of meme and hentai, so, yeah theres that
This is a server mostly for otakus, but we welcome anyone! We have a staff system that consists of 9 Staff members! We also have a bunch of anime bots including: Waifubot, Mudae, Senpai, Ayana, Astoflo, Pikagirl, Shiro, and more that you can use in the Waifu Hell channel! You can suggest whatever you like in the Suggestions channel, so expect all the good stuff you want to be there soon! I hope you have fun in out weebie server! :D

▎◧ Chill and friendly people ☑
▎◧ Fair and Mature staff ☑
▎◧ No NSFW ☑

▎◧ Server survey in the login section ☑
▎◧ Leveling up system ☑
▎- Class Level ( Purchasable limit breaker for levels )
▎- Member Rank
▎◧ Report {user} system ☑
▎◧ Custom pings ☑
▎- Global
▎- Giveaways
▎- Polls
▎- Request/Suggestions
▎- Roleplay Events
▎- Patch Notes
▎◧ Patch notes ☑
▎◧ Private Bot ☑ "Work In Progress"
▎◧ Server survey in the login section ☑

▎◧ Giveaways ☑
▎- FREE : New/Well known users
▎- PREMIUM : Only for the really elder users
▎◧ NoZone Map ☑ "Work In Progress"
▎◧ Rewards for active users ☑
▎◧ Purchasable Roles ☑
▎◧ Clans ☒
▎◧ Battles/Raids/Fights rewards ☒
▎◧ Conquest Gamemode ☒
▎◧ Roleplay Fighting system ☑ "Work In Progress"
▎◧ Character Customization ☑
▎- Races
▎- Classes
▎- Gender
▎- Faction
▎◧ Unique places for each nation ☒
▎◧ Gambling ☑
▎◧ Music ☑
▎◧ Memes ☑
▎◧ Reactions ☑
▎◧ Selfies/Medias ☑
▎◧ OC creator ☑

↦ A gaming community for the most hardcore!
↦ Join for: Fun bots ♘
↦ Kind Staff ღ ღ ღ
A wonderfully made server with a good non toxic community!
Join today to help our community grow and join Gamers Hub!!! ღ
very small amount of people right now but we are fairly active.

please join im lonely
Just a server where we chill and argue about the stupidest things. Its also a place where we talk about anime/manga. If you want to date someone or something on here you can, you just assign you kinks/fetishes to your profile and find someone you think you could get along with.
A fun, welcoming server that has a great community!
nie wiemy co robimy. czasami gadamy, czasami gramy. śmiesznie jest.
Hiii, this is a new server that's mainly anime/gaming/osu based. I'm looking for some more members to help grow a cool community, and also we have "dANK memes" ok LMAO
A new server that is designed to create a chill space to talk and make new friends that are into anime/video games. Anyone is welcome!