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The Super Live! Gaming Discord Server is an extension to the Super Live! Gaming show, also known as "Super Live! with James Clark"

The show is a regularly scheduled live stream show featured exclusively on YouTube. The show goes live throughout the week. James is currently the show's only host however he invites fellow YouTube content creators and live streamers for co-commentary from time to time.

The majority of the content featured on the show are Nintendo games. The show just completed its first season / first year on YouTube. The show's success is mainly due to the growing support of its viewership. Viewers like YOU!

If you are a fan of all things Nintendo, you may be interested in joining our server. Come by and check us out today!
BDSM (18+)

Welcome to our server!!!

🕯 We are a small BDSM and kink community that seeks to bring the greater joy in creating a server for all your kinky needs.

🔞 We are strictly 18+ and offer a variety of NSFW and SFW channels. 🔞

🕯 We also have a verification system in place for NSFW (meaning all underage folks will be kicked out or banned from the server)

🕯 And we have a very friendly and helpful staff on hand.
This is a clan/Community server for people who play Brawlhalla. We have our own looking for game channel where you can easily find games with other people if queues take long, and an active group! You can also select roles you want in the roles channel.

So what are u waiting for? All Brawlhallers join!
Smash Universe is a growing Smash community that offers plenty of matchmaking options and tons of fun bots to play with! If you’re looking to find anyone to play any kind of Smash game with, THIS IS THE PLACE.

We offer matchmaking for:


Our server has:

Active Staff
Fun Bots
Growing Community
Tournaments Starting Soon

If you're looking for a server with,
- Plenty of friendly and welcoming people
- Occasional Giveaways
- Great moderation
- Dank Memes
- Fun Bots
- Plenty of game specific channels
- Tournaments
Then this is the place for you!
Welcome to 𝔉𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔩𝔦𝔞𝔯𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔊𝔞𝔩𝔢𝔢𝔪
You’re invited to join our smash ultimate server

The goal is to have a fun server in which all of us can interact daily. You can make some new friends here, as well as play Smash with them, this is a social server that is centred around Smash. We have selectable roles for each main, as well channels for almost everything available in the game. The server has only just begun, but it is bound to expand with more members.
Welcome to Daily Smash! Here you can chat about any Smash game or just have a great time talking with other members! This server contains a wide variety of things including:

What this server has to offer:

•Matchmaking for Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate!
• Helpful and welcoming people, ready to help and discuss with you.
• Various bots including an image bot that you can use for images and/or gifs.
• Chats for discussing smash and non smash related topics, your at home here. blush

Previews of our channels includes:
• A channel for daily trivia questions
• A channel for character changes in ultimate • A channel to roast people and/or characters
• A channel to post pictures of your favorite waifus
• Memes • And last but not least, a channel for sharing what grinds your gears (what makes you salty) Please check us out!
A server for Nintendo Switch players to discuss games and chat about generally whatever they want! Whether you're a fan of Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., etc., we have all types of players!
°Self Assignable Roles
°Plenty of channels based on your favorite games
°Server Events and Tournaments
°Large Variety of Bots
°An advertising section for your server!
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord!
A community of gamers who have interest for Nintendo Switch!
Exchange friend codes and more!
You seriously wanted to read an actual description? It's a chillzone, what else can I possibly add to it?
this server is for people who want to find splatoon 2 members and to have fun

this server has alot of bots
cool admins
and you can apply for a merge

An Animal Crossing community with lots of fun features! Make new friends and visit each other’s towns! Share art and QR codes! Join competitions and more!
Welcome to the Twilight Realm ! The Official Midna Support Server ! Are you a fan of Twilight Princess or Zelda in general ? A fan of Smash Bros ? Do you also want Midna to make the cut as playable one day ? Well this server is made for you !
A warm and friendly place where Zelda fans and Smash Bros fans alike talk regularly, if you like either of those games, you are more than welcome in the Twilight Realm !
I (with the help of my girlfriend), created a Discord sever for Smash Bros and i really, really want to see it grow up, and make some new friends!
I'll be doing arenas almost everyday, and I will, of course, listen to every suggestion about the server. ^-^
If you plan to join, well, thanks! This server will be there to making new friends to play and train with! I created a grade for every character, so you just need to go to the 《#roles》 channel, and then choose your main by pressing the reactions! (if you have no main, that's not a problem!)
Thanks again, and don't forget to bring your friends! See you later. uwu
Voici le serveur NintenDiscord est un un site qui permet, depuis plus de 10 ans, à des joueurs francophones du monde entier de défier et partager leurs expériences sur les jeux Nintendo les plus célèbres. Un nouveau site, créé par des joueurs actuels et anciens du site a désormais son propre serveur.

Tous les week-ends seront organisés :
🔸 Des quizz
🔸 Des blind test
🔸 Des tournois

Tous les jours :
🔹 Des parties effrénées
🔹 Des news

Un escape game sur les jeux vidéos sera monté sur le serveur.

Ne manque pas l'occasion d'assister à la naissance d'une magnifique communauté de joueurs passionnés !

Rejoins nous et sois bon(ne) joueur(euse) ! 🎮 🔥

Pokémon , Pokemon go , Mario Kart , SSB , ACNL , jeux PC , fortnite ? C'est ici !
The WiiPlay Discord Server is a Discord server based on all Nintendo systems, But the Wii especially! We offer many channels, Spanish and French chats, and a way for you to post messages via your Wii message board! Sure it's a new server and is still small, but I'm hoping to change that quickly!
This is a server for Mobile Fortnite players to scrimmage like the PC and Console players! We have a up to date schedule! More information in the discord.
| Let's Play! Is a multi-platforms gaming server for:

-PC Players
-PS4 Players
-Xbox One Players
-Switch Players

You can learn about the newest news of gaming with our news bot! Never have to miss out anything! You can meet friendly gamers and play with them at the same time!
On this server, you can be a casual, active or hardcore player, everyone is welcome!
This is a server dedicated in part to Smash Ultimate, but if you don't play Smash, that's ok too, as long as you like memes and stuff, which is what this server is good for. Join us or else we'll tickle your feet
Hey peeps. This server's pretty new, and looking for active players. We aim to provide an up and coming fun place to hang out and match up in Smash! Everyone's welcome, newbies and veterans alike. Let's be chill and have a good time!
Welcome to Ninten-topia! You can Roleplay almost any video game character! We are Semi-Leit and happy to have new people! So join us on a new adventure!