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Community 21
Come join the official Lark Shark Discord Server! We have a great community of people. We have lots of laughs. We have lots of bots to keep you entertained. Lots of custom emojis too (even for Nitro subscribers!).
12 days ago
Community 24
Demons' lair is a community-bots server with lots of ranking bots,game bots and lot of fun!
Demons' lair features are:
✓A server theme: Hell
✓Ranking bots: Miki,Yui,Geola,Mee6 and Tatsumaki
✓Game bots: Discordrpg,Casinobot,Akinator, Unbelievaboat and Snailracing
✓Staff roles: Devil,Minion,Strong Minion,Titan,Guardian,Cerberus and Satana
✓Spam channel
✓Counting channel
✓Truth or dare channel
✓Music bot: Rythm
✓Roles which can be unlocked at certain levels at mee6: Trained Demon,Alpha Demon and Supreme Demon(Supreme Demon will give you the chance to become staff member)
✓Cool emojis
✓An update channel to see what we added to the server
✓An events channel to get free things.
✓A suggestion channel to suggest what would you like to be added.
Join now and you will never regret:
89 days ago
Hello dear friend! In want to invite you to Live2Ninja reborn! It is the 2.0 version of Live2Ninja! In case you didn't hear of Live2Ninja,well,it was the best community server,with a ninja theme(ninja roles).But let's get back to Live2Ninja reborn! What this server has to offer you asking? It has to offer these:
★Cool Ninja roles,for example: Satanic Ninjas,Angelic Ninjas,Electric Ninjas,Spider-Ninjas
★Fun bots: Tatsumaki,Discord rog,Casimobot
★Ranking bots: Tatsumaki,horobot and mee6
★Friendly staff!
★High security!
★Many channels for having fun!
★The server is very well organized!
★Music bot: Vexera
And many other cool things! Join now dear friend!:
151 days ago