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Welcome to Daily Smash! Here you can chat about any Smash game or just have a great time talking with other members! This server contains a wide variety of things including:

What this server has to offer:

•Matchmaking for Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate!
• Helpful and welcoming people, ready to help and discuss with you.
• Various bots including an image bot that you can use for images and/or gifs.
• Chats for discussing smash and non smash related topics, your at home here. blush

Previews of our channels includes:
• A channel for daily trivia questions
• A channel for character changes in ultimate • A channel to roast people and/or characters
• A channel to post pictures of your favorite waifus
• Memes • And last but not least, a channel for sharing what grinds your gears (what makes you salty) Please check us out!
Chill server to hang out with fellow Smash players, come in pick your mains and let's hang!

… In this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate themed Roleplay Server!

Introducing a brand new take on the World of Light, this roleplay will focus on more than just the theme of getting Galeem’ed. Travel through unknown Rifts, may it be voluntarily or by force, meet new friends and foes, and most importantly fight to survive. It is up to you whether or not your character has what it takes to survive what is known as The Rift Between Worlds.

The Rift Between Worlds is a plot based RP server, that looks for writers who are willing to go the distance for quality in their posts. There are a plethora of characters waiting to be chosen: main fighters, echos, and some that have never been seen in any previous Smash games before that are all hand picked for your choosing. As Sakurai has said before: Everyone is here.

Oh, and before I forget… One last thing.

Although roleplaying is the main focus of the server--that’s not all we provide in terms of entertainment. There may be an occasional, friendly tournament between fellow roleplayers here and there--as well as the chance to team up with others in a variety of other games!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that link to join us!
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord!
A community of gamers who have interest for Nintendo Switch!
Exchange friend codes and more!
Hi! Welcome to the rodeo, were a wip server (very wip) that specialises in mainly Nintendo games but we accept everyone! I hope you join so we can increase our little community. See ya in discord!
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
I (with the help of my girlfriend), created a Discord sever for Smash Bros and i really, really want to see it grow up, and make some new friends!
I'll be doing arenas almost everyday, and I will, of course, listen to every suggestion about the server. ^-^
If you plan to join, well, thanks! This server will be there to making new friends to play and train with! I created a grade for every character, so you just need to go to the 《#roles》 channel, and then choose your main by pressing the reactions! (if you have no main, that's not a problem!)
Thanks again, and don't forget to bring your friends! See you later. uwu
We are an 18+ BDSM server. Verification is required to see most of the server.
Welcome to Nintendopolis! This is a server for nintendo fans of all kinds. Containing 900+ beautiful members, we are made by the community for the community. Our server is a brilliant opportunity to make new friends or to just hangout with fellow Nintendo gamers. Everything is still very new but we hope to grow and flourish more and more every day! ¸.•

We dedicate ourselves to making our community a safe environment for everyone to join and express themselves.

In our server we provide:

♡ Welcoming community :sparkles:
♡ Self-assignable roles¸.• Colours, countries, starsigns, etc.
♡ Variety of channels** ¸.• Matchmaking, inky-art, memes, pets etc.
♡ Custom emojis and colours at level 30 ¸.•
♡ Tournaments, music, bot fun and more! ¸.•

We hope to see you around ♡¸.•

Server link:
A server for Nintendo Switch players to discuss games and chat about generally whatever they want! Whether you're a fan of Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., etc., we have all types of players!
°Self Assignable Roles
°Plenty of channels based on your favorite games
°Server Events and Tournaments
°Large Variety of Bots
°An advertising section for your server!
An Animal Crossing community with lots of fun features! Make new friends and visit each other’s towns! Share art and QR codes! Join competitions and more!
Nintendo Univers [FR] est ouvert à toute personnes désirant partager de bon moment et jouer entre amis que ce soit sur des jeux Switch, Wii U, Smartphone ou 3DS !

➤ Nous sommes actuellement 2200 joueurs de Nintendo!
➤ Des rôles permettant de trouver rapidement des joueurs
➤ Des événements Nintendo régulierements organisés
➤ Une communauté active et un staff à l'écoute.

Venez explorer l'Univers Nintendo à nos cotés !
Hi there !
I’m Neo, the owner of the Nintendo Switch Warframe discord, home of clans trading and friends :)

We have been trying to get as many people as possible over on the server as it would make the whole trading system more efficient and nothing is better than getting into a clan or recruiting people into one !

After about 300 players I will be joining up with some members to make giveaways throughout the year for Different rare blueprints, platinum, credits, etc
The Super Live! Gaming Discord Server is an extension to the Super Live! Gaming show, also known as "Super Live! with James Clark"

The show is a regularly scheduled live stream show featured exclusively on YouTube. The show goes live throughout the week. James is currently the show's only host however he invites fellow YouTube content creators and live streamers for co-commentary from time to time.

The majority of the content featured on the show are Nintendo games. The show just completed its first season / first year on YouTube. The show's success is mainly due to the growing support of its viewership. Viewers like YOU!

If you are a fan of all things Nintendo, you may be interested in joining our server. Come by and check us out today!
This is a chill smash bros server for those who want to just mess around and have fun playing the game with others and talking about the game but the discussion dosent always have to smash related this server is just to be a nice and easy experince for all so join if this appeals to you
If you're looking for a server with,
- Plenty of friendly and welcoming people
- Occasional Giveaways
- Great moderation
- Dank Memes
- Fun Bots
- Plenty of game specific channels
- Tournaments
Then this is the place for you!
Hey gamers! The Ultimate Discord, a friendly Smash Bros. server, is learning, playing, and discussing Ultimate. Come join our great community of casual and competitive players alike! We have self assignable roles for every character so you can flaunt your precious main, active mentors and staff to help you improve at the game while maintaining a positive and constructive atmosphere, and frequent Smash Bros. events and tourneys to test your skills.

We host free to enter Smash Ultimate tournaments with cash prizes! Don't miss out on these low pressure but high reward opportunity: there's nothing to lose, but lots of experience (and some money) to gain!

Join for a great community that discusses all things Nintendo Switch! Talk in one of our many voice or text channels, share your friend code with others, and discuss your favorite Nintendo Switch games!
Looking for a Casual Splatoon clan? Looking for people to play League, Ranked, Turf or just Private Battle with? Your search is over, Join TSD today!
A new fighting game server I made for like minded players to make new friends
Ein Server für Animal Crossing-Spieler! Egal ob 3DS oder Switch ☺
Come here to chat with gamers, even non gamers can join to hangout with awesome members. Share Tips and Tricks about games, talk about life, share your secret grandma apple pie recipe and more! What are you waiting to click (or taps for touchscreen users) that join button? Join now to have fun!
This is the main central server for Super Smash Bros. news and other stuff.
Inkopolis is a gaming server for Nintendo enthusiasts around the globe! We used to be a Splatoon server, but we wanted to branch out and cover a higher variety of games!